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  1. Good Afternoon Leather Working Friends. I'd like to ggain a better understanding of the various methods, that are used by our members, to remove Cap Rivets from one's leather project. Seems like a valuable thing to know. Anybody have a technique that results in the rivet being extracted without damaging the project. Would enjoy a discussion! Silverd
  2. What type of needle is recommended? Threaded or Split type? Hopefully this is not a controversial question that causes a rumble within the Braiding fellowship! Silverd
  3. Just a short section of damage so matching the pattern will be important. Silverd
  4. Wow! I'm totally impressed and so very thankful! Silverd
  5. Hi Offered to repair a friend's purse that has damaged edge braiding. Like everything else it's proven to be more difficult than I expected! Does anyone have teachable information about this style of braid? I e seen what looks to be kinda close, but have found nothing on this specific style. Silverd
  6. Going Evening Leather Workers, Today I present my rendition of the Michael Kors Arisa hand bag. It's a popular classic made by several main stream bag makers and Peter Nitz I noticed. I developed patterns from a few images on Micheal's website and the listed bag specs. I used Crispe Chevre Goat leather from the Fine Leatherworking folks in Oakland CA for the main, Herman Oak for the endcaps and Ethan Allen upholstery fabric as the liner. I'm selling it out of an art boutique in Ojai CA for priced @ $485.00
  7. Was recently inspired to use some of the hair on leather I'd been saving for a rainy day. This may be the last of the series of hard bottom totes I've made that use this molded bottom sewn to 2 or 4 panel uppers.
  8. Hi. Let's talk. Call me please when you have a moment. Thank you Don 805 701 3990
  9. Contact info please. Phone is best to get started. Or call me @ 805 701 3990. California Thank you! Don Let's advance the project. Please call me 805 701 3990 Thank you Don
  10. I have more work if interested. Don 805 701 3990 IG: pacific.customleatherworks
  11. Hi Don Earl 805 701 3990 Pacificleather2018@yahoo.com
  12. Good point...I understand. I was hoping the laser operator can digitize the image then edge smooth . Then create the program the path...but probably not everyone has that capability. I'm not that concerned if my patterns and the resulting program is 100% accurate...at least for now. Thank you Silverd
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