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    Very interested in being able to do larger leather projects as well as wall art.

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    Knife sheath, Harley seats, chairs, stool table tops
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  1. Nice work, must have taken a few hours. Really a very interesting theme, I like it
  2. I did go an carve the face again after it was all finished. I think it really helped.
  3. You did some beautiful work, and your coloring is nothing short of awesome. Thanks for sharing.
  4. Show the knife in sheath and out please. From the pic my guess is the knife will wear sheath. Not sure why you did it this way. It Looks cool
  5. Nice work Chuck, beautiful. I fixed WW2 Marine sheath with old patina, never even thought of posting. Now I wish I would have. By the way, I'd take the stag every time.
  6. I used Atom wax leather balm for my final finish
  7. Thanks again guy, much appreciated. Hey Chuck, good to here from you.
  8. Thanks to all of you, much appreciated. I use magnets. Johanna, Leatherworker.net is so awesome with so many great people. So helpful, so much beautiful work to see. This is so inspiring and fun to see others work and be able to post.
  9. Thank all of you that had helpful input for me. Carved with Magnet closer and I used rivets on back for a cleaner look. I'm pleased with the finished case. Hope you like
  10. Nope, I'm good now, but thanks. Already have started will post again when finished. Thanks again
  11. Thanks so much, you guys have some good ideas.
  12. I really have not been able to pick a color, so I thought I'd ask for thoughts.
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