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  1. Winner winner! Great work, great gift!
  2. Hahah that is pretty cool!
  3. I have an extra one if someone is looking for one to buy...
  4. Temporary/reposition-able adhesive? (aka post it note adhesive) I think this may be a version... https://www.amazon.com/Aleenes-Tack-Over-Liquid-Glue/dp/B00178QQ84/ref=sr_1_2?keywords=post+it+note+glue&qid=1677106715&rnid=2941120011&s=arts-crafts&sr=1-2
  5. Find some dry milled veg tan, you can tool it, and use laser on it also. Will not require much leather conditioner at all, and will be soft and easy to roll up.
  6. You draw faster than I, and tool faster as well. I would really like to use that pattern, I do appreciate the permission, as I understand the amount of effort that goes into patterning. I can empathize with your frustration. I have a friend with essential tremors, interestingly a serving of alcohol when necessary helps him manage a bit better, but it is a difficult thing to work with regardless.
  7. I mean, if I were going to try to draw something for a tote, this is what I'd hope it would come out like! Great skills. Are we allowed to use your pattern?
  8. So much agreeing here. I've even recently had friend/acquaintance back out after I spent 40 hours and $100 prototyping something for them, because "$70 was a bit expensive, don't you think?" My work was already priced pretty much free, I didn't feel like paying them to take my work. OP, your strap is awesome. I do hope you were paid properly!
  9. Nothing looks quick about that at all. Craftsmanship is top notch, you are putting out some stellar stuff these days. Kudos, and hope your buddy truly appreciates that!
  10. If you don't mind doing a little sanding and rust removal, here is a metal set on Ebay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/225421094197?hash=item347c24ed35:g:t08AAOSwxFtj6ugH&amdata=enc%3AAQAHAAAAoKCA%2BJ7fbgDyTfGeRtqnvRpC6gc99aKo0DhZbp6TQi%2Bz3fmUuV0ZdSbQ6qK4bZ2Ocy2B4JFnjNnLZY%2BoTyPMMBfEVompQewCg0Aybj5Xa0Eiq2npdyUvazg3dnAGdR0KoweVm2wawSgfqj6uooFHm9f%2Bpki9KrxKeTx3mG%2FkXS8DdmbZGDWUbD9JnGG68ATDYhWeR0MM1tIN%2Fvvxpx4dIN8%3D|tkp%3ABk9SR5q9v6vKYQ
  11. I just use it to slice a piece of paper. Hold up the paper and cut with the blade perpendicular to the edge. I can feel if there is any drag where there might be a burr, or a nick still. It should go through with a fairly quiet shhhhhhtttttt sound, and not leave any jagged edges in the cut. If it hangs up at all, back to work. Go straight, make curves as you pass it through the paper. I know it's been a hot minute, but how did your edge come out?
  12. Faces for sure are not easy! Really digging the technique on the hair.
  13. YinTx


    Looks great! How did you get the hair on to not stick out as it rounded the corner from the top to the front side?
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