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  1. kiwican

    Radio Holders

    Clean and simple.! Great job
  2. kiwican

    First baseball stitch

    Certainly better than my first attempt! I find that keeping the same tension when pulling the threads closed can really help the look of things.
  3. kiwican

    Father and son project

    Great Father and Son project. Well done!
  4. kiwican

    Another Camping Stool

    Very nice
  5. kiwican

    Camping Stools

    Thanks for the update !. I went ahead and made 2. One for me which is just a plain seat. Dyed. No tooling. I use it everyday and love it. The second one a made for my boy. Bigger seat. Oak legs and a tooled Tongan turtle as a reflection of his heritage....I should have taken pics.... I used the tri bolts from Tandy. About 15.00 bucks a pop up my way. The bolts can handle up to 198 pounds according to Tandy. I went with saddle stitching vs rivets and didn't include the strap as I think I'd use a different leather other than veg for a truly folding stool.
  6. kiwican

    When can you call yourself a craftsman?

    Just to add my 2 cents here. I think it's a mistake to confuse craftsmanship with marketing and spin. Many many fine and skilled people don't do well in any number of fields simply because they are not spin doctors or skilled in marketing. I love to go to fairs and such like. I was at one this winter and a lady was selling her father's hand made belts. Starting at about 120.00 for the plain ones and drifting north of 200.00 for the tooled ones. These belts were shocking. Uneven unfinished rough as guts. I asked how long the maker had been in business and was told he had been doing it for 39 years. I'm not skilled at leather work but the first belt I ever made was considerably better than these. These belts were selling like hot cakes too. Spin matters. Words matter. Seems that skill often takes a back seat
  7. kiwican

    Saddlery classes?

    Very impressive
  8. kiwican

    Rally Navigator's Work Board

    This is really cool! Great job and totally and completely matches the sport! Great job
  9. kiwican

    Starting Over

    Looks good to me. I Iike the peacock too
  10. kiwican

    My First Post!

    I like the sheaths. But I'll let you in on a little secret cause you are new here. Ya gotta show the blade out with the leather! And I really do like the sheaths !
  11. kiwican

    Foot-shaped shoes

    Really great shoe!
  12. kiwican

    Proper stitching chisels from Tandy?

    Not sure about your experience level so I'm just throwing this out there. Have you polished them?
  13. kiwican

    Black Fox Armor

    Great job!
  14. kiwican

    Stool for the VA State Black powder Shoot out

    Great work!
  15. kiwican

    Fantasy helmet

    Great job!