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  1. I just read that title with a Canadian accent. had to add an "eh" on the end too. not sure why. , eh? Nice work tho! YinTx
  2. The only reference I have is "Le Cuir Compositions Decoratives" par Jehand Raymond. If you can point us to other references, it would be appreciated. As for American styles, works by individuals such as Jim Linnell, Bill Gardner, Clinton Fay, Al Stohlman and Pete Gorrell have helped to categorize and document the history and styles. Without their recent works, I'm afraid we probably would not have much to go off of other than old photos and old cataloges! YinTx
  3. How about applying paint or acrylic finish to a split, letting it dry, then flexing it a lot? Or put something that would resist the finish first on the split?
  4. YinTx

    Swivel Knife

    I think even Paul Burnett had an article about decreasing and increasing the angle of the bevel to get different effects. WIde angles helped with beveling, narrow angles for tight spaces and decorative cuts... I'd leave em like that and use them where they work best! YinTx
  5. soooooooooooo..... I have this couch I could sell ya....... YinTx
  6. Mainly, the region it originated from and the individuals that developed it. Others can chime in here, but from what I've seen, it is characterized by vines following a series of circles in alternating directions, with flowers or other focal points in the centers of the circles. Leaves are used to fill in areas between circles and changes in directions. There is generally a range of sizes for the flowers and leaves. Over the years, folks have altered and adapted the style as you might expect. Regular floral carving is a pretty generic description. There are a slew of other floral styles, including but not limited to Arizona, Porter, Northwest,, California, Texas, as well as styles developed by individuals. It's quite the rabbit hole if you choose to go down that path! YinTx
  7. This is pretty frustrating these days, all the organizations just want cash and they don't seem to actually perform any function. Not sure why this is. YinTx
  8. Barry King and Robert Beard stamps are easier to run for me. Sergey makes some basket stamps also, I suspect they are easier to run also. I have had good luck with the older basket stamps from Craftool, as well as the Craftool Pro baskets, tho they are usually pretty big. A lot of practice is needed to get really good at basket stamping, even then it gets out of line. Can be frustrating! Having a bad stamp will always frustrate you, and it is hard to see if there is a tiny bit of angle off on it until you get along your work. Best way to know is get another stamp and see if you have the same issues. YinTx
  9. Congrats on reaching near 90! Not everyone can claim that milestone. You are pretty much the same age as my dad! And yep, getting older has some drawbacks, but I still contend it beats the alternative! YinTx
  10. I mean the link you provided, isn't it just a link for a grip for sale? I mean, if OP (or I) bought the item in your link, how would it help to make a holster? seems I'm missing something here... YinTx
  11. Is it lined with something, or just leather on water? Nicely done, btw. YinTx
  12. Here are a list of craftool stamps that I have, and the asking price for each. Open to offers on multiples, prices do not include shipping. Will go on first paid/ first served basis. If you have particular questions or want to see another photo of a specific tool, let me know, I'll do what I can to accommodate. Will follow up with remaining images and price list. YinTx
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