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  1. Great job! Nice to see someone else from Ontario here
  2. Nice work that honours family and tradition
  3. This is about 5 mm thick, so far has held up great in rain, snow and heat. The velcro is the sticky kind so its only stitched on where you see the thread
  4. kiwican

    Beer Mug

    Great work!
  5. kiwican

    High Hopes

    Great job as usual
  6. Lol I still get one delivered every year when the post rider comes through!. Last year I got one from 1992
  7. Thanks. I have a jar in the shape of the skull and used that to form the leather around. Pretty sure it came from the Dollar store. I'm not a skull guy but I wanted to experiment with wet molding somemore and there we have it.
  8. Lol Thanks Yin....I'm not sure what to do with it actually. Right now its just sitting on a desk and staring at me. I showed it someone and now they want one like it. Not sure what they will do with it. I might turn this into a shrunken head. Or I might just pick a random name out of the phone book and mail it to a total stranger for giggles.
  9. Messing around with some wet forming
  10. Agreed..great work Yin. I'm not a fan of Sheridan but I can certainly appreciate the skill required to do it!
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