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  1. I now have 2 folding tables. The one collects stuff on top.of it. But I can see its use in say thin leather wallets etc to fold over. Also curious on value of them All good thoughts. This guy was making holsters primarily was my understanding but logically.belts and straps make sense R
  2. I did run leather on it and it doesnt cut it and does burnish on some level. When I get.to it I'll see if particles are about but none visible. It sat a long time. I also have two foot presses, and eyelet machine a rossley folding table and a 29-4 to clean up among a bunch of snaps rivets and misc hand tools to.go through also
  3. If it was a DIY they spent some time.with it and had access to a milling machine welders and knew some stuff. The motor is an open type not an enclosed. Whichbkends thought to a DIY
  4. Thers no leading edge on the cutters it's like a slot was milled in it is all.in multiple.spots. And it sure doesnt cut leather The other strange thing to me is the plastic coffe can lid that is put on there almost like to keep stuff off the motor ...clearly someone added it.
  5. So here is a large embossing roller. Wondering what machine does it fit. Outside 3 inches, inside hole is 1-5/8 inches width 1-5/16 inches. I've never seen one but maybe for the randall embossed R-32? Good paperweight :)
  6. Yes vertical seems odd to me too. The one pic you can see the back I havent tried it but it appears you can lossen the plate the motor.is on and then use a screw driver to move the plate with the threaded rod up or down. Maybe it isnt leather or kydex achine at all but it's like nothing I've ever seen in my casual wood, metal and leather shop experiences. The bit also has different widths like a wood burnisher too.
  7. Here's some close up of the bit. It's a 1/3hp 3450rpm motor. The bit isnt a cutter. I've used routers and shapers and it looks like one of those but it's not. I had picked up a bit like this from another leather purchase years ago which made me wonder . I ran a piece of leather in it and it does burnish. They also did kydex stuff in this shop so maybe it has to do with that?
  8. Rossr


    I like it. Clean work there and a nice compliment to the bladed. Ross
  9. Ok folks I'm trying to figure this one out. It's basically a motor with a sleeve and a round bit. The bit is metal and reminds me of a burnisher . Cant find any name on the machine. Heavy steel. Maybe a homemade rig. Ot came put of a leather workers shop but no cluenifnit was for leather. Thanks for any thoughts
  10. Well I've started to leave my magnifying visor on which helps a lot but makes me slower lol. Thanks Thanks chuck Lol. Well I still make stuff that looks like a kindergartener gotnloose in the shop. But like you mentioned keep going each attempt we learn and improve. It's amazing how far we can get when we try
  11. Had a customer bring me a hand foged knife that needed a sheath. Deer skinned lined, border tooling and initials. Eixket and Craig skirting leather. Open to constructive criticism as always. Ross
  12. I then had another client a few days later want a basic black one just not as wide. He had the previous one for 35 years. Couldn't believe it held up that long. Here's my attempt
  13. Well I got asked to make a biker/trucker wallet style. And never tried before so here are the results. I lined the outer 2 slots with deer skin and the back side too. Did some basic basket weave and other stamping. My stitching got a bit off on the machine which had to do with some errors on my part. But overall the result was ok and I had a happy client. Open to thoughts Ross
  14. Ok folks this machine needs a home make me an offer, trade maybe? I dont have space for it and it's been tarped outside. Would like to se eit moved along for use Let's talk Ross
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