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  1. Well, alternatively , you could try using a 1.2mm veg tan , however, you won't be able to carve a pattern into it, but you may be able to stamp a pattern into it, or a friends name, but you have to be so careful that you don't hit the tools so hard that its cuts the leather right through . Try putting a piece of 3-4mm scrap underneath where you're stamping to avoid that..its has worked.....sometimes.....practice first. And perhaps make a wallet inner with say , roo hide, goat hide , pig skin , or whatever you have available, then glue & stitch . HS
  2. This has come up before: I do have a white dye, but its from the 80's.... It was given to me ....by...someone. People often give me stuff . Its a small bottle, but I use it very sparingly because once its gone....it gone. I also have a turquoise of the same stuff. Its sorta like a white wash, dries quickly. I'll take a pic of it when I can . I also found this: https://www.ebay.com/p/1129803792 As for oxalic acid, I've mainly used it to clean any grease stains etc. from leather, on rare occasions . Its toxic stuff. It was originally made from rhubarb leaves, amongst other green leafy thingys . I have a ' skull & X bones' on my bottle Hope this helps, HS
  3. Bingo!! Very rarely do I get someone that knows the difference. Quite often I have to point it out. @WannaBe So I guess by now you have enough ( perhaps too much) info on the topic to make your head spin . But you do whats best for you. Welcome to the world of leather btw HS
  4. @Leather20 Not sure if kangaroo leather is available where you are, but thats what I often use for making simple wallets. Easy to cut and easy to sew by hand or machine. ( I've just ordered some more) Or alternatively, I have used goat skins. Similar in thickness , and come in many colours. A simple wallet is all that people want a lot of the time . I've seen customers wallets as thick as a paving bricks , and so badly out of shape . Hope all goes well for you HS
  5. @WannaBe I forgot to answer your last question. I am quite happy as to when I bought my first machine, but I just wish the process was easier, so many machines to choose from , I couldn't make my mind up . So I had to focus on what it was I'm going to sew, in the present and in the future , and narrow them down. But all I can say is, take your time, choose carefully . HS
  6. G'Day, @WannaBe I'd already started my business before deciding to get my first machine. I handstitched everything, but I needed to speed things up . It was a long process before finally deciding which machine to get. But I now have 4 machines I still hand stitch, but its hard on my hands these days . HS
  7. G'Day, This is no help but I found this as a reference: https://books.google.com.au/books/about/How_to_Make_Leather_Animals.html?id=EJTAIwAACAAJ&redir_esc=y and this: https://www.amazon.com/How-Make-Leather-Animals-Stohlman/dp/B00K894CK2 So people knows what it looks like at least. Perhaps someone on here might be good enough to send you a copy, or look for a download? HS
  8. It finally has a permanent home in my workshop after much tidying and re-arranging .Prior to that, it just got moved whenever I needed to use it....it got a bit heavy It now sits next to ' Brutus' . Quite a juxtaposition, the old & the new sitting next to each other. The rubber mat prevents it from sliding about on the laminex bench. I just need an extra light . HS
  9. G'Day, This is what I use: https://maclaceleather.com.au/product/seal-shine-1-litre/ https://www.birdsall-leather.com.au/DTC/Top-Coat-Leather-Finish/pd.php HS
  10. G'Day @PALeatherArt, yes , unfortunately you will get marks, not matter how well your machine is adjusted. Uwe summed it up very well. Every piece of leather is different. I'm always making sheaths, various leather cases, for knives, tools , ' ' Leathermans' etc. So what I have learn't to do is use a huge 5mm ' D' ring, ' O' ring or a ' Square' ring to rub out the marks . ( the corners help) It does work, but just takes a bit of ' elbow grease' . I'm petrified about adjusting that any further , in case it gets some air time and makes a hole in my workshop roof , I may never be able to get it back in again. Everything on ' Brutus' ( my 441 clone) is adjusted just fine I don't dare touch it. HS
  11. G'Day...from Aussie land You may have some difficulty there. Perhaps you could try that on some scraps first? I would think that the sealer wouldn't adhere . Check this out, it may help: https://leatherworker.net/forum/topic/91870-dyed-leather-bleeding/ HS
  12. G"day, I had a lot of trouble in the early days using oil based dyes on belts, so frustrating . No matter how many coats of sealer I apply, the dye still came through . I now use water based dyes , that have just little bit of alcohol to aid drying. I also use regular water based polyurethane sealers, and hi shine sealers, (some of which are chemical based) . But, no more rub-offs . The belts still come out just as nice HS
  13. Here it is, my $8.00 cheapy . So happy now I have one I oiled up the latch, and all the hinges etc. and it works fine now . I'll give it some TLC later . HS
  14. Thats the same model as mine , but much nicer. I only paid $250 ( Australian) , it works well. Nice restoration . 350 , thats about $700- au HS
  15. Its a shame @remery124 thats not here in Western Australia, I'd snap it up ( the freight would be astronomical , more than the machine is worth ) . Although it has no reverse, that can be overcome, I'd buy it as a 'stand-by machine'. Its not that much different to my Seiko . Hope you're successful in selling it. Me My Seiko is not 60, but 54 years old . And yes, I do rely on it for horse rugs, canvas, medium leathers etc. Its earned me a good income over the years . HS
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