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  1. 你的作品看起来还不错! Your work looks good! 下面这些是我染出杂志封面的效果用到的所有东西,当然你可以在你当地买到可以替代的液体及染料,我会在后面给你备注出来。 These are all the things I used to dye the cover of the magazine. Of course, you can buy alternative liquids and dyes in your local area. I will note them for you in the back. 文字有点长,请耐心看,我会备注中文,如果翻译不准确的话,你自己翻译出来 The text is a little long, please read it patiently, I will note Chinese, if the translation is not accurate, you can translate it by yourself 雕刻会使皮革有高低差,低的地方其实就是用来附着复古染料的,所以,雕刻时近可能的加大高低差,这个非常重要! Carving can make leather has high and low difference, low place is actually used to adhere to dye restoring ancient ways, so, when carving near possible increase high and low difference, this is very important! 1.我使用盐基染料把背景颜色涂了.(如果你要整体皮革都要染色,请在雕刻完就开始,如果到了下面的步骤后面的话,颜色是进不到皮革里面的) 1. I used the base dye to dye the background color (if you want to dye the whole leather, please do it after carving, the color will not get into the leather after the next step) 2.将棉布裹紧实后蘸取“Craft”《水性仕上剂》涂抹皮革高处,我会涂抹2次,如果没有经验的话,你可以看皮革,第一次皮革会有潮湿的印记,第二次就不会有了,如果还有潮湿的印记的话,可以继续涂,这个液体的作用是在皮革上附着一层膜, 2. Will dip in with cotton cloth wrapped tight after take "Craft" "agent on water shi" daub leather high, I will apply 2 times, if there is no experience, you can see the leather, leather will be wet mark for the first time, second there would be no, if I have some wet stamp, can continue to, the function of the liquid is attached to a membrane on the leather, 颜色是进不去的。 Color doesn't go in. (下面的图是皮革切面,红色地方是涂抹“Craft”《水性仕上剂》的地方) (The figure below is the cut surface of the leather, and the red area is where "Craft" is applied) 2.等待20分钟,让“Craft”《水性仕上剂》干燥,然后用牙刷蘸取“复古染料”开始染色 2. Let Craft dry for 20 minutes, then dip your toothbrush into the "vintage dye" and start dyeing 3.用毛巾把附着在高处的复古染料搽去 3. Use a towel to rub away the retro dye from the high spots OK,下面是我的液体可以替换的 OK, here's what my liquid can be replaced 1,“Craft”盐基染料======》 Fiebing's<Leather Dye> 1, "Craft" base dyes ====== Fiebing's<Leather Dye> Leather Dye&gt; Leather Dye&gt; 2,“Craft”《水性仕上剂》=======》 Fiebing's<Leather Sheen> 2, "Craft"《水性仕上剂》 ======= Fiebing's<Leather Sheen>
  2. Sorry, I just checked the translation of this tool. It should be this“Swivel knife”
  3. You can think of this diagram as a plane. Of course, it is also a plane. If you don't make the flowers inside and only make diamonds, here are the steps 1. Calculate the area you need to make, and then draw the diamond on the computer. 2. Extend the drawn diamond onto the leather. 3. Cut the line with a rotary knife. 4. Knock with the edge knocking tool, and pay attention to their relationship here. 5. Use the vertical grain tool to deepen the shadow. 6 cut out long and short lines with a rotary knife to make it look more natural.
  4. Thank you for your compliments. My work is not perfect yet and needs a lot of practice
  5. I'm not sure what your work looks like, could you please show me, so that I can help you
  6. I'm sorry! Software translation only knows the general idea. I see you mentioned tools, and I can help you buy them if you need
  7. I don't understand what you mean Thank you. It will be improved
  8. Maybe there's something wrong with my browser, so I can't type English. It's normal now. Thank you
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