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  1. Lot #1 - 50+ Stamping Tools (Craftool named and numbered also Brass Toolpaw Tools, Tool Holder included) includes mystery surprise. Details (Pictures, Costs, To-to-purchase):
  2. stelmackr

    Snap dots

    Please see and look at the Snap Setter Line 20, Line 24 $30.00 A self centering pin with the body to fit both male and female snap heads. Makes it a breeze to set snaps. These are what I use to set all my snaps. Low cost. And the barrel lets you apply pressure to the joint before the first hammer hit. Works like a charm. BTW I use a 1/4" stainless steel (4" by 4" square) to slide into tight places, like when making journals
  3. stelmackr

    Letter stamps in Leather Article.pdf
  4. Andy Stasiak once told our leather group: "The hobbyist harms three people when the hobbyist prices his leather craft items unrealistically low: (1) You harm the hobbyist seller who make little or no profit to continue his craft; (2) You harm the buyer who thinks he will be able to continue to purchase products, from the hobbyist, at low prices: and (3) You harm the professional leather worker because the unrealistic price has uneducated the buyer into expecting all professional leather workers price match the hobbyist."
  5. The height is about 14 inches, but I don't have calipers to measure the diameter. Perhaps you can contact Weaver for the measurement.
  6. I get my fish leather from, i'm sure they would be happy to answer your questions and they are a Canadian company.
  7. stelmackr

    Elk Hide Gun Sheath
  8. Shaiah New Member Members 2 posts Location:Bar Harbor, ME Interests:Leatherworking
  9. stelmackr

    Guidance Needed replicating compendium

    1. Send a picture of what you want to leather sales companies in AU. Hear is a sampling of companies I found with google: 2. Place the Ipad/Macbook on the leather you buy and place the second piece on top of the Ipad and judge where the sewing might make a good fit. Tight enough to hold it, but not so tight to make it too hard to remove.
  10. stelmackr

    Guidance Needed replicating compendium

    Well, I'm not trying to be silly, but for $69 you can my what you want minus the A4 ring binder at: Otherwise I would suggest the Al Stohlman books: that show you all the steps and methods to make leather projects. Also, the Al Stohlman book: is the hasic primer for hand sewing. And , the Al Stohlman book: will explain all the tools you are asking about. Hope this helps, because to answer all your questions would take way too much time to explain.
  11. WOW! 7.5 hours of labor, just for the sewing. At minimum wage ($19 in liberal state/cities) would be $142.50. Not counting the doctors visits for tendon issues. I wouldn't wish that job on anyone. Good luck.
  12. stelmackr

    Europe's Oldest Book on Show

    Wished the hand holding the book was gloved.... Wonderful condition for its age.