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    Moreno Valley, California
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    Very interested in being able to do better leather work than I do.

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    Knife sheath, seats, chairs, stool, coaster versus Wallet

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  1. Bawarrior

    Wet form

  2. Bawarrior

    Wet form

    Do not hammer stitches, run wheel to seat stitches
  3. Bawarrior

    Wet form

  4. Bawarrior

    King n Queen seat harley update

    Appreciate comments, I will post pic of finished bike soon. He loves the seat, makes bike feel like a different one. His gal is also very comfortable. Just need to stop riding so I can get a pic
  5. Bawarrior


    Raider Nation
  6. Bawarrior

    Hard Tail garage build

  7. Bawarrior

    King n Queen seat harley update

    Well here it is
  8. Bawarrior

    Wet form

    Interesting that you know what I need but I am
  9. Bawarrior

    King n Queen seat harley update

    I am Actually almost done with this, hope to post some pictures of a finished seat
  10. Bawarrior

    Wet form

    I thought I'd share, had requests for another bag. Another wet form. That Raider ring I did as a joke has gotten me for other jobs
  11. Bawarrior


  12. Bawarrior

    Wet form