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  1. Hi Ron, I totally understand the challenge with the global pandemic. I hope you don’t take it as an attack. I know your machines are good and your team is good. My challenges with my machine are because I put all my eggs in one basket. It’s my only machine. I totally get the challenge of getting more volume in orders but being unable to get more on the support side. (Currently where I’m at). I’ll send you a personal DM with just some direct feedback.
  2. I think I'm between the Cowboy CB4500 or the Cobra Class 4P. Essentially the same machine from what I'm reading. Not that techsew isn't a quality company... but my current machine has been a nightmare from hell, and during the pandemic their support (understandably so) lacked a lot. I know Ron and his team are good people, .. but it left a taste in my mouth. We went a few weeks without a control box on our machine because it gave up the ghost (a capacitor exploded). Being in America made everything take longer too. So it isn't anything against Techsew, just want to get something from an America dealer instead.
  3. Hi folks. Almost two years ago I purchased my first leather sewing machine - a Techsew 2750 Pro. We initially were sewing bags and wallets, and at some point during the pandemic shifted to more strap goods. We're sewing about 11-13oz leather straps at this point with 207 thread. The problem I'm having is that we're at the far max of our sewing capabilities (207 thread) thus we're running into some problems. At this point we're ready to add another machine to the collection. We're basically now fulltime sewing 207 thread. (Wanting to play with 277 as well). Somewhere around 10-20 hours of sewing a week. Our 2750 pro isn't cutting it anymore. But we're having some trouble figuring out what machine to go with next.... Obviously we don't want to max our thread size at 207.. we probably need to be mid 300s-400s. Something else to consider is that depending on the project and hardware (fire & ems equipment) we've gone as far as 3 layers thick of 11-13 oz leather (vary rarely). Mostly just 2 layers. So 1/2" to 3/4" pressure foot is probably not a bad idea. A 441 Clone? Alder 205-370? Some pfaff variant? Not saying either that price doesn't matter, but something that gets the job done on the cheaper/reliable size would be a good thing. Maybe used machines to keep an eye out for?
  4. Hi guys. I have a Cobra Class 14 Splitter for sale. We ended up purchasing it new in March of 2020. Its been used a handful of times, but we're just not using it anymore. Probably wasn't the best purchase. Looking to get $2400. its $2900 new + shipping. Not looking to ship at the moment, would prefer pickup. I'll help you load it as well.
  5. I haven't had the same issues with brass snaps failing. We're currently using weaver's solid brass snaps. How are you setting them? We've been using the weaver little wonder and their attachments for line 24 and line 20 snaps. Could it be a hammer action that is work hardening rather than the single action from the press?
  6. For sure - I kinda wanted to be lazy and have all the stamps ready to go without needing to stamp individual numbers... not that it wouldn't work.
  7. Stock in Barrel Shows a punching kit where they have sizes on them. We're doing a lot of belts and I'm looking for something similar, but just on a budget. Any idea where I can find something like this. Apparently tandy isn't selling them anymore. (I'd be happy to buy off someone too if they have it )
  8. This is exactly what I'm looking for. You're not interested in shipping are you?
  9. Placed an order with Texas Custom Dies. I couldn't find any reason why Milwaukee's acrylic / blade die would be better over Texas'. I've had a great experience with them on a previous order. No reason to fix whats not broken. Thanks again everyone.
  10. Hi guys. I sent over a pattern to 7 different die makers this week to have a bifold made. 3 Didn't respond. 1 found me on facebook and messaged me saying they needed more measurement (adobe AI pattern provided) 1 said their engineer was out and would quote me on monday. 2 quoted me. I'm between two quotes right now. One is with texas custom dies and milwaukee dies. Milwaukee quoted me $415 Texas Custom Dies quoted me $344. So an obvious difference. My understanding is that Milwaukee embeds their dies in an acrylic and uses a steel rule die. https://milwaukeesrd.com/ My understand is that texas custom dies steel and sharpens it into a knife. http://www.usacuttingdie.com/die-examples.html Whats the advantage of going with the steel rule which is a thinner blade vs the sharpened steel ones. Is there any advantage? Am I overthinking it?
  11. Yeah I was thinking it was either a 10oz or the 16 oz mallet. Thanks!
  12. I use to have this https://tandyleather.com/products/craftool-bakelite-mallet .. and it was great. No Idea where it has gone. I have a 500 sqr foot workshop and after a photoshoot its missing. I was on the verge of replacing it with a newer and nicer Barry King one (as I've chipped some bakelite off) but I can't find what the weight of the Mallet is. Does anyone know. Can anyone measure it for me? Thank you!
  13. So somehow I got down a rabbit hole and started reading about these machines. Whats the advantage to them? Why would I, or someone, want a union lock over a standard sewing machine?
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