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  1. I cut my liners 1/4" wider than the face. That gives me 1/8" on each side for "wiggle room." I put waxed paper between the two layers when I'm ready to bond them together. As I set the face down on the liner I roll the waxed paper back as I move along.
  2. BruceGibson

    Texas Custom Dies

    I did a blog post review of Texas Leather Dies. I won't recreate it here, but the condensed version is --they are amazing. Ten outta ten! If you'd like the details, check it out on my website at If you're in the market for clicker dies, mallet dies, etc., I highly recommend these folks. They are also supporters. Awesome all-around!
  3. WOW! Beautifully done! Clean lines and excellent stitching--this one jumped out at me. I can only hope to do as well. Need a student?
  4. BruceGibson

    Shout Out to Bossier City Tandy Crew

    I used to live in Bossier City--LOVED it! They didn't have a Tandy store back then (it's been about 27-years). I'll second Rockoboy. Your story, and his comment made my day. God Bless you both!
  5. I saw something similar a while back and thought it was a cool color combination, and also a pretty awesome tribute to our law enforcement officers. I'd wanted to do something and I finally gave it a shot the other day. This is what I came up with. Comments, critiques, suggestions, questions, etc., are always welcome.
  6. Hey! Sorry for the slow response--I just saw this. I cut the face panel and the back panel exactly the same size. If I'm going to be stamping or carving on the face, I'll tape the backside (flesh side) of the face panel to minimize/eliminate any stretching. It works for me, but I always recommend experimenting to see what works best for you. I'm no expert--not by a long shot! These are just my ways, and what works for me.
  7. Thank you, sir. I enjoy the pattern drawing itself, and the challenge of filling the space.
  8. BruceGibson

    Glock 43 Pancake Style.

    Nice! The Glock 43's on my list of patterns to make and holsters to build.
  9. Thanks, Josh! I enjoyed this one--I need the practice, and these are like little canvases.