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  1. I purchased the Gold Star semi auto spot setter and love it! Full warranty for life anything goes wrong Alex the owner pays to ship and fix it. Extra dies are only 185. Comaped to 1200- 1500 bucks through weaver. Best investment for my shop to date.
  2. Does this machine accept Tandy dies for say rivets, spots etc?
  3. Does anyone know where I can find leather scalloping punches for cutting out scalloped edges in light leather?
  4. thank you Constabulary but I’d rather not use my name if I can help it, lol.
  5. Looking for info on your spot setting machine please

    1. TIMCO now SX

      TIMCO now SX

      Please email your request to  tim@sxindustries.com  I will be happy to send details.

      Thank you,


  6. No GiGi I’m from the U.S. my first name is Shari Attendorn. I was thinking TackShack Leather Design or Homestead leather. Not sure about the DESIGN aspect. Only added it as I also do belts and bags as well as tack.
  7. Thanks guys I appreciate your input.( I hope this replies the right way, lol)
  8. I’m going to ask the same question as another member. I need a leather business name. I do horse tack, bags belts. Please ,any ideas would be sooooooo appreciated.
  9. I would love to purchase this pattern if you could possibly twist your friends arm to sell it to me. I can’t find anything like this duffle in a pattern.
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