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  1. YinTx


    That is a whole lot of tooling!
  2. I have purchased from both before, but didn't get any emails and didn't see anything on their websites. Thanks for confirming. and @Rossr you are right, it is what it is. Hope it works out ok for all the workers involved, etc. Mergers can be painful for all.
  3. As the title says. Not sure this is a good thing to have options of suppliers reduced, thoughts?
  4. You can really get after it with those leaves if you like....
  5. YinTx

    Wine Totes

    Just awesome!
  6. Also, I've had luck applying tape to the back of the leather, and rubber cement to the back of the tape, and then to the card board/matt board. Easier to separate later, just have to peel the tape, no rubber cement stuck to the leather. Best to use like blue painters tape.
  7. Yeah, it started out innocently enough... but has gotten a bit out of control. I don't see it getting reined in anytime soon... Yes, that's a pink hat with bling. Also, the orange briefcase is a keychain, owner keeps a $10 in there for emergencies! So mini things, just sayin.
  8. Just so happened to have a photo of the sewing in process. Could not even fit my pinkie down in there.
  9. Oddly enough, that photo illustrates one of my re-occurring dreams/nightmares. Used my big ol hams. It was just one small step for man... shoe-t. Treaded all over it. I try to toe the line. I'll just step out the door for now. YinTx
  10. YinTx

    Just for fun

    I'd say bevel the shaded areas...wider as shown. Similar to the answer already given.
  11. I just used 50/50 resolene, 1 to 2 coats on a painted dog collar. Seemed to do well.
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