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      Leatherworkers need sharp tools to do the best work. Find out how to sharpen knives and blades, and share your success stories!

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      Leather tools have specialized uses. Learn about available tools, how to care for them, sharpening, and safety.

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      Lighter weight leathers can be sewn on home machines, but the tough stuff requires commercial or industrial sewing machines. They can be tricky to set up and operate, but can't be beat for production work.

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      Leather clickers, burnishers, splitters, and other leather machinery that doesn't sew.

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      Discuss computer driven 3D printers, engraving and milling machines, laser cutters and their software and resources

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      Learn how to create your own, or how to use standard patterns.

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      Whether you sew by hand or by machine, stitching can add beauty and durability to your work. Discuss lacing, appliqué, embroidery and the like here.

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      From whips to purse straps, braiding leather is an art of its own.

    9. Hardware and Accessories

      Snaps, rivets, clasps, D & O rings, conchos and the like. Your project needs hardware that can handle the stress placed on it, and retain its appearance through the years.

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      It takes special expertise to use exotic leathers and furs. Find out more about these "rare" critters here.

    11. All About Leather

      Latigo & Harness Leathers are treated with waxes and oils to resist water and limit stretching. Garment leather is not just from cows, it includes deerskin, pigskin, goatskin, sheepskin, suede/splits, and other lightweight leathers. Upholstery leather is heavier weight and may require a commercial machine. Rawhide is not tanned, and has excellent properties for forming. It is not the leather your shoelaces are made from. Vegetable tanned leather is the only type of leather that will absorb water enough to stamp or carve.

  4. Tooling, Stamping & Carving Leather

    1. Floral and Sheridan Carving

      Sometimes called "Sheridan", or Traditional Western Style, it is the familiar scrolls, western roses and leaves brought to North America by the Spanish and used in California, Arizona, Porters etc

    2. Figure Carving

      Any scene can be represented on leather. Figure carving can be embossed or not.

    3. Stamping

      Geometric tools, basketweave, 3D stamps and alphabet and number sets. Learn to make patterns to suit your style.

    4. Dyes, Antiques, Stains, Glues, Waxes, Finishes and Conditioners.

      The chemical department. Coloring and accenting your work, protecting it from the elements and ravages of time, care and maintainance of leather, and preservation and restoration of old leather.

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      The bread-n-butter of leatherworkers, the things we carry or wear every day.

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      LARP (Live Action Role Playing) SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism)Fantasy, Buckskinners, Muzzleloaders, Civil War buffs, Native American Regalia, and other period leatherwork.

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      Churches, camps, scouts, and home schooled kids love leatherwork. Share projects that worked, or stories of what didn't. How to we keep leatherwork a dynamic art form? Each one, teach one.

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  6. Leather is tanned animal skins, and is a byproduct of the meat industry.

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  • Posts

    • Probably you can use this machine for embossing and cutting, but it seems that it's a professional tool from China. But if it's just your hobby I think you'd  better get some of these machines. Especially if you work with small/thin pieces of leather. My daughter uses Spellbinders Platinum all the time. But if you are interested in this particular machine - tell me. I'll check "baidu" cuz i know some Chinese.
    • Thank for your answers, guys! I decided to use latigo leather. 
    • Never thought about that!  My next shop buy. Thanks!
    • Anyone looking for  214x1 or 216x1 needle this sell has  listed some. Plus he also has parts for 132K6 if your looking for them also. https://www.ebay.com.au/sch/stuarwatkin-57/m.html?item=203071961309&hash=item2f480838dd%3Ag%3Aud0AAOSw49pfL4bk&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562 Bert.
    • also clean the nozzle cups at the nose. You should have two; an outer and an inner one. One of my airbrushes was splattering and I got out of the inner one a speck the size of this  . which was the problem. Get a a set of the fine airbrush cleaning brushes. They are worth the couple of $$ they cost
    • I actually think a lot of people have been scared away from leathercraft because they have bought tools from Tandy. Someone who is new to this craft and want to try it out shouldn't buy really expensive tools, not only because it can be a waste of money if they decide this craft is nothing for them, because it often result in buying tools you don't need. A good example is pricking/stitching irons. I started with the Japanese style, and if I would have bought a really expensive set I would later have sold it, because I finally decided I like the European style. And that decision isn't easy to make before you have tried this craft for a while. Some tools is possible to improve by reshaping/polish them. Some tools even require this. For example a Vergez Blanchard awl is basically useless when you buy it and before you polish (and reshape it depending on how you will use it) ps. I don't recommend Vergez Blanchard tools, there are better alternatives out there for the money. But when it comes to beginner tools, they HAVE TO be at least possible to use "out of the box" And that's often not the case with Tandy's tools (Yes I understand they have tools that work decent,  but they also sell a lot of useless tools, and I really mean useless, unless you reshape them) I have talked both about their stitching irons and hole punch sets before, and especially the hole punch set, I would go as long as say it's fraud to call them hole punches. Is it possible to make a hole in leather with them? yes it is, but it is with a thick steel pipe too if you punch/press hard enough. For small leathergoods I would rather use stitching irons from Aliexpress for like 2usd instead of Tandys set. I would recommend to stay away from Tandy, and look at Japanese budget tools, some of these tools are available in Us and Europe, but I really recommend leathercrafttools.com/ I have spent a decent amount of money on tools during the years, and have some  really expensive but I still use a lot of those cheaper Japanese tools, would I like to replace some of them? yes, and why? I would for example like some nice handmade skiving knives and awls. So the reason is not that they don't do the job.  
    • Thanks, I will give the sand paper on the needle a try.  The cup seems pretty clean.
    • Hmm, none of my servos make much noise. Is it the same whether it's run flat out or very slow?
    • Exactley , only there is no excessive belt tension. Belt was set up on “ just grubbing” tension. I did try it with belt off the machine, holding with my hand and as soon as I put bit of pressure noise will start.  I could live with bit of noise , but, in my experience, motors with “ grinding noises” do not last long unless it is “normal” .    cheers
    • Yes, no problems with clutch motor. Nice and easy turns with hand 
    • Considering the hiatus, doesn't look like you missed a beat!  Nice piece! YinTx
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