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  1. And November is way late to be starting to plan and make stuff especially if you are making for a few folks !
  2. I don't live in the USA. I live in Canada where there is no right to own a gun. I fully support the 2nd amendment
  3. kiwican

    Little Viking

    Thats the one!
  4. kiwican

    Little Viking

    Love it!. Reminds me of a Dwarf !
  5. Thats real nice. I have a question about the scales of the snake skin. Do they catch and pull out when something rubs against the grain of the skin?
  6. Punish him mightily for he hath broken the law of the knife and the sheath!
  7. Baseball wasnt a thing in my Country growing up. Softball was bit tho (Baseball lite) Used to play for a club so in the summer most Saturdays were spent at the softball diamonds playing against other teams. This scene bought back the smell of dubin and leather mitts, warm thin fruit drinks, coach's yelling and the distinct sound of a ball smacking off a bat!. Thanks for those memories!
  8. kiwican


    That looks really cool!
  9. That's one of the nicer ones I've seen over the years. The Viking button is a nice touch
  10. Great job! Nice to see someone else from Ontario here
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