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  1. This is a great topic! I’ve been thinking about purchasing one of these older clickers. They seem to pop up quite a bit on Facebook. There are several brands out there. Is there a brand to stay away from? Generally are parts available others for some of these older models? thoughts all welcomed thanks phill
  2. Landis hand crank leather splitter. Original condition. Works great. Comes with extra blade. This splitter is heavy. I will not ship. Buyer must pick up. Located in Waxhaw North Carolina. Add is cross posted on other platforms.
  3. Very cool reference! Do you see many singer class 11 machines that feed up the arm that work well with leather? I appreciate the information. Thanks Phill
  4. I’m wondering if they made a sewing machine that is a walking foot that will sew into the the machine vrs perpendicular to it. I believe they are called “feed into the machine”? As an example a Union special 31100 is a “feed into the machine “ but only used for farmers and cloth it’s also a double needle I’m not necessarily looking for a double needle. I was told there is a boot makers sewing machine that might be out there. Not sure if brand or model. I’m not looking for a patch machine. I have one of those but need a better machine. I was hoping someone out there might know of them, brand and model number so to possibly start looking for them. i have attached a picture of a Union special to show how it sews into the machine. This one is only for garment or cloth and not leather. Any advice that anyone might have would be helpful. Thanks in advance! Phill
  5. I am not. I’m really just learning about the 11-24. Would prefer to see one in person.
  6. Hello, I'm looking for singer class 11 sewing machine. It’s the model in which it’ll sew into the machine vrs perpendicular to it. Prefer to be located in the Carolina’s. Thank you, Phill
  7. Please pardon my delay in responding. I've been very busy with my house clean-out project. Below is the list of patterns, books and periodicals I have at this moment. Please email me at wrwoolley@gmail.com if you're interested in anything.


    Old West Collection, Patterns by Will Ghormley

    • Cheyenne Holster
    • (2) Cartridge Belts
    • Spur Leathers
    • Cattleman Holster
    • Dodge City Holster
    • Law Dog Holster
    • Forty-Nine Holster


    Hide Crafter Leather Co., Brazos Jack’s Wild West Series. By Jim R. Simmons, Baird, Texas

    • Single Six Holster



    • (2) Tony Laier Oak Leaf Series
    • Christmas Craftaid Pattern Pack


    Leather Factory

    • Holster & Gun Belt Pattern Pack 6031
    • Handbag Pattern Pack 6033


    Buscadero Belts & Holsters, Designed by F.O. Baird

    • 25 Actual Size Holster Patterns and 5 Actual Size Buscadero Belts, with 30 Illustrations

    Tandy Leather Co.

    • Motorcycle Accessory Pattern Pak



    • The Leather Crafters and Saddlers Journal, 1993, 1994, 1999-2009, 43 editions in total.
    • The New Book of Saddlery & Tack, Carolyn Henderson, consulting editor (2002)
    • Handmade for Profit! Hundreds of Secrets to Success in Selling Arts & Crafts, by Barbara Brabec (2002)
    • Leather Braiding, by Bruce Grant (2005)
    • Leather in Three Dimensions, by Rex Lingwood (1980)
    • Crafting as a Business, by Wendy Rosen (1998)
    • How to Make Holsters, by Al Stohlman (1968)
  8. If I could also get a copy of the list. PM sent Thanks
  9. I’ll take them if they are not sold.
  10. Where is this located?
  11. 24VOLTS

    Books bundle 1

    I'll take these!
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