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  1. If LatigoAmigo's won't work, I am sure there are plenty of us here that would be able to drop you a piece of that thickness in the mail. YinTx
  2. YinTx

    This MUST be a Joke!! ...Nope!

    This was my issue when I said " If everything is a warning, then nothing becomes important." From now on, every time I see a Prop 65 warning, I just think to myself "oh, its that crappy law that makes people put stickers on everything" and I promptly ignore it. And if I think that, what is everyone else thinking? I can see it serving a future purpose then, in which they decide that everything with a Prop 65 warning should be made unavailable since everyone agreed it is hazardous enough to warrant a sticker. If it sounds unlikely, try and find some glues and dyes in CA. YinTx
  3. Not my listing, but I know a lot of other Leatherworkers like the Paul Burnett items, and this individual is selling a lot of autographed lesson books by him so I thought I'd share. https://www.ebay.com/sch/cathes/m.html?item=132995626378&hash=item1ef728358a%3Ag%3A1TwAAOSwNSdckbSB&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562 YinTx
  4. YinTx

    Finished Sheath for Customer!

    Thanks, and yeah, seems most of my projects take forever. And each one seems to fill it's own scrap bag in the process... Thank you much! Appreciate it, and he seemed genuinely happy with it, although I haven't heard back from him since.. I'm going with "no news is good news." YinTx
  5. YinTx

    a little while ago!!

    Suits the bike well! Nicely done, bet he loves it. YinTx
  6. YinTx

    Used cambell randel stitcher?

    I'll give you a few hundred bucks and pick it up from you in Florida. You can use the $$ to put towards a new Cobra. YinTx
  7. YinTx

    This MUST be a Joke!! ...Nope!

    Yeppers. Even when you try to sell something on Ebay, you are asked if it is a Prop 65 item. If everything is a warning, then nothing becomes important. Impossible to tell what is really dangerous vs. what isn't. Another case of how laws are not necessarily logical. YinTx
  8. Photos of the remaining items: 2681 Belt, Roses, photocopied sheet $6 2061 - Billfold $8 6567 Billfold $8 2310 Billfold $8 6543 Billfold $8 YinTx
  9. I went through my Craftaids again, and came up with more duplicates. All items will mail in large envelope unless requested otherwise. Buyer to pay shipping, I will combine items to keep shipping to a minimum. My prices are listed, you are welcome to make an offer. Countess Purse cover photo carve and tracing patterns with alphabet tracing pattern, 7 copies, will mail in large envelope $1.50 each plus shipping Biker’s choice saddle bag instructions only, with Indian head/headdress pattern $2 Getaway Bag Pattern with instructions, slightly musty odor $10 2540 Letters, red mark (not on the leather side), $4 2660 Letters, red mark (not on the leather side), photocopied sheet, $4 plus shipping 2681 Belt, Roses, photocopied sheet $6 2061 - Billfold $8 6567 Billfold $8 2310 Billfold $8 6543 Billfold $8
  10. Heh, I appreciate that. But on this topic, I shared what I knew, and now I'm a learnin! Thanks for laying out the info! YinTx
  11. YinTx

    Gary’s Casino

    Fantastic, intricate artwork. Stitching is great too. What did you use for stitching? I like the retro buckle with this style art also, very fitting. YinTx
  12. YinTx

    Pocket notebook cover.

    Your finger carving is awesome, and the tooling looks great too! Thanks for sharing! YinTx
  13. Maybe this will help. Usually only see a for sale post in one forum, but ok... YinTx
  14. YinTx

    Bassoon Case

    I followed that while you made it.. a whole lot of work went into that, it came out great! I hope she gets a lot of use out of it. YinTx
  15. YinTx

    Hermann Oak, Horween Dublin and Horween Kudu bifold

    It looks really nice. I have some kudo but mine I think you could squeeze and oil would come out. Is yours drier, or is it oily also? I would be concerned using mine on a wallet because I wouldn't want the oils to ruin what is in the wallet, or the clothes of the owner... so I had never considered using it for such. YinTx