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  1. I don't see that's CLoys actually sells hides, no less goat hides. What say you? Silverd
  2. What do we know about 360 degree post bed machines? Anything? Silverd
  3. You won't be doing a lot of equestrian tack with a 1541 or other 135 x 16 needle system machines but your handbags and wallets will be very happy. Definitely a juki 1541s. New I think under $1500.00 head only, well worth it. The rest of the table and drive motor are available everywhere. Will want to consider getting a speed reducer as well. Strongly recommended or the smallest drive pulley on the drive motor. Contact Bob at Tolledo Industrial Sewing for the motor and controller and Reducer. Get your table locally. You don't need lasers, eps but buy a good drop down roller guide and every type of Presser foot sets made. Chinese stuff is fine. You will be grinding on these as you gain more experience. I purchased a Seiko cylinder arm BSC-8BL for about $3800.00 delivered. A very nice and robust machine. Now looking for a 17" post bed or possibly a 360 machine. Good luck Silverd
  4. Fabulous write up and photos. Very informative. Easy to follow and actualize! Silverd
  5. Guess i should check out Visio and conduct this part of the process in my own shop. Thank you! Silverd
  6. Bert, My appologies. The cost of digitizing, cutting and shipping materials back and forth was too expensive and just didn't make good business sense. As well you has concerns about life expectancy of your laser tube and were not able to cut two of the rubber products i use in the sandals due to fumes. As it's winter now. and Sandal sales are down even in California, I'm focusing on other products at this time. I've also made some material changes to improve the wearability and comfort level which I'm planning to release on my next build cycle that I will be cutting by hand. Silverd
  7. Nice job! I have a three pc snap wallet that I'm considering having clicker dies made as a first product that I want to roll into production with quantity orders of 50 -100 pcs. If your interested I'd like to discuss. My sandals are ideal candidates for laser cutting but are also much more of a commitment in all respects and I don't have retail distribution at this time. Silverd.
  8. Possibly. The main cost problem was having the paper patterns digitized. Silverd
  9. Good Afternoon Leather Working Friends. I'd like to ggain a better understanding of the various methods, that are used by our members, to remove Cap Rivets from one's leather project. Seems like a valuable thing to know. Anybody have a technique that results in the rivet being extracted without damaging the project. Would enjoy a discussion! Silverd
  10. What type of needle is recommended? Threaded or Split type? Hopefully this is not a controversial question that causes a rumble within the Braiding fellowship! Silverd
  11. Just a short section of damage so matching the pattern will be important. Silverd
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