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  1. Hey guys what kind of brown leather can I get that will take a nice burned stamp? like the hat photo shown below. I tried some Badalassi Carlo  Waxy - Pullup Veg Tanned Leather - 4.5oz from rmleather but I tried all different kinds of heats/times and this is the best I could get where it was just a light outline. pure veg tanned leather always gives me good stamps but id rather not dye it for this project
  2. hey guys I keep reading that the fiebings pro dye are the best (I'm making leather goods that will be outdoors in the weather constatly). However I can't get pro dye in California. what's a good alternative?
  3. Treesner


    what dye/process?
  4. Treesner

    good snaps (and bad snaps)

    some additional information from northwest tarp about the two brands Fasnap brand is manufactured in Japan and DOT is made here in the USA. Other than that they are high quality snaps and the only ones we sell. One isn't really any better than the other though the DOT brand tend to have a higher gloss to them. Fasnap are a little more dull.
  5. Treesner

    good snaps (and bad snaps)

    additional research/ testing: amazon "Snap Fasteners 100% Stainless Steel Boat Marine Canvas Upholstery Snaps Cap" from northwest tarp. they are fasnap brand. emailed them for the longer post version. good but not super strong holding amazon "Fasnap Stainless Steel Snap Set, Marine Grade, 80 Piece:" says they're offered by northwest tarp but really they are fulfilled by someone else and they are actually DOT not fasnap these were a stronger hold and more so what I'm looking for. I tested and they work with snap brands, the part that makes them stiffer is the female socket. using the male on other brand female didn't improve strength. so I think technically I could stock up on the female version of the DOT brand and use with whatever other snaps I have.
  6. Treesner


    like that detail in the strap where its curves in for that d ring
  7. Treesner

    foil supplier

    where do you guys get your foil for foil stamping leather? I see some on eBay, some are listed for laser, is that different than a heat press? theres not many options on amazon. not sure how to identify good / bad material.
  8. Treesner

    double cap rivet but flat and solid

    thanks mainly I was trying to find solid double cap rivets so I could cut them to be square
  9. Treesner

    cobblers hammer weight

    thanks for the info
  10. Treesner

    cobblers hammer weight

    hey guys looking to get a cobblers hammer to hit the glued pieces together. wondering what a good weight is for that? like 6 oz? 13oz? I've seen some chasing hammers that also have the pien on the other side which might be nice to have for hitting copper rivets (one less hammer to have on the bench). but these are mainly for jewelry so they'er at the 6oz which seems kind of light. If you have any specific hammers you like or where to pick one up happy to hear
  11. Treesner

    Where to buy dyed veg tan?

    what do you mean take water as well, like wet forming? or do you mean hold up in wet conditions
  12. Treesner

    double cap rivet but flat and solid

    good eye I'll try that out
  13. Treesner

    Round knife

    Damascus round knifes start at around 890 usd sure is pretty Did you ever end up finding the perfect round knife?
  14. Treesner

    good snaps (and bad snaps)

    tried these fasnap brand ones and they were pretty good I also liked that they were 5/16" post so nice and long for leather says they're not available now though