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  1. I didn't think he sold his stamps. Yes sorry I misspelled it
  2. Where can I purchase or have a Christmas holly leather border stamp?
  3. I am trying to post in Suppliers and it will not let me. Was asking me to create sign in and I already have one. Never mind I finally got it to work. Please delete this
  4. This has probably been asked before but wasn't sure how to search it. What do you use on a holster and belt that has been oiled not dyed? Don't want it to spot if it gets wet
  5. So I bought a new airbrush that is external mixing. It seems to spray good. But when I went to wet form the holster the dye started coming off. What is the best way to seal the leather so it is water protected? I am making this belt and holster for a customer. I don't want to sell it to him and the first time he wears it and it gets wet to have the dye coming off and ruining the holster and his clothes. I used Tandy's black gel antique on this particular holster but I use other types of dyes also that I need to be sure they are not coming off.
  6. What is a good airbrush to use for spraying the satin sheen or super sheen? Anyone know what the proper mixture water verses the sheen? It is hard to clean the airbrush because it will not siphon after it is clogged.
  7. I have usually applied satin sheen or other sealers with damp sponge but it usually takes some of the dye off. I have been trying to use an airbrush. I bought a kit with compressor and an airbrush. It worked great for the first few times. Now it will not spray. Air comes out but will not pick up the fluid. I have an old airbrush so I tried it. It will spray a little but then quits picking up the fluid from the jar. I have tried cleaning them both but to no avail. Does anyone here use an airbrush? Is the satin sheen too thick so it clogs the gun after a few sprays? I am thinking about buying another new airbrush, but afraid the same thing will happen.
  8. Has anyone come up with a pattern for a Nook? My wife needs a new cover for hers and she has not found anything she like so I want to make a leather one. I want it to open like a book like the one she has now.
  9. My wife needs a new case for her nook she cant find one she likes. I could probably come up with one but if someone has already done one I have always said why reinvent the wheel
  10. I want to use my air brush to spray on the top finish so the dye is not wiped off when using a sponge. Do you spray it straight or does it need to be diluted with water? If so, what is the percentages?
  11. Do you have the Al Stolman holster making book? I have made a couple off the pattern for 1911 in the back of the book. Was not that bad. I even made the loop so it would give it a slight angle forward.
  12. I have been having issues applying protection stuff like super sheen or satin sheen. I use a damp sponge to apply it. It always removes some of the dye. I use oil dyes and gel antiques. Sometimes it doesn't hurt my project. But I am working on a holster that I applied black gel antique to it. I really liked the way it came out. But when I applied the satin sheen it removed some of the dye and now leather is showing through. Is there any way to fix this or do I sell like it is telling people is an antique effect? How do others here apply the protection finish and what do you use?
  13. Stupid question, how do you print the pattern so it is the original size?
  14. Does anyone have a good double magazine pouch pattern they wouldn't mind sharing? I have a couple for 1911 mags which I shoot, but I need one for 9mm and/or 40 caliber. I am working on a holster/belt/magazine combination to be used for a silent auction. My boss has a foundation for helping kids with cancer in memory of their son who died from cancer. They raise money at the big fund raiser they put on in March to help a family of a child that has cancer. So I need to get this project done. I have the holster made already. Need to get busy on the belt and magazine pouch. The pouch I made already was from the 1911 pattern but my dad's 40cal magazine would not fit.
  15. Here is the finished project. This is the one I was working on when I posted in Leather Conversation asking about C940 camoflauge tool that Tandy's no longer carried. Need decide what style of belt to use and will get started on it.
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