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  1. Theoretically if the leather was soft enough you MAAAAY be able to manage the seam on a post bed sewing machine... likely not though.
  2. Well you're welcome to them if you drive down to NJ.
  3. Where are you located? I have an entire storage unit in NJ filled with shoe making tools & equipment.
  4. In the interest of moving & selling this equipment due to a split with my significant other. I am reducing it to $2000.
  5. Hi folks, Pretty soon I'll be listing more business assets, but I'd like to offer for sale one of the brands I own. It is a relatively new brand, little to no marketing has been done and is becoming well known in the Fire & EMS business. The brand get a lot of attention from google as there are few competitors in this space. I'm looking to sell www.frontlineleatherco.com Now, this is only one of my brands, it is a smaller portion of my business, and the only one that my wife is in half with me. Fortunately the other brand is protected & it requires minimal tools. Anywho here is the brand. www.frontlineleatherco.com We started in Dec of 2020. In 2021 we did $5,467.45 of sales. In 2022 we did $12,181.45 of sales. The business sells 2 products, leather belts and radio straps for firefighters & EMTs. The sale would include the brand website, the dies & patterns for the radio straps + baskets, letter sets & symbols to be embossed. It would come with a how to guide to make the radio straps. I'm asking $5,000.
  6. Bert, Make a habit to charge a fee that makes sense to you separate from the laser time. For example, I usually charge $75-$150 setup fee that I amatorize over the period of 5-10 repeat small orders, or take the price off in the event of 1 or 2 big orders. But I never do a discounted setup fee, no matter how much the promise of business is. You're just asking to be disappointed.
  7. As long as you got paid I for what you agreed to I think you did just fine.
  8. Life lesson, charge an up front fee for stuff like that. As you're aware Bert, you have to do test card to get good laser settings. He sent me tiny little scrap pieces that I wasn't able to use. Never responded for months after a contract was signed and then hit me up again. Thats when I turned down the job entirely. Fortunately, as we never got to the actual testing phase for settings - I never digitized anything.
  9. "Fine Corinthian Leather" Cmon man.. get the quote right. How can you even call yourself an expert? (Sarcasm)
  10. Gotcha - it was a shop I acquired a few years ago but ended up not doing much with.
  11. https://imgur.com/gallery/3I9wr06 Here's photos of everything. Tons of equipment. There's 3 landis model k stitchers. All turn on and work. Need new cords but they worked. Lots of other equipment too. Photos in the gallery. Asking $7500. You can email me at trevor@amopelleco.com or called me (856) 394 0861. Thanks ** Located in Maple Shade, NJ 08052 at a storage facility. You'd be responsible for moving. **
  12. https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/2022/08/08/oil-companies-profits-inflation/ Rising energy costs is due to oligopolies having the control. Basically they have the entire US by their balls and you're stuck with that choice. Doesn't matter what side you're on politically - you're affected when there is no alternative to the market. With our current energy suppliers, that's it. You either buy their gas or you start walking. This is why the push away from non-renewables is sooo attractive to people. Ppeople are moving to electric for so much such as cars, heat pumps, stoves, etc . Its possible and much easier to begin producing electric (solar farms, wind, etc) as a smaller company rather than compete with the large ones for non-renewables.
  13. No experience, but I can imagine the smell. ( I do primarily laser cut work at the moment ). 150 w laser here.
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