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  1. This is awesome. Can you post up some images of the process and results? I think the purple in the mix would add an impressive hue. YinTx
  2. I have cut the honey 10:1 and everything in between getting interesting hues. You might give it a try on a scrap piece and see if it comes up the color you are looking for. But I don't recall seeing a yellow hue come out like you are hoping for. YinTx
  3. Yes. As soon as you open it up, smear it on the threads and you are off to the races. Sometimes a little bit of heat around the cap will help loosen it. Easy does it tho. YinTx
  4. If you are really interested in the different styles, Jim Linnell has several courses that highlight the differences in Sheridan, Northwest, Texas, California, etc. I highly recommend them. YinTx
  5. Doing the back and the seat or just the seat? If you only use the prime section of Hermann Oak leather, the total cost just for the leather might approach $1500. Did you ever find a taker? If so, how did it come out? If no, what pattern/style are you looking to do? YinTx
  6. Routing is a mathematical computer model that can resolve any inefficiencies in delivery paths. Managing the financial aspects that have been politicized is something else entirely. For a detailed read here is the report by a Presidential Task force on the condition of the USPS, and on recommendations to shore it up. https://home.treasury.gov/system/files/136/USPS_A_Sustainable_Path_Forward_report_12-04-2018.pdf Interestingly it leaves out some of the topics we refer to in this thread. Also, we risk hijacking the thread, so I will stop commenting on this topic here, and revert to YangTools, which Tandy says I am not allowed to try. YinTx
  7. donno. but this kinda touches on the topic. https://www.forbes.com/sites/wadeshepard/2017/11/05/how-the-usps-epacket-gives-postal-subsidies-to-chinese-e-commerce-merchants-to-ship-to-the-usa-cheap/?sh=4c8a90f840ca https://www.detroitnews.com/story/business/2018/10/18/china-postal-subsidies/38203951/#:~:text=The subsidized ePacket service limits packages to 2,American companies have cheered Trump’s plan to withdraw. Appears that USPS was roped into subsidizing the rates from China by the previous treaty. US taxpayers and customers of USPS have had to pay the difference to keep the books balanced. Which still isn't happening, this hurts everyone, including USPS, and small businesses or sellers like us, but helps China. YinTx
  8. Also pay proper shipping costs. I can't mail something across town for the price they somehow manage to drop ship items half way across the world, explain that. Sometimes the price of the item with free shipping is less than I can have something mailed from across town, let alone the price of the item. anyhow, rant off. YinTx
  9. I tried to look at the tools at the local Tandy, but they would not let me try them, only look at them under glass. I've bought thousands of dollars of stuff from them, it was a bit insulting to say the least, so I walked out. No idea if they are any good and could care less after that, I'll support other craftsfolks making nice tools not from China or Tandy. YinTx
  10. Check out Don Gonzales Youtube video, I think he does some reviews of it. YinTx
  11. Not sure what you mean by dye the tracery, but I did just apply dye with a small (fine) paint brush around the tooling, then resist and antique. The paint was Angelus, hope this helps! Thank you. It has become Lulu's fancy "going out" collar. She has done a number on the thread tho! - rear claws are kinda rough on thread when your ear is itchy I guess... YinTx
  12. It is a nice wallet. How is the Buttero to work with compared to other leathers like Wickett and Craig, or Hermann Oak? YinTx
  13. You may be able to peel all the paint off, then clean it with deglazer which will remove all the finishes and strip some of the oil out. Then, use several coats of thinned leather paint (Angelus works well, Alpha 6 Corporation makes a paint that seems to work really well (Maker's leather sells it - https://makersleathersupply.com/collections/alpha-6-leather-paint). After you have painted, and it has dried, then you can consider oiling again if needed, and putting a finishing coat on the whole piece for protection. If you are considering scrapping it, this process may work and save you from doing it all over again. If it doesn't work well for you, back to plan B. YinTx
  14. Was a video of Denny at SLC using it as a resist, it seemed to work really pretty well. Give it a shot if you are curious. YinTx
  15. Thanks for posting the process, look forward to seeing the results over time! YinTx
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