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  1. yes i have it similar, cannot get myself into the work, i feel kind of paralalysed yes thats good idea, is just my list is made of products which was suppose to be for christmas markets in autumn and now not sure if even these markets will happen
  2. hi everyone, I wonder which products i shall think about during these times and after corona . As i am producing handbags and small accessoires, i wonder if people will still buy my stuff, if they will have a money for it or if my products will be still wanted. Anyone here with similar dilema ? take care and stay healthy, Tia
  3. hi i wanted to ask, when you making more coats, are you making it like with 2 coats of colour and sand it in between ? cheers tia
  4. hi Immiketoo, thank you ! i will check that out
  5. hello everyone, Maybe you have some tip for me which finish is REALLY waterproof and also which colours have a vivid strong beautifull shades ? thank you for your help, wishing you nice sunday tia
  6. hello , thanks for the tip of the book. Yeah i saw online some pages of this book and now i know the author ! I will definitely check it out
  7. hi everyone, I did start to learn leather carving, i do have These Tools 3.day now. I do have over 10years experiences with leather bags, but this is something completely new and exciting for me. I think, i do make somewhere huge mistakes: either with not enough depth of a cut or also this can be using of wrong hammer maybe ? I do sending some Pictures, would be very glad for your help. have a nice Weekend, Sling
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