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  1. This is how it will be shipped. I'm putting an extra inch of foam under the bottom, so I had to take the bobbin winder apart to get it to fit in the top.
  2. No wish I did though
  3. 207 Top and Bottom. Shipping box said it weighed over 70 lbs. My sewing table. I have about $50 in my speed reducer and a 12" to 2" pulley setup.
  4. Sewing Machine HEAD ONLY. Table and motor not included. This is a compound feed machine that will sew 207 thru 3/8"or 7/16". I have everything that came with the machine from the factory. Belt guard, Knee lifter, bobbin winder, drip pan and bobbins. Few screw drivers, a bobbin storage tray with 19 bobbins, a roller guide and the little magnetic base light are included. It's in excellent condition and has been in my wife's formal dining room (my shop) since I brought it home. Machine is located near Dallas, Tx. Will ship to lower 48 at buyer's expense. Should be around $125 depending on where you are. Sample is 207 top and bottom thru 2 pieces of 4/5 oz veg tan. I sent this machine to the shop and ask the tech to just go thru it and oil it because I wanted to sell it and didn't want any problems. As you can see in the pictures it WILL NOT backstitch in the same on the second stitch. I tried it twice and it did the same thing. $750
  5. Cobra Class 26 HEAD ONLY $1400. This machine is in like new condition. Not a scratch on it. Located near Dallas, Tx. I have the original box and everything that came with it. I will ship to lower 48 at buyer's expense.
  6. Tim Schroeder


    Built this for that ole boy my daughter is married to. All veg tan.
  7. Thanks Chuck. Started tooling in the 7th grade. The teacher let me make him a belt and we entered it in the State fair, and it got second. My dad and his friends always had tooled wallets from kits from Tandy. My daughter walked in with this the other day. One of the first things I made not from a kit. I thought that tooling was good at that time. When I found Leatherworker.net I saw some of Hidepounders work and new I wanted my tooling to look like his. I tooled the same pattern every day for 6 days until it started to look something like his. Carl Chappell, may he rest in peace, gave me a lot of pointers. He said he judged a lot of competitions. He would always look at a piece for 5 or 10 minutes and then find some fingernail mark somewhere and ask me what tool I used to make that mark. He gave me the tip about rounding over every edge with a modeling tool. He said with out that everything looked flat. I do have 40 or 50 Barry King stamps and 2 Leatherwrangler swivel knifes. IMHO Paul makes the best blades.
  8. Finished just in time. Christmas present for my daughter. She's been carrying my wife's old one but has since gotten married. She needed one with the correct initials.
  9. This is the side of a Tote Bag I'm making my daughter for Christmas.
  10. Made these for Pops for Christmas. He has some of those Nocona suspenders and they are really heavy. These are 1/3 the weight. I put the cheap spring latches because of weight. They are 4/5oz. HO lined with the thinnest veg tan I've ever seen. I bought it to make the inside of wallets. I would like to know if anybody knows how to keep the slide buckle from moving every time the elastic stretches. I had his other ones to measure so I know the shortest length. I put the slide buckle all the way to the bottom so it couldn't get longer. You can make them shorter if they stretch.
  11. Thanks. That is a El Creek Buckle set I bought from Cavenders 20 yrs ago. Sometimes I use Ebay to buy buckles for belts I'm making. There is a Judge Leo Smith on Ebay that will make anything you want. He is here in Texas.
  12. Thanks everybody for the kind comments. Yes sir Ross there is a magnetic strip all the way across. Saves space.
  13. Thanks everybody. I really needed some lace up boots. My ankle just rolls completely over on any kind of sloped terrain with slip on boots. I'm ready to make another pair and have them decorated with my signature logo.
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