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  1. 150 W Laser here. I laser cut belts at this point in my business. Some others have good experiences. I've been able to dial in the 'char' to the point that there is no soot leftover when I pull a belt off the laser bed. You're able to wipe your hard along the edge and have a clean hand afterwords. I replaced the mirrors with higher quality mirrors. The laser head was replaced as well.
  2. Only because I'm working on it right now, but laser cut boxes. Have nice plywood laser cut (baltic birch) and assembled. Then wrap the boxes.
  3. Hopefully you found a killer deal on it. I played with the Tippmann Boss for a few projects and founded out that I absolutely hated it. Your mileage may vary, and there are people who swear by those machines. So who knows. Their resale value also have a wide range. I see them from $450-$900, it really just depends. For your next machine, or if you also find that you're not into the Tippmann Boss - consider a powered machine. https://www.tolindsewmach.com/cb2500.html Is just a bit more and might be a better setup if you're looking to do more production work on a budget.
  4. Yeah so oil tanned leather is just a type of chrome tanned leather finish/post processing. Its not part of the tanning process but rather post tanning / dying process that puts a bunch of oils into the leather.
  5. I have a nice 4k resolution monitor - its hard to see clearly.
  6. Hey that's me. I do have a laser that can do it. Send me a PM with your design.
  7. I use exclusively black thread because I laser cut stuff - so the thread always looks soiled. With that being said, give yourself an extra 6-8 inches of thread on each side. Your first few inches of thread will be soiled but the other stuff should be fine. That works for most people.
  8. The reality of the matter is there is so much information available for these machines with these forums, youtube videos by al-bane and others, along with facebook groups. Tips and Tricks with Cobra Class Leather Working Equipment | Facebook Leather Machine Co Inc - YouTube Techsew Industrial Sewing Machines - YouTube HighTex Heavy sewing technology - YouTube (Cowboy) There isn't a big need for the distributors to produce lengthy videos as at this point theres so much information out there. You can get on the phone and get support quickly. I'm sure there are distributors/manufactures out there who provide a higher level of service, but you're paying for it. I own a laser cutter that costs 5-10x what these sewing machines cost. I get more support with my sewing machine than a laser cutter company so busy with orders and other customers that if there WAS an issue I would be out of production for days. If there is an issue I'm better off purchasing replacement parts myself than warranty a piece because of the time that it takes. Its an industrial machine. I could have spent another $10,000 to get someone to answer the phone faster, but I'm a crafty person and can diagnose and address issues. We just spent approximately 40,000$ on 2 Melco embroidery machines. Melco is flying people out to have a training session at our family business location. Melco has some of the support out there in the embroidery world, but you pay for it.
  9. Personally speaking - I cried twice. Only because I learned later on that I really needed a heavier duty machine. I bought the techsew equivalent of a cobra 26 (2750 pro). Later on I learned that the majority of the work I do is in fact 10oz or more leather and 277/207 thread. So I have a few thousand in machines now. So first we should be asking - what thread are you using and leather thickness. Make sure you're not buying something too light duty for what you're using. As far as the Juki 341 and 441 clones - they do convert into a flatbed. Its not exactly the same because if you're sewing bags then you don't have the extra run on the table to hold your bag while you sew length wise. However it is absolutely versatile and not noticeable for small leather goods. As a shop who sells a lot of goods, I'd personally buy two machines a flatbed and a cylinder arm both great for two different things. However if you can only buy one machine - definitely the cobra 26/techsew 2750/cowboy's model.
  10. I can engrave at 10.8% power. I've successfully engraved as thin as 2 oz without any problem.
  11. Well... not only for leather. I regularly cut 3/4 or 1/2" plywood for boxes and use a box joint. Here's a photo of the first one we did. We've improved it since. Been playing around with making custom drawers and boxes for our shop and other shops as we grow. People love custom crates and bins.
  12. https://omtechlaser.com/products/150w-co2-laser-engraver-cutter-usb-gb16-us I needed the large bed size for laser cutting bags.
  13. So the capacity of its extremely light duty, its purely an engraving laser. I'm not saying there isn't a possibility for you to cut at all - maybe enough passes could..., but if you decide to cut with a laser later on you'd want a CO2 laser. The power output of this laser is 5.5-6W.
  14. https://www.cyclonefpv.com/products/sculpfun-s6-pro-laser-engraving-machine This laser? Correct? I'll comment after you confirm or send the link to the proper laser.
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