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  1. Alexis1234

    Pony Harness

    Thank you! Yes, all the curves were free cut- I don't have any clicker dies. Patent overlays on hip and shoulder strap, drops are raised. Unfortunately, saddle is not tufted. Its lined and padded. Originally, I had made up a tufted pad panel and planned on lacing it on but I had a heck of a time getting the panel to line up/ sized correctly. Something to work on for the next one. I get my patent from Weaver.
  2. Alexis1234

    How sharp ?

    Pretty slick idea- that pipe for a curved knife
  3. Alexis1234

    How sharp ?

    I have been using an old Osborn. Originally, I bought a knife from Tandy, but found it was useless. I never felt any pain from this cut, crazy but I didn't!
  4. Alexis1234

    How sharp ?

    After reading the replies, my knife is no where near sharp enough! I have stones and stropping compounds, but I struggle with getting the correct angle.
  5. Alexis1234

    How sharp ?

    I apologize if this has been covered already- I didn't run across it. How sharp is sharp enough for a round/ head knife? Yesterday, my knife chattered/slipped and I ended up with a fairly serious injury while cutting horribly tanned patent leather... I swear it's because the knife wasn't sharp enough. My husband thinks otherwise. When is it sharp enough and how do you gauge it? I'm still learning. Thanks for any input.
  6. Alexis1234

    Decorative stitching in silk thread

    I'm curious enough that I'm going to order a skein... From what I've researched I need "flat filament" silk. I want to know if it makes that much difference with hand stitching ( the look)or if it's all hype. I do intend to do smaller stitching- maybe 12 or 14 spi. I do 9 or 10 stitches per inch with hand sewing now.
  7. Alexis1234

    Decorative stitching in silk thread

    Thank you for the replies. I looked at the pintrest board- lots of ideas! What I had in mind was the inner stitching row on winkers, face drops and perhaps saddle tops. I was curious as to what effect the old harness makers were getting with silk thread that was different from linen? From what I've researched it's supposed to be very glossy... I just wonder what that looks like against leather and how it holds up to sunlight?
  8. Alexis1234


    I hardly ever offer my opinion on this forum. I barely know what the heck I'm doing so I'm in no position to offer advice .Those that have offered advice/critiques- I respect the work they do and have taken it.
  9. In several old trade journals and books I've seen mentioned hand sewing leather with silk thread... has anyone done this? I want to try it for decorative stitching on harness. Any recommendations, insight or hints? I realize this isn't probably done much anymore, but thought I would inquire. Thanks!
  10. Alexis1234

    Passing of Pets

    I'm so sorry for your loss... I lost my constant companion of 19 years on December 15- I saved some hair. I'm in the same boat- don't know how to incorporate it in leather work. I was going to encase it in acrylic resin for a necklace, or I was going to try to do his pawprints and a nice poem in leather( a picture frame type thing).
  11. Alexis1234

    Tips on setting brass pad rivets

    Thank you!
  12. I have installed stainless hame nails and copper rivets before, but never brass. Any tips on avoiding damaging the heads? Thanks for any ideas!
  13. Alexis1234

    "Genuine" Leather

    I once found a brand new harness made out of this stuff at an auction... black top was peeling off the compressed layers of leather straps(it was not supposed to be patent leather).It looked like they had been covered in garbage bag material
  14. Alexis1234

    Pony Harness

    Yes, I am married and thank you- it was alot of work!
  15. Alexis1234

    Pony Harness

    I sold my landis 1 last spring.This was sewn on a cobra class 4.