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  1. If the thread snaps off that “horn” or gib, then the hook is likely too late in letting go of the thread loop. The snapping may indicate that more thread is getting pulled through the tension assembly at the wrong time, which makes for bad or inconsistent knots.To fix this, you generally have to advance the hook timing a little bit (which then lets go of the loop a little bit earlier as well.) One function of that horn/gib is to maintain control of the loop as the hook tip comes around the second time. Depending on sewing speed and thread thickness, that loop may get flung around pretty well after the horn/gib lets go of it. Keeping control of the thread loop a little bit longer as the knot gets pulled tight can prevent the hook tip (which follows very close behind that horn/gib) from accidentally catching the same loop again, which would cause a bind or break the thread.
  2. You’ll need the KB205 adapter to install any of these swing-down guides on an Adler 205. That Amazon listing has a the zipper guide attachment, which may not be as useful as the normal straight edge guide, depending and what you’re sewing. The links to Kwok Hing’s website: KG-767A Edge guide: https://www.khsew.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=321&search=767a KB205 adapter: https://www.khsew.com/index.php?route=product/search&search=Kb205 Kwok Hing may have multiple locations. My orders always shipped from Hong Kong, which is also what they list on their contacts page. Here’s an installation video I made long ago:
  3. The Adler 269 Service Manual describes how to adjust the feed motion eccentric on page 6. This is where you can adjust forward/reverse feed balance. On this machine, when the needle is at the lowest position (NOT the hook timing position) the needle is not supposed to move when you flip the reverse lever up/down. If the needle moves, then your feed eccentric is not properly centered. The relevant page in English is here: https://www.manualslib.com/manual/461721/Duerkopp-Adler-269.html?page=6#manual You will also need to adjust vertical feed timing after you change horizontal feed timing.
  4. That presser foot set and flat-top throat plate look beautifully made. Did you make them yourself?
  5. One real world example I know of came from an attendant in a training class in Germany. His company made industrial floor cleaning mops. They used two opposing carpet sewing machines to sew both sides of the mop material at the same time. Something similar to this carpet serging pair:
  6. Can somebody please post a link to the web page where these aluminum attachments are sold? @MtlBiker is correct, that screw on top of the arm is close to an M5, but not quite. It has essentially the same thread pitch as an M5, but it is a tiny bit wider than a metric M5. The TechSew 2750 is a copy of the Juki LS-341 but the parts list does not show that screw. The next generation Juki LS-1341 retains the same screw and has it listed in the parts diagram with the edge guide. The screw is a special, non-metric screw (Juki part number MAM-22709000.) Them OEM screw is very likely a 13/64”x32 (which translates to metric 5.15 mm wide with 0.794 mm thread pitch, normal M5 is 5mm wide with a thread pitch of 0.8mm) The screws were hard to get last year and cost about $1.93 each at MJ Foley.
  7. If you’re talking about the swing-down edge guide, you can search Google or Ebay for “KG867A” and you’ll find dozens of buying options.
  8. The guide is a KG867A made by Kwok Hing. You can buy it (and the KB09 bracket) directly from the manufacturer at http://khsew.com , or from various resellers, including Ebay.
  9. The KB-09 adapter is the one to use on Singer 111W class machines. This topic has some details and pictures:
  10. This may have to do with a design issue of those hooks. If you stop the machine at precisely the wrong moment, the thread may fall down and go under the hook. Six years ago we had a topic explaining the problem and potential fixes here:
  11. Apparently there used to be conversion kits for sale to add reverse, but I’m not sure that they are still available. Perhaps @CowboyBob can provide an update.
  12. @nycnycdesign Please post some pictures of your machine with closeups of the needle area. I think we have terminology issues. The throat plate doesn’t move, the feed dog does. The Adler 69-373 allows for various configurations of throat plate and feed dog, it’s hard to guess what you have. A picture or two should clarify the issue. The Durkopp Adler 69-373 parts list (69373_parts_list.pdf) shows the various gauge sets (throat plate/feed dog/feet) that are/were available for that model. (That KH267Q gauge set you show above is for flatbed machines, it will NOT fit your 69.)
  13. I’m running my Adler 467 full function machine on a rotary phase converter and it works beautifully. The rotary phase converters are bulky and heavy but they let you run the machine the way it was designed to be used. Since you have two machines requiring 3-phase power, it might be the best way for you to go. American Rotary Is a good option for rotary phase converters.
  14. There is an “R” in that photo, it points to a channel in the part that adjusts the bobbin case opener. Here’s a picture I found online. I added arrows and text. This hook looks a little different form the manual. Here’s a photo of the slot under the oil hole that supplies the race. It normally has a little piece of felt that holds a few drops of oil. Here’s a photo from a Pfaff 145 to show what that channel looks like after removing the hook. Two channels gourde oil the either the hook shaft of the bobbin case opener ring.
  15. I think this is the video @TomE mentioned. I made this video over four years ago and forgot that I had it in my hidden archive on YouTube. The Cobra 4 shuttle hook assembly should be identical to this Cowboy 4500. This topic really belongs in the Leather Sewing Machine Forum. Perhaps @Northmount or one of the other admins can move it there.
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