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  1. We We are a go see a bit back the final rules etc.
  2. Nothing to be scared of! we are all learning. Lots of resources on this site and you tube etc. If you get stuck shoot a post I'm sure someone will chime in to help. looking forward to seeing what you come up with Ross
  3. Ok folks we are under the one month mark. Still time to join in for anyone out there. Hope you guys are thinking through some cool ideas! Ross
  4. Rossr

    Bowie sheath

    Looks like a well executed sheath. I do wonder about one thing the rectangular box stitched across the belt loop. I wonder if that is a weak point so to speak. I have read where doing that on a belt makes it weak over time due to the holes. Just food for thought. Love the carving work and its a tight package that will last the user a long long time Ross
  5. Happy Leatherworking everyone Have fun with this ...anyone else wants to join its open right till the end long as you complete by the end date! Ross
  6. LETS MAKE IT OFFICIAL Here are the rules of this first go round. 1. Everyone makes a coaster. You decide the size. Each coaster must be carved in some form using swivel knife and stamps. Have fun use your imagination. 2. ALL SKILL LEVELS WELCOME. This is open to anyone. Beginner to Master. If you are new.... great try something. If you have been at it a while try something that will improve your skills. Part of the point is to encourage Making! Learn something and have fun. And get the work of another maker for you to enjoy. Remember its about the journey on this one! 3. You agree to ship your finished item to someone else when done. Obviously the cost of leather is on you and the cost of shipping. Remember you are getting someone elses work at the end and they are doing the same! 4. End Date JUNE 10th 2019. Start anytime. On June 10th I will take anyone who participated and randomly assign who sends to whom. Lets hold all pictures till I let you know who gets what. However as part of participating I ask that each person post their work after June 10th to this thread. I think we have 5 currently, Rossr, Yintx, Rockoboy, Smartee and Halojones. Anyone can join long as they finish by June 10th. DOES THIS WORK FOR EVERYONE? SHOULD I START A NEW THREAD WITH THE FINAL RULES ABOVE or just keep this one?? Ross
  7. Ok @YinTx I think we go with a coaster that is carved as a first project. I will post my thoughts in a second post in this thread.and give finish line. If everyone is ok with it we start and then go from there. It appears we have Smartee Thats the whole thing if you have a swivel knife and some basic tools Give it a go. All skill levels welcome. No judging just helping each other and receiving something that someone else made. As long as we try our best that is what counts! Fred Appreciate the thoughts. I would agree making 10 of something would be tough in this situation. However great thoughts on voting !
  8. Alright, I am fine with something useful. So far there are the three of us. I am still holding hope for a few more. Which shall we choose? Keep it simple with a coaster? the 3x5 was a random thought since I had a index card laying on my desk lol. Ross
  9. I don't think so, keeping this one simple. Anything else you can think to add?
  10. Hardly Yin.....and you can always pickup something from everyone! No why not Max daddy. We will have a deadline on it but we will make sure there is enough reason not too....its only 3x5 inches!! doesnt have to be complex even! Who else out there like to get at least 10 participants...more would be awesome
  11. Brian, That is exactly part f the point! Above all else its something fun to do and you get someone elses hard work which you will have as a memory forever. That makes 2. Has to be more folks out there who want to give this a try...come on people Ross
  12. Hi Greg, Just from a quick google search there are some shows above. Also some listing of guilds. I also know there are facebook groups. I dnt really do facebook so I am not familiar. Anyone I have ever talked to say the shows are worth going too if you are into leatherwork. I just keep thinking we need some kind of show or gathering here on the east coast too! Nothing against the west coast at all just travel time etc makes it tough and costly to attend R
  13. ok I know there are shows out west and are very popular. But what about the east coast. Are there ever trade shows or maker shows for leather on this side of the US? I know there are guilds here and there and on off groups that meet. But I mean a full blown weekend show or what not. I have to believe there are enough leather workers to support this in the east curious what is out there and what do we know. If there isnt why not!! Is it something to pursue hmmm Ross
  14. Hi Folks, I may have talked about this before but I would like to do this and see who else would too. Over the years I have been involved with some custom knife swaps. Also called knife in the hat. Basically folks who want to participate decide what on a style of knife and what it is to be made from, then each person makes a knife. Posts the pics to the forum. The facilitator then randomizes the participants and draws names and you send your work to another and you get another makers work. So why do this: 1. you get some one else's work for you to enjoy and admire. 2. You get to practice and stretch your abilities 3. Other makers can see your work and provide constructive criticism. 4. Its fun So with this is mind here i what I am proposing. 1. Carving work. 3x 5 inch Piece of veg tan you carve something into it. Have fun with it. No adult themes so anyone can participate that way. 2. Dyeing and finishing after carving is encouraged 3. Your skill level does not matter. Beginner to expert can and should participate. This is about improving, supporting each other and getting something from other makers 4. Cost involved. Your time and a piece of leather. Each participant agrees to ship leather carving to assigned recipient. 5. All post pictures of what they made in the forums. Thats it folks. If we get enough folks interested I say we do this I can facilitate the list etc. on this thread. We would put a finish date on for it as well. So what do you say whos in for a little carving work and sharing Ross
  15. Rossr

    Bassoon Case

    I am sure she will. Thank you. Appreciate the kind words. I like to restore too, thank you.