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  1. G'Day, Try here: https://conchos.com/bhn-75-sb/ Hope it helps HS
  2. G'Day and welcome to the forum You're on the right track . As its for ' display only' , I'd be starting with a good dose of oil, it will take a few applications . If you feel brave enough, you may wish to do any minor repairs if there are any parts that look like they're about to fall off. Thats a start Some more experienced saddle makers on here may be able to help you along . $32 bucks is a bargain. If that was in an antique shop here in Oz, they'd be charging $150+ just because it looks 'antique'. HS
  3. @Hasbeencowboy I always use roo lace. This doesn't help you at all, but my supplier here in Oz does sell ' hot pink lace ' . Its in 10 metres to 100 metres , 3 mm or 4.7 mm https://www.birdsall-leather.com.au/LLCL3010w/Classic-Lacing-3mm-10mtr/pd.php While not always needed , I just use a simple polyurethane sealer . I haven't tried dying nat. lace as pink dye is not always available . HS
  4. Why not use a medium/heavy veg tan leather , tool it, dye it , and wax/oil it yourself? You might be surprised at the results . Just a thought ? HS
  5. For cases, I have a bench sander. I sand the edges until they're even all around the case, bevel the edges, apply some dye, and then burnish while the dye is still a bit damp ( using the wood handle of my beveller) , and finish off with bit of boot polish, comes up sweet For belts, I just bevel & burnish using the same wood handle, still comes up sweet HS
  6. When space is a prime, I roll mine, as in d/butts & shoulders . I do like the cardboard tube idea That'll be good for thin hides like roo , goat etc. HS
  7. @KennethM G'Day, I have worked with canvas but not waxed. There are a few ways . As with canvas bags , I have sewn them from the outside ,trim the seams nice & neat, and then turned them out so the seams are not visible, but nice & neat from the outside. . I have also used fell & french seams on some upholstered jobs. Not sure if this is of any help though. HS
  8. @sturdypine Is that some sort of netting you're trying to sew? Just wondering that maybe messing things up and the machine is having difficulty sewing it? Try a piece of thin leather or fabric, , and perhaps a few layers of canvas and see what happens. Process of elimination ? HS
  9. G'Day, Hope this helps: https://bonisparts.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/ownersmanual.pdf Also: https://bonisparts.com/owners-manual/ Theres some contact details as well. HS
  10. @Krys Perhaps a few pics may help to identify what parts are missing ? Maybe source a manual ? https://www.manualslib.com/products/Singer-7-41-9301270.html HS
  11. I have started cleaning/sorting in that "other shed'"...and .....O-M- G !!! Its a mess !! It hasn't been touched for at least 10 years . . What have I done?? ' Forgive me O Lord for I know not what I am doing ' . All this to make my leather workshop a ' happier place/space ' . Its a case of , ' I've made a clean spot now so I'll have to do the rest ' . 'A clean space is a happy space ' , apparently . HS
  12. I'll be seriously be thinking about getting one of these myself. I enjoy doing secret plaits .All I've been using is a home made scratch gauge set at different widths , and the leather is very carefully cut with a really sharp blade. HS
  13. G'Day, My New Year's resolutions are not to make any , it's worked for me thus far . I have tried making resolutions before only to get side tracked , or life throws a spanner in the works, something always comes up that messes things up . So instead, I just do the jobs that just have to be done. In this case, while I have the very rare spare time, I have to tidy up my workshop,and, make space in another shed to store excess 'stuff' to make space in my workshop for stock that has piled up these last few months. It gets a pretty messy, not a good look when customers visit. Anyway, May you fulfill your resolutions and lets all hope that 2021 brings us all happiness & hope, ....and new leather projects and creative ideas , of course. I still have some fluorescent roo skins that I'm itching to work with. Peace HS
  14. @Retswerb toxo is still in first place atm (Sorry mods, this is off topic ) HS
  15. Yeh, the last thing you want is moisture getting into the watch . Just make a mould the same size & shape. I have some pine off-cuts that I use , and some MDF like fredk said. I put a coating of oil on the wood so it doesn't get affected by the moisture. HS
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