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  1. blue duck

    Horween Dublin Natural Leather Needed

    You might try contact Horween directly through or better yet call them. But you would have to buy a side I believe.
  2. blue duck

    PONY snap setter: Dies and Anvils?

    As a gee whiz, Dot (0f Pull-the-Dot) also makes regular snaps. Both have been good quality for my use. Also have several colors. You may find the pull-the-dot type may not work in some applications as well as a regular one, but to each his own. Ohio Travel Bag has a good selection.
  3. blue duck

    How do i get part stamps sharp at edges

    That, my friend, is a brilliant idea.
  4. Rockin' it! Someone will be strutting around.
  5. blue duck

    What kind of closure/latch is this?

    Give OTB a call. They will be glad to give you the size. Nice folks.
  6. blue duck

    Artisan Toro 3200 - Barely Used

    Price? And will you ship?
  7. Walleye Rod. Good idea. How about make some time and build one? You could use a hobby.
  8. Best of luck with the next part of the adventure. When it ceases being enjoyable and you have other options---Go For It!
  9. blue duck

    Bell Skiver Choices - Which way to go

    Mr. Ferg thank you for your input it is truly appreciated. Mr. Harry thank you again for your information. I do believe the list just got shorter again. I just need to keep in mind: "Buy once, Cry once" and do it right the first time. Thanks to all of you.
  10. blue duck

    Bell Skiver Choices - Which way to go

    I guess I am missing the distinction between chrome tan and upholstery leather. And that may be where my confusion is coming from. Could you please elaborate? This is part of the original problem. I may find one 800 miles from me, but of the vendors I have heard of, think you are tied for mileage at about 1400. So one that has been tested and with support is going to be most useful to us.
  11. blue duck

    Bell Skiver Choices - Which way to go

    Now there is some VERY useful information! I don't recall seeing that addressed in other posts. So a those without a cover are easily off the list. Thank you so much. As for your roller presser foot, I had seen it mentioned in other posts, but did not realize that you made it yourself. Add it to the list of cool dodads you have built/created. The video makes it look easy. Another learning curve. But I did notice how you snicked a bit off of the leading corner, that is a good trick to remember, and have never seen (or noticed perhaps) that before. Thank you so much for your help.
  12. blue duck

    Shaping a bag - sewing texon/bontex

    A picture is always a big help. If you choose to go with veg tan, for this or another project, you need to consider the temper not just how it is tanned. Some very thin veg tan is quite stiff as well as thicker being softer. Just something to keep in mind. Since you have already finished the outside, I think I would laminate two pieces of texon together, size to fit bottom of bag, cover with leather (preferable) or lining material (won't hold up as well, if it is fabric) and then just lay it in the bottom. Keeping the shape of the bag even when empty may not be a feasible goal with this project. Usually chrome tan has a soft temper that won't do what you are wanting. Even veg tan, when broken in, will not retain the shape first created. Almost certainly, the bag for sale was stuffed for the pictures to keep the shape.
  13. blue duck

    Shaping a bag - sewing texon/bontex

    Bontex/Texon is a good product to use for bags as it has been impregnated with a treatment to prevent mold/mildew. Depending on the structure you are looking for you could glue the two wts. together. They make it (well that I know of) up to about 1.25 mm (if I did the math right). That is really stiff. If you plan on turning the bag, it may not be the answer as you can not get the shape back if it is wrinkled or bent. The best application would be to glue with Barge as mentioned above to the inside of the stitch line. You will need to make sure it is smoothed out as you go or it will be a mess. Then your lining should be stitched where it will help hold it in place as well. Not sure about the box shape you are trying to make. Are you thinking something like a suitcase? Or not that structured?
  14. blue duck

    Bell Skiver Choices - Which way to go

    Hi Alexander, I must say that No, I have never used a bell skiver. Which is the major reason I wanted to get it from someone who would offer support. So I sincerely appreciate you taking the time to write. That said, other than chrome tan and veg tan, what other type of leather would this be used for? Guess I have more to learn than I thought. I was hoping this was the machine to make life in the shop easier, not create problems.
  15. blue duck

    Line 24 - Male Snaps Only?

    Try Ohio Travel Bag Steve. I just got an order in from them for just that.