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  1. I did manage to go to the show impromptu. Quite a few vendors at the tradeshow, managed a class at the last minute. It was a good event. Met Mr. Don Gonzalez, and Ms. Lisa Sorrell, which I am sure was awkward for both of them. But I enjoyed it tho! Both very kind, intelligent, and informative. Will need to spend more time at a future show, was only able to drive up for about 3/4 of a day worth of stuff out of the entire week they were there. Did not see Mr. Beard, hopefully he gets around to doing more in the future. YinTx
  2. Nice! I'll be checking out the video, also. YinTx Edit to say, watched the video. That bound edge was extra extra work. Close up vids are difficult, well done. Thanks for sharing!
  3. Unreal. I've tried the wolf in the moon, i think it's in the bin. Yours is excellent! YinTx
  4. YinTx


    you're not kidding there. Nice work, also! YinTx
  5. Thanks! I was concerned the voice might be a detriment, glad to hear it was not. Working on Part 3, but I am retaining my title as world's slowest... editing down hours of video to something short and sweet takes some doing I am learning. YinTx
  6. Anyone there/going? Does anyone know if Robert Beard will have a booth there? YinTx
  7. The design is quite similar to the piece in my avatar! Nice work. I still have mine, not sure what to do with it. Doesn't have a snap or a belt loop. Maybe I'll put those on there and put it to use some how! YinTx
  8. Wow, that's a huge piece, was not expecting that! Fantastic work. And thanks for the pointers for anyone making something similar. YinTx
  9. Thank you! Good luck with putting together your videos. I have part 3 filmed, but still need to take the time to sit down and properly edit it. YinTx
  10. For wrapping a binding around a seam as you are stitching. YinTx
  11. Thank you all for the previous comments and suggestions. I hope you will be able to notice that I have been able to implement a few of them, and will try to add more suggestions as I progress. Still open to comments and suggestions! YinTx
  12. Thanks. Part 2 is out. I don't claim to be an expert, just another guy doing things a tad differently. YinTx
  13. Figure carving, floral carving, basket weaving, coloring, so many skills and techniques in a single piece of work! Fantastic! YinTx
  14. Nice! I keep thinking if I did this it would not look anything like the original design, because I'd be all perfectionist on it and rework the pattern to get the lines "right", and tool it all different, then be upset it doesn't look anything like it did in the movie, lol. YinTx
  15. I'll try to find a decent one... Headset does have a move-able microphone, has a little foam piece also, but really not top quality, and prolly 15+ years old. I'll be looking for a new one... until then I'll try to get it to work better. That is top notch advice, right there, lol! I did mention ever so fast that the tracing was covered in tape... but yah, if someone missed it they'd be learning the hard way. Regarding all the details you suggest bringing into the information portion of a video, I like it. If I find that there is a lot of desire for that kind of knowledge going forward, I'll start to include it. At first I am afraid of putting so much in there that it becomes a 5 hour video that no one wants to see, and then the risk that there is so little info that again, no one wants to see it! I have started a video on just tools, that way I can refer to it as I am going and not have to discuss knives each time I do a carving, etc. I hope that works well, time will tell. YinTx
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