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  1. I've never made one myself. Might check this vid out myself. Hope it helps . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RCxUzW0PKfk HS
  2. That is truly some quality craftsmanship. Love the beautiful grains & colours in the woods. And yes, leather & wood go so well together .Especially antique dyes . Absolutely amazing . HS
  3. I'm pretty sure I have ' fluer de lis' stamp somewhere. Its slightly bigger that a 3D from memory.
  4. Guinness is a special treat, not a regular drink...like as you say, a bit ex$y . The PBR Beer is available here in Oz , might give it a try. Spring is a great time. All the different flowers appear in the bush, quite a sight, and the tourists come flocking. A member of my family, a bro, tried doing the home brew, many moons ago. He kept it in the spare room to keep it "cool" ...apparently . It got a bit too hot one day and the damn thing went wrong and bubbled up all over the floor . I come home from work, and the whole house stank of beer.Open the spare room door, it was like a scene out of " The Blob" . Foamy ' stuff' everywhere. It was also a case of " O'h f***k !!! He's in the deepest of s***t !!! " Mum was really p*ssed off because she just redecorated the spare room , new carpet and all .He learnt his lesson, silly boy !! Nuff said . HS
  5. Very beautifully done. My eye was drawn to the border. But yep, fiddly as . Love the colours too . Coats of Arms are never easy, fiddly but the end result is quite effective . HS
  6. I couldn't have said it better myself Just hammer them flat. I have only used d/c rivets. HS
  7. The sheathes I have made are 'one piece' that includes the belt loop. I have had to use ( d/c ) rivets on some holsters, and to prevent the rivets scratching the gun, I make sure the rivets are totally flat/flush with the leather , not slightly 'domed ' . That has worked for me. Others on here may have a different technique , linings perhaps, that cover the rivets before assembly . HS
  8. You beat me to it. Great minds thinks alike . HS
  9. I have done a family coat of arms, fiddly as. I did what I could with bevellers etc. , but I used mostly modeling tools for all the fiddly bits. HS
  10. Great minds think alike. I thought about starting a food thread too Yeh sorry from me too @fredk . He must be getting tired of my cooking by now, like hearty....yummy ...Guinness pies . I even had some Guinness ...before midday ..woo hoo....who needs ' rulz' !!! Those pics are great. The white flowers remind me of a ' Jasmine' here in Oz . a climber/ creeper small white flowers with a sweet scent. Just love the changing of the seasons. Its getting close to our Winter ( June) but this is my favourite time of year . HS
  11. Man, we just love really good quality home made food . Hearty soups, meat pies, elk steaks ( yummo ) . So full of flavour, and from the heart.... and not from a packet or from the frozen meal isle . HS
  12. ' Mc-Slopski's ' has now shut down/ selling off its operations in McRussia . Meanwhile in ' Realfoodland' ... I had a nice hearty home made Guinness meat pie tonight. Slow cooked gravy beef, vegies etc. fresh garden herbs, some flour as a thickener, ......and Guinness , slow cooked first , followed by a nice crusty pastry on the top. Served up with nice hot jacket potatoes green vegies and ......Guinness gravy . The best damn meat pie in the world HS
  13. A'h yes, the joy of putting your new 'toy' together. And what a wonderful person she is ' A family that sews together, stays together ' . I see you had some practice. If only I was married,*sigh* I'd like a 132K6, a post bed... a long arm ....and a bigger workshop...please Well done to you both & Happy sewing HS
  14. @chuck123wapati the home made soup was so delicious . Hot 'n' hearty after a busy weekend . Warmed my bones up nicely HS
  15. I want one. I enjoy hand stitching , but the joints in my hands are painful at times, especially these last few days. Must be the cold weather. But he last time I checked, the Oz $$$ was under .70 cents . No good for buying stuff from O/S . That sux !!! But I do occasionally use my sewing machine to make holes , like @fredk does, if time is of the esscence . HS
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