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    Very interested in being able to do larger leather projects as well as wall art.

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    Knife sheath, Harley seats, chairs, stool table tops
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  1. Bawarrior

    Custom "Boxer" notepad cover

    Very nice, the exspression of the dog was captured beautifully. Floral is over the top, you have improved so much. All your hard work has really paid off.
  2. Bawarrior

    simple pouch for work friend

    Bag is 8"×10" every one is a different Theme.
  3. Bawarrior

    Great Dane Dog Collar

    Have 4 xl dogs, 2nd collar
  4. Bawarrior

    simple pouch for work friend

    In my line of work many of us use bags like this. One exception, I'm the only one at work who makes. This is my 8th, each is very personal to new owners.
  5. Bawarrior

    Custom "Boxer" notepad cover

    Looks great
  6. Bawarrior

    fire fighter helmet tag

    I wonder if he could do one in an hour. That would be without material. That's alot or boring work, maybe ask him to help you. Please foward this to the that one who complained of price.
  7. Bawarrior

    Harley handle bar strap pic

    Made to strap blanket to handle bar
  8. Bawarrior

    Bronc Noseband

    That's sweet
  9. Bawarrior

    Great Dane Dog Collar

    Yeah that was my gramps chest from early 1900's. Love the patina, will be no resto on this one
  10. Bawarrior

    Great Dane Dog Collar

    It's surprising how much work it takes to do something like this. Is no wonder why people charger $150 and up for custom collars
  11. Bawarrior

    Knife & Snake skin sheath

    Thank you and welcome back Chuck haha
  12. Bawarrior

    Knife & Snake skin sheath

    Thanks for comments adding stingray, advise to stick with snake