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  1. I have cross posted this to multiple groups( still looking for answers on fb)... I've admired this style of headstall for years, finally got my hands on an antique one. What "style" is this? Who was using it when new?) And my other question is, was the noseband on a separate hanger or threaded thru the bit ends? I'd like to make a new one with my own spin on it. Thanks for any education:)
  2. So, my husband is willing to make me one, rather than buying new. I appreciate all who answered.
  3. I have to patina copper, brass and steel hardware all the time. Check out "Jax" brand online. Kind of spendy but a little goes a long way. You either brush it on or dip the hardware and then rinse with water. Works well.
  4. I've taken hames to my local muffler shop and they've bent them before, so I'm assuming so. The new one I found uses a bottle jack - I'm not very familiar with pipe benders,etc.
  5. I'm looking to see whats out there for a used hame bender before I purchase new.
  6. I'd like to add- the straps I've made have been for sleigh bells. So what I did was make the pattern for half of it. The last strap I did was over 100" long and 4" at the widest. I took a piece of paper 4 in wide and folded it in half . Then I figured out the bell placement ( or concho in your case) and every spot there was one, was a swell. Another type of strap I've done had smaller points and that was done using a modified end punch.
  7. I have a Beiler's strap cutter. It works fine, no complaints.
  8. I've made a few wavy straps- I make a template, trace and cut with a round knife
  9. For those of you that do harness work, I have a question about line construction... the following pictures show 2 different examples of made up lines for a single pony. Which one is safest/ most correct? The pair I made up is the wider of the 2, however, I have made up lines in the other manner. I do not use snaps or Conway buckles. Thoughts, suggestions? I'm questioning myself because of a person's opinion and my end goal is improvement and safety is paramount!
  10. Alexis1234

    Singer 29k71

    Selling a 29k71 singer with motor. Motor runs. It needs bobbins and could use a new cord somewhere down the line from what I can tell. Asking $600 obo Located in Forbes, MN. I cannot ship.
  11. Thank you all, for the kind words- I don't know how to quote multiple people at the same time otherwise everyone would get a response! I'm glad I shared some of my oddball/ niche work.
  12. That's awesome that you remember his bells... I wish there was more of that stuff still around
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