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  1. What an artist, through and through. YinTx
  2. Great conversation, but seriously, hijacked the thread. Someone trying to make a job available to another leatherworker - but lost in the shuffle. Anyway to break this off into another thread and clean it up some, admins? YinTx
  3. YinTx

    Deadpool ATC

    Thats tiny! Very cool. YinTx
  4. It looks really good. If it is lined, then you probably want to stitch the entire perimeter (including the flap cover) to ensure no de-lamination. YinTx
  5. Fiebing's Pro Oil black dye, Hermann Oak leather, and I haven't had to buff a thing since then. Oddly enough, the EcoFlo black doesn't seem to bleed on much of anything either for me. YMMV. YinTx
  6. Enjoying learning vicariously. I noted there is some apparent foaming at the tang pin, and if the ferrule is in contact with the solution, then the wood handle is in contact, which I suspect would eventually lead to wood rot? Then the handle will become loose in the handle. Might have been more appropriate to have removed the blade from the handle for the process. Just thinking out loud. Thanks for posting the process, and looking forward to seeing the rest of it. YinTx
  7. Fantastic work, as always I really dig the color combos you do. YinTx
  8. I've used belzona in industrial applications before. Some versions are machineable, etc. They typically require special metal prep to ensure proper adhesion, and heat treatment to cause the polymer to crosslink for strength and other desired properties in industrial uses. It is expensive, I would presume prohibitively expensive for use on a knife. (as in one unit of material will cost more than a knife will). If the pitting is in the blade edge, I don't think you'd be able to get belzona to sharpen and hold an edge for cutting purposes. A cheaper alternative would be something like JB Weld if you wanted to experiment with the epoxy based fillers. YinTx
  9. Really depends on the size of the carving. And where I am in the carving. 00, 0, 1 and occasionally 2. Very rarely the largest one (2), but it comes in handy on borders. YinTx
  10. Same. SSN is not to be given out so readily, nor banking info. Imagine if they get hacked, what an identity theft nightmare. Not a chance. YinTx
  11. There is an email address on the last page of the catalog you linked to. Send them a message and see if they get back to you. Let us know! YinTx
  12. Thanks for that pointer, @fredk, checking it out now... YinTx
  13. Not sure, but it is safe to say you knocked this one out of the park! YinTx
  14. Interested in the Billet die. possibly the holster dies too. YinTx
  15. Your craftsmanship continues to improve time and again. Really like this one, well done! YinTx
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