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  1. I want to try adding spots to some of my old west holsters. I haven't been able to find any instructions. Would I need to add a lining? Any help would be appreciated
  2. I recently started using tape on the back of my projects when I stamp or carve. What do you about the roughness of the leather when you pull the tape off?
  3. Is there a pattern for sporrans?
  4. I am looking for carving patterns for 1860 slim Jim holsters. Anyone know where I can some?
  5. Thank you for your comments. I will do some practicing find what works for me.
  6. This is a dumb question so be nice. I have been doing leather work for a while. But I still have problems beveling my cut lines. I see others moving the beveler along the line as they are hitting it. What am I doing wrong? I have to move then hit it. Doesn't always create a nice smooth bevel.
  7. Looking for the measurements for making 22cal bullet loops. I found information all several other sizes. Is 32 cal larger or same size?
  8. Figured out the splice. Having trouble figuring out how to lace around the point.
  9. If your lace brakes in the middle doing double loop lace, what double you do to fix it?
  10. What do you do when the rough side of leather that is inside of a holster is really rough? I really don't want to line it.
  11. Is there anywhere to get 1 1/4 alphabet letter stamps? Or any suggestions best way to make them? I am working on my Santa belt and either just going to do SC or spell SANTA out centered on the belt with the sleigh coming off each side.
  12. Is there a video or something else to show how to use it correctly? I have tried several times but can't seem to make it look right. Just put it aside but now would like to use it on a project.
  13. I am working on my Santa belt that is 4 inches wide. After my border, I need 1 1/2 to 1 3/4 letters. No want makes letter stamps that large and honestly I am not good at lettering. Any suggestions?
  14. Yes the one pictured is hollow ground. My straight blade like yours is what I started out with but it's cuts were worst
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