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  1. I use one of those battery thread burners, you have to be careful with it or you'll leave black burn marks on the leather if you hit it. while melting down the end I kind of wipe it onto the stitch next to it. I use nylon thread so it ends up being fused, nylon to nylon. might be overkill compared to a lighter but that's what I use. runs on one AA battery and goes thru them pretty quick.
  2. Saweeet, that will probably get stolen more than once!
  3. So now they need to come out with some nice basket weave pattern bags ha ha.
  4. Thanks Chuck, did you knock down an elk yet?
  5. You can do a search here on the forum for vacuum forming and find a lot of threads on it. The best one for me was by Dwight, he post a video of his set up, I pretty much copied his system. ( Thanks Dwight! )
  6. Well.....I suppose theirs different options to get it all together, but I had a vacuum pump from harbor freight ( about $100.00 I think) and some tubing, for the bag I bought some vinyl window sheet like you would use on a camper or boat from amazon, probably 5' X 2' and folded it in half and glued it. besides the vacuum pump I'd say around $30.00 for the bag, hose and fittings. I can do pictures of the set up but it would be a few days.
  7. Thanks Diesel, I vacuum molded those. this is the first time I vacuum molded with stamping on the leather, I thought it might screw it up but it didn't do anything to the stamping.
  8. This first one is an inside the waistband for a Glock model 19, which I didn't have so I used a blue gun for shaping it. The second one I made for myself for a Sig 365X. Thanks for looking!
  9. Here's a few knife sheaths I just finished, nothing fancy, just standard models....Thanks for looking!
  10. bladegrinder

    Last ones..

    Looks good, their ready for the woods!
  11. Weaver has 15% off everything and free shipping for orders over $50.00. I just saved 15% and they knocked off $28.00 shipping!
  12. Those look great, nice stamping and carving.
  13. bladegrinder


    Looks like some really nice stuff, well done!!
  14. I feel your pain, I usually order 12 feet or so at a time. And usually a better grade but not the A, it seems like anything lesser then A is all the same…utility. I sent one piece back that had what looked like roller grease or burn marks over 75% of it on the flesh side, I was furious, I needed it NOW and they sent me that. I called them and asked how it ever made it out their door, of course no answer just ‘we’re sorry”. I don’t know what the answer is, ever time I buy a piece and look at it, at first it’s like, well it looks somewhat ok, then every time I go cut into it it seems I find more flaws. This is all HO leather, I think next time I’m going to buy from W-C straight from them and keep my fingers crossed. I’m willing to pay or have to buy more if it’s guaranteed to be a good side.
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