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    Very interested in being able to do larger leather projects as well as wall art.

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    Knife sheath, Harley seats, chairs, stool table tops
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  1. Thanks for cool comments, use shoe goo to hat band, works great
  2. Yes that's for sure, the stamps take some work to get deep impressions. Well worth the effort.
  3. Had some time so thought I would add some character to old vest, wanted it look weathered
  4. When I do hat band, I cut leather with a arc, not to much. Does fit better. I learned the hard way, hope this was of some help

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    2. Bawarrior


      Have sewn, and laced but happiest with shoe goo

    3. maxdaddy


      Interesting approach. I've got a fedora that I'm just finishing up and will give that a try.


    4. Bawarrior
  5. Thank you guys for kind words, much appreciated
  6. I made this knife and sheath. Sanbar stag stainless blade 10oz leather 8 3/4 w 3 5/8 blade
  7. Awesome design. Like to see finished. If its me, I always feel there time to screw it up. Hope it goes well.
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