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  1. Rossr

    Eagle Carving.

    Thank you sir! Appreciate that. Thanks Thanks Walter Thanks for the kind words. Agree om grain in wood when I'm making wood stuff I often look for nice grain as added detail. Thanks all Ross The knife box etc was recently given to its new owner. This was made as a gift to honor my oldest son who just earned his eagle scout. He was beyond tickled!
  2. Ok gang I ended up with upholstery leather very pliable. And have it a shot. Overall I'm happy with it but lots to learn. Appreciate all the thoughts Ross
  3. Thanks for the info! Actually this chair will get used 5 days a week. Its in a actual barber shop. He has 2 Koken chairs from 1928. So I want to make sure I source the best option from a wear stand point. I think the leather on it is the original. Which is amazing that it lasted that long. The inside is springs covered with burlap and they also used what appears to be straw and felt for cushion . Pretty neat imo. Amazing leather was used for the Hydraulic seals too! Anyway appreciate the thoughts! Ross
  4. Looks nice wonder how pliable it is? Ive done some sleuthing and seems like a lot of barber chair restorations advertising using Italian leather not sure what that means. I keep finding reference to upholstery leather . Wondering if this is an example of such or proper leather for this kind of work. https://leatherhidestore.com/chocolate-truffle-leather-hide-1.html I have done some upholstery work so I know I can do this just know I need it pliable enough. Appreciate the thoughts folks Ross
  5. Ok gang I have a project to put new leather on a koken barber chair from 1928. And the headrest. Odds are ill be doing the matching chair as well so I want to get leather so it matches. This is in dark brown color and measures 2.5 ounce. Can some one point me to what I need? Thanks Ross
  6. Ahh makes aense and a good idea too! Thanks for the response
  7. That looks really nice Cant wait to see the final product! Question what does one use for the soles? Keep up the good work Ross
  8. Thank you :) Appreciate that Thanks for that. Exactly what I was trying for some way to match up the knifes with the sheaths. Thank you Diesel Thanks, Im trying to find different ways to make the sheaths stand out or at least try different things Appreciate it!! Thanks Hags
  9. Gave these a shot. Wanted to match the bolsters with something on the sheaths so I did some overlay with damascus in the one and copper in the other. Made both the knives and the sheaths. Deer skin liners on sheaths . Figured I'd share the journey Ross
  10. Thanks for the kind words. On the carving I did it with a flex shaft rotary tool and dental burrs. No way I could otherwise lol! thanks! I'd agree we fornsure learn each time we make something
  11. I'm always amazed at how supportive this community is and helpful. Thank you! I think lile most makers I'm critical of my work and only see the problems or mistakes. So it's quite humbling to read comments other makers say about what I do. Most days I feel like I'm far away from quality work. Best Ross
  12. Thanks that was what I was trying to do! Glad it shows. High praise imo not sure I agree but I try stuff . Regardless thank you Thank you Very kind thanks Happy to share thanks It's not to bad really imo but for sure I have to be I'm the mindset to do it. Thank you Thanks! Appreciate that thank you
  13. Very kind thank you Appreciate that. Thanks
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