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  1. kiwican

    Copper R&T Roll Top Backpack

    Looks awesome!
  2. kiwican

    Bandolero for my father

  3. Very nice and certainly not my idea of plain!
  4. kiwican

    Bassoon Case

    That's a great job Rossr
  5. kiwican

    Embossed Skull

    Add some flames and you have Ghost rider! !
  6. That's a great looking bottle!
  7. kiwican

    So you wanna learn tooling....

    Got to say. JLS has supplied and continues supply free patterns for his work and gives freely of his time and advice. When I first started leather work JLS was a huge and positive influence for me on this site and in the chat room when it was operational.
  8. kiwican

    Dice cups

    Nailed it
  9. kiwican

    Tool Roll Bag

    Nice. Your ends caps look good. Did you use a mold or did you form by hand ?
  10. kiwican

    Dice cups

    Nice. I like how you created the bezel on that eye. Looks great
  11. kiwican

    I made a braided shopper bag

    Great looking bag
  12. kiwican

    Dice cups

    That came out awesome !
  13. kiwican

    Bible Cover

    Great work
  14. kiwican

    How To Make Coin Conchos

    Great idea!