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  1. Thanks, all! Aven, I normally get my bison hide from https://www.hidehouse.com/ but lately I've been getting some good stuff from https://www.glacierwear.com/ Darren
  2. Finished these up Saturday for a friend of mine. My wife cut out my patterns and asked, "Who are you making these for? The Jolly Green Giant?" Dude has a large foundation to stand on! It's a good thing that a bison is a big animal. These are made from 8 oz. bison hide and are trimmed with New Zealand red deer hide. I sewed everything up by hand using artificial sinew. Darren
  3. My sole consists of a layer of bison for the outer sole, a 1/4" thick piece of neoprene foam glued to that, and then another piece of bison glued on top of the foam. That gives your foot some cushion but you can still feel everything under your feet. Darren
  4. I finished these moccasins today for my good friend, Brian Peterson. They are way too plain for my tastes but that's what he wanted so that's what I made him. I just hope they fit him well. I made them out of 8 ounce bison leather and used New Zealand red deer for the trim. Darren
  5. Well, one positive thing coming out of this quarantine business is that I have been able to catch up on my leather work. I finished this purse for a friend of mine last night. She is one of those people in your life that was pivotal in shaping who you are and her life philosophy was the inspiration for the purse design. Kim always signs her correspondence with the peace and love symbols and when I think of her I think of them. The body of this purse was made from elk hide and the trim and lacing are deer hide. The light brown bling on the front and back is shark skin. The heart is made from ostrich leg skin and the peace sign is made from ostrich hide and ostrich leg skin. I sewed rare earth magnets under the trim at the opening to act as a clasping mechanism. The buttons were carved from deer antler and I carved the D rings from moose antler. Everything was sewn by hand using artificial sinew. Darren
  6. I finished this side quiver yesterday and will donate it as an auction item for the Professional Bowhunters Society Gathering in Springfield, MO next month. Hopefully, it will make the club a dollar or two. The gray body of this quiver is giraffe hide. The black trim and turquoise backing is deer hide. The white/gray arrowhead and trim at the mouth is caiman. The "bling" around the arrowhead is ostrich leg skin. I carved the hanging ring from a piece of moose antler and the buttons were carved from deer antler. I sewed everything up by hand using artificial sinew. There are probably a couple of rust colored specks on it somewhere. That is my blood from poking myself in the finger with a needle. I designed the quiver to be worn either around your neck and shoulder or from a belt around your waist. Darren
  7. I finished this side quiver today. I donated it to the United Bowhunters of Missouri and it will be auctioned off at their Festival on February 8th. Springfield Leather Company has a bunch of giraffe leather in and I just had to get some! The body of this quiver is giraffe. The brown trim near the mouth and the arrowhead are made from caiman hide. The other bling is ostrich leg skin. The yellow trim is deer hide and I carved the buttons out of deer antler. I carved the hanging ring out of moose antler. I used artificial sinew to sew everything up and it was all done by hand so it took me a while. I configured this quiver to be worn either around your neck or from your belt. Hopefully, it will make the club a little money. Darren
  8. Here is John in all his glory. I don't think anyone cooks in his family so I sent him a pan of brownies and a do-it-yourself birthday party kit along with the leather work. He received his box of goodies Wednesday and was very pleased with the contents. I told him to send me a photo of him celebrating and this is what I got. It sure made my day! Darren
  9. I finished this arm guard last night for my good friend, John Pruitt, who will turn 79 next Sunday. Mr. Pruitt is an accomplished bowyer and gunsmith and I have whole room full of his bows and flintlocks to attest to his skills. He's also as windy as a sack full of politicians which brings me to the story behind this arm guard. John never lets an opportunity go by to tell me some tale. Over the years I have known him, most of these tales I have heard many times. This one is no exception. John claims that anyone can hit a big target like a deer or moose but it takes exceptional skill to hit something really small like the time he killed 811 field mice with his bow in one year. Mr. Pruitt swears that all these kills were confirmed by his friends who, conveniently, are all dead now so I will just have to take his word for it. When I first heard this story, some 15 years ago or so, I think the number was quite a bit less than 811. But that is the number he is going with now so I have recorded it on the back of his arm guard for posterity's sake. John also has a sweet tooth so I will have to send him some homemade cookies or brownies to go with the arm guard. Otherwise, he will be calling me up and whining that he was slighted on his special day. That man is like a Walker hound - you make the mistake of feeding him once and now you have to feed him for life! Arm guard specs: The backing is made from vegetable tanned cowhide and the facing is hippo hide. The yellow trim is moose hide that, ironically, came from the one I killed with my longbow in 2015. The mouse was laser etched onto a piece of deer hide by my friend, Chad Thomas, at Springfield Leather Company. I carved the lace hooks out of deer antler and sewed everything up by hand using artificial sinew. Darren
  10. If I can I will take it to a tannery and have it made into leather. That's what I did with the one I killed in Alberta. Ended up with 30+ square feet of premium moose hide! Darren
  11. Rossr, there is just the belt loop. It's made for a 3" wide belt and the loop is 3 1/8" x 2 3/4". The rig is stable when attached to a belt. Darren
  12. I finished this knife sheath today for my good friend, Joe Hollingshad, to match the shooting bag I made for him this past spring. When I gave him the bag he gave me his knife and asked me to make a sheath for it as well. That was in April and I finally got it done! I like making a cross draw sheath for long knives and this one will fit a 3" belt. The core of the sheath is vegetable tanned cowhide. The tan leather is elk hide and the reddish-brown leather is caiman. The brown trim is deer hide. I carved the strap fastener out of deer antler and sewed everything up by hand with artificial sinew. I'm just glad to get Joe's knife back to him before hunting season started! Darren
  13. My hunting buddy, Bret Shaw, and I are going moose hunting in British Columbia the first week of October and I decided to make us some arm guards to commemorate the occasion. Bret and I have been friends ever since we went on our first archery elk hunt way back in 2005. No elk were harmed but I came home with a good friend so I'd say the trip was a success. The backing of these arm guards is vegetable tanned cowhide and the gray facing is giraffe hide. The black trim is deer hide and I carved the lace hooks from deer antler. I had the moose images laser etched onto some deer hide at the Springfield Leather Company. I then sewed everything up by hand using B-50 bowstring material and artificial sinew. I sure hope they bring us good luck! Darren
  14. I finished these arm guards yesterday for a couple of friends. Now I get to make something for myself! Both have a backing of vegetable tanned cowhide. The one on the left has a facing made from elephant ear leather and deer hide trim. The one on the right has a shark skin facing with elk hide trim. Both arrowheads are made from ostrich leg skin. I carved the lace hooks out of deer antler and sewed everything up by hand using B-50 bowstring material and artificial sinew. I sewed in a little extra mojo into each of them to bring these guys success this fall. No charge for the mojo option! Darren
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