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  1. We only produce stand alone letter conchos. Never considered letters on a round concho
  2. Hi Michael, I'm sorry you took my post as a "self congratulatory piece". I presented it with pride in our employees and to give hope to others in some way. To watch our team create a die in less than a day and to see that press actually start producing a much needed component.....That was a great moment during these sad times. We are also doing what we can to keep our employees working so that they can still provide for their families. It is tough out there, in so many ways, and we're doing all we can to help the cause. And yes ~ donations have been made. God Bless ~
  3. It truly is a test for all of us. We're taking advantage of the slow-down to organize and clean. Whether its inventory or machine maintenance, basically doing things that were put off because we were too busy. Times have changed for all of us but as they saying goes, "when one door closes, another one opens". We believe this because we've joined the effort of New Balance to produce a "stay" brace. One of the components required to build a proper surgical mask. check out ~ www.newbalance.com Is there something leather crafters can produce for the first line healthcare givers? I'm not sure but this is America and we are a creative group of people. Stay strong and safe ! Tim
  4. I will make separate post but we are now getting into custom Chicago Screws ! Email me: tim@sxindustries.com for details!
  5. Just a couple of custom snap caps we've done. Send me your artwork and I will take it from there. tim@sxindustries.com Thanks, Tim
  6. We offer several options. Send me your private email address and I will be happy to provide all the details Thanks! Tim
  7. Hi,

    I am looking at getting a foot press for punching holes and riveting Biothane.  I saw your post about you being able to custom set up Beiler's foot press. What would be the advantage of using a Beiler's foot press vs the self centering punch from Weaver's other than the price?  I make heavy duty K9 collars and leashes from Biothane. 

    Thank you!  Susan

    1. TIMCO now SX

      TIMCO now SX

      Good Morning Susan,

      I spoke with Beilers and they confirm that the spot setter can also do center punch holes as well.  You only need to change the die and then flip over the L hinge in the back (to give you more force to cut through biothane ).

      I'm not on this site a frequently as I'd like so please send any questions and/or concerns to my email address.  tim@sxindustries.com  

      Thank you !


  8. Frank, Please email me. We can help. tim@sxinudustries.com Thank you, Tim
  9. We produce L24 & L20 in RAW Brass and Brass base with all sorts of color options. Ant. Brass, Ant. Nickel, and Ant Copper. Send me an email and I will be happy to send samples to test. Thanks, Tim
  10. Looking for info on your spot setting machine please

    1. TIMCO now SX

      TIMCO now SX

      Please email your request to  tim@sxindustries.com  I will be happy to send details.

      Thank you,


  11. We produce a 1/2" Stamped buckle that is very close to the one shown above. BK20049(0100) Check out our site www.sxindustries.com or contact me direct ~ tim@sxindustries.com We will be happy to send you samples
  12. We produce the rim sets for crystals, stones, etc. ( all sorts of sizes as well ) ! Check out www.sxindustries.com or email direct ~ tim@sxindustries.com
  13. TIMCO now SX

    Snap fasteners

    HI John, We produce the L24 Snap Buttons with 5/16" posts if that is what you're looking for. https://www.sxindustries.com/product_type/02-24-line-516-post/ Thanks, Tim
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