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  1. Here's a couple more sheaths off the bench rolled liners on both. The flap one has oil tan as a liner on the flap. The red leather liner is a mystery but maybe deer. The other is brown deer skin. Both used wicket craig dyed skirting. Inlay was out of a scrap bag of snake skins etc. Clearly dyed. Open to thoughts as always Ross
  2. @YinTx Shown in my hand for a concept of size. Thanks Az. Very encouraging!
  3. Thanks. So far the snake skin flexes fine. No belt loop on this one. It's a small knife so it's really just a pouch to slide in your pocket. It's only like 2 inches wide and a little more high. Ross
  4. thanks. I didn't think about the stamp that way but now u mention it I agree. Thanks
  5. Nice looking work. Perhaps you are being a tad to hard on yourself again? I think it came put very well especially since it's so small Ross
  6. With a big tip of my cap to Paul Long for his great videos on sheath making. I watched his pocket knife tutorial today and decided to try and make a pocket pouch sheath for this single blade Case Mfg knife. Wicket and Craig dyed skirting, red liner might be deer. Snake skin on flap too. Was matching the knife scales with the snake skin. Geometric stamps still need more practice got off a little but looks ok and it's just for me so I can live with it. Machine stitched on a 111w155 singer I find small things more challenging but this one wasn't too bad. Open to constructive criticism as always. Ross
  7. Yep I quit again! Beautiful work very precise. I better go back to practicing now. So clean looking too high end top notch
  8. Very kind Bert Thank you. I couldnt agree more about making things that work. Did I get fancy yes I did cause it made me happy. But function is way more important in my opinion on something like this, it's a tool first and must function so we can make things.
  9. Clean work both the knives and the leather. I can only hope to obtain this level someday. Keep going I can only imagine 10 years down the road what u can build. Best Ross
  10. Appreciated Frodo! Thanks battle I actually agree toxo . I usually do go under but figured why not try something different. It does fit the hand surprisingly well. Thanks
  11. The carving looks great to me. I also agree a heavier leather to me is easier to carve and gives more detail. The whole.package is very nice. As always the hand stitching is beautiful. Wish I had your patience Ross
  12. Thanks Yin. I like that thought where the knife sheath compliments the knife is some way via shape and stamping. I did stamp the black part to kinda match the handle or at least the round part and the shape of the sheath to mirror the handle in some respect. The sheath is the first thing on a knife you see usually. So I want it to be aesthetically pleasing and compliment the knife and in some way show it off. Hope that makes sense Ross
  13. Thanks! Yep for sure in that flint striker patch knife world!
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