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  1. that's a clever idea. Looks good.
  2. blue duck

    Shoeing Apron

    That is nice! Did you build a pattern or use his old ones to follow?
  3. Cleaning out before a move and getting rid of duplicates. Photo 1/2 C.S. Osborne Round 1" $70 Kraueter USA Round 9/16" $20 No Name Straight Punch 2 3/4" $10 Weaver Bag Punch 1" $90 C.S. Osborne 151 Bag Punch 3/4" $45 Photo 3/4 C.S. Osborne Round 9/16", 5/16", and 1/4 Set $55 Photo5/6 Kulkoni Germany Bag Punch 1", 3/4", 5/8" and 1/2" Set $110 Will ship at cost from 59223, so depends on your location. Need more pics, just holler.
  4. Edgers for sale. All are in new condition. Although they are all size 0, they are not the same. Weaver Sz 0 $40 Craftool Pro Sz 0 $20 Since Sz 0 $45 Will ship at cost from 59223, so depends on where you live. Just clearing duplicates out before moving. Need more pics, just holler.
  5. Weaver End Punches, all in good condition. The English Points still have manufacturing grease on them. 2" Round $70 1 3/4" English Point $70 1 1/4" English Point $70 Will ship, cost depends on location. Shipping from 59223 Just cleaning out duplicates before move.
  6. Glue pot. Clean inside. You can see glue had removed a bit of paint off the outside. Brush is a little stiff since it dried, but very usable. Can also be replaced if ever needed. $20.00 Will ship at cost from 59223, so depends on where you are. Going to have to move, so anything not in use is going. Holler if you are in need of something in particular, I will see if we have it.
  7. A feller on YT by the name of Victor George Leather has a fairly good set of tutorials you might look at.
  8. @mooreleatherworking yes it is
  9. blue duck

    Singer 111W155

    Works fine, but moving, so it has to go. Extra feet and needles. Bobbin winder and thread stand. Have any questions, just holler. Located in NE Montana. $700 Prefer local pickup.
  10. Stuff has got to go! DCS-S2 skiver. Works just fine. $900 Located NE Montana. Prefer pickup. Would consider shipping, but it would be very expensive. Also listed sewing machine and some hand tools. If you need something else, holler it might be here.
  11. Anything can be used as a stiffener or a stay. It all depends on the look you are after and the quality of your product. For example, you can use the cereal box, but it will not hold up. Felt, foam, leather, bontex/texon, interfacing, etc. can be used and work well depending on application. Sometimes the look you want will dictate the stay, but it might require a different approach to construction as well.
  12. @shoepatcher and @dikman Thank you kindly. Taking the head off hadn't occurred to me. But of course makes sense. And lots of horse pads and dog blankets because it has to travel over the worst 50 miles of paved road in the country. Cheers
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