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  1. Nice picture. A picture is worth a thousand words.
  2. I'm gonna assume all you people who support Biden and Kami have seen the video's on cnn about how the democRAT party wants to cleanse America of Trump and his supporters and how to deprogram 75 million people and how anybody that worked for Trump from Harvard should loose their degree or anybody hiring a Trump supporter should be boycotted. Perfect example of BIGOTRY. If you support any of this garbage for America then you feel that way about me. So I feel the same way about you as Constabulary feels about people who thinks he hates America. How could he not hate America when he supports all this censorship of Trump and his supporters. Or maybe he just hates Trump that much. The black race and these evil, hateful, bigoted white woke bitches want to destroy anything and everything that offends them or anything they don't love and support. That's bigotry and if you support any democrat then you support this bigotry. I'm pretty sure 75 million people here are offended by the people voting for socialism for their kids and grandkids country. Maybe we should put these democRAT voters in that museum they want to put those statues in. Maybe somebody can explain to me what the black ribbon on the American Flag in Contabulary's new picture means. I've seen pink, blue and yellow ribbons to show support for something, just not a black one. At least we don't have to look at that picture of some soldier with a gun pointed at your face anymore. No matter how uneducated or racist or homophobic or anything else you think I am, I still am not ARROGANT, SELFISH or UNAMERICAN enough to vote for socialism for somebody else's kids and grandkids.
  3. Hey johnv474 if you are calling me a pedophile just because I said I was raised catholic then FXCK YOU. Are you so stupid you think every Catholic is a pedophile. Like I said before every liberal scum democrat accusing somebody of something is almost always guilty 10 fold or their accusation.
  4. The election of Biden and Kami proved three things beyond a shadow of a doubt. #1 The majority of voting Americans are stupid. #2 There are stupid people all over the world. #3 Mikesc is right about one thing. You can't fix STUPID.
  5. I was trying to make something thread couldn't get hung on. The small nut has the the big long nut locked on to the bolt so when you turn the handle it turns the bolt. There is a T nut in that block of wood so turning the bolt moves the T nut which moves the hinged side. You can tighten the long nut up against the stationary side until it moves freely but has no slack then tighten the jamb nut and it locks the long one onto the bolt. Half a turn and you can adjust the item you are sewing. You can always slide the handle off the nuts and reposition the handle depending on the thickness of what you are sewing so it's pointed slightly towards you. Half a turn away from you loosens it enough to reposition.
  6. I've been working on tools the last week. I am getting ready to make my son in law a buck stitch belt so I needed a stitching pony. This one bolts to my last stand so it's really solid. The base to the stand is a fly wheel with the gear ring removed. The handle can be positioned straight up depending on the thickness of the material you are sewing. It's direct drive too so getting the correct pressure is easy. One turn moves the jaw 3/16". I just added the toe rest to the stand this week. The wood peg rasp is easy to use now that I lowered it a bit. The boot top stretcher in back ground sits on top of the stand as well. Just curios if anybody has any opinions on the best way to line or pad the jaws.
  7. Finally worked on my last stand. A week before Christmas when I put my daughters boots together I couldn't even put last with a 7/16" bushing on my stand. I had a piece of wood closet rod so I drilled a 7/16" drill bit into it and left it in the rod and dropped it in the main tube and used that to build that last pair of boots. Now I have 3 different size pins that screw in. Their made out of a 5/8" stainless all thread. The base is a fly wheel I knocked the gear ring off of so the eye bolts screw in and are removable. If I'm building boots I'm working in my wife's formal dining room so I'm barefoot or in socks and kicking those eyebolts would hurt. Now I can leave rubber soles strap down over night while the glue dries. The shiny pipe for the toe support and the interchangeable piece are from an old Delta table saw fence somebody stole the fence too. I have a longer set of rails I'm gonna build a stand that will bolt on to the fly wheel to hold the heel while you tie a cable to the small hole in the last and the toe support bar to use like a lever and pull those hard to remove last. I saw the idea on a Lisa Sorrell video. I can drop the wood peg breaker/rasp into the stand and it's pretty steady. I'm making the regular last puller that will drop in the main tube. An 1 1/8" solid round bar with a 45 degree bend at the top. I saw this one in the fourth picture on You Tube. The boot top stretcher in the background sits on the stand as well. There is one waxed thread catcher when sewing on the welt but if I have problems with it I will just put a bolt in it and have to use a wrench to adjust it.
  8. We were making more in the 80's than you can today because of illegals. I know plenty of people who would do these jobs if they lived with 5 or 6 or 10 people in the same house not paying income tax, no kids, splitting the bills and didn't even need a car. In almost any trade in residential construction you would have to hire at least 10 illegals and hope to make a little off each one to make a living . They pay less today in all residential trades than they did in the 80's.
  9. Educated or not I'm still not arrogant, selfish or UNAMERICAN enough to vote for socialism for somebody else's kids country. You don't meet very many college educated people with a lick of common sense. All that educated bullshit ain't worth a damn if you ain't got sense enough to pour piss out of a boot.
  10. Typical liberal scum. They are always guilty 10 fold of exactly what they accuse somebody else of doing. Just like the Trump HATERS. 90% of the liberal scum who HATE Trump are guilty of exactly what they HATE Trump for.
  11. I made these for my daughter. She wanted some with fringe on them for her dancing boots.
  12. Damn Einstein wake up and pay attention. You have to wear a mask in EVERY place of business or you simply can't go in. Maybe you should pay attention to what your eyes are telling you instead of your so called experts who have been wrong about everything they have said. I still stand by OPINION that not a single descent human being voted for Biden and his Kami bitch. You and every other UNAMERICAN piece of shit who voted for socialism for my kids and grandkids country deserve everything YOU are going to get from Biden and his Kami bitch. It's people like you that make my opinion border like FACT. My opinion is based on actual facts from the actions of people I know and what I see going on in my country. None of my so called retarded friends would ever vote for socialism for somebody else's kid. None would cheat on their spouse, lie on a resume, lie about serving in the military or accept winning by cheating. EVERY F'ING democrat voter I personally know have cheated on their spouse and in EVERY situation both have cheated on each other. And yes I understand their are scum on our side too and their would supposedly be descent human beings on your side but I have never seen or met one. I actually know one of these piece's of shit scumbags who is a friend from high school. But at least he doesn't vote for socialism for somebody else's kid. Descent human beings don't HATE Pres. Trump or anybody else. If you really don't know for a fact that millions of fraudulent votes were cast then I still have that bridge for sale to that socialistic utopia you voted for. All democrat voters accept winning by cheating because that's the kind of people ya'll are. I hope all you democrats chime in and tell the world that millions of dead people DIDN'T vote. And yes I understand that a dead person can't vote. Some living piece of shit who thinks cheating is OK has to do that for them. You are entitled to your own opinion, but not your own facts. It's the voters who put these crooked politicians in our gov. that are responsible for the highest drug prices in the world.
  13. Yes I have worn a mask everywhere I go since March. Everywhere I go everybody has a muzzle on. It’s worse now here than ever before.
  14. We've had a mask mandate every where you go in Texas for months and its worse now than ever before. Obviously the mask DON'T work. Biden and all the democrats can stick the mask up their ass.
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