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  1. I've been putting Resolene on W & C bridle leather( almost every leather, actually). I made a bridle leather bag a couple years ago that I use on a daily basis- still looking great.
  2. This person uses cooking lard that he keeps in the fridge. Great information guys. I was intrigued by it, so I just had to ask. Now I know what to use if I'm ever in a pinch.
  3. Final Update: Despite the delayed shipment and extremely poor communication from the company, I had a family attorney take a look at the contract. Based on the contract, company would have had design rights to anything and everything that was coming out of my shop- even if it wasn't equine related and also to any customer info. I would have been getting paid by the hour, not by the job, which was not the way it was supposed to be.. It was a totally one sided contract . I decided not to pursue any further communications with this company.
  4. Someone I know swears by the use of LARD to condition leather. I used tallow one time when I was a teen and it caused the leather to mold. Is lard a good leather conditioner? I would think it would go rancid and attract mice out in the barn. Any thoughts? Personally, I stick with neats foot, but always open to new ideas. Thanks!
  5. Update: I just received the tack set back a couple days ago- I'm very relieved! Thank you all for the input.
  6. That makes me feel better. I'll wait it out and see what happens. I
  7. Both excellent ideas! Its been 2 weeks but I'm going to wait a bit longer- just to be sure.
  8. I should clarify- I could not take pics and post them to social media . I did take pictures of the tack set as a work in progress and it is unique enough to be identified.
  9. Company has positions for seamstresses ,etc listed on Indeed and are active on social media as we speak.I have a feeling this is is going to be just a tough lesson learned,lol.
  10. Long story short, I had an "opportunity" with a company that has a large social media following and a physical store to design and create several high end USA made tack sets exclusively for them( tooled, blinged out barrel racer stuff). Part of the deal was a non compete and I couldn't even take pics of the stuff. I looked into it- company is legit, USA based, in business for several years. Owner tells me she'll send the contract and says in the meantime they want a sample tack set designed just for them for evaluation and if they like it, they will purchase it. Company is actively recruiting small USA business owners to do sewing and leather work. She wanted price quotes/"raw costs" as well.,etc. It was delivered and I have not heard a word from this company despite several follow up emails., no contract sent, etc. She responded when I asked her for a shipping address for it but nothing since. I should mention I had a zoom interview lasting almost an hour as well. At this point, I guess I'm just curious how the heck I get an expensive "sample" tack set back from them? How do other businesses handle sending out expensive "sample" products? I'm embarrassed as well... I don't think it was a scam per se, but at the very least its extremely poor communication on their part. I'm not going to oust the company at this point, but wanted other's thoughts on this. I just want the tack set back- no money has been exchanged. Thanks!
  11. I use prong spots on collars I've made with a liner because I think it looks nicer. However, on horse harness they will put spots on parts that aren't lined. The prongs are just bent over and flattened really well.
  12. My first leather projects were dog collars and misc harness parts. I had to start with fairly simple projects as I was still accumulating tools and supplies. Since then, I've made everything from horse harness to bags, bridles, belts, rifle slings,etc( I get bored very easily). I learn something new with each project but I do try to incorporate skills I would use in harness work since that is my main interest and there is always room for improvement.
  13. Mine came with one of those - I assumed it was for a spool of thread too.
  14. I got my parts/manual from Eli. He deals with Landis 1 stuff . (217) 543 -3464
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