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  1. Had my Juki clone since 2005, I bought an adjustable guide to go with it, but in the whole time I've had it, never used it . I just use the edge of the foot as a guide.....and my eyes HS
  2. @Spyros That reminds me of this: “We the willing, led by the unknowing, are doing the impossible for the ungrateful. We have done so much, with so little, for so long, we are now qualified to do anything, with nothing.” We have this on our stall, with a few chuckles from customers HS
  3. Cheap leathers are good for 'prototypes projects, or that thingame-bob you've just invented. I have worked with Salty leather, a few back straps, I didn't dare stuff it up big $$$$$ if I did !!! @dikman My Mother did cake decorating in a past life, damn good at it too. She made a cake for a fancy do, very pretty and ornate delicate lines & scroll work, about 6 -8+ hrs work.. at the do, ..some stupid kid destroyed it in less than 5 secs. I could see the the expression on Mums face, like she wanted to do something rather unpleasant to the kid. HS
  4. Great minds think alike. I have supplier in Queensland that has a 'clear out' of excess stock, over runs etc. , and often super cheap too. For example, a bundle of 5 roo hides, some imperfect, would be somewhere around $20-30 au +P&P, about $20-30, I order more than one bundle , and anything else worth having, still works out cheap. So it is worth asking about discounted leather, and 2nd, 3rd grade hides . HS *love the new recruit to play "Spock"
  5. Can't say I've ever heard anyone using a router as a burnisher. I would have thought it would be too fast . HS
  6. I use the wood handles on my bevellers , especially the narrow bits, just ideal for curves, corners etc.
  7. I can identify the pattern, I've seen that pattern on police , security belts etc. Not so sure about the machine tho . HS
  8. @chuck123wapati Some of my best ideas have come to me in the middle of the night, so a bout of insomnia is not all bad I was also wondering if this machine was home made or custom made ? Perhaps the original owner just couldn't find what they wanted and made their own. HS
  9. G'Day, Not sure how this compares in the US & UK, (really ex$y I'm guessing), but I pay $250-300au per 4mm veg tan butt or shoulder, its what I use for belts etc. 3.5mm veg tan side is around $300+ . The 5-6mm heavy VT , was $550au - for a shoulder. I was warned that will be higher by the next time I buy some more, I'm dreading it. Not all of it is Aussie, some is Italian. I don't worry about delivery, I drive 2-3 hrs and pick it up. Way back when... I was kinda lucky I guess, that I started my 'hobby-to-be-business' when tools & materials were cheap- ish, S/H tools were still available, and so were the 'ye olde( paper) classifieds' . But now its all online , tools, materials, and delivery costs can really mount up.... especially now. If I was to start it as a hobby today, I might think twice about it. HS
  10. As the ends look burnt, just wondering if its for leather at all. Shaping glass while its still hot? hence the burnt tips and sides, and the many scratches ? Theres a small crack, just to the right of the 'tip'. Repeated exposure to heat? One side is wider than the other. HS
  11. ' A local politician was visiting a psychiatric facility to see if he could provide any funding and support. The administrator of the facility greeted him, showing him around and showing all the benefits and attributes etc. He then takes him into a room with a bath tub. " Here we have a bath tub full of water, and next to it, theres a bucket , a cup, and a spoon and we ask the patient to empty it as quick as possible to access their mental capabilities" said the administrator " O'h, thats easy, you would use the bucket" said the politician NO!! you pull the plug out ............would you like a room with a view? HS
  12. In the first of the close up pics , it looks like theres some dust stuck in the grooves , maybe that can give you a clue? I've searched ' spindle burnishers/ shapers etc..... nothing. But then I searched 'fluted spindle shaper blades' while not the same, there are some similarities ....sorta , kinda...maybe?...not? HS
  13. @TomG Type in " Sprenger Steel Chrome Plated Scissor Snap Hook for Dog Lead/Leash" Also ' Sprenger Quick Release Snap Hook' That might help HS
  14. @jcuk Thats been on TV recently here in Oz . Can learn a few things from that show. HS
  15. Sorry to hear about the sad passing of your grandfather. Even after you've cleaned it up, give it a good soaking in NF oil, it may not be in ' usable' condition, but it'll still be a good display piece or keepsake in memory of him . HS
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