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  1. Glad you liked it and the key chain too! Rockoboy. Got yours in the mail today. Thank you and all the way from Australia no less. Really like the dog and oak leaf motif! Nice looking stuff yintx.
  2. Tammy no worries I'm sure we all understand hope everything is better on your end! If halo can just send to yintx that will solve it with no worries . Long as he comes back from sausage and beer land ie germany
  3. If Halo hasn't sent yet we can just have Halo send to yintx.
  4. Thanks sir. Not sure why I did that just struck me as I was doing it. I do like the lacing on it. Thanks Kay...I'm learning!
  5. Ok...I think I did jump the gun bad...guess I was excited. By all means folks hold off on the pics till its gets sent if you like!! Ross
  6. Rossr

    Oh, come on now. Seriously, Tiny Again?

    Looks wonderful me to. I have a hard enough time with full size carving. You are always learning and that is the best part. Keep making!!!! Ross
  7. Ok Folks Here is mine I chose the Oak leaf pattern out of Al Stohlman Projects and Designs book I carved it in the leather and did some petal lifting which is tough to see in the lousy pics. I then dyed the background black and the outside Brown. I did try 2 different colors on the acorn of brown but upon adding the pecard leather dressing and then some beeswax and neatsfoot oil it darkened to the same color. I chose to leave the leaves and stick alone so it stood out. I also added a backing of oil tan leather and then double loop laced with brown calf skin. The carving is ok and I still have so much to learn. Depth of cut and proper impressions still elude me at times. I did this one just by using a sray bottle to case the leather ....I have tried other ways in the past. I am happy with the lacing and sure had fun doing this project!
  8. Ok Folks Drum Roll please......... Based on response on this thread here is the list of who to send to and receive from...if you did not complete please let me know and I will adjust the list. The selection process was a arduous one involving slips of paper upside down on my desk and picking them up at random to build the list Please send a private message to your person to supply address etc. Also please post your complete pictures on this thread. I hope everyone had some fun and learned a thing or two. Enjoy the work of others and remember how special it is to receive someone elses efforts celebrate that!! Kay9 sends to Rockoboy Rockoboy sends to Rossr Rossr sends to Smartee Smartee sends to HaloJones HaloJones sends to ColoradoGirl ColoradoGirl sends to Yintx Yintx sends to Kay9 Thanks everyone and please post those pics! Ross
  9. By all means make one up Come on now you've got the weekend and this is a fun commitment ! Wow that sounds like a blast enjoy the campout
  10. Exactly st Louis is it....maybe we need a meetup of east coast folks or a maker event or something I suspect a lot.cant just hit the west coast on a whim!
  11. Gettting down to the wire folks. Hipe u r wrapping it. I have mine ready to go. Not thrilled with the carving but happy overall Keep.going gang. Looking forward to the pics after the tenth Ross
  12. No you didn't miss out yet! There is still time just get it done between now and the 10th of June and get in on this.....make it fun and enjoy it. Yes I would say its something like the trading cards.. Ross
  13. Hey folks plenty of time to jump in yet.....17 days left to design and make a coaster for this swap!
  14. We We are a go see a bit back the final rules etc.
  15. Nothing to be scared of! we are all learning. Lots of resources on this site and you tube etc. If you get stuck shoot a post I'm sure someone will chime in to help. looking forward to seeing what you come up with Ross