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  1. Rossr

    Bassoon Case

    I am sure she will. Thank you. Appreciate the kind words. I like to restore too, thank you.
  2. Rossr

    Mountain lion for my wife

    Beautiful....just beautiful
  3. Rossr

    Bassoon Case

    Thank you. Appreciate that kiwi Lol Jeff, pretty sure the vintage one ahe owns will be with her for a long time but I appreciate the compliment
  4. Rossr

    Horse Padfolio

    Yin...once again you are being too hard on yourself! Looks mighty fine to me\ \Ross
  5. Rossr

    Bassoon Case

    Well this was completely different then anything I have ever tried. I had a family friend approach me about redoing her daughters Bassoon case. I decided to give it a try and these are the results. I replaced the inside with Red velvet and a fake fur material. The outside is covered in calf skin. The corners are wet molded veg tan. I also did a little carving on the lidded compartment in the inside. New hardware which I found at ohio travel shipping! I recovered the metal handles with leather too. Overall I am pretty happy with the results.! Open to all comments ...pretty sure I wont be doing another...the price I would have to charge would be insane!
  6. Rossr

    Pre 1963 CRAFTOOL CO. saddle stamps

    A while back I posted the above thread and There is some more info on stamps etc on there. Of course a search of leatherworker and you will gain a lot of info to go thru too! Chris: I would agree there is always new posting on ebay for leather stamps and leather vintage lots etc. I also have suffered the responses when asked about what stamps they really have in the lot. I think a lot of that has to do with resellers who dont know the difference anyway. They arent leather workers and mainly are just moving product. Which is fine. It does make it harder for folks like us looking for specifics. I know I have a drawer full of doubles and triples from buying off ebay and craigslist. Least a couple hundred. One of these days I will get around to listing them. Course It would be nice to have a full Barry King set or Jeremiah Watt...or Hackbarth etc etc....I best hit the lotto! Lets not even talk about other hand tools that is a whole other area! The search continues always!! Ross
  7. Rossr

    Pre 1963 CRAFTOOL CO. saddle stamps

    This may drive you mad. hehehe. I have a large set of craftools but the post 1963 mainly with the letter and numbers. Years ago I bought a whole bunch of stuff together. In that was a couple hundred craftool in a homemade wood block. All nicely labeled with the letter and number prefix per hole. However many were missing! I swear anytime I follow an old doodle page or other tutorial I am missing just one stamp it recommends. So I set out to complete the block. Ive made a lot of progress but still am missing some. Along they way I realized there are lots of variants that i may not have as well which weren't labeled in the block I still hope to fill it out some day. I also would love to have a full set of the Kelly tool co midas stamps both the discontinued ones and the new set....although cost will likely stop me there. Good luck with the search I only have a few older ones which I am hanging on too. I have also found that with in the same number ones they vary some in size too! So when I buy a lot off ebay I just test the ones out and pick the one I like the best. Its a fun hunt at least!! Ross
  8. Thank you! The strap is something I saw in the video, seems to work well. The one end you would leave on the stud, the other you just pop off when you need the knife. I think but am not sure that Paul Long came up with that style. Perhaps he will chime in on this thread. To me its cleaner then putting it through the sheath loop part. Or using a rivet up there which I dont like cause it can scratch the knife. Like most things its another way of doing it. Not sure anyway is wrong! Thank you sir. It came out nice imo and I almost didn't want to give it up! Appreciate that Thanks much
  9. Hi Folks, I found the time to make two knives and sheaths prior to Christmas and both are now with their new happy owners. I continue to try and up my sheath game. I cant say enough about the Paul Longs videos... I reviewed them as I made these sheaths and I seem to pick up something new each time. (Well worth the cost. I am not paid to endorse these just feel they are worth it!) I am of course open to all comments especially ways to improve. Both sheaths are lined with deer skin. The knives are of my making as well. Rest of the sheaths are veg tan. The inlay on the one is out of a bag of scraps I bought years ago so no clue what it is...I suspet fake snake skin or snake skin dyed? Heavy stitching I did on a Campbell Randall needle awl. The finer stitching on a singer 111w155. Its amazing to me how you always keep learning. All these little things you gather as you go. This website is tremendous in helping that way and I thank you all! Ross
  10. Rossr

    Clicker Mechanical And A Beauty

    Hi Night shade, Its been a while since I tried it but my memory i did 10 ounce or so on it no problem. The cutting area is relatively small compared to the larger machines. I will have to get out and try and measure it again as I cant find my notes. . IF you were closer I would say just stop by but I see you are in South Carolina. Ross
  11. Problem I have is I know I would want 69 thread to put in my patcher. Mostly near me (rural area) in the big town 30 mins away is a joann fabric. While Im sure i can match a color there I know they wont have it in 69 size. I will probably check at some point. The Quest continues
  12. Rossr

    Some Scout awards for Spac Derby.

    Kind words thank you! Thanks very much I suspect the kids will have a ball.
  13. Rossr

    Some Scout awards for Spac Derby.

    Hi folks, I haven't posted much in a while so I figured I would add these into the mix. These are all awards for our Space Derby for our Cub scout Pack. Had fun making them up. Carvings are simple things from Line art I pulled from Google. I added the color cause I thought the scouts would like it. I can never get the look I quite want once I dye and finish them. either too shiny or the dyed brown part seems not to pop as nice. These pics are prior to finish being added. Also I used very thick harness leather 12 ounce and it was scrap I had around so not the best cut. As always I welcome critique. Cheers Ross
  14. Hi folks, Any other scouters our there. My oldest son is a boy scout now and I am trying to figure out what color the green is on the meritbadge borders. I own a singer 29k and I have red white, and tan so no issues there but I cant seem to figure the best green color. I almost pulled the trigger on one color on the thread exchange. But figured someone might know. Thanks for any thoughts...and yea I know its not leather but...hey I got a patcher so why hand stitch these Thanks Ross
  15. Those wood badge stamps including the axe and log are as rare as Hens teeth. I am not clear if Tandy marketed them or not. I see them pop up on ebay from time to time in packaging called scout crafts. I have been slowly trying to assemble all the boy scout ones. I did procure the owl, bear and beaver and two of them came in the scout crafts package which appears to be from BSA directly. So i wonder if boy scouts had them at their shops at one time There is also a copyright of 1996 on them. Recently on ebay there were four stamps, Axe and Log, Woodbadge eagle and bear, and the Order of the arrow with the arrow on it shown. The final bid was $420.99 plus $5 for shipping. So they obviously command a premium when they come up. At one time the OA Indian head was on ebay for a buy it now of $200(no idea if it sold). Also the Bsa eagle shown in the picture top two on the left, I only have ever seen one listing on ebay over the last couple years for one. I am also not sure but I dont think you can not use any of those and sell product unless you get licensed by BSA. That being said I do the scout ones for fun and for the scouts we have in Pack and troop. Or in the woodbadge case for woodbadge gifts when the course comes around. Im always surprised these command such a price but I guess its due to rarity? Ross