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  1. I am working on my Santa belt that is 4 inches wide. After my border, I need 1 1/2 to 1 3/4 letters. No want makes letter stamps that large and honestly I am not good at lettering. Any suggestions?
  2. Yes the one pictured is hollow ground. My straight blade like yours is what I started out with but it's cuts were worst
  3. Here is picture of my practice cuts and my knife.
  4. Yes I wet the leather and let dry to start looking the color of the leather. This is a cover for a Tandy leather pouch. Maybe 2-3oz.
  5. Sometimes it seems the blade will just cut so deep and it doesn't seem deep. Here is one I just finished the cuts and stamping
  6. Here is one. It came out looking to flat because the cuts were too shallow
  7. My latest finished one. Thinking I need to get a sewing machine and learn how to use it. Take a while to stitch theses by hand.
  8. Sometimes when I am doing the cuts for a carving pattern, they don't seem to be deep enough to get nice even indentations when using the bvevelers or other pattern tools. What am I doing wrong? I strop my blade before start. I don't do a lot of carving for that reason. I do stamping more.
  9. What have others found works best for cutting out leather projects as far as simplest and fastest? I have tried the round knife but not a fan. I mostly use a knife I purchased from Tandy that holds utility knife blades.
  10. What are others using to seal your leather projects? I have used super sheen and satin sheen, using the satin because I do not want a glossy finish. I started usingFiebling's leather sheen spray so my dyes don't get smeared or taken off as what happens when wiping it on. Can Resolene be applied over satin sheen? I just fin8shed a rifle scabbard that I just used oil on it then I put satin sheen on it but thinking I should have used resolene
  11. I don't cut too many straps, but when I need to I always have a problem getting the strap cutter to make the initial first. Is there trick to start it? I am using the wooden manual one from Tandys.
  12. When applying antique dye on belt how do you keep it from getting on the back of the belt? Or do you also dye the back?
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