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  1. My utility knife-box cutter has served me well for a year and a half.
  2. Thank you Chuck, Dwight and Tom as well. I will definitely also try out eBay and google business.
  3. Thanks Bob. I never considered checking for other forums like this. I will check out my options. Ren Fest is upon us so I will check them out too.
  4. Hey guys. I am wanting to sell my prices but am unaware of everything out there. I was told Etsy was not good because of all the business stuff I have to deal with. Tried Fb marketplace but no luck. Any suggestions?
  5. Very nice!! It looks like you came a long way from 7 years ago! This is inspiring to me.
  6. Hey all. If you read this, would anyone suggest using large holes for sewing a knife sheath instead of the small ones I would make with my diamond chisel set? Would that be a bad idea? 

    1. fredk


      Bad Idea. For best look the thread or lace should fill the hole, so a just big enough hole is best

    2. Jaxx1024
  7. Thank you Chux. I will be searching for patterns.
  8. Very nice indeed, Chux. I would Love to know how to make a good bifold but due to internet connection speed and unavailability at work to view YOUTUBE, I just rely on designs and descriptions to make my stuff. If you have any good design pictures or websites with designs feel free to share with me. I’d be proud to make something like you did and show it off.
  9. Very nice. I’m working on knife sheaths right now and definitely noticed some flaws after uploading the pictures! One thing I ALWAYS have trouble with, however, is hammering the snaps into place. It will take me some time and plenty more snaps to make mine turn out as good as yours did.
  10. Thank you. I will check this out.
  11. Thank you! I will implement this stuff into my next projects!
  12. Very nice indeed! Thank you for the tips. I will definitely do that next time!
  13. Hey guys. I’m trying again to make leather pouches and bags and am confused on how to sew them without the stitches showing. I sew then flip it inside out right? Is there an easy way to explain it to me or do you have pictures on it? (I could just look on YouTube but I don’t understand the videos sometimes.). I want to make some pouches for some of my hardware since I don’t have a tool rack yet.
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