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  1. Thanks Chuck, I thought about doing that after the fact but kind of scared I'd mess something up. I'm still not real good with that machine and I figured I'd be best to leave this where it is, still learning from mistakes but thankfully I'm a quick learner...I'm hoping. Thanks doubleh.
  2. Thanks Frau, yes the finish is air brushing resolene cut 50% with water. the bottom is open but when I wet formed it in a vacuum bag it kind of pulled the leather at the bottom inwards,
  3. Here's a pic of the filework, it's hard to get a good picture of it, it looks better in person.
  4. That gun belt looks awesome Bob!
  5. Here are two knife sheaths I just finished for a couple of American style tanto knives, nothing real fancy but they came out nice. thanks for looking!
  6. I'd never be making stuff like this without learning on this forum and the help I've gotten from you folks...Thanks everyone!
  7. Dang it, I knew someone would pick up on that! ha, ha. somehow I didn't pick up on that until I was air brushing the resolene on it. I did do the double line stitch around the gun without messing that up though so I'm getting there!
  8. That looks great, she's going to love that.
  9. Here's a two tone 1911 pancake holster I just finished, I think I finally have the 1911 pattern down. Thanks for looking...
  10. That holster looks beautiful, great work!
  11. I use an air brush too, works great, no streaks or runs. also when I buy a small bottle of Resolene I pour the whole bottle into a small mason jar and cut it 50% with distilled water then it's always ready to go...50-50.
  12. Those are some awesome looking sheaths for sure! well done!
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