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  1. THIS ITEM HAS BEEN SOLD! Thanks for giving me a forum in which to post it.
  2. Hey, thanks for that, Northmount! Much appreciated!
  3. Correction: "unable to pick up..." in original post should read "able to pick up...."
  4. Barely used Tippmann 'Boss' Hand Stitcher in excellent working condition, with manual, more than 10 large spools of thread, and a bottle of stitching oil. Asking $850, plus shipping, unless able to pick up within 20 miles of Hamburg, N.J. This item is part of an estate liquidation. The owner died in 2011, shortly after purchase.
  5. Good advice. Thanks! Fortunately, I'm in no rush to sell these items and I'm accountable to other people for getting a reasonable return on whatever I sell because I'm not selling things for myself. Also, fortunately, I've become pretty good at ignoring obviously unreasonable offers.
  6. HAHAHA! I haven't traded any horses in my life, but I'm familiar with the word "firm," when pricing items for sale. I'm going to use NextDoor, FB Marketplace and OfferUp (I just discovered that site) to sell items. I really want to sell to local people because I don't want to be bothered with shipping things all over the planet. "Cash and Carry" is another favorite term when selling things! Anyway, thanks for your feedback!
  7. Thanks for the advice. I understand why people want to pay as little as possible, but I hate haggling. If someone doesn't want to buy something for the price I'm asking, they can find it somewhere else. I try very hard to be reasonable with pricing things. And LOL... I hope you're able to resist the "more tools" temptation. Unless, of course, you have some reason to treat yourself! Happy leatherworking!
  8. Solid suggestion. I'll probably do that, as well as try to put out a plea locally through NextDoor.com.
  9. I sincerely appreciate that sensitive attempt to get me to think twice. My craft of choice, however, is writing, which consumes my spare retirement time.
  10. This was very helpful in identifying the age of the stamps: THE HISTORY OF CRAFTOOLS: The earliest name and date we have heard mentioned in regard to Craftool is Dick McGahen who began to make tools for leather carvers in California in the 1940’s. According to Ellis Barnes (deceased), he had many different tool makers that created tools for him including Ellis, Ken Griffin and others. The tools that were made by them probably had no numbers on them and may or may not have been stamped with the Craftool name. When you see this type of tool, it was likely made around 1950 or before. Once the numbering of tools began, they were marked with “Craftool Co” and just a number. This type of marking was consistent up through 1962. In 1963, they started adding a letter prefix to the number. From 1963 until around 1969 they were marked with “Craftool Co.” and a number with a letter before it to identify the type of tool it was. Around 1969, they began marking the tools with “Craftool Co. USA” plus the number and the letter prefix. This continued until the later years of the company. They eventually changed to marking them with “Craftool USA” and the number with the letter prefix. This continued to be the practice until they closed their manufacturing plant in 1999. This was the last time Craftools were made in the USA. Looks like I'm going to have to do a complete inventory, one stamp at a time. Hoo boy, this project could take a while!
  11. Yup, as my sweetheart always reminds me, "Anything is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it." In other words, people can list items for any price they want to, but if no one buys it at that price, the actual value is $0.00.
  12. I just checked out a video of someone using the Tippmann "BOSS" stitcher. That's one serious piece of equipment! On the Tippmann website, it looks like they sell refurbs, so maybe it's worth shipping it to them in Indiana. My education continues...!
  13. Thanks! By my preliminary count there are 353 stamps and nearly all of them say "CRAFTOOL," "CRAFTOOL CO.," or "CRAFTOOL CO. U.S.A." on them. I'll definitely check out BruceJohnsonLeather.com.
  14. Thanks so much for these recommendations. It seems like tackling this task thoroughly will take me well into the winter. I wish the leather-working items were the only ones I have to deal with. I'm just going to have to dig in and be deliberate. Once I sort everything out, I might take a couple hundred photos and post them on some sort of online album, with a link I can provide here. Maybe a video would also work. I'm going to cross my fingers that I can find a forum member who lives in my area of northern New Jersey. Someone with experience—and that big heart you mentioned—might be able to make a decent appraisal of everything and I can take it from there.
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