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  1. blue duck

    Zippers Wawak has a very large selection of zippers.
  2. blue duck

    Seats and Door Panels

    A travelall! Learned to drive on one of those. Think the similarities end at the name though. Hope you post a pic when it is all done. Awesome work.
  3. blue duck

    Seats and Door Panels

    That is some kind of cool. You have some time into that project. Is this your scout or is this a job?
  4. blue duck

    Sewing Cordura with 206rb

    I think the foam you are looking for is called eva foam. It is a closed cell foam that you may find under another name.
  5. blue duck

    A weekender bag I made

    Very nice. Very, very nice.
  6. blue duck

    bag making question!

    Art has the easiest solution. The other option that comes to mind is to attach one using the handle/strap stitching or from the top by running a stitch line around the top edge. Look forward to seeing your work.
  7. blue duck

    Short Post Matte Black Line 20 Snaps?

    A setter is going to help tremendously with the deformed posts/caps. For now I use a hand held setter, a Pres-n-Snap, that works well for what I need. As for the length, if it is appx. 1/8" above the surface, that seems to work on most leather, for really thin leather, you might try a bit less. It may seem wasteful, but a test snap on a scrap will save you lots of grief.
  8. blue duck

    Banjo Straps

    I don't know of, and I doubt there is, a standard for thickness. You should find the leather that will fit yours or your customers needs and wants. Then if needed skive or thin the end down to fit the area you are concerned about. Like on the end of a belt where it turns over for a buckle. A bench splitter would be ideal, but you may need to improvise to create a smooth professional look.
  9. blue duck

    Types of seams?

    Would just like to add a note on skiving. Although the leather itself is probably soft enough to make your seam, the problem becomes the bulk of the two layers of leather once turned. It will leave a rather significant lump. By reducing the thickness you will make a much more finished looking project. Another help is to hammer the seam down [in the direction you want it to lay] once sewn and turned. As you mentioned do a test. Where you will really notice it is at the corners. You can also clip a series of V's going around the corner and it will lay much better. i.e. V V V V V with the point close, but not touching your seam
  10. blue duck

    Assorted Leather for Workshop

    craigslist post has expired.
  11. Tried to pm you, not sure if it worked.
  12. blue duck

    How I now straighten leather for strap cutting

    You sir are full of brilliant ideas. Thanks for sharing.
  13. blue duck

    Tandy Market Place Handbag Pattern

    Very nice Cody! Mom's are usually patient but she will be thrilled with this present. You even tooled the bottom. The next one will go faster.
  14. blue duck

    Singer 111W153 & table resto project

    Mine is a 155 but pretty sure it will work. It is 10" x 13 3/8" Be glad to get any other info you need. Just holler.
  15. I think you have a start there. A walking foot is certainly a start. As for the size of your projects, if I understand what you are saying, it isn't the size i.e. chaps vs key fob, it is the total thickness of what you want to sew. How many layers and how thick each layer is. Honestly there is no such machine as one not meant for leather that can still be used for leather. It really doesn't matter what level of the craft you are at. You can find either a used one for less, or perhaps one not meant for hours a day use. But with your level of knowledge I would suggest contacting a dealer (or more than one brand). Tandy would not be my first choice in this venture. See folks on the above sponsor list or do a search here. There are several folks that can steer you right. Good luck.