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  1. YinTx

    Fenda/Sutton 6" splitter blade shape

    I'm just going to be quiet now until I get enough sleep to speak intelligently. YinTx
  2. YinTx

    walther p22 iwb holster

    Very cool. Thanks for sharing the process pics. YinTx
  3. YinTx

    New Phone case and Holster

    Don't see braided holsters very often anymore it seems. Those came out pretty good! YinTx
  4. YinTx

    kimber 1911 western style holster

    Thats pretty cool! YinTx
  5. YinTx

    Bobberjob UK

    Fantastic work, colors are spot on! YinTx
  6. YinTx

    Fenda/Sutton 6" splitter blade shape

    Just understanding how a splitter works would suggest that it should be flat on one side and beveled on the other (single bevel blade). Unless you have two rollers guiding the leather into the blade. I would think you would have a difficult time getting a thin split with a double convex blade. Good luck with the info search, and let us know what you find out! YinTx
  7. Lots of questions there, Tom has great suggestions. We all seem to do things our own ways, and a bit differently. Here's my take: Pro dye still dries out my leather to some extent. Always add neatsfoot oil (NOT the compound) after a dye job, also it makes the colors more lustrous imho. I usually cut before I dye. If you have a large project, you could dye a whole side if you have a large horsehair brush to help keep it all even. Sometimes I dye the flesh side, sometimes I don't. It is difficult to get even, to say the least. Airbrushes help there some say. I usually punch holes, and mark stitch holes after everything is dyed and glued up. This alleviates the situation you had of dye going through holes. After dye, as mentioned, oil it, then consider Aussie, or dubbin made with oil and wax as Tom mentioned. You can apply Tan Kote, straight or diluted 50/50 with water, I find this gives a nice semi gloss finish. You can even apply both, but make sure to wait sufficient time between applications, like a day or two, to allow oils and waxes to fully penetrate, and acrylic finishes to dry thoroughly. Which order is up for debate and your own experience. Water resistance can be obtained by applying an acrylic finisher like resolene, or a laquer based finish like neat-lac. Wax finishes help but don't seem to be as effective in my experience. Hope all this helps. YinTx
  8. This doesn't make sense. Why would we want to charge a higher price? This would cause our sales to go down. This is the reason countries place a tariff on goods: so that other countries have a harder time selling there, and cause the consumer to buy local. In other words, it isn't the company charging more, but the country the item is being sold in adding fees and tariffs/taxes. In order for the company to make the same margin, they end price is higher. This is what folks in the US are upset about: other countries charging high taxes/tariffs on goods from here, while we have not always done so on goods imported to here. We have been swamped with low cost subsidized goods (how else can I buy an item for $0.01 with free shipping from China on Ebay?) driving local business out of business - I can't even ship an item across the city in an envelope for less than $0.48. Now when we place tariffs on imported goods, the world gets upset. Go figure. I think in a decent free market, take out all the gov't manipulations etc, it would all settle into a happy medium. But, sadly, everyone wants the upper hand and do what they will to get there. YinTx
  9. YinTx

    Landis Splitter Blade

    Check with Bruce Johnson, https://brucejohnsonleather.com. Should be a nice piece when you get it cleaned up! YinTx
  10. YinTx

    Work Bench Lighting

    Do you find the direct light into your eyes to be blinding? I am always trying to direct the light from the source to my work, and block it from my eyes. Always a challenge. Is there a way to do this effectively with this set up? YinTx
  11. YinTx

    Bowie sheath

    classic. YinTx
  12. YinTx

    Bowie sheath

    I agree, it turned out great! But I must say, you violated rule #1 - must show blade, as I was aptly informed when I posted the sheath I made. YinTx
  13. YinTx

    Tiger & water

    Unreal, as always! Absolutely fantastic.
  14. If ya don't have a belt, where ya gonna put your sheath for the knife and other tools? YinTx