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  1. Panhandle Leather in Amarillo used to carry some of that stuff. They may still. Website's www.PanhandleLeather.com They DO still carry a bunch of boot stuff--here's a direct link to it on their website https://www.panhandleleather.com/collections/boot-supplies
  2. Thank you--but believe me, I'm not good. Better than I was, but with a long way to go. Keep practicing (and I need to practice what I preach) and you'll leave me behind in no time. I've spent what seems like a million dollars on books, videos, DVD's, etc., and if I had to pick the one thing that was the turning point for me, it would be the Jeremiah Watt floral carving DVD's. All of the stuff I invested in helped, and it still does--but I felt like I made major improvements quickly with the Watt DVD's. They're expensive, but I'd buy 'em again if I had to. His website is www.Ranch2Arena.com if you want to have a look.
  3. LOL! Yep, California's WAY back in the rearview mirror! I still need a LOT of work, but I sure do appreciate the compliment. I do wet and detail the back panel--it all has to be done by hand because I can't cheat and squeeze it in the press with the carving on the face.
  4. Thank you, Mike. The burnish from the carving was a lot better before I had to wet it to detail the back panel. I try to keep the carved panel as dry as possible and wet the back panel, but the face panel has to have some, too. I used Fiebing's 100% Pure Neatsfoot on this--light coat back and front applied with sheepskin. Top coat on this one is Tan Kote from Fiebing's, and I was happy with the result. I usually use an acrylic from Angelus and put it on with an airbrush. It's darker in real life--I think my lighting for the photo was a little too intense and washed it out a bit.
  5. Thanks for the kind words, y'all! I love building for the 1911's, but I do need to work on my florals--drawing the patterns is something I fight with all the time. Too lazy to practice if truth be told.
  6. Beautiful job! Dang it, now I wanna build one of those!
  7. I like the holster--like Jeff said about fit--if it fits, ya nailed it. I've broken a few with the press, but not in a few years. I found that once you've got it pressed down comfortably using one hand on the bar, it's pressed enough. It's leather, so if you go to using two hands on the bar you've gone too far. Not much gives me that sinking feeling of hearing that Blue Gun "pop" and knowing I just broke it in half. Never used the vac system, but watch Eric at Adams Leather Works use his, and now I want one. Highly recommend Eric's YouTube channel if you're of a mind to check it out. Here's a link: https://www.youtube.com/user/particlerealities
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