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  1. That looks like a good design. For a handgun hunter, it couldn't be any more versatile. It's a good design and should be quite popular.
  2. As would any of us. I find myself thinking what I would do to make it mine.
  3. Very good looking holster. I also like your barrel extension. Nice work.
  4. Those all look great! The key chain is a nice additional touch. I particularly like the 'VA' logo you have on them. What happens if you take on more artists? Laser engraving is a good tool for this kind of thing. With a one of those, you could simply make them as needed, all identical. You could also make other items with the design on it. That said, I like the variations one gets with handwork. It really personalizes the work.
  5. That's a pretty clean design. it looks great. I hope it is a success for you.
  6. You never know when you'll suddenly need to pry an abalone off a rock.
  7. That laser engraver sounds like a lot of fun. It sure does a good job. Nice looking notebook, too.
  8. Sound logic, MK. I also like to fold the front cover around to the back.
  9. Those look good. Very clean and functional looking. Thumbs-up!
  10. I've never done any laser engraving on anything. It's quite striking.
  11. That's a bang up job on this rig. Good workmanship. He should be quite pleased.
  12. MarshalWill

    Ammo pouch

    You read something into my post that isn't there. How can that be taken as anything but complimentary? Nowhere did I say the stitching needed to be done any other way. Or that the case was lacking in any way. Or unattractive. Or anything else negative, derogatory or corrective. Yuma made a darn fine pouch and I hope interpreted my post as it was intended.
  13. MarshalWill

    Ammo pouch

    Niether. An edge beader, a groover or a stitch groove along a plain edge stops the eye from just wandering off the piece. It gives it a finished look. Look at the edges that have no stitching on this holster to see what I mean.
  14. Those look like they'll certainly do the job. Clean and well made. Nice.
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