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  1. just ordered this stool, well see if it gets under the stand and makes the machine easier to use https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0936KDWRX/ref=ppx_od_dt_b_asin_title_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 also I bought a new chain from home depot and easily made the left pedal the up/down presser foot and the right pedal the throttle. what do you use those for?instead of the casters so its lower? not following
  2. oh yeah a stool like that would be closer for sure
  3. hey thanks I didnt think about just moving the entire pole, that would probably be the easiest however I did measure and I have to sit 14" closer to get where I want, if I move my post all the way to the edge that would get me 8" closer and I'm not sure if having it way over on that edge would be out of balance or not, at least the motor is mounted behind the machine to help counter weight it I guess I think I can cut the post on the pedals down to make it narrower and squeeze in more only thing is, drilling through this super rethink steel plate is going to be hard with a hand drill I bet!
  4. I think I can actually just switch the throttle bar and get a longer chain to switch pedals I modded it and the presser foot works at a diagonal like this
  5. glad I'm not the only one annoyed with this setup can you send some photos I dont know what an off the arm table is
  6. this is what I think would make it better
  7. hey guys I recently got a artisan sewing machine and opted for the pedastol style table as I thought it would take up less space in the shop however I'm finding it a little awkward. I can't really get a chair close to it because the legs hit the base.. I was short of thinking about cutting a notch in the base so the chair leg could squeeze in but I noticed that if I sit non the edge of my chair to get closer to the machine then my feet are in an awkward position like the pedal would need to be moved back I wonder if I could drill new holes and mount the machine closer to the edge of the table? the other thing that I dont understand is do you use your left foot as the sewing and right as the presser foot lifters? or do you switch feet? ideally it would just have the side leg thing like some of the other machines have but I'm not sure that could be fitted or not. could I switch the pedals so left was presser and right was speed? I feel like I need my right to have more control over the speed where left is just up/down so finessee does not matter
  8. found this one, is 450$ but would be pretty easy to mod something similar DIY with angle grinder I would think https://www.woodysrocks.com/store/p142/1_Ton_Arbor_Press.html#/
  9. magnet is an interesting idea, if figured it would just break the magnet under the pressure but looks like its working of setting snaps for him
  10. do you think 150 pound press is enough for stamping leather with a 1.5x1.5 stamp and cutting slots and holes though leather? this K+M one is pretty tall and have an extra long feature as well https://kmshooting.com/product/arbor-press/
  11. the guy who makes the chuck recommends this press but its a 3 ton so pretty expensive Baileigh press brakes are very nice and an excellent bang for the buck with lots of room under the ram: https://www.baileigh.com/metalworking/presses/arbor-press Here's a demo video of the 1/2" chuck tool used in a Baileigh AP-3R 3-ton arbor press: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qNE9S-ZjOW4 also for reference The 1/2" chuck with the magnetic back plate is 2.9" high
  12. I think I would be cutting strap ends, cutting slots and hole and stamping logos. don't have compressed air in the leather area but interesting solution do you have a photo I don't follow
  13. anyone know of an arbor press with higher clearance than normal? I dont really need something much stronger than 1/2-1ton as I'd like to use one of these magnetic chucks to hold different leather tools/stamps https://www.mathews-engineering.com/store/p15/Arbor_Press_Magnetic_Pin_Press_1%2F2"_Chuck_Tool.html it seems like the 2 ton presses might be tall enough to accept the chuck and the tool but they are more money/larger/heavier so wondering if you know of another option
  14. I was originally thinking of trying to convert my hiker press that can take 3/8" post accessories so I would have to find slot cutters/strap cutters to fit in 3/8 or have someone turn mine down then just making a wide bottoms plate that goes in 3/8 or 13/16 lower hole that would give much more leverage for stamping and cutting but not as nice as the drill press chuck for random jobs and not as much vertical space the craftool and same looking but more expensive tandypro is similar, has a nicer adjustable bed for when stamping and they make a few hole cutters I'm not sure what size their attachments are, it looks like some are 3/8 but others look really big like this adjustable tube punch https://tandyleather.com/products/press-die-for-hand-press-round-tube-punches
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