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  1. Hello all! well its finally happened. Someone has asked me to build a a pancake style holster for a Sig P226. I have watched plenty of builds and read what the experts here have to say. This will be built without a thumb break. I'm intending to use 7/8 or 8/9 cow shoulder, wet formed as tight to pistol as I can make it for good friction fit and canted to likely to a 15 degree angle. I think I'm looking for some guidance on weather I need a stiffener on the front and also ive read and seen many opinions on how close/far out the stich line needs to be from the molded part. Any advice welcome!
  2. kiwican

    My first horizontal carry knife sheaths

    Those look good! And it's a good learning experience!
  3. kiwican

    Sheath, laced and lined

    Some of your finest work yet.! Both the sheath and the blade.
  4. kiwican


    Nice one!
  5. kiwican

    Hello from Auckland NZ

    Hello! and welcome to the show, where abouts in Auckland are you?
  6. kiwican

    Trying my hand at making a stitching pony

    Geez thats good mate!
  7. kiwican

    New member from the UK

    Saw these for sale today for 40 dollars Canadian each. I say make em and sell! get some of that wholesome cash...This hobby is like a drug and you're gonna need a way to fund your new habit
  8. kiwican

    New member from the UK

    Nice sap. What is the metal you used and welcome to the most enjoyable and frustrating hobby you will ever have !
  9. Looks good. Fully functional !
  10. kiwican

    Steamer Trunk

    Thanks. Rossr I'm doing ok. How are you doing?
  11. kiwican

    Simple Leather Case pattern

    Sweet thanks!
  12. kiwican

    Steamer Trunk

  13. kiwican

    Plague Mask

    Real nice!
  14. kiwican

    Horned skull mask

    Mad skills!