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  1. I am not. I’m really just learning about the 11-24. Would prefer to see one in person.
  2. Hello, I'm looking for singer class 11 sewing machine. It’s the model in which it’ll sew into the machine vrs perpendicular to it. Prefer to be located in the Carolina’s. Thank you, Phill
  3. Please pardon my delay in responding. I've been very busy with my house clean-out project. Below is the list of patterns, books and periodicals I have at this moment. Please email me at wrwoolley@gmail.com if you're interested in anything.


    Old West Collection, Patterns by Will Ghormley

    • Cheyenne Holster
    • (2) Cartridge Belts
    • Spur Leathers
    • Cattleman Holster
    • Dodge City Holster
    • Law Dog Holster
    • Forty-Nine Holster


    Hide Crafter Leather Co., Brazos Jack’s Wild West Series. By Jim R. Simmons, Baird, Texas

    • Single Six Holster



    • (2) Tony Laier Oak Leaf Series
    • Christmas Craftaid Pattern Pack


    Leather Factory

    • Holster & Gun Belt Pattern Pack 6031
    • Handbag Pattern Pack 6033


    Buscadero Belts & Holsters, Designed by F.O. Baird

    • 25 Actual Size Holster Patterns and 5 Actual Size Buscadero Belts, with 30 Illustrations

    Tandy Leather Co.

    • Motorcycle Accessory Pattern Pak



    • The Leather Crafters and Saddlers Journal, 1993, 1994, 1999-2009, 43 editions in total.
    • The New Book of Saddlery & Tack, Carolyn Henderson, consulting editor (2002)
    • Handmade for Profit! Hundreds of Secrets to Success in Selling Arts & Crafts, by Barbara Brabec (2002)
    • Leather Braiding, by Bruce Grant (2005)
    • Leather in Three Dimensions, by Rex Lingwood (1980)
    • Crafting as a Business, by Wendy Rosen (1998)
    • How to Make Holsters, by Al Stohlman (1968)
  4. If I could also get a copy of the list. PM sent Thanks
  5. I’ll take them if they are not sold.
  6. Where is this located?
  7. 24VOLTS

    Books bundle 1

    I'll take these!
  8. good will, Salvation Army, local donation clothing stores. I have found some cheap modern bags at Ross. I think Ross might be your best bet since there are a lot vintage resellers out there scounging the local thrift stores.
  9. Where is everything located? Thanks Phill
  10. Don Gonzales Saddlery has a pattern and video
  11. I'm not familiar with these machines. What are they used for? Thanks, Phill
  12. I have been using my Landis 30 for the last 5 years. It is a shoe repair machine. My landis is a bit finicky. I was able to purchase a blade from Pilgrim Shoe and sewing machine company. but unfortunately they were bought by USM-Americas.com due to retirement of the owner. I would give them a call and see if they still sell parts for the landis 30. I paid $88 for a blade back in 2016. I do split oil tan, chap leather, veg tan and English bridle with mine. The key to setting up your machine is to make sure the top roller is even on each side. I do it by eye. Might be able to use a feeler gauge to help make sure its even. My splitter also likes a fair amount of pressure from the top roller. I do find when I switch blades it will have to adjusted since each blade is a different length. The thinest consistent I've been able to split down to is 2oz. Sometimes it will get down to 1 oz but it is hit and miss. Keep your blade sharp and don't split a large amount all at once or the blade/knife will crack. I sharpen my blades with a stone. I don't know of any splitter that will go down to 1 oz. I believe the cobra splitter which is modeled after the landis 30 will split down to 2 oz. They are guaranteed for life which will be my next purchase. Who ever you send your blade to for sharpening ask them if they make blades. Some saw filers that sharpen blades also make them. Phill
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