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  1. Oh #Gezzer You need to go find out what skin is and what you are able to do with it. Skin does not only grow on animals, it grows on bananas, oranges, potatoes etc. 'Leather' does not exist until you treat it(tanning process), then buff it up = 'leather'. You can make leather with any skin based items, including veg, fish, cow, pig, crocodile etc; including mycelium. As I've mentioned previously; it's not about being an echo worrier; it's about what other types of plant based materials we are able/can use to produce this finished product called 'leather'. It's great to have all your feedback on this topic; very interesting on everyone's opinion.
  2. Hi #Klara Great reply I would be looking to work with a mycelium base and then mix different substrates with it like banana leaves, rice husks etc or whatever waste the local farmers have available.
  3. Ah; #Gezzer Does a banana, apple, orange, trees, flowers and just about everything on the planet have a 'skin'/leather; as you call it? including fish. So can't you make leather out of fish skin? So when you say the above statement; any 'skin' are both leather regardless of what 'skin' they are made of.
  4. Hi #Chuck123wapati Yep, I get your comment above, but if you had the opportunity to work with a piece of mycelium leather, would you? Wouldn't you like to compare both animal leather and mycelium leather and test their strengths and weaknesses? Hopefully the beginning of 2024, I will have the opportunity to try to develop mycelium leather. That is why I started this Topic to get some sort of reaction from this great community. I also hope to resolve some of our climates problems by reducing farmers bio-gas waist and turning it into substrate. I hope this will reduce or stop them from burning it as well as cleaning up our environment. Don't worry, i'm no echo worrier, but I do want to experiment with this alternative method to produce this material. Full respect for you Chuck, your a really interesting person and have looked through your recent posts. :-)
  5. Being who you are; are you not supposed to embrace what God provides to us like natural Mycelium? You sound a bit confused #Dwight
  6. Hi all A bit of an interesting one for you. Does anyone know anything about Mycelium leather and how does it compare with animal leather? The question has came up with a chat with my son, who is only a teenager and is not into killing animals; yes these youngsters are changing. So is there an alternative to animal leather? If so, how does the dying process work as well as how to put the final wax, oil on to the finished product?
  7. Thank you so much for that advice. It looks like I can create a 5cm X 8cm 3D model, then get it cut/printed then purchase a press. I love the idea of burning the design onto the leather work, so getting this made in brass may well be doable. Thank you for your help Kgg
  8. Thank you for that information Fred The size I'm looking for to begin with would be about - 5cm wide X 8cm long. Is getting this size on a stamp possible? Thank you for your time. :-)
  9. Wow, they are a bit expensive for a one off job. Would there be any other cheaper ways?
  10. Hi All I'm new here on this forum and I'm doing some research into stamping leather. I've got a client who owns a bar and he wants his logo on certain items and furniture within his bar. Is there a way on making your own purpose made stamp(s) and what would be the best materials to use? Would I have to purchase from a company where I have purchased a stamping machine from? Thank you for your help.
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