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  1. What's even funnier is Olé Uncle Joe's campaign manager said Uncle Joe was the one who could unite these people who hate and want to destroy EVERYTHING they don't love with the DESCENT human being's of this country. Now that's funny.
  2. What's really funny is that not a single descent human being hates him and the people who hate him, hate EVERYTHING they don't love while destroying EVERYTHING that doesn't just support their view. America is a really funny place.
  3. The design was not my idea. I used Hidepounder's for a starting point.
  4. Thanks for the nice comments. The tops are 3/4 ounce Hermann Oak.
  5. Tim Schroeder


    Made these for my future Son In Law. !0 days to spare.
  6. I guess the police now are suppose to do what the thugs tell them. Like in CHAZ or like when Eric Garner told the police NO you aren't going to arrest me today. The police are just suppose to tell them OK have a nice day and just walk away. So now if you can woop the cops then you get to get away. I have not seen one video where somebody doing what the police told them to do got killed. There's video of George Floyd in the car. Why was George Floyd taken back out of the car when he was in the car at one point? Wake up people. It was proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that Travon Martin had to have hunted George Zimmerman down and tried to choke him to death. I guess Zimmerman was just suppose to let him choke him to death. Was the cop in Ferguson suppose to just Michael Brown take his gun and execute him right there in the car after he stole a box of cigars for his blunts, assaulted the store owner and then refused to get out of the street when TOLD to. Hands up don't shoot. Eric Holder (a very Racist black AG at the time) went to Ferguson and couldn't do a thing about. It goes on and on. In all but one case of an UNARMED innocent black man being killed by a cop in 2019 there is video and eye witness account the innocent unarmed black man was attacking the cops just like the guy in Atlanta. He was winning. I didn't see any hands up don't shoot in that video. What will be the slogan after this? The White guy I am working for right now was telling me some of his stories about interactions with the law. We're a bunch of rednecks down here in Texas. Lots of my buddies as well as my self have had our run ins with THE LAW. In EVERY case we doing something we shouldn't have been doing. He ran his mouth all the way to police station after being arrested for DWI and got roughed up a little. Actually a lot. Do you think if he had tried take the cops gun they should have just let him and then let him shot them and just walk away. JFC. When I was told by the cop to quit stomping my boots or he was going to help me quit stomping my boots I QUIT stomping my boots. I had been hauled downtown and booked on a warrant that I was Acquitted on 2yrs. earlier. Of course after my phone call I was released immediately and then taken to Detox. I at least I had a legitimate reason to be upset. Do you think if I was able to whoop the two cops and steal a tazer they should just let me run away? Half of America does. WE are taught by our DAD'S to respect the police and do what the police tell you to do when they tell you to do it. If you are treated unfairly then there are plenty of SCUM sucking attorney's out there who will gladly fight your case. We don't see Racism because we are not RACIST. WE also vote for an American agenda.
  7. Minneapolis voted to dismantle the police dept. More on the way.
  8. I don't know who you are trying to bull$#&! The democRAT voters and politicians want to get rid of the police completely. Not a single democrat politician in our country condemns the riots or Chaz or the abuse the cops are taking all over this country at hands of the black race. They are for full Anarchy. You referenced an article about a black man pulled over 50 times just because he was black. Bullshit. The very first story talked about how they threw a tissue or some crap out the window and a cop pulled them over. After the cop let them go his uncle looked around and said everyone in the car is black. I didn't read another word of the article. Come to Texas and throw some crap out the window. Especially a cigarette butt. From me you will get flashing headlights a continuous horn and the middle finger. If I can get you to roll down the window I will tell you to back pick your crap up. Driving with out brake light or turn signals or license plates or anything else wrong with your car will get you pulled over every time regardless of skin color. But for the black race it is just because they are black. We are watching videos of the black race and even little black kids throwing milk or water or whatever on cops. Just more systemic hate from the black race.
  9. All we here is systemic racism. In my opinion the SYSTEMIC HATE the democrat party uses to win elections and divide this country is just as bad as the systemic racism. Want to see systemic hate just Google 5 yr. old girl ask cop if he is going to shoot them. Mayor Deblasio teaches his kid the same thing.
  10. More than 50% of the electorate actually vote for what is going on in this country. Like most Conservatives on TV or the radio you will never see Tucker have to back something he said because he only reports the TRUTH. Time to put the democRAT party in that museum they want to put the statues in. Statues can't cheer at infanticide signings or hold HATE Trump marches in the streets of our capitol or call to ABOLISH the police or vote for open borders or vote for sanctuary cities or turn colleges into indoctrination camps teaching or kids to HATE everything they don't love or vote for ALL Americans kids and grandkids to have to live under socialism while ALL the rich democRAT politicians and their families live the rest of their lives filthy rich. #Defund the democRAT party.
  11. They clip on my regular belt. I can put them on and take them off with out loosening my belt. I whooped on the clips until they were the shape I wanted.
  12. Built this to practice sewing and a few other ideas. Obviously need practice sewing. I have a really cool looking set of tooled nail bags but don't care to wear them anymore. Still need to be able to carry some nails/screws and tools some of the time. I also made a tool holder for the other side but it would have to go in the ADULT section. It matches my boots.
  13. This tool rack was not my idea. I used Hidepounders as a starting point.
  14. Thanks for the comments. The bottom is a piece of embossed veg tan. It held up really well on the other bag this one is replacing. She said no feet on the bottom. It is sewn together inside out and then turned right side out. The rest of the embossed leather is some cowhide. Thanks and Merry Christmas to everybody.
  15. My wife asked for a new Tote Bag for Christmas. She's been carrying the other one for 6 yrs. Lined with Lambskin with veg tan molded pockets. Tooled on 5/6 oz. Herman Oak.
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