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  1. YinTx

    Pancake Holster

    Considering the hiatus, doesn't look like you missed a beat! Nice piece! YinTx
  2. Truth is I was a bit disappointed too, I could make the drive. Will just have to wait for all this covid nonsense to settle out. YinTx
  3. YinTx

    Custom "Boxer" notepad cover

    Thanks! New owner should get it tomorrow, so we'll see how it goes over... YinTx
  4. YinTx

    Lots of Medieval Knives and Sheaths

  5. YinTx


    Sounds like you got a good doc. Awesome thing! YinTx
  6. YinTx

    Custom "Boxer" notepad cover

    Thanks much! Appreciate it Ross, although I've seen some of your work like the wood machinist tool box, that had to take a lot more patience than this! Thank you very much! I went a bit bigger on the stitching than I normally do, used a set of Blanchard Irons in 7spi, a medium awl with 432 Fil Au Chinois, I think it is a decent combo. YinTx
  7. YinTx

    A Collaboration on a Cane

    OK, LW.net did not notify me of the update on this post! So my apologies for the delayed response. I must say this exceeded my expectations by a long ways. My dad was thrilled with the cane, fully complimentary of the woodwork, and has tossed his other cane to the side. The curves on the handle really make everything stand out in a phenomenal way. The craftsmanship is outstanding. I could not be any happier with this work. Thank you again so much @rodneywt1180b for the patience waiting for my leather work to show up, and the expediency in completing your end of the work. He received it before his birthday, which was perfect timing! I haven't seen it in person myself, but eventually after all this Covid nonsense, I expect I'll get to see it! YinTx
  8. YinTx

    Sheath, laced and lined

    Awesome work! Both on the sheath and the blade. I like the way you matched the style with your tooling/stamping to the blade handle. YinTx
  9. YinTx

    Custom "Boxer" notepad cover

    The inside is a soft liner leather. For better details on how it is done, check out a previous thread I had, it includes links to Jim Linnell's free course that really lays it out: Thanks for that! So many aspects to boxers, hard to decide which one to depict! YinTx
  10. YinTx

    Custom "Boxer" notepad cover

    Thank you all, and yeah, it was a bit of work over several weeks! Gary, sorry if I was misleading. The front and back panels that are tooled and stamped were 9 oz. The spine, which you can see is stitched in separately, is 4 oz. I cover it with a soft liner to make a seamless interior. Appreciate the compliment, I feel I still have a ways to go. The design flow as I mentioned is a slightly modified Jim Linnell design, so he gets credit for that. The mashing and butchering on the leather is my effort. I think the new tools I am using have helped out some as well, which was hoped for, but somewhat unexpected. I had some too growing up, glad to know you could see it! I think they have contributed to my sense of humor. I am worried only boxer owners might fully understand the image... YinTx
  11. YinTx

    simple pouch for work friend

    That is a really cool rendition of Speedy! If you have already done 8, you are doing something right for sure! YinTx
  12. YinTx

    Custom "Boxer" notepad cover

    Tried some heavier leather than I normally use, this one is 9 oz. I think it gives a lot more depth than the 4 to 5 oz I usually use, and certainly more than the 3 oz I've used in the past! Certainly open to constructive suggestions. My first real effort at eyes, I think more practice will improve there. First time doing a dog, let alone a full derp boxer. First time using the stamp on the back, it took some getting used to as well. The floral is a modification of a Jim Linnell drawing. YinTx
  13. YinTx

    Pit bull collar

    Pretty solid looking! And if the owner is happy... everyone happy! YinTx
  14. YinTx

    Trying my hand at making a stitching pony

    Awesome work there @Rossr. You are definitely a type A personality. I've had mine for years and keep thinking every time I sit on it that I need to make a cushion. It still needs one. You sit on yours and 10 minutes later you have a cushion made, lol! YinTx
  15. YinTx

    Bible cover

    @fredk, thanks tho! and back to the original post, sorry for the derail. That is a cool blue! YinTx