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  1. YinTx

    Craftool Super Skiver

    SOLD, Thank you! YinTx
  2. SOLD, thank you! YinTx
  3. YinTx

    Trophy saddle pad

    That's pretty cool. I hadn't thought of stitching leather to cloth like that... hmmm the options! YinTx edit: just saw the "Air Ride" - did it have an air bag in there that is now flat???
  4. Yes, this creaser is available. PM sent. YinTx
  5. YinTx

    Signed Paul Burnett Books!

    I suppose it is possible, I'm no expert in these sort of things. But I did notice that the signatures are slightly different next to the number sequence, for instance the way the last two t's are done, would they do that as a printed signature? Or are you referring to the fancy signature at the end of the paragraph? I suspect that one is printed for sure... YinTx
  6. YinTx

    Video Ultra Slim Wallet

    A lot went into that video. A bit long for me, but I enjoyed it on 2x speed with auto-translate! A bit confusing why it needed so many individual pieces, but the end came out cool. Thanks for putting this together and sharing! YinTx
  7. Sold, thank you! YinTx
  8. I have a nice belt I made from some 5 oz veg tan, no liner. I use it to mow the yard and to do work, it gets soaked to the bone in water and sweat and grit and grime, let it dry and it works just fine the next time. If it was 9 oz with a 3 oz liner I wouldn't be happy, I'd feel like it would weigh more than the jeans it is holding up. I have another nice belt I wear when I need to look decent, 7 oz with 2-3oz liner, hand stitched, looks sharp, weight doesn't bother me because I'm not working, usually sitting etc. I don't carry, but if I did, I suspect the lighter belt wouldn't do so well. An every day belt in 5 oz with 2 oz liner would probably be just dandy, for me anyhow. Everyone else may differ. YinTx
  9. YinTx

    Skiving foot roller adaptation

    @RockyAussie Old topic, I know, but does anyone know if this bell skiver roller foot is available in the US? Looking for something like this for a Cobra NP4. YinTx
  10. YinTx

    Keith Pommer Auction

    I must be doing something wrong, I went to the website, but couldn't find anything on this auction. Anyone care to point me in the right direction? Thanks! YinTx
  11. Ebony handled knife sold. Red handle still available. Thanks! YinTx
  12. YinTx

    Wuta style edge creaser 2.5

    SOLD. Thank you! YinTx
  13. YinTx

    Set of 4 edge bevelers

    SOLD. Thank you. YinTx
  14. Craftool Stitch groover $6 plus shipping. YinTx
  15. YinTx

    Tank Panel

    Very cool, Mr. Joe. Appreciate the video, as well! YinTx