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  1. Hello yes still available and some others too, could you send me an email on
  2. Hey there sorry I hadn’t seen any notifications I still have quite a few tools I’ll send you them by email, ah unfortunately I took a hard hit during the initial corona pandemic (I’m sure other small business did too)
  3. Hello all, i have a variety of tools for sale since I will be closing down my leather tool business. Just some of the tools I have for sale are the following; a vintage set of tools put together from odds and ends for 85$ which contains -Vintage C.S. Osborne head knife -vintage coarse grit sharpening stone -bisonette no.0 -vintage Vergez Blanchard plough knife -vintage Japanese euro style paring knife - Auto Awl Then a pair of Pricking Irons both 9 SPI For 65$ one is a vintage J.Dixon slimline iron and the second is a handmade iron by an ex Joseph Dixon Employee has visible grinding and file work on teeth. then for sale I have the following items -vintage C.S. Osborne head knife 38$ (bottom knife on picture -vintage Theo Harrington round knife rare 70$(2nd knife from bottom) -Japanese style skiving knife made from D2 steel has heavy marking from shape being grinded down 50$ -Vintage C.S. Osborne round knife 45$ (2nd from top) - Vintage C.S. Osborne round knife 45$ (top) I have also a very large selection of Wrose, Gomph round knives and other pricking irons and rose wood handle awls. I am willing to accept the best offers on these tools and as an incentive to those who buy I will offer free sharpening to a razor edge and I’ll give some high grade polishing/sharpening compound that we produced in our workshop I ship internationally from my location which is Belgium and I accept payments only through PayPal for which I can provide invoices too. If you have any questions please do ask I’ll be happy to answer!
  4. Hello I saw this post a little late but are you still looking for a smaller sized head knife ?
  5. Atlr9640

    Appropriate stitch length and pattern

    Great tip, would you mind me asking what kind of pattern paper/material that is?
  6. Atlr9640

    Appropriate stitch length and pattern

    Thank you very much and I imagine it is a common question, this has helped a lot I’ll post a Picture soon showing my results
  7. hello all, I Was wondering if anyone had some tips on the best way to align the right stitch/pricking length with a pattern so it fits perfectly around. The main Issue I have is when making a wallet sometimes my pricking iron will pierce the t-slots in the side and having long stitches and short stitches which become noticeable. I know I should be adjusting the pattern to the stitch length I want but I’m still having difficulty. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  8. Hello all I’m getting rid of of some leathers that I don’t use during this confinement period and because of Corona it’s been quite hard making sales as I’m sure it’s impacted everyone in the leather-working community. So for sale I have 3 Nubuck skins from Tannerie masure in Grey, dark blue and Bordeaux they are around 12-13sqft each and a thickness of about 2-3mm I’m selling each hide of Nubuck for 45$ I have one remaining Brown calf skin lining used for the insides of shoes from tannerie Masure in Belgium. As you can see in the picture it has one hole in the middle and is around 13sqft. The flesh side is ultra soft and has a lovely suede feel and is being sold for 30$ then I have a selection of remaining vintage snake skins from an Italian tannerie dating around 1983-5 they are in grey, beige and a polished silver look. The grey and beige skins are 5€ each and the silver are 12€. i ship internationally from Belgium and if there are multiple purchase I can definitely work out a discount! any and all questions are welcome!
  9. Atlr9640

    Old stock Pangolin pieces

    Are any of these still available ?
  10. Atlr9640

    Raised/padded leather,

    So here is my first attempt, I definitely think as @Alexis1234 said increasing the size of the top strap, so I wanted to edge paint but because the way the straps lined up I had to bevel and burnish to hide my mistakes. excuse my stitching in the pictures I rushed it to see how it would turn out !
  11. Atlr9640

    Raised/padded leather,

    Thank you terry I will definitely give this a go, Aleks I’ll try doing that to cut the exact measurements I want, only thing I’m worried about is with the bottom piece covered how to accurately cut the excess
  12. Atlr9640

    Raised/padded leather,

    Hello guys, I have been struggling to make a raise leather key ring it’s something I’ve been wanting to make for a while and I can’t seem to get it right. I’ve attached pictures of what I’m trying to go for and my current process is this; cutting two straps to match the keyring hardware (in my case 2cm) then adding a strip of leather in the middle of one panel much narrower than the 2cm strip and gluing on top the last strip then using a bone folder to form the leather and get that raised effect. my problem is that the top strap is too narrow once glued so i adjust the top layer to compensate but I still can’t get a straight line and my raised keyring looks all wonky and distorted. any help and way of making them would be a huge help!!
  13. Atlr9640

    Old Snake Skin

    Thank you for all information very very helpful, I will try this straight away and notify of you how it goes progress. But yes worry of me is the brittleness of skin. Serbia but now based Belgium!
  14. Atlr9640

    Old Snake Skin

    Hello everyone, Firstly excuse my English it is not the best. I work with leather and have a question if anyone is able to help. I recieve from friend a old large intact python skin. It is dry, brittle and not in best condition but is it possible to treat for use in some project I have? Any information anyone can give me is big help to me because would be nice to use the skin and not let go to waste. Thank you all :)!