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  1. I'm not a vegetarian or vegan but man it has been more and more tempting as meat prices rise. We hardly eat beef or pork anymore. Pretty much chicken and veggies only.
  2. Don I have called you a few times and left a few voicemails. I have also given you my number.
  3. Hey - I didn't drop off the grid. I just didn't have notifications on for this post. Thank you!
  4. Haha no issues with unionizing. I'm assuming if my employees think they need to unionize that I'm doing something wrong and need to fix some of the things we're doing. If they choose to unionize then we've done well. ( I'm pro union having been in one myself. We'll see if we ever come to that bridge. ) -- That's a solid idea. I'll discuss that with the girl and get back. Maybe keeping it under Amopelle is not a bad idea. You're right.. the logo is nice and does work already.
  5. My guess is that I'm overcomplicating things. The ULS with the needle and awl or leather should be just fine.
  6. I can definitely take the hole out. Also could change to a needle/awl combo.
  7. Been looking into more easy logos. Thoughts?
  8. So before the pandemic started we had a brand called "Amopelle Co" - its since been redone to "Amopelle Leather Co". In the middle of the pandemic we started our first responder brand doing equipment for them (including local contracts for repairs, union specific items, etc). Well, as the pandemic progressed our first responder brand (both me and the wife work in Fire/EMS field) took off and exceeded Amopelle. It does about 4-5x the work every month that Amopelle does. So here are aesthetics from the two brands we have. Amopelle doesn't do nearly as much work as Frontline does. I really like the aspects of the logo from Amopelle though. (I like both). I think that I could reach out to the designer and as for a similar style to be done for union leather supply. ( The second row left column is the logo Amopelle uses ).
  9. So at this point - I'm working on the website and trying to get it ready / modular enough to accept new products. Things I've done so far 1) I have a tool maker making me custom tools. 2) I have one vendor for hand sewing threads. 3) Website is coming along. -- Things I have to continue 1) I want more thread vendors and options. 2) I'm in contact with tanneries w/o contracts/agreements yet. 3) I'm finishing branding - the artist we're working with is driving me a little bit crazy right now. I'm not super happy with the logo. I'm attaching the logo - thoughts? EDIT: So the brand name is Union Leather Supply.
  10. So that's a good point - is it a short-stock item? Or is it a planned restock able. Good advice.
  11. Definitely multiple shipping options. We find that USPS has lost a handful of packages as well.
  12. I too believed that some companies are "regrading" leather to make a quick buck. This is a hill I will die on. We've gotten leather that is so messed up that was advertised at A grade that I didn't believe it was possible. For instance we once bought a W&C side that had a gouge down the middle, advertised A grade. I have photos of it somewhere and will upload if I find it.
  13. I have personally dealt with awful pieces which would never be able to be used as well. For most things over a certain amount you make enough that shipping can be free. Totally agree. Flatrate shipping up to xyz, then free after. Located in New Jersey, USA. I agree there's a lot of misinformation on tools, or just images with no description why you need it. Good point. Obviously thicker leathers have the issue of not being able to be tightly wound, but the thinner stuff should absolutely be able to be wound around a tube and secured. It does help. I think website organization and allowing customers to filter their search by tannage/weight/etc. The truth is, that's a really simple thing. Same website tool as when you're buying a car and filtering for the right product. Customer communication is huge. They're bread and butter and I hate when I can't get on the phone when there's an order. A splitter is not in our plan right away. Maybe something in the future.
  14. Oh yes. Inaccurate stock records. Agreed. We deal with exactly the same issue.
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