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  1. any done a full granite top workbench ? might have some left over from my kitchen thinking about doing my bench with it. not sure how it would hold up to pounding grommets and what not (probably still use a rubber or wood mat under it) any experience with this or should I just stick to some kind of wood top ?
  2. oh interesting thanks for the thoughts. any recommendation on shoe polish type or brand? I'm not worried about saving this one, I make them and sell them so I'm just trying to make a product that holds up well. Typically worn leather has a nice look to it but this doesnt really take that on
  3. the weaver pieces fit in my hiker press thanks for the idea I'll have to see if the 104 star back works with my rubber. it looks thanks for the idea they do thanks I'm going to see if it works with my material that would be convenient
  4. Hey guys wondering if you had any suggestion on how to make this leather hold up better to mud, dust, rain, sun, pressure washing with water ect. This handle is about 4 months of hard use and looking pretty haggard. With these pre oiled/waxed leathers do I need to be coating them with something special like you would natural veg tanned leather? leather:Badalassi Carlo Waxy - Oiled Pullup Veg Tanned Leather https://www.rmleathersupply.com/products/waxy-veg-tanned-leather-4-5oz-1-8mm-made-in-italy so far this leather has been the best I've tried in terms of the raw edge not getting fuzzy after lots of washing
  5. this is not something that needs to be pretty no, more of a production thing and backside is pretty well hidden
  6. Hey guys looking for help making my products, would want to do runs of 50-100 but could do more in future Process: —Leather cut to: 16” x 2.25” —Fold leather along wide side and sew along edge with label on right edge —26" Webbing strap pulled through leather —Grommet set on each side of webbing, Center of grommet to center of grommet: 24_3/8” —Excess edge cut off and burned near grommet Materials: —Leather: 16x2.25” waxy I've got a source currently but open —Webbing: 1” tubular polyester black . I've got a source currently and can have it cut —Grommets: #0 stainless rolled spur grommet. I prefer Hiker brand but open to other options —Labels: I have these but could be open to stamping as well I might have a source on having the leather cut and sewn if someone just wanted to do the assembly/grommeting
  7. thank you, I just hear so many bad things about working with people in china where they just try to rip you off and get your money. On alibaba theres a bunch of trading companies pretending to be manufacturers and hard to distinguish one over the other. I was hoping to find someone who has first hand experience with some kind of manufacturing company to help For this particular bag I have one made and it's pretty basic, I'm not to worried about the product getting ripped off its more so I dont want get a shipment of poorly made ones or not made at all
  8. anyone have any experience with self piercing rivets? preferably with a hand press attachment? looking to speed up my need of riveting 2 pieces of rubber strap together (pretty similar to leather)
  9. hey guys I usually buy from ohio travel bag but I can't sort their rivets by size and its annoying, can someone recommend a site that does I'm looking for a slightly shorter length then the 7mm post length than this https://ohiotravelbag.com/products/a-313-np?variant=30383472934996 so like 5- 6mm post length but still with a large head around 8-9mm? I was only able to find really tiny heads and that will pull through
  10. Hi guys I was wondering if anyone had any experience with bag manufacturering? I'm trying to outsource asmall tactical pouch made (nylon not leather) but dont know where to start. if anyone has any leads or experience that would be really helpful
  11. is there some kind of cap rivet that cuts a hole at same time? I have some grommets like that, not sure if I could do that thick with a grommet tho
  12. has anyone used a press to cut holes or set copper rivets? Tandy is the only place I see with those options in a press as attachments but the 3/8 size fits my hiker press https://tandyleather.com/products/press-dies-for-hand-press?variant=31977292365955 wonder how well it works? also a 'decorative' rivet setting option
  13. springfield is 3/8 as well so I'm going to try that since its 76 https://www.springfieldleather.com/Setter-Line-24-PressDie-SLC
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