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  1. HAPPY NEW YEAR to all my friends at Leatherworker
  2. If someone was so inclined to use the holster in bad conditions, I belive it would take on the look of Autumn. I do not have any Barry King tools only try fineness. Thanks for your comments
  3. Bawarrior

    Bowie sheath

    Hmmm surprised no one ask to see knife. Ok I'll bite, lets see the Bowie
  4. Very nicely done and really liked you carving the hole piece
  5. That's some bad luck, thanks for sharing
  6. I finally finished 2 more. Seems 5 oz weight is nice but new owners can add. Fun to make, and not to much leather being used.
  7. Bawarrior

    few sheaths

    Some fine work there, thanks for sharing
  8. Thanks Frodo, not sure if the price was right. Selling for $120 There not a pair anymore sold one. Thanks
  9. Both is the real answer. Made holes to close and still had to sand. In the end was lucky. Thanks Littlef
  10. Awesome carving, beautiful
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