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  1. Welcome! You found the gold mine--awesome folks around here, and pretty much unlimited info and assistance on whatever you're interested in creating.
  2. Congratulations! I've had mine for probably 9-years. No issues. I think you'll be real happy with it. Leather Machine Co. customer service is top-notch if you ever need 'em.
  3. Like Dwight, I use #346 on top. I also use #277 in the bobbin as that combination pulls my stitches up consistently the way I like to see them. I wouldn't go lighter than #277 on top, but again, most of this is personal preference. Double rows of stitching is fine, but the primary row closest to the gun is the important one. The outside row is strictly aesthetic. I like my stitch length to be somewhere the 6 to 6.5 SPI range. Stitch lengths in the neighborhood of 5 SPI look too mass-produced/unrefined in my view, but most of this is my own obsessive/compulsive way of looking at things.
  4. You won't have that problem with Bruce (the other one). Everything's ready to run right out of the box, and he ships it QUICK.
  5. Hey, you might be on to something there!
  6. Love 'em. Rounds knives are but one of my many obsessions. I think I'm triggered.
  7. That's a "value added" that I really appreciate, too (the sharpening). Everything I've gotten has been ready to run right out of the box. I'm looking forward to seeing what you'll be adding.
  8. Those are beautiful! And you're right about Paul & Rosa--awesome folks to deal with. It's good I'm not in ABQ--I'd be wanting to hang out in Paul's shop every day.
  9. I haven't finished anything to show off lately so I thought I'd brag on a few new tools I got from Bruce Johnson Leather Tools. These were always at the lower priority end of my tool buying obsession until I discovered on Facebook that Bruce Johnson is now a dealer for CS Osborne. Concho cutters that actually cut, and dividers I can set and lock. Love 'em! If you need something, and need it quick, check out Bruce's operation at http://www.BruceJohnsonLeather.com
  10. Very nice! Liking the double loops and a fan of JW's hardware.
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