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  1. Very well said overall. I have looked as far as cylinder arms go at the Cowboy sewing machine models as well as some Techsew models that I like for a cylinder choice. I am not looking to do much more than mostly handbags, wallets, etc. at the moment but would like maybe the possibility of stepping over into doing some rigging for horses. Not so far as stirrups and saddles but more reins, thicker straps and such of the sort.
  2. I am looking to get a good walking foot machine that is a true triple compound feed. So far the 1541 models are the ones that fit the bill and the Thor looks good at its price point but I am wanting to make sure I have long term quality. I would like to get a cylinder arm but financially it's not in the cards right now. I would prefer to stay in the 1500-1700 range if I have to in order to get a quality triple compound feed machine. I have been reading different posts and kind of using Wiz's tips as guidelines but with so many its just difficult when you can get the whole setup for a few hundred dollars less and it "seems" like the quality is the same but I was hoping for more insight from those who have had more experience with "knock-off" brands of the proven manufacturers.
  3. NCbyJon

    REX 26-188

    @Kjypower What ballpark were you looking to get for it? I have been looking for a starter machine.
  4. You can purchase lead ingots on Amazon for around 14$.
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