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  1. This is my very first attempt at air brushing, this bag was just a test. Nowhere near as nice as the card case you've made, that looks really nice. . All I used was ' whisky antique ' as the base colour, and black air brushing around the edge. I sprayed the sealer on using a ' touch up gun'. Looks more black/ brown than 'sunburst. ' I have used a few coats of yellow as my base colour, as well as thinned out saddle tan, and black air brushing before. I'm still learning HS
  2. @Klara Thats exactly what I did, made my own, 2 different jaw sizes . I bought my first one,a bit ex$y I thought, but then soon realised how simple they are to make out of a few off cuts of wood in my shed and a few screws with wing nuts. I put some pieces of leather on the tips to protect the projects. For larger items, I use a saddlers clamp....that I got S/H from a clearing sale. @mike02130 Good quality S/H leather tools etc. can be found , markets, antique shops etc. on-line , if people are prepared too put in some effort...and are patient It also helps to keep costs down if budget is tight . HS
  3. G'Day, You could also consider second hand, books, tools etc. For tooling & stamping, I started with a ' basic 7piece set' , that helped me learn. I then looked out for good S/H tools. I ended up with some quality S/H ' Craftool USA ' brand tools without blowing my budget , and it went from there, the more I learnt, the more engaged I became...and the better I got , only then, I decided to invest in some new quality tools.....16 years later....... You could spend a small fortune on quality tools but then later decide that leather work is not your preferred vocation, just a thought HS
  4. G'Day, I'd be going with a Cowboy 4500 or Techsew 5100 , or other 441 variant. 277 M10 is what I and many others on here use for the heavy stuff . Have a chat with 'Wizcrafts' . HS
  5. @Northmount I had a look, thats incredible . $460 US would equate to around $600- Australian . Perhaps I should tell the vendor how much the book that he sold for $10 is actually worth....now .....mmmmnah !!! I would never sell it anyway . I'm just in awe of the beauty of the saddles Ed Bohlin created. But they must be so heavy on the poor ol' horses back . I've had a few experiences like that in the past, sellers not actually knowing what items are really worth. HS
  6. @fredk What ??? Holy boot patcher Batman !!!!! Are you serious?? I only paid $10 for mine at a local market. It 's also signed by the author James Nottage on the inside. I wonder what thats worth now?? Edit: Holy Moly , you're right, I just checked, I wonder if mine is considered ' collectable'? HS
  7. @fredk I found a book you might like , if you can find it on Amazon: https://leatherworker.net/forum/topic/86967-edward-h-bohlin/?tab=comments#comment-592783 ' Saddle Maker to the Stars' Ed Bohlin , by James Nottage. I have a great appreciation for all of the books I have collected over the years, they have taught me so much, patterns, ' how to ' etc. but this book blew my mind , one of my prized books. HS
  8. @tsunkasapa I think its in reference to ' not shiny' , dull. HS
  9. A'h yes, red dye....yikes !! Mine is water based. Thats the one particular colour I have issues with too. It bleeds in all the wrong places, and like you said, no matter how much sealer I put on, it still bleeds, other colours are fine. It must be the way red is made I guess. So I decided to think outside the square. HS
  10. Never had to do that before, except on swimming pool molds , I had arms like Arnie . Have you tried using a hand held buffer like you would use on a car? You may wish to experiment first . Perhaps make a buffing pad using a piece of canvas? Just a thought. Some of the more experienced leather workers on here may have a better idea. HS
  11. Thanks Theres no 3ph power in my street . Just waiting for my lottery numbers to come up, and I'll buy a beefy generator, that could run the whole workshop , including the clicker. Good luck with yours HS
  12. I have tried oil based dyes in the past, but I had no end of issues with dye rubbing off, that why I now use water based dyes. @fredk I might try that. We have slate tiles in our house and they need sealing periodically, might try that sealer in place of Neatlac . The Neatlac variants can't be shipped from the east by air here in Oz and freight by road is ex$$$y . So instead, I've been using a water based varnish on some specific jobs, works fine . We learn something new every day on here eh? HS
  13. These guys have already answered this,, but not knowing your location, here in Oz , we have ' Glen 20' disinfectant spray. HS
  14. Looks pretty good to me, thats how my sewing looks You're going to get some marks at least. I don't dare touch the presser adjustment screw anymore than I have in case it goes through the roof , I really have no idea how much pressure there is on the spring, I'm not going to risk it. When my machines are working fine I leave them as they are . Nice work tho HS
  15. Here in Oz, I use a water based polyurethane sealer on my belts etc. nearly no fumes , and no dye rub off with water based dyes. I also use a water based ' super shene' sealer , depends on the project/job. HS
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