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  1. Thanks! I just noticed the pics got reversed, may have happened in selfie mode, the rig is right handed as shown in the first and second pic.
  2. When I first started with leather I started like most people, small easy pieces. My first turn at trying something more serious was a gun belt that was towards the end of 2019. I learned a lot about how to do things and how not to do things. I used 9-10oz veg tan and 1-2oz pig suede for lining. I learned that I shouldn't use chrome tan lining for a nickel plated gun. Either I over saturated the belt with black or I didn't seal it properly because I still get a lot of rub off. I think I'll try sealing it again with resolene. The gun is an Uberti 1875 Army Outlaw in .45 Colt
  3. Thanks! I was looking at oval punches and at this point I not sure which brand or sizes I should get. The cheap ones, well they're cheap but some of the expensive ones have bad reviews as to quality so I'm leary about pulling the trigger on them.
  4. Thanks, I saw a similar design on youtube and did a couple of changes. It has an inside pocket, more like a sleeve, that is removable. I used chicago screws to attach it and It's big enough for a large cellphone. I made some other purses without pockets and boy did I get an ear full!
  5. Thanks! It's hand stitched.
  6. Thats great info thanks! Thank you
  7. Thanks for the feedback, I really appreciate it. Why oval holes instead of round?
  8. I made a purse for my sister out of veg tan dyed to a whiskey brown with dark brown accents and red suede interior. She took it to work and a coworker wanted one for his wife. I made that one black with whiskey accents. Please feel free to critique so I can improve
  9. Ok sorry. I tried to posts pics but it kept saying the file sizes were to big so I posted them in flickr and added the link here. I found the smallest file sizes I have and posted them here. It a John Wayne replica holster.
  10. I started dabbling in leather work in 2019 and started applying myself more during the 2020 shutdown. I came to this forum a couple times while doing research for a couple projects and finally decided to join. I hope to learn more about the craft and hopefully I can help others along the way. Here's a link to a few projects I've done. https://www.flickr.com/gp/196627394@N08/90bC3mK7jJ
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