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  1. Very impressive. Proof that practice does make perfect.
  2. Not sure what you have now, but look at Ohio travel bag. https://ohiotravelbag.com/collections/snaps/products/10129-blkox?variant=30383133786196
  3. Those fall into the 'cool beans' category!
  4. I have never tried this for shoes, but for other applications, so not sure if it works. What if you took a dense foam, like Eva, in the thickness you need and add it to your last? It might need to be a bit thicker so when taping it down the compression is factored in. Good luck.
  5. Very nice! can we see the back as well? Is that elastic or velcro on the sides?
  6. Nice looking sheath Chris. You are off to a great start. I would only add my 2 cents on your stitching. Find Nigel Armitage on both youtube and video (well worth the small fee), also dangerous beans on this site. you will learn many different ways to get the look you desire. The other bit is the length of thread. The calculator asked for ounces correct? So if you are using say 10oz leather and have 4 layers, you would enter 40oz. That will get you closer to correct length. As I wrote that it dawned on me I would make it 3 layers for the welt. Not only does the welt give the depth you need it also protects your stitching from the blade. By using 4 layers you have the blade centered on the stitching again.
  7. Well Chuck found the same bad link as I did. But the other bit that may be confusing to some is your return policy. One place it says it is free and further down the page it says buyer responsible for payment. I think I know what you are getting at, but it could cause you some grief. Overall nice site.
  8. Cool beans! I just love to see something unique. Good job.
  9. Welcome to the world of saddle stitching. For starters i would go to Nigel Armitage on youtube and vimeo. An excellent teacher! Once you learn the basics the main thing is to make sure no matter how you do it, it is done the same every single stitch. Each needle goes in the same place, same side first, thread crosses, etc. After that it is just practice.
  10. Hi Ferg, I never did get a machine. I was just looking for someone to do a single job for me. Good luck.
  11. Very very nice. Great attention to detail. Thanks for sharing.
  12. You might look at Rocky Mountain leather as well.
  13. Oh my, that is nice.
  14. Just thought I'd let you know that the sponsor links are bringing up a page saying that it isn't working. Hope this is a good place to post this.
  15. If you are still looking, These folks are really great. https://www.wawak.com/Zippers/?Length=4"_5"
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