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  1. SLC Pro-Tool Edge Bevelers | Springfield Leather https://www.springfieldleather.com/SLC-Pro-Beveler_3 Anyone use these or familiar how they stack up say against Barry king, Ron's tools, Osborne etc? I've been leaning heavily to try a Ron's tools and trying to decide between the Montana edger and the round edger they sell. Stumbled on these and wondered how they are. Ross
  2. Rossr


    Course here are some other well used reground ones. Note I didnt do this to any of these, all came from buying our groups of tools Ebay etc. I'm not sure why I keep them but they live in the drawer rarely see daylight Ross
  3. Rossr


    I'd agree folks. More I look them over more I believe they are well used etc.
  4. So far I've turned nothing up in my searching
  5. Rossr


    Well I didnt think we needed sherlock Holmes for sure. The regular tandy type seem to do a nicer job that these....at least that's my impression. The one seems to run a line down the leather too
  6. Rossr


    These are marked 00 and 1. I also have just the metal part no handle .....edgers? Different than what I'm familiar with....
  7. Ok I have a whatsit...Stimpson K on one side , A 780 on the other . 1/4inch hole through it. I assume it's a setter and maybe the bottom die is mia? Thoughts?
  8. Rossr

    Singer 29-4

    Singer 29-4, made in 1920. Sews a nice stitch and ready for another 100 years. $400. Located in Pocono region of Pennsylvania. Willing.to ship for additional cost of shipping. Ross
  9. All that matters is you are happy with your result. That being said I'd overanalyze it too. R
  10. https://vergez-blanchard.fr/en/10-shop I didnt even know blanchard was still in business. But you can see the emblem on the website above Ross
  11. Had fun making the ferrules and handles as you know @YinTx. The leatherwork sheaths look great that you made for them. I keep meaning to make a sheath or 2 for mine. Did you put a welt in those? Someone has been active on ebay etc collecting round knives I see too. That little one looks cute top left of pics. Appreciate the compliments you are too kind Ross
  12. Bruce you are always a wealth of information. Thanks for the education as always
  13. Dikman, that's now me. I started making knives, mostly stock removal but then did some forging . Still want a power hammer or hydraulic or air press.....then I needed sheaths. Somewhere that morphed into a full leather shop complete with sewing machines, hand tools, etc etc etc. Oh and then theres some glass blowing equipment. Got a kid interested. Didni mention the CNC machine project......I need more shop space....especially for the woodworking equipment. I narrowly missed getting into letterpress printing(had a press lined up but fell through during covid) but still could happen
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