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  1. Johanna

    site certificate expired?

    We are on the new server now. Waiting for DNS to get around the world. A bit of content from 7/21-22 may be lost but this elephant appears to be moved.
  2. Johanna

    site certificate expired?

    I arranged to the new server, and am downloading the stuff I need now. We're going to be offline for a day or two, but when we come back, we'll be faster and slicker than before. I will put up an announcement of what to expect as soon as I have an idea. It is perfectly safe to override the security warnings the browsers are showing. There is nothing on this site that can do anything to your computer. Thank you everyone for your good wishes. I need everyone to put on their tinfoil hat and cross their fingers as soon as we go offline. ~J
  3. Johanna

    site certificate expired?

    I'm working on this issue right now. The site is secure, but the protocol it is using is outdated, and that's why you're getting the error. We've reached the point where we need to move to a new server. I'll be scheduling that soon and I'll put a note up when we can expect downtime. In the meantime, the best I can suggest is to use a browser like Chrome, or do like Chuck and tell Edge it's okay and don't bug you again. I'm sorry for the inconvenience. We know getting errors is annoying. ~J
  4. Johanna

    Off my chest

    In order to protect our most vulnerable citizens we must act as if everyone is infected so we don't catch it, and act as if we are infected so we don't pass it to someone else. Thank you D2G for sharing how it is for you in Spain. Please keep us posted, and God bless.
  5. Johanna

    site certificate expired?

    It should be fixed. Let me know if anyone is still having issues.
  6. Johanna

    site certificate expired?

    The server admins are incompetent. I have reached out for help. I am very sorry and I do appreciate your patience and support.
  7. Johanna

    site certificate expired?

    I set the SSL cert to auto renew, got an email saying that the renewal was coming up and all would be well, and the certificate expired. Meanwhile you are correct. LW doesn’t represent a security threat no matter what. It will not steal your info or do much more than try to remember what you already read, which is pretty much all we use cookies for. Mike that’s a lot of info. I need to read and then I will have questions, as usual! Thanks everyone for your patience and support.
  8. Hi Johanna, Looking for the elk carving tutorial but says page does not exist. Thanks for any help.

  9. Johanna

    Lion & Lioness

    Very well done! This is a fabulous piece. Thank you for sharing!
  10. Johanna

    Guide To The Basics Of Carving

    It's working for me:
  11. There is no leatherworker.mp3 I suspect some random file borrowed the name. We recently did some updates on the forum, and there are a number of clean up routines the system runs in the background afterwards when the forum isn't busy. What Fredk witnessed was the databases restoring themselves. They are being cleaned automatically of orphan pics and posts. This is just maintenance. You may notice a few anomalies over while the databases run their programs, but it will straighten itself out soon. Keep the comments and updates coming! I depend on you folks to alert me to problems before they get out of hand. LW has grown to huge chunk on the Internet, and I can't watch all of it at once. Members that care are the only way I can stay on top of it. Thank you! PS Mikesc- have not forgotten you. Getting some info so I can ask the right questions and give you the relevant info. Your assistance has been invaluable. >smooch<
  12. Thanks for the alert. I'm on it.
  13. Johanna


    Impressive! Wow!
  14. Thank you for ALL the help over the last week! Not every leatherworker is also a geek!

  15. I'm still working on things. Everything should be back to normal soon. ~J