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  1. Ok folks this machine needs a home make me an offer, trade maybe? I dont have space for it and it's been tarped outside. Would like to se eit moved along for use Let's talk Ross
  2. After seeing @Stewartpost and then @YinTx I noticed some Christmas gnomes in my shop. They were a fun but demanding group who asked for lacing and coloring. Your posts guys sure got me thinking and I sat down and enjoyed making these 3 up which will be gifted shortly to spread some cheer. Best part to me was I didnt try to be a perfectionist with them and just had some fun. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and may we all have a great New Year.
  3. I do not know the official answer but Wicket and Craig has tooling, holster and carving listed as the same it appears http://wickett-craig.com/leathers/tooling-holster-carving/ Ross
  4. Appreciate the thoughts Ferg. Yep it's a 2x3inch size so limited use I suspect. Thanks Ross
  5. Is anyone familiar.with this Kobo TC-950 hot foil machine. I'm thinking of selling it but cant find a price or a used one for sale anywhere. Looks like untied global supply deals in them. I'm not familar and have never even used it. Had it here from a shop buy out years back. Thanks for any thoughts Ross
  6. Yep I dropped you a message Ross
  7. Very nice look and some nice clothes for that knife. I am curious does the belt loop stop where the snap loop on the handle is or does it go all the way back down. If it goes back down is there a second rivet on the inside to help hold it? Just wondering cause ifnjuat 1 rivet it might move. I'm assuming it doesnt stop at the snap loop cause it would flip around then. Keep making it just gets better theore you make Ross
  8. Here's a couple more sheaths off the bench rolled liners on both. The flap one has oil tan as a liner on the flap. The red leather liner is a mystery but maybe deer. The other is brown deer skin. Both used wicket craig dyed skirting. Inlay was out of a scrap bag of snake skins etc. Clearly dyed. Open to thoughts as always Ross
  9. @YinTx Shown in my hand for a concept of size. Thanks Az. Very encouraging!
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