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  1. Well I'm glad it's working out for you. I was hoping you could understand my jibberish instructions. That's also why I figured, i best include a picture of it. Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words.
  2. This is what the "S" looks like on your needle. Then from there you just slide your thread over the eye of the needle. From the pointed end.
  3. You just pull your thread thru your needle eye & leave a 4-5" tail of thread, then you pierce your thread with your needle. Then from there just pierce your thread again, & it will create a "S" on you needle. Then grasp the "S" & pull it over the eye over your needle. Lmao I hope you can understand my jibberish.
  4. If you get a amazon machine, like a shoe patcher or whatever it's called. Is going to take a bunch of hand finishing work to get it up & sew consistently & smoothly. The cheapest options I can think of is. Weaver 303 Cowboy 797 Sailite leatherworker/fabricator.
  5. I dont think this is obtainable at $200.
  6. Yeah I wish they made the rocky mountain thread in some larger diameters. I think the .55mm thread is in that 207-277 thread size.
  7. Yeah this was labelled as a grade 1 whole hide. Lmao but I think someone stole his head. If that hole would not have been there I could of got 5 nice wallet backs. I think I'll make me a wallet back from its glory hole part of the hide & have a eye looking thru it. I'm not to mad, I bought the hide cheap enough & think i could double my money on it.
  8. Lmao I thought when you buy a whole hide, you get a whole hide. They robbed his head & the piece that is there has a dang hole right smack in the middle. Like a bullet hole.
  9. No problem with it knotting up while sewing. I'm not trying to sell you on it. But it is worth trying. Polyester is the name I was trying to remember. Lmao.
  10. No it's a braided poly thread. Uv resistant, unaffected by moisture. It seems to be good stuff. Everything I sew is with poly thread. Sorry kinda absent minded temporarily.
  11. Looks good! So does item that hold a box of shotgun shells? Thanks.
  12. Thanks Frodo, next time I'm shopping for stamps I'll pick them up. Looking good there. Nice wallet.
  13. Here is some of that Rocky Mountain Poly-Braid. It is .55mm diameter or they say its similar to 532 linen. I think it is in that 207 maybe 277 thread size.
  14. Yeah I was going to buy the fancy brass weights, Till I seen they cost $50-$80each. These are doing just fine. I should cut them in half to make 4 weights of 1.8lbs each.
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