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  1. kiwican

    Key Fob

    Looks real smart!
  2. kiwican

    Is Facebook now Vegan????

    And the stupid continue to lead the fearful.
  3. kiwican

    Lead sap

    Look up green man leather. He has info on saps.
  4. kiwican

    Bowie sheath

    Looks great. Love the stitching
  5. Great work!
  6. kiwican

    Is Facebook now Vegan????

    We have a group up my way called At War For Animals. They are against any kind of use for an animal. From food to working animals. It's all abuse to them. Of course when asked about seeing eye dogs. Or search and rescue dogs. Or PTSD animals. They have no answer. But they are more than willing to protest anything animal related !
  7. kiwican

    Stamped Belt

    Love the background. I need to get that tool
  8. kiwican

    Leather vambraces

    Very nice!
  9. kiwican

    Lefty Bullpup Shark

    What kind of shark ?
  10. kiwican

    A girl and Her Cat

    Looks great
  11. kiwican

    Pair of Cupsole Chukkas

    Very nice!
  12. kiwican

    new modeling tools

    Man they work well eh!?
  13. kiwican

    New Beer Growler Carrier

    Your growler skills are getting really good! You can see the refinements in each new one that you make. Great job!
  14. kiwican

    Just Chilling

    Great work man. Always takes me to another place and time. Thanks for that
  15. kiwican

    Small coin purse

    Nice work