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    Very interested in being able to do larger leather projects as well as wall art.

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  1. Way to go, nice looking and good use of scraps.
  2. Thank you Pastor Bob. There's no patterns for this pistol. Made pattern from paper and made it big, because owner is big guy. I do like using the pedal lifter 892 & B60 tandy.
  3. Thanks Burt, owner picked up today and very happy. I did make two adjustments, added a couple of things. Went great
  4. Funny all went well, owner John loved the holsters. Now he want sheath for his bowie.
  5. Doc, there about same size. Thanks again Chuck. Glad you both like.
  6. Samalan, I do agree. It looked just fine before. My brain said you can make it nicer. No reason for black, lesson learned. Thanks
  7. I can hardly believe how lucky I've been, to be doing this kind of work as a hobby. This pistol was brought to me be a Big Man. Shots 454 Casul 410's as well as .45LC. Just happened it was finished right after the twins.
  8. Bert03241 it does seem to be Cap and Ball or Black Powder and Ball. Either way I was wrong...haha. Like this is a first
  9. Your the best Chuck, never at a loss for words. It's a pleasure as always hearing from you
  10. NP hope that helped you Fredk
  11. Chuck like the movie Josey Wales
  12. Fredk, this is how I did it. I used copper rivets. Chuck I thought it was ball and powder.
  13. Finished the twins ball and powder 1863. Nope not identical twins, but twins never the less.
  14. Nice work Doc, good colors
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