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Clicking, dyeing, tanning, commercial sewing, upholstery, straps, toolmaking, molds and dies, knife and blade sharpening, sewing machine repair, machine repair, computer and internet services, web design, printing, credit card processing and anything else leatherworkers may need and use.

Marketplace Rules

Marketplace Rules

1. Post must have a clear and descriptive topic title.

2. Post must contain a complete description of item(s); make, model, condition, height, width, length, weight. color etc. Condition noted as: New, Refurbished, Like New, Excellent, Very Good, Good, Fair, Poor, Parts Only, and or Percentage of New condition, 100% being New or Like New.

3. Post must contain explanation of what item is or does.

4. Post should contain picture or pictures of item when possible.

5. Post must contain definite price in USD for the item, we know prices are negotiable but a price nonetheless. Shipping policy needs to be stated clearly.

6. Post must be modified with additional information as necessary, and marked when item is sold. ALL MACHINES FOR SALE MUST INCLUDE PICTURE.

7. Leatherworker.net assumes no responsibility or liability for any seller or buyer. Caveat Emptor.

8. Responses to ads can be accepted through the forum or privately. Email addresses may not be posted in public. Posting telephone numbers and addresses wll be at the discretion of the member.

9. Posts older than 60 days, or items marked "sold" will be archived.

10. Any post is subject to editing or deletion solely at the moderators' discretion.

Members or businesses wishing to place more than 20 ads per year are requested to donate to the site to receive a "Dealer" designation. Dealers will receive preferred placement consideration and banner ads on the site's resource listings. Dealers will also be given a private forum for business or personal use moderated by Art. PM Admin for more information.

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