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  1. Seemed smooth to me and the slow down and speed up was nice to show detail and then speed up so you weren't bored watching the same process. The black color on the subtitles seemed to blend a bit with the granite. Maybe a differnt color would be better. But it was readable. Music was nice and seemed to flow. Just my off rhe xuff thoughts Ross
  2. I do like the backstitch option better as well, thanks for the thoughts! Appreciate the compliment. Very kind, thanks tug
  3. Rossr

    Singer 29-4

    Hi sorry I missed this post. Yes it is still available. There is a stitch adjustment on It but I didn't play with it much. The machine weighs 58lbs . So I added 10lbs for box and packaging 68lbs and did a usps price check to phoenix AZ, came up at $148.70. There may be cheaper options not sure. Thanks Ross
  4. I also use the tip of a deer antler seems to help. Along with saddle soap or a bunch of other possible things like gum tragacanth etc etc. Best I can say is try stuff. There's lots of ways and everyone finds a method they like best
  5. So that's a possible for sure. I interesting you bring this up. I sewed the white linen stitch on my needle awl randall campbell machine. One of the issues I have had is how to back stitch, if I just back stitch the awl will cut the thread . In the past I have left long tails and then hand sewed them foe the back stitch. This of course takes time and annoys me. So I saw the loop or u turn in I think AL stohlmans book on holster making and tried it on this one. Not sure it's a good method or not. Ross Thanks
  6. I appreciate those thoughts. Less is more many times and I sure do add too much at times. Good thoughts on the stamps with detail too.
  7. Appreciate that thought Fred. Im always hyper critical of what I do.....I suspect I'd stop making stuff if I ever made something I was 100% happy with....I think I'm trying to figure out how to progress more. I see amazing work and while I'm not unhappy with mine I'm hoping I can Still improve. Bert and chuck thanks for the kind words
  8. I made this knife and sheath combo for a friends son who earned his Eagle scout rank in boy scouts. I carved the eagle head and then tried to blend it so as it went down the sheath it seemed like the body. Kinda abstract maybe but with the Initials thought it flowed better. I feel like my carving skills are rusty at best but can't decide how to improve on this one. The eagle head is from a craft aid. The eye was tough imo and around the beak seemed off to me...among.other things Open to thoughts Ross
  9. I'm still looking for the wood badge ones I have 3 is all. And I'm always looking for the 2 eagle scout one. That being said I do really want to hang onto this one.
  10. I was happy with the front stamping and I agree it's so easy to get off with those dragon scales, So the pin, depends on if they are peened over much or not. In this case I was able to take a punch and tap it out. I did knock a small sliver of wood off the handle doing this which I glued back in place. Another possible is to center punch the pin and then drill it some then punch. Never had much luck there. Lastly a dremel with a small bit can help if it's deformed a lot. Grind it away and then tap out. To re do it I have several brass rods around and just pick the size that fits epoxy the blade into the handle and some epoxy on the pin. Tap next through. Lastly I will file or sand the pin down till its close to each side of the handle. Then peen one side then the other. I use a anvil but anything hard will do like a piece of metal. Go slow so u don't Crack the handle. Then I sand it down and polish it. Sometimes I will drill the hole a size larger if the pin came out lousy. Assuming the hole in the metal part can be drilled. Meaning the metal isn't hardened. hope that makes sense Ross
  11. I've had this knife kicking around in a drawer for a long time. I never could decide if the shape was a factory style or reground at some point , I lean towards it was reground. Anyways I had taken apart the knife cleaned it up epoxied and repinned it, So I slapped this sheath together tonight on the quick.....and yep mistakes were made. For some reason on the backside I decided run a border line before I sewed...I know better cause when I sew it they never come out even on the back. Then I swore I had my makers stamp centered...not so much.....and lastly one snap is off compared to the other. Oh well still looks OK and will guard the blade which was the goal. And maybe I'll make another for it some day. No matter how many things you make or how far you come some days they remind you where ya started lol
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