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  1. My goodness what find I spotted 3 shuttle hooks, and around 16 (?) bobbins in those pieces. Boot making? HS
  2. The 29k is a nice machine but OTT $$$ . I'd buy the 204 myself tho HS
  3. Greetings to you too . I've only just noticed these recent posts .. And thank you so much for posting on here. Its not very often you meet the author . I bought the ...your book from a vendor at a regular market. After some research, I realised just how much the book is worth. Depending where you look, its in the hundred$, on another site it was up around the thousand $$ mark ...WOW !! I only paid 10. To this day, I still haven't got the heart to tell the vendor how much its really worth ...now, and thats without your autograph, and the bonus historic photo that I found inside. That may add value, I'm not sure. One day, I might tell him....mmmm..??.... or maybe not . I agree, but it ain't for sale That was a childrens hospital in the Perth CBD , now decommissioned and demolished . I hate history being demolished and the politicians with no forethought . It was fully functioning and fully operational. With ongoing hospital issues forever going on here in Oz , it could have been utilised, we could have done with extra beds, despite its age, but instead, theres going to be yet another supermarket and a fancy 'block of flats' ( apartments) in place of it. I've gone through it quite a number of times now, I'm still totally blown away . Those saddles are exquisite works of art. I would have loved to visit his workshop. HS
  4. After a few hiccups, it went great Nearly completed all my annual property chores/ maintenance . Fire breaks are compulsory here in Oz . Once they're all done I can focus on getting my lil' Grey Fergie sorted. Pick up parts Wed. Here ya go friend. Some nice yummy cray fish tails with a creamy cheese sauce with a lil' cracked pepper , garnished with fresh home grown Parsley & Marjoram , and, juicy sweet prawns ( shrimp) with some lemon on the side. Washed down with a nice white wine . Damn delish , and filling it so was too The cray tails come from a friend that has an in-law that is a cray fisherman up north. So good to have friends like that HS
  5. Question: Why do TV reporters stand out in the open when reporting on weather events? Looking at the news earlier , its an incredibly dangerous and powerful hurricane , but yet they're in the middle of it. Surely they can report on it from a safe location? Happens here in Oz during serious weather events, theres no need to tell us how dangerous it is...we are in it !!! Please stay safe, unlike the reporters. HS
  6. You're right. You don't have to experience ' paradolia' to spot that. It was on various media sites. I did some research. "Hurricane Matthew was the first Category 5 Atlantic hurricane since Felix in 2007" Mathew hit around Sept-Oct. 2016 Whenever it was, that pic totally creeps me out . Holy crap !!!!!!!
  7. That looks so scary on the news. We get our fair share of storms, cyclones etc. but thats a whopper. The pic is of ' Hurricane Mathew'. Not sure year that was. Tell me what you see ? Stay safe . HS
  8. Around 4" x 3" l ike Loki74 said. There quite an assortment of designs too . I do try to keep them simple. A pocket out back for notes, slots for cards, and a pocket for some coin , or a pocket for a photo with an additional slot underneath. HS
  9. I also agree, but I hope he gets a replacement machine quickly . Cos while all this is happening, theres a lot of down time not to mention the stress. HS
  10. @CowboyBob He's right, If we were to go anywhere near it with a spanner, it would void any warranties ( here in Oz) If that happened to my machine, I'd be breaking out in a cold sweat. I wouldn't have a clue how to fix it either, and even if I did, there no guarantee it will run properly again. Thats quite a big difference between companies, regardless of where it was bought from. Whatever happens, I do hope theres a positive resolution . HS
  11. WOW !!!!!!!!!! They should never assume the owners are mechanics . Maintain & service, yes, ...repair?? NO !! " Limited Lifetime ' warranty??? Wha....??? They should delete the words " Lifetime" . Thats like buying a new car, if it goes wrong, you're expected to fix it yourself?? I know our consumer laws are totally different, but that machine would be replaced here . HS
  12. Quite a yummy breakfast that would be eh? Breakfast of champions It lives yeyyyy , after 11 months !!! I took the plunge this afternoon and got my ol Fordson going again . About an hour of fiddling about cleaning the fuel tank , and getting the fuel line sorted, , filled the rad up with water, crossed my heart & said a lil' prayer....it came to life after a few turns!!! I gave it a kiss, ssshh... don't tell anyone, people might think I'm going a bit strange , lol. Drove it around, a minor hiccup, but otherwise great, it ran sweet !! Not an ounce of smoke coming from that exhaust . Next, oil change, new plugs & exhaust pipe . Never did like that ' lump' HS
  13. @CowboyBob & @kgg If he chooses to do the work himself and makes any mistakes, would that void any warranties? Assuming this machine is under warranty? He's only had it six months . If so, I wouldn't even touch it IMO . HS
  14. NO !!!! I'll be asking for a replacement machine . I can repair a few simple things on my machine, but I'm not THAT technically minded either . What is the warranty T & C's on the machine? I know our laws are different, but under ' Australian Consumer Law' that would be considered a ' catastrophic failure'. It's up to the company to deal with this issue, not the customer. Its their machine, their name, and their reputation. HS
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