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  1. Johanna

    Guide To The Basics Of Carving

    It's working for me:
  2. There is no leatherworker.mp3 I suspect some random file borrowed the name. We recently did some updates on the forum, and there are a number of clean up routines the system runs in the background afterwards when the forum isn't busy. What Fredk witnessed was the databases restoring themselves. They are being cleaned automatically of orphan pics and posts. This is just maintenance. You may notice a few anomalies over while the databases run their programs, but it will straighten itself out soon. Keep the comments and updates coming! I depend on you folks to alert me to problems before they get out of hand. LW has grown to huge chunk on the Internet, and I can't watch all of it at once. Members that care are the only way I can stay on top of it. Thank you! PS Mikesc- have not forgotten you. Getting some info so I can ask the right questions and give you the relevant info. Your assistance has been invaluable. >smooch<
  3. Thanks for the alert. I'm on it.
  4. Johanna


    Impressive! Wow!
  5. Thank you for ALL the help over the last week! Not every leatherworker is also a geek!

  6. I'm still working on things. Everything should be back to normal soon. ~J
  7. The forum software people added a line to the htaccess file to force people to the new https and that broke the cPanel redirect. The server throws an error of "too many redirects". With the redirect, the forum won't show. Without it, people landing on the main page are seeing the file list instead of the forum. I need smeone smarter than me to write me a working htaccess file. I have IPS on it now. Thanks for your patience everyone!
  8. I'm working on it. We got a brand new security certificate and life hasn't been the same since. The redirect stopped working because it isn't compatible with the htaccess file. I'm working on it. Thanks to the folks who let me know last night! (If you had problems with the site last night, that was me.) I'll get it fixed ASAP ~J
  9. I'm not finding anything on our server's end that is abnormal, or underperforming. I do appreciate everyone's feedback, and I try to fix the problems that I can.
  10. Johanna

    Semper Fi My Marine

    Battlemunky, He arrived in MO yesterday at a large Army base for his MOS training. He said that they (Marines) have to do more PT and dress sharper than their Army peers because, well, you know, they are US MARINES and the difference must be immediately evident or he's in trouble. I love the USMC. They have class, style and they're deadly. Semper Fi!
  11. Johanna

    Semper Fi My Marine

    Exactly. And then Florence, so they canceled graduation ceremonies and did a lot of work detail. He seems to have made a few Marine friends of the female persuasion, and has one doing his laundry, so I don't think he's suffering much. Thank you for the good wishes! Semper Fi!
  12. Johanna

    Semper Fi My Marine

    He's doing well. Next week he flies to his MOS school. He's going to be an MP.
  13. I don't like to edit posts and threads because i do believe we all have the right to our opinion, however we will not have with hate speech, threats or general trolling on the forum. There is some useful info in this thread, so I left it, but I did remove parts of it. If you see something offensive anywhere on the board, please hit the report button. Be part of the solution instead of the problem. Thank you for your cooperation!