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  1. koreric75

    Making Belts, The Easy Way

    Short by how much?
  2. koreric75

    WTB really cheap walking foot machine

    I can get away with 207 on the top in my adler, but it does miss stitches at times, but that's the max...it does 138 great though... i paid $400 for the machine, table & servo motor. Most thickness i've used it was some 4/5oz bridle to some floppy soft leather for the zip strip on a dopp kit. You can see i had to go over a couple spots twice...
  3. koreric75

    Motoko III with matching wallet and field notes

    Thanks! I have done a couple of his, but haven't for awhile...probably since i got a stitcher...lol. Tony's patterns are hand-stitch although i have mod'd some to use the machine when I'm feeling lazy...lol
  4. Here are a few items from my Wicket & Craig Chestnut English Bridle...a MotokoIII laptop bag (patter from dieselpunk/Tony See), a Fieldnotes and a wallet.
  5. koreric75

    WTB really cheap walking foot machine

    I don't think so, not reliably, it's more than getting through the material and forming a stitch. As you know, if you are newer, the speed you need to maintain to keep that stitch forming can be hard to manage...lol. For myself, I gave up on the "cheap" option and bought the CB3200, it is versatile enough to sew a dopp kit, bag, or holster and heavy belts/harnesses. I do have my adler, which is handy for it's own applications, but use the cowboy 90% of the time. I believe it is the 108W3...it is an old singer and very hard to find any documentation on. I got it spinning and it feels good but haven't made a stitch with it yet. I also have an old 78-1 that we determined the drive rod is bent so will not stitch right.
  6. koreric75

    Tucson Mentors?

    If you hang around the store enough, you'll probably find a bunch of folks that would be happy to help. Our tandy here has open table days where you can work your own projects using their tools, dyes etc...as well as classes on the weekends...try attending a few of these and see if anyone clicks.
  7. koreric75

    New in Louisiana

    try shortening the stitch length some, and making sure your needle is big enough to allow the loop to form underneath for the hook. I have the same issue if i get too thick under the foot, sometimes it works better if i zip along and other times better if i slow roll it...lol
  8. koreric75

    New in Louisiana

    ah nice, i have the same problem with my adler, i found that it usually happens if i try to manipulate the material too much, esp if i'm doing long stitches on a little thicker leather. Have you mentioned it to steve?
  9. koreric75

    New in Louisiana

    What kind of machine?
  10. koreric75

    New in Louisiana

    Welcome to the forum, there's a few of us local to the area. Looks like a good start to a pattern and will probably morph as you refine them. what did you stitch this with?
  11. Thanks all, @Riem This was the last of my Black Cherry Harvest from Acadia Leather, the trim and straps on the duffel were from an Austin double shoulder from Tandy Leather. My only regret is that I didn't do a piping in the tan around the ends.
  12. A couple of recent projects, a large duffel bag and tote.
  13. koreric75

    Harley Davidson Trunk Bag

    That is AWESOME, very nice looking, like it was meant to be there!
  14. That really came out beautiful, that kudu is so clean looking! Great job on the sunburst too, love my airbrush!
  15. koreric75

    Pressure foot issues with Cowboy 3200

    When i got my 3200, i was told the springs were the heavy duty, and that is what i wanted as i wanted the positive pressure to prevent the leather pulling up with the needle/foot...and it still hasn't skipped a stitch even on the thick and heavy stuff. I just had to adjust my perspective of how to use the machine. If i have "mushy" veg tan or other leather I usually contact cement the seams, dye & finish before stitching. This tends to work better anyway as i'm not worried about dyeing my stitches. This way and a good tapping with a polished face hammer have resolved my issues, and if you go over that with a bone even better. Here's a long wallet I finished up this weekend, i used some bridle that cut and burnishes beautifully, stitched with the 3200, I had some marks but just tapped them down while tapping the stitches and are all but non existent now. (the pockets on the liner were all hand stitched) My machine came with a set of lighter springs that could be installed, but I'd rather have the staying power and adjust my process for the stuff that is prone to impressions.