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  1. This is my current setup for tooling. I used scrap pieces of wood cut to various sizes for each type of tool. This way I grab just the ones I need from my side table and set them on my worktop.
  2. This is what I came up with for my marble. So much better than the foldable TV table I've been using.
  3. I had to run a few errands yesterday so I decided to stop off at a countertop store and try my luck at getting a small piece of marble or granite to tool. I introduced myself to the supervisor and let him know I did leather work and roughly the size of slab I needed. He took me over to his scrap pile and picked a piece bigger than I asked. I asked him how much he wanted for the piece and he said "No charge, in fact you can have the whole pile if you want it." I thanked him profusely and I took the piece to my car. I then went back and grabbed a bigger piece and I'm going to make a table top for the shop. The smaller piece will be put on another desk for cutting or drawing. The small piece is 10"x 22" The big piece is 20"x 25"
  4. I'll second what others have said. You have to first decide what is a defect. What is a defect in one person's eye is just part of the character to another person's eye. The purses I make sell for a high price and the things that the big names say would be a defect my customers love about leather. Do you remember when Microsoft created an AI to detect and ban nude images and the AI kept banning images of sand dunes? Once you can define what a defect is then you can ask others if this would be considered a defect.
  5. I had an issues with all delivery companies. We're human and mistakes happen so I try to take things in stride. What I don't like is when they mess up and blame others. Look you messed up, it happens, take ownwership of it and lets fix it. UPS delivered one of my packages to the wrong place. The bad thing was the contents, it was ammo. Not a good thing to lose. I called UPS and they said they would look into it. When I hung up with them I called the ammo company. They sent out a new shipment and would deal with UPS. The UPS driver contacted me and said he messed up and confused the address and dropper it off at the wrong place. I respected him for owning it. While chatting he asked me what were the chances of picking up the ammo from the other address. I told he could try but the guy is a hunter and knowing him he'll just say he never received it.
  6. Really great work! Do you put padding in between the leather? What kind of leather are you using for the inside?
  7. Ok that makes sense. I was thinking of making it so it's removable but doing this would make it a lot weaker. I'll have to make some test pieces to see what I could do to make them removable(maybe I'm over thinking this lol). But it would have to wait until after the holidays.
  8. The chicago screws failing is exactly what I was thinking but couldn't think of a way around it. Wouldn't cutting a slot big enough to hold the handle also create a weakness in the collar itself?
  9. These dogs are very well trained and do not bolt, not for cats, not for squirrels, or anything else. They wait for a command. That said, I understand some dogs aren't trained properly and do bolt or pull. I'm having my nephew put the collar through serious stress tests to make sure it'll work for his needs. In the mean time I'll come up with a stronger solution.
  10. Wow! This is the level Im striving to reach. Great job!
  11. "Malingator" I think Im going to steal that one lol Yeah they're both malingators, very high prey drive. They are always ready to go. I think they're on crack. For edging I sanded with 220 then 600, dyed with black, used tokonole, and a burnishing tool. Oh and lots of elbow greese.
  12. Thanks I really appreciate it!
  13. When I made these dog collars I wrote the names in Word, printed them out, traced on to the leather, and I tooled them.
  14. I made a couple dog collars for my nephew's Belgian Malinois. Mäts collar is a working collar. I made it a mahogany brown with black edges and has a control handle. The handle is two stacked 10oz wrapped with 5oz. Josies' collar is a show collar. It's a cherry brown with black edges. I used 10oz veg-tan doubled over, 1.0mm black thread, 2" buckles, 2" tie down D-rings, 1.25" leash D-rings.
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