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  1. Open to offers
  2. Hey thanks for the response and the close up and the link! I wonder how they attach the brass to the handle. Cause I've got some brass round about hmmm, back to your build sorry didn't mean to derail
  3. Nice looking build along and I am sure you will love the extra space. I keep meaning to make some new prettier stamp holders and general hand tool holders but my impatience hasn't allowed me to yet! For some reason I am fascinated with the brass head mallet with the wooden handle, Did you make that? I have a zillion things that could be used to hit a center punch but that is just pretty...do tell more about it please Best Ross
  4. Foot pedal eyeletting machine seems to work. Needs cleaned up is all. I think it's neat but really have no use for it. $100
  5. Looking good so far! Keep it up you'll be done and on to the next one in no time
  6. Rossr

    I made a thing

    Thanks Lol. I went a tad overboard to make sure it was solid on the back ! Thanks
  7. Rossr

    I made a thing

    Still learning holsters. Lot to em imo. Figured I'd share. Just finished this one.
  8. Nice looking package! It will only get better from here! Keep up the good work
  9. I got an email from Weaver and Ohio Travel bag saying weaver bought OTB, tough to say if it's good or bad. But it is what it is.... Ross
  10. Rossr

    Thumb hole sling

    Look forward to seeing the results
  11. Rossr

    Thumb hole sling

    Thanks Chuck. And get making for you son , right after coffee and a cinnamon bun lol Look forward to seeing the results
  12. Rossr

    Thumb hole sling

    Yes from leatherstampstools. Sponsor here I believe, I really like that pattern a lot.
  13. Rossr

    Thumb hole sling

    Well got one made for me too. Wickett and Craig leather skirting. Some stamping and I put an R on it for my name. Back is 2 to 3 Oz veg tan machine stitched. Notnbad for a quick couple hours. Imo anyway
  14. I checked with the owner ans he only wants to sell as one lot. Thanks Ross
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