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  1. That looks great Its been a while since anyone gave me anything for Valentines Day HS
  2. It still reminds me of 'Joe 90', lol. I'll have to show you my little woolly device(?) It basically separates the wool when plying , or for knitting two colours at the same time. HS
  3. My 'pet peeve this week, and the last few weeks is that we're experiencing some extreme temps '. We've had around 50 C quite frequently making it very restrictive , can't do much outside I'll get fried , and only spending 2-3 hrs in the workshop each day . Fans are well and good , up to 35c, anything above that, they struggle. 'One Powerball'.....I'll be investing in some serious air conditioning Still using public access 'pooter 'atm. ggggrrrr!! HS
  4. On my old Seiko, the serial number is on the right hand side next to the reverse lever. I even sent Seiko in Japan the number, as it turns out my machine is the same age as me.....I'm not telling either HS
  5. My pet peeve atm is that my 'ye ol'de pooter is getting long in the tooth not letting me go on my fave site, this one ,, it was working fine up until a week or so ago, but all of a sudden it stopped connecting to this site.....GRRRR!!! I cleared all the cache , deleted old files , cleared browser history, done all the usual, but nup !! so I'm using a public access computer in town . So I won't be posting as much as I used to, not until I get a new 'pooter'. That could take a while Don't bother replying as I I won't see it, unless you PM me, but I won't be able to reply to that, grrr!! I'll just have to bite the bullet, put on my pith helmet, grab my blunderbuss and go hunting for a new pooter. HS
  6. The 3mm is often my ' go to ' thickness for molding , sometimes 3.5 mm . I must have a bit of ' Arthur Ritis ' in my hands these days. HS
  7. That looks quite good to me As for the cammo stamp , thats personal preference , although it would look nice. Quite like that stamp . I do all my crease lines tooling stamping etc. before dyeing HS
  8. Yup , I have tried molding thicker leather but its too hard on my hands these days. HS
  9. You're more than welcome to create a ' Franken-chine' (?) , love to see the end result and how it performs HS
  10. Occasionally, but she just leaves a wet mess on the floor , same with the occasional piece of carrot, a few crunches and leaves the rest. HS
  11. She also likes cold watermelon Same temps today HS
  12. That is beautiful work, the colours really do stand out HS
  13. Right now in my part of west Oz, we're have extreme temps...again, its now 46 C in the shade, around 115-ish F, higher in some places .Just figured out a good way to keep my furry friend, my dog, hydrated. Cold water from the fridge in her food bowl, and a few dog bikkies in the cold water. Not only does she get a snack, but also a cold water drink fishing them out. << pardon the pun HS
  14. "Two old ladies sitting on a park bench, when a naked man ran past. One had a stroke, the other couldn't quite reach " Its an oldie, but I like it HS
  15. That took some patience carving the face on the handle, I would have gone >X< eyed , but well done
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