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  1. Have you checked with Cary to see if he has any on-hand? You can contact him through his website at www.CarySchwarz.com
  2. I've got a bunch of Jeremiah's tools and three of his DVD's. I highly recommend all of them. They're pricey, but worth it. His DVD on floral carving made all the difference for me. I always order direct from him and Colleen, and they're both a pleasure to deal with.
  3. Beautiful work! The first word that comes to mind is "clean." Outstanding.
  4. Beautiful work! And I can relate to the frustration of ordering/receiving the wrong number of the "little stuff."
  5. Welcome aboard, Jim! This is one of the single-best overall resources out there.
  6. I was curious to hear if anyone's having shipping issues with the US Postal Service. I use Priority Mail exclusively, and with the new Postmaster General and the moronic changes he's made since June, things have gone off the rails. I have one package shipped out to a customer 100-miles from me that arrived in Pensacola (the destination) overnight. However, the next day (today) it's in Austin, Texas. I have another, from a supplier, that's been laying idle in Jacksonville, Florida, since August 7th. I've also noticed my incoming "snail mail" has dwindled down to near-nothing. That's only two examples for me personally, but I'm thinking I'll open UPS and/or FEDEX accounts and bypass the ol' postal service completely. At least until the political sabre-rattling ends. Any thoughts?
  7. LMAO! And I agree with the "poverty is owning a horse" statement. On top of the endless expense, they're always looking for a place to die.
  8. Thanks, Josh! I haven't been doing much this year, but the Leatherworker Forum always motivates me. I miss hanging out around here and seeing what y'all are creating!
  9. Thank you for the comment. I rambled on, but I was trying to cover what I did and what I used.
  10. LOL! Thanks, Dwight...it's actually really good advice! Thank you--I wish I could take credit, but it's the Hermann Oak leather. The stuff's a joy to work with.
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