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  1. Contact info please. Phone is best to get started. Or call me @ 805 701 3990. California Thank you! Don Let's advance the project. Please call me 805 701 3990 Thank you Don
  2. I have more work if interested. Don 805 701 3990 IG: pacific.customleatherworks
  3. Hi Don Earl 805 701 3990 Pacificleather2018@yahoo.com
  4. Good point...I understand. I was hoping the laser operator can digitize the image then edge smooth . Then create the program the path...but probably not everyone has that capability. I'm not that concerned if my patterns and the resulting program is 100% accurate...at least for now. Thank you Silverd
  5. Hello, I'm looking to have leather cut by laser based on paper templates. Job will require digitizing paper templates & edge smoothing to generate a suitable part file. Part sizes vary from a few square inches to approximately 40 square inches are are made from 3-4oz to 6-7oz Herman Oak A grade Vegtan. Short run production quantities are typically in the 5 to 50. Please contact me for more details Thank you! Silverd
  6. Simple repair that I do on a regular basis. Fix existing with a new slider and pull or complete replacement. Silverd
  7. I have work for you Silverd
  8. Hello Leather Workers, I have an opertunity for someone who is interested and capable of taking on custom orders for various items that I no longer have the capacity to fill. I will have my customers to contact you directly where you can work with them to fulfill their needs. I will assist you when possible with design, hardware sourcing and patterns, but the job would be yours to bid, make the product, collect payment and deliver. This work often leads to future orders and generates new customers. I have two jobs waiting to get started. If interesed, please contact me for more information. Silverd
  9. It might be more effective if we have phone conversation. I have two projects I'd like to advance via laser cutting. This one and a sandal product line that could be significant in volume...possibly. If you're up for a conversation please feel free to call me. Don Earl 805 701 3990 Oxnard, California
  10. Ok, great I would like to send you a set of patterns. These are handcut cardboard templates so they will need to be digitized then edge smoothed...I think that's close to what the process is referred to. If this is within your capabilities, I'd also include the 3-4oz cow leather from which the mini waller parts can be cut from. These are the parts. Silverd
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