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  1. Handstitched

    Something Does Not Feel Right

    To go fully ' cashless' would disadvantage so many people, the elderly for example. Some don't even have a cash or credit card , and still use the ' ways of old' . The ' tap & go' or ' paywave' devices cost the user extra to use, here in Oz anyway. The ol' car boot sales and swat meets , markets etc. would be affected, as most of the transactions are cash . For my business, I use ' Square' payment system , eftpos, c/card , heaps cheaper than banks, but I still get quite a lot of cash transactions too. About 90% of my business just at the weekend was cash ** go figure? ** Western Australia has the lowest covid numbers anywhere in Australia , and almost no restrictions. HS
  2. Handstitched

    Store solvent based glue

    Isn't Xylene the same as Toluene? or pretty close . HS
  3. Handstitched

    Something Does Not Feel Right

    Yep, same here in Oz . Mostly at the major chain bottle shops ( liquor stores ) @fredk Thats quite a mystery . Or, the other possibility , is that the buyer passed away So without a last name or any other info, it will remain a mystery . HS
  4. Handstitched

    Store solvent based glue

    The product I have used in the past, also has a ' Gel' version to avoid that stringy annoyance . Its not just for leather, but also for, wood , laminates, etc. Just wondering if theres a 'Gel' version of the product that you use? HS
  5. Handstitched

    Something Does Not Feel Right

    So true. Here in Oz, and no doubt in the EU & UK , ' anti- forging technology' is getting better . Here they have even included braille tactile thingies on every note with holograms and lots of micro micro....stuff HS
  6. Handstitched

    Store solvent based glue

    I'm with fredk. I get the smaller tins of contact adhesive. I was buying the 1 ltr tins, but was going off quicker than I could use it. But I also remembered my ol' fibreglass pool days, and got some Toluene to keep it from drying out. But the jar with a tight seal should work OK . Heads up, not sure what you call it in your part of the universe, but Toluene expands rubber ...and wear gloves & *eye protection*, it burns on contact with skin. * I've done a few impressions of Hussein Bolt to the wash room HS
  7. Handstitched

    Something Does Not Feel Right

    A'h yes, scammers don't just love them? NOT!! I can see this thread filling up quickly with so many stories. The latest for me? Business registration scams . I renew mine every 3 years through the proper channels, but yet , I've had two in the mail since March and very " official looking " too ,asking to pay 2-3 times the proper fee . Always rely on your gut I love cash, as in folding money. It doesn't need batteries, or a good signal or recharging, and can't be hacked into , and can still be used even when the power goes off.......AND it doesn't bounce . Cheques are being phased out here in Oz . HS
  8. Handstitched

    Singer 78-1 vs 111W101

    That can be overcome, but with horse rugs being so big, a reverse ( Seiko STW ) is a must, .....for me anyway And yes, I too love vintage machines. I can credit this forum for that ' sobsniff' . The more I read , the more I learn , and the more I appreciate their history . If only these old machines could speak eh? the stories they could tell ? wow !! In fact, I love anything old , even better when it still works and continues to outlast their modern counterparts. HS
  9. Handstitched

    Singer 78-1 vs 111W101

    What they said The 101. I do horse rug repairs , and medium leathers with a similar machine ( Seiko STW) so it would be ideal for auto upholstery , I've done that too . HS
  10. Handstitched


    All the very best Fergie My Mother has one more to go too . At least you can hold a beer now HS
  11. Handstitched

    Can any help identify this machine?

    I was able to zoom in a bit and I could just make out the the letter " G" ...or it could be a " C " I think the peddle has ' Singer' on it , but doesn't make it a Singer machine . HS
  12. O'h dear !!!!!!!!! Does that mean all that effort was for nothing? And he's destroyed the hex screw and tool for nothing as well ? Bugger !!! HS
  13. Handstitched

    Can any help identify this machine?

    I've cleaned it up a bit
  14. Handstitched

    PFAFF 145 : length stitch issues

    @flora18 Is this of any use ? : http://www.pfaff.com/SiteMedia/PFAFF/Products/Machines/Support-manuals/pfaff_145-manual-EN.PDF