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  1. I thought this expensive purse looked like a bag of trash, and it turns out that it was inspired by one. I'm having a giggle fit.
  2. Try it now. I think I got it.
  3. I gotta go poke around but you all should have the same permissions you did before. Contributing members don't have the CFM designation because it's their secondary permission set. I kinda like that "certified mental freaks" but no, that's not why I typed it. I had to fill in the box to continue, so I typed CF. "controversial forum" member. Gimme a few minutes. I'm glad you let me know there was an issue. ~J
  4. If you clicked the X the cookies remember you don't want to see it again. It just says that we welcome all conversation about leather and leatherwork, but no more controversial topics on the main board, then directs to my post here. You're on my "include" list @fredk I'll add them shortly, after the thunderstorm passes. Our function on this corner of the Internet is to provide a place for leatherworkers to discuss and share anything leather related. That is what we do. Thank you everyone for your understanding and support.
  5. Frodo- I'm making a list now. I'll add them all late tonight or early in the morning.
  6. The problem was that there was no way to keep the posts from that forum from showing on the "unread content" feature, and it turned off many of our regulars who had to scroll though all the posts about things that aren't leatherwork. I struggled with this. When the pandemic hit, many members wanted to talk to their peers about what they were seeing, and get perspective from people they know and respect. I felt like censoring posts was unAmerican, but it just kept getting out of hand. I don't mind everyone sharing opinions, because mostly people are respectful or clear in explaining what they think so both sides think about their point. But not everyone can deal with this, and they come to leatherworker.net to talk about leather and get away from all the stuff on Twitter and Facebook. I don't want these leatherworkers who want to participate in discussions like this silenced, but I've got to have it off the main board. So I fixed it so THAT forum can be seen if you send me a PM and it won't show to anybody that isn't in it. Let's keep dinner table conversation on the main board, and keep our world grievances in the private room. Please tell people who have left because of this grand experiment to come back. We aren't going to flog leatherworkers with distracting posts unless they specifically ask for it. I also want to apologize to Wiz and Northmount for not figuring out a hack sooner, and putting you in awkward positions when you tried to defend free speech, but personally thought the posts had no business on a leatherwork forum. Tom, you were right from the start, and you tried to tell me. You have always added a reasonable voice to our discussions. I'm going to add you regulars, because you all seem to have tough skin and like this exchange of ideas. Everyone else just wants to ignore you folks. The good news is that you get to keep all the awful jokes. Thank you to all the members that put up with this. It is now safe to log in and take advantage of all the forum features. If you forgot how to log in, send an email to admin@leatherworker.net and I'll get you fixed up. We are going to be updating shortly, and I'm excited about the new things we'll be able to offer. Johanna
  7. Johanna, could you please remove me from access to the Adult Humor and Off Topic forum.  Thanks in advance.


  8. No, Tandy has nothing to do with leatherworker.net. When you do order from the folks that do advertise here, please tell them you appreciate them sponsoring the site. They are committed to our goal of "education, entertainment and fellowship" and they are all passionate about keeping the art alive. ~J
  9. Johanna,

    Is there any way to get a copy of the Billy 2 Shews CD at this late date?

    God bless,

    Mike Rock

    1. Johanna


      Let me see what I can do.

    2. MikeRock


      Thank YOU!!

      God bless

  10. hi 

    thought might be easyier to send you link threw message let me know if you do not get 

  11. From our friend Jim Linnell: The last instructional video that Robb Barr ever did was the Great Horned Owl. He passed away shortly after it was recorded. That carving is proudly displayed at Elktracks Studio and the video of that class is available once again. You can find it at https://elktracksstudio.com/.../great-horned-owl-robb-barr
  12. Free Sample from Orion Calf Have you asked for your sample yet? This is an interesting leather because it's said to accept dye better than traditionally tanned leather. I'm curious to know what you folks think of it.
  13. Just give me the name you want. If it's not in use, you can have it.
  14. Someone pointed this out to me, and now I know what it is and why it's so cheap. Makes the explanation easy now. Thanks guys. I didn't know the keywords to search.
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