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  1. Don't think I've ever seen a blade like that, it is kinda cool! Neat story and kudos on the sheath, also! YinTx
  2. I have a significant collection of patterns that I have purchased, many not Tandy patterns, for purses and such, dating back to the 1940's, maybe earlier. Not sure how to show you what I have, but willing to give it a go if you are interested. YinTx
  3. Quite the turn! Glad it turned out well for you. YinTx you.... you see what I did there....
  4. YinTx

    Brown wallet

    Those are nice. Perhaps that maker would share their technique with you? YinTx
  5. YinTx

    Brown wallet

    If I recall, there was a tutorial either here or on YouTube, discussing backstitching neatly. It involves reversing the normal needle priority to ensure the thread lays neatly side by side when you backstitch. It is the technique I use, not always to perfect results, but far nicer than just backstitching as you would forward stitch. YinTx Also, this trick:
  6. YinTx

    Brown wallet

    Mirrored my thoughts. A trifling title for an exquisite bit of workmanship! YinTx
  7. Don't know for sure, but I do know it won't turn at all if you don't open the zipper before you stitch that last side on. Don't ask me how I know.... It may work, considering the zipper opening is rather large, and the gusset is pretty large. You'll just have to take it slow and work it. You may get some bend marks in the tooled sides that you didn't want... YinTx
  8. That was an awesome instructional video. Thanks for sharing it! YinTx
  9. Might try Rocky Mountain Leather or Fine Leather Working for a selection of Chevre Chagrin or Chevre Sully leather in a wide variety of colors. YinTx
  10. Nice looking bit of work there, and looks like it is weathering the storm like a champ! YinTx
  11. Congrats! I'm sure folks like Springfield Leather, Cobra sewing, and others sell compatible bobbins. YinTx
  12. agree, to a point. Elle, ProCarver, Craft Japan, Ivan Taiwan, etc. all fall in the spectrum somewhere between 1969 to present Craftools. The older Craftool (1969 and older) IMO are as good and sometimes better. Being handmade, sometimes worse. For your most used tools, BK are worth it agreed. I even have quite a few Robert Beard tools that I really really like. Could I do it all with the Craftools? Yep. Would you be able to tell the difference in my finished product? Probably not unless you were just really familiar with the tools. But I'm glad there is such a variety of tools and toolmakers out there. Now, the Sergey tools are unique, and I'm bettin you'd know when I used those! YinTx
  13. There are many brands out there. But in my opinion and experience, in order of quality/price ratio, from worst to better, starting with don't consider it: A. cheapo tool sets off of ebay/amazon, don't do it. as they tend to bend easy and leave bad impressions. B. z series craftools C. recent cheap craftools - ok to learn with and decide if you like the craft. D. 90's craftools E. 70-80's craftools (very useable, very nice impressions, reasonable to acquire) F. Pre letter craftools (many hand made, very nice impressions, great value for the $$) G. Craftool Pro (excellent quality for price, discontinued) H. Barry King I. Jueschke, Robert Beard, other custom tool makers: These are all incredible high quality tools, and expensive. At this price point, personal preference rules. Hope this helps. H and I are available from the makers, some have very long wait periods. YinTx
  14. Get some vintage ones. Price is still good, and the quality is much better. A lot of us have extras, and are willing to sell them. In fact, I have some for sale in the for sale section of this site. YinTx
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