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  1. Silverd

    Stirrup leathers

    Up-Date on this topic: Received all the necessary supplies: Stirrup Butt 1/2 hide Stainless Steel Stirrup buckles Polyester / Cotton Core Spun 18/5 thread Many thanks to all who helped Photos to follow. Silverd
  2. Silverd

    When can you call yourself a craftsman?

    I'm dully impressed with the finish you have obtained and would encourage you to continue as well as exploring other venues that expose your work to more appreciative customers who are looking for and willing to pay for top quality products. Silverd
  3. Silverd

    Juki DNU-1541S in Austin, Texas

    Still available? Silverd
  4. Hi I got up one morning a couple years ago and told my wife..."Honey, I think I'm going to learn to play the Violin". Well that's how I feel trying to learn the leather trade these past two years. It's not an easy assignment and I'm a good student candidate having 40 years experience working in mechanical engineering, product design and manufacturing. Plus i have some OCD going! I'm preparing myself for retirement in a couple of years and dove in pretty deep investing thousands of $ in equipment, tools and shop infrastructure as well as spending all of my free time learning and turning big hides into small pieces most of which I think end up in my scrap box or the trash. But it's been a wonderful journey so far and I'm getting a few customers finally who I haven't completely disappointed! All of it i must say would not be even remotely possible without the help of a member Sharon of Big Sioux Saddlery who I met on this site. She is the only reason I'm still at it. As a mentor she has the strictest of professional expectations and though thousand miles away has been pretty effective at sharing her 35 + years of experience in the equestrian community. I am blessed to have her looking after me as I fumble my way along. Thank you Big Sioux! Silverd
  5. Hi

    I'm making English stirrup leathers for a client.  Been asking around as to the best way to attach the buckles.  I'm using 5mm Stirrup Butt brought in from Abbey England along with their #8 polyester twisted around a cotton core thread.  An impressive cost to buy and ship as you probably know!  Plan to hand stitch them...but I can machine stitch,  on a 441 or landis 16.  I want to do it right and if I can i think others in the Dressage, Hunter, Jumper community will follow since having any kind of tradition / quality  tack work done in this area is a challenge.  

    Any recommendations?

    Your site images of the work you do is astonishing  btw.  



  6. Silverd

    Stirrup leathers

    Flesh side out I knew about. Nice pattern and interesting thread type. It could wear less under strain because it doesn't stretch? Silverd
  7. Silverd

    Claes 30

    Understand. I was hoping it may be a common problem you might recognize. Thank you Silverd
  8. Silverd

    Claes 30

    Yes. No resolve after quite some time.
  9. Silverd

    Claes 30

    Hello Anyone familiar with Claes presser foot will not set down all the way no matter how much I adjust it. Silverd
  10. Silverd

    Stirrup leathers

    Great advice. I placed an order today for 4 sets of 1" black straps. And I bought rolls of #8 polyester cotton core thread in black and white, this to go with a 1/2 hide of Australian oak stirrup butt I purchased earlier this week. I'll hand stitch the buckles. They will be epic! Thanks for your help. Silverd Would you post a pic of the stitch pattern you use? Silverd
  11. Silverd

    Stirrup leathers

    Would stitching the straps on a needle Awl machine be acceptable in your opinion? Although I have no problem hand stitching them. Great suggestion! Silverd
  12. Silverd

    Stirrup leathers

    It does. Thank you. I think I'm going to order the Stirrup Butt from Abbey. It may cost me close to $500 after shipping but I should be able to make it back and generate some additional work in the process. There is a significant Dressage community in this area (Santa Barbara, CA) who's members I think might be inclined to seek traditional made high quality tack. I'm poised to begin using a Landis 16 to stitch them...would be a perfect first project for me on this machine. I'll check out your recommendations too as you appear to have good experience with this. I'll post a photo of my results. thanks again, Silverd