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  1. blue duck

    Stitching along a ridge

    Love inventive fixes for shop problems. Will file this one away. Nice belts too!
  2. blue duck

    New to lacing - what tools do I need?

    Those should work! So if those are 1/8" or 3.2 mm that is the size lace you should find as well. Let us know how it goes.
  3. blue duck

    Husband has cleared me for new machine!

    kbarker, don't know if you are interested, but seen a CB3200 for sale on craigslist in Belgrade a bit ago. Not close enough for me, think you are about the same, but you might like a road trip.
  4. Brilliant solution you came up with. The dowel was a great idea. Looks good, can't wait to see the finished bag.
  5. blue duck

    New to lacing - what tools do I need?

    When selecting your punch, get the size needed for the lace you will have access to. I have found the same size of each works best. That may not be true for some lacing patterns that go through the same hole many times. If you decide to use a slot hole punch (which I would suggest you do) for the type of lacing you have shown here get the ones that are straight in line. Like: __ __ __ __ __ you don't want slanted ones. I would suggest you get a many pronged one and then a 2 slot one as well to get around the curves. You may still end up wanting a round hole punch for corners where the lace goes through several times. All depends on the work.
  6. blue duck

    70’s purse

    Much better than bell bottoms! Nice job.
  7. Funny you should bring that up. I was going to order some thread last week and got to wondering about it myself. I believe it was @Garyspruill that was doing it. But I haven't heard anything in quite a while. Good concept, hope he is still working on it.
  8. blue duck

    Desperate newbie

    Seems like you have gotten a lot of good advice here. But I would like to add: The spindle you have your spool of thread sitting on should actually be part of the threading path. The thread should feed through the holes in that spindle. Hope that makes sense. Something like this should give you a place for the spool. Products
  9. blue duck

    Sewing round hidden magnetic snaps

    What a brilliant idea. Another one of those ideas that makes me smack my head and say duh.
  10. blue duck

    Overwhelmed by leather Sewing machines

    This is a great option, but it is an easy add on later. @Uwe is a member here and has some really nice ones. But I don't know much more than that.
  11. blue duck

    Celtic knot handgrips

    Looks even better on! How did you stitch them on?
  12. blue duck

    Past posts linked into my profile ..about me

    That seems to work really well. Another rabbit hole I just had to chase to the end. Thank you very much!
  13. blue duck

    Bag Question

    Good Morning. Your bag is looking good. I would try covering your inside seams first, then turning your top piece over those edges. Would also suggest skiving the edges before even making the seam. If you can't or don't want to do the whole seam at least do the ends. This will make it less bulky and easier to sew over. As for the length of the strap, it is mostly personal preference. Take into consideration the bulk of a jacket for ease of use as (especially where you live) well as how far down it will hang if holding it in her hand. Don't want it too close to the ground.
  14. blue duck

    A few guitar straps

    Very nice straps. Bit of a niche market there, I imagine. Keep sharing your pictures as well as your knowledge.
  15. Can you tell us what kind of leather you did use?