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  1. So you have to decide on a few things.. Jukis are expensive.. so if you're a hobbyist I don't think you should spend the extra money. As a production shop, I also am not spending the money for a Juki at the moment. A Cowboy, Cobra or Techsew all in the same model should be comparable to each other and I wouldn't argue there is much different with their base models. With that being said, I believe the available options between the three are slightly different. Cowboy - Speed reducer Cobra - Speed reducer - Electronic positioning (needle at Top dead center, bottom dead center) Techsew - Speed reducer - Electronic positioning (needle at Top dead center, bottom dead center) - Laser guide (for following a line or something where you wouldn't use the edge guide). --- Besides those options they're pretty much the same. All have great support. All are quality machines.
  2. Make complete bags, even cut belts. Its a 150W laser cutter with a 60x43" bed. I do sometimes use other threads, black mainly. My air assist helps get rid of soot in the holes for the most part. The first 2 inches of the thread a will get a little bit of soot but give yourself extra so you don't get into that. With cloth interiors that I cut, no soot whatsoever.
  3. Honestly I'm a weaver fanboy. Weaver has wonderful chisels. They're priced good. Cheap enough to throw away when destroyed.. but honestly I don't use chisels that often today anymore with the laser cutter.
  4. This sizing is accurate with 36-40 also being my most sold sizing.. we've sold hundreds of belts too. We don't go above 50" so I don't have data about that.
  5. It looks like Zach White & RJF leather also has some English bridle.. I think I need to assess it. It appears to have a pasted/finished back.
  6. Hey guys. I'm currently using W&C English bridle & Chahin English Bridle for some strap work, but I'm looking to move to a leather that is a bit drier. The only thing is that I'm looking for leather with a pasted back and that is relatively clean. Any good sources? I know I can custom order a skirting leather from W&C and ask for a pasted back but I'm trying to avoid spending as much on it.
  7. Just something to note - weaver sells the machine now. Their accessories fit and work just fine. https://www.weaverleathersupply.com/catalog/item-detail/63000-01/foil-and-hot-stamping-machine/pr_64162 Source: I have the 000002 serial number of Weaver's model.
  8. I use to buy a ton of Hermann Oak English Bridle from Weaver - mind you I have a wholesale account so I generally pay cheaper pricing. Although, I believe if you order more than $500 of leather at a time you can get the same wholesale pricing. Weaver's Hermann Oak is $10.41/sqr foot for 10/12 oz. Backside is pasted and clean. I usually end up spending like $250 / side on average. I cannot comment on SLC's Hermann oak. I've bought their other leathers, but never HO.
  9. Hi guys. I'm a wh*re for sewing machine apparently. Currently I have a Techsew 2750 pro, a Cobra Class 4. I'm now looking for a full time flatbed machine. I use the Class 4 for sewing all of our fire & Ems equipment with 277 thread. The techsew is primarily for bags and small goods. I'm either looking to turn the techsew into a full-time binding machine, or turn the techsew 2750 (Juki 341 clone) into a flatbed essentially and get a full time binding machine. ( Just looking Uwe https://uwe.store/collections/featured-items/products/ut341-flatbed-for-juki-ls-341-class-machines has a option ) and then build another table which supports and fits around the platform Uwe has. So I found someone with a Highlead Walking Foot Cylinder Arm GC2698-GC - and I can't seem to find a lot of information except its "like a Pfaff 335". Will this work for general binding on leather bags?
  10. I did get a manual with it... I believe it’s a comet-10 special.
  11. I ended up purchasing all the equipment in a previously abandoned shoe shop. Apparently the owners died years ago, taxes went unpaid... the building was sold to a new owner who wanted everything gone. At least, that is what I'm being told. For the total price of $1700, I ended up getting.. 3 - Landis Model K - No.12 stitchers 1 - Sutton McCay sticher of some sort. 5 - Various autosoler models... 1 - Antique singer patcher 1 - Champion sander/polisher machine 2 - Landis 5 in 1 (1 may be a champion) Various other tools. Tons of stuff. Sole presses, So I definitely have questions about everything. First of all, we're doing really well for ourselves in our current niche market. I've had a big drive to get into footwear at some point, and figured this could be a decent deal. I Q1: Do I need more than 1 Landis Model K? Q2: How about autosolers? A few of them look different, but theres 5. Here are the photos https://imgur.com/gallery/3I9wr06
  12. Any chance you think a 30x30 pallet would work? It might be easier to palletize them.
  13. Hi guys. So.... I've come into a couple Landis 12 model k stitchers (3) as well as a hi speed chain stitch mckay stitcher.... among others... The biggest issue I have is that these all machines are about 1.5 hours from me. They're obviously heavy. I noticed they have holes in the bottom of the machines that are either for bolting to the floor or possibly casters/wheels. My plan is to use an engine hoist to lift the machines, install casters and then be able to roll them into an enclosed trailer. Does anyone know how big the holes in the bottom of the machines to bolt casters to? I didn't think about it until I took photos of them.
  14. Hi Ron, I totally understand the challenge with the global pandemic. I hope you don’t take it as an attack. I know your machines are good and your team is good. My challenges with my machine are because I put all my eggs in one basket. It’s my only machine. I totally get the challenge of getting more volume in orders but being unable to get more on the support side. (Currently where I’m at). I’ll send you a personal DM with just some direct feedback.
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