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  1. Nice work! How many hours do you think that took?
  2. Came out super clean! I like the edge wrap.
  3. YinTx

    Eagle Carving.

    What an awesome presentation set! So many skills in all of this. Nicely done!
  4. Thanks, I tend to overdo the gilding on leather work, and sometimes simpler is better. I just completed one with no stamping, no tooling, no dye work. Huh, kinda liked it!
  5. I did another, and shortened the strap just a bit, but wanted to be able to get a grip on it with gloves on, since this is going to a ranch hand in South Texas. He seemed happy. Will post a photo when I get some time on my hands, maybe next month! I like that style also, very simple design. Thanks for the compliment! I think maybe these were more popular in the past. I've altered the design a bit, and made a lined version that came out pretty well. Haven't deciphered adding a thumb break to the inside of this design, everything I've conjured up looks a bit awkward and a bit complicated to fabricate. I think that is more suited to a flatback or pancake style. Would be interesting to see this for the glock!
  6. I appreciate that. Lots of wrecked leather to get decent at stamping, still not the best, but it is passable! Thank you. Yea, this one I think would be mostly suited for ranch work, camping, hunting etc. I've done a few more designs with the suggestions, and tried my hand at thumb breaks, but I'm not sure this style works with a thumb break very well. Flat back and pancake holster designs seem work pretty well for thumb breaks, but I'll keep learning.
  7. YinTx

    Simple Briefcase

    I may take you up on that, but will have to wait a few months. I am too busy to be considered retired!
  8. YinTx

    Simple Briefcase

    There is a whole lot going on in that tooling. So many different textures and techniques needed to get to the end result. Excellent 3D rendering, down to the bowed boards. I've always been a bit baffled about how to get a good rendering of an object like a 2x4, and you have those types of shapes all over the place. Clouds, rocks/dirt, plants, framing with coverings, trees, on and on. Nicely done, I can only imagine the amount of learning that had to go into the end result!
  9. YinTx

    Simple Guitar Strap

    Very nice. If there is anything I have learned, it is that nothing in leather work is ever _simple_. Not even a strap!
  10. Excellent work! thank you for sharing with us.
  11. Nice daunting work. I would have been tempted to put a backing piece of leather for the belt loops to attach to so they didn't damage the leather more. What are the decorative rivets? The backs look like cartridge primer and base.
  12. Seriously!? Cool. Maybe I have it then! and I'm glad I'm not the only one that can't do that!
  13. @MtlBiker, @Wepster, @fredk, @Wizcrafts, @Rossr Thank you all for the info! Rossr hooked me up for now, I may need to purchase some individual components to fit different work I do, so I'll keep all the recommendations in mind.
  14. That is a neat flower! Did you come up with it, or is a pattern you have from somewhere? I like how it looks like the wind has it bent out of shape.
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