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  1. I've also seen them, a lot on Instagram. I'm attempting to obtain a machine spec from one of the Chinese suppliers pending possible sale. I'm either going to buy a 17" postbed or one of these! Silverd
  2. Hello Fellow Leather Workers, Im trying to obtain more information about a speciality sewing machine often used in the bag making industry. I think they call these machines Swing Arm style machines. Do any of our members have knowledge of these? Specifically I'm interested in the pros and cons but also how they stack up against a post bed style machine. Many thanks in advance! Silverd
  3. Understand. Are any of your four machines top and bottom feed? Silverd
  4. Hi A very good explanation of the two skiving machine types and excellent photos of both. I guess a question i have at this point is can a top and bottom feed type skiver be used everywhere a bottom only type feed machine can be used? Thank you Silverd
  5. I own and use daily a seiko BSC-8BL Cylinder machine. Very nice build quality and operation. Silverd
  6. The back detail is a tribute to Micheal Parks Day and Night lithograph. Silverd
  7. Thank you! Silverd Thank you very much! Silverd
  8. Thank you! It was fun in the making and sold before it was completely finished. Customer loved it at first sight! Silverd
  9. I spray applied reduced fiebings navy blue pro for the main panels then a blend of navy and white pearl for the flap crest and the straps. The white is a water base which I'd not mixed with an alcohol base die before but it seemed to work well. The mix had to be agitated to keep the peal flakes suspended. Then a final coat of resolve. Edge coating is also a custom mix to achieve a darker blue. Silverd
  10. Latest bag in my collection. This one cow leather outer, pig skin inside with cell, sunglasses and full length slide pocket. Foam lined. Hand dyed and embroidered. Silverd
  11. I don't see that's CLoys actually sells hides, no less goat hides. What say you? Silverd
  12. What do we know about 360 degree post bed machines? Anything? Silverd
  13. You won't be doing a lot of equestrian tack with a 1541 or other 135 x 16 needle system machines but your handbags and wallets will be very happy. Definitely a juki 1541s. New I think under $1500.00 head only, well worth it. The rest of the table and drive motor are available everywhere. Will want to consider getting a speed reducer as well. Strongly recommended or the smallest drive pulley on the drive motor. Contact Bob at Tolledo Industrial Sewing for the motor and controller and Reducer. Get your table locally. You don't need lasers, eps but buy a good drop down roller guide and every type of Presser foot sets made. Chinese stuff is fine. You will be grinding on these as you gain more experience. I purchased a Seiko cylinder arm BSC-8BL for about $3800.00 delivered. A very nice and robust machine. Now looking for a 17" post bed or possibly a 360 machine. Good luck Silverd
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