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  1. Since it burnished well, I would assume it's a veg tan. The difference in center color could be that the tannage didn't penetrate all the way thru the hide.
  2. Thank you for the responses. I thought no one responded to this. I have stripped saddle. Looks like tree will at least hold tacks. I have ordered supplies and will post pics of progress. If nothing else, it will be a learning experience.
  3. I was gifted an 1880's/90's catalog sidesaddle in poor condition that I have been wanting to take on as a project since I got it( several years ago). Besides obvious rot, breaks, etc how do I determine if the tree is even sound enough to be worth rebuilding? How old is too old and can you fix certain things? Any books recommended before I begin this? Thanks for any input.
  4. My domestic sewing machine struggled sewing 9 oz canvas bags( folded hems,etc).I wasn't impressed with the stitch quality and you have to use lighter weight threads. I bought a used Phaff 145 H-3 for $225.00 last fall and it works well, just wish it was a cylinder arm.
  5. Thank you all for the help. I looked at the Barry King site. I've been slowly buying tools since December and can see I need to add a few. An update on this project(saddlebags): I tried correcting the cut lines this morning and some of them were soo wavy there was no way I could acceptably blend them in/ soften. The closer I looked, the worse they were,lol. I need to learn to cut straight! So, it's back to square one.
  6. Thank you! I'll have to put in an order with him
  7. When I was getting mine up and running I needed a new spring( i forget the correct name) in the shuttle- I believe that regulates your bobbin thread. The gentleman in Illinois was able to fix it... I also purchased a 2nd shuttle and if I recall it was approx. $200.
  8. Thank you both. Frekd how did you make your own if I might ask?
  9. I am not happy with my cut borders- is there a way to soften/round them? They need fixing( they look jagged, uneven, unacceptable). I'm not sure if there is a tool? What am I doing wrong? Is this the way the are supposed to look? I am struggling with tooling. Thank you for any help.
  10. I answered and tried to be as helpful as I could in your personal messages.The rest of your questions I think have been answered- I wouldn't get into leather work for the money. In my area, people don't want to spend $30 on a leather belt, let alone a leather tote or horse harness. I was told last summer at a show- it's a $25 leather bag. I think your best bet is to go online and find a niche market offering items that are unique.
  11. I make the piece up, glue , use bone folder and tacks if need be and when it's dry I'll trim it.I personally use a round knife to trim, but whatever works for you- razor blade, scalpel, etc. For straight raised strap work I add 1/4" to the top piece- but don't hold me to that, it depends on what your doing and I haven't been at this that long!. Pics of 1/2" raised straight strap and a shaped martingale drop. I'm sure those with more experience will chime in.
  12. I make the bottom piece the size I want, then I take a filler piece and bevel the edges of it with a french edger. Top piece is slightly larger.
  13. I actually just bought one from Canada last week- but thank you
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