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  1. Well…this finish was just a happy accident. This build was a sample…but i decided to tool and finish it for practice…. Dollars to donuts I can never do it again…
  2. A pair of simple monogrammed wallets I made for my sons...
  3. Here it is in finished form...
  4. Jim - I just wanted to say thanks for this. I'm starting a belt for myself this weekend, perfect time to learn a new way to measure belts. Thanks again!
  5. Pete - I'm right there with you. I've been working on drawing my own carving patterns for a long time now. In fact, I just posted some pics asking for critiques and so forth earlier today. It's been mostly frustrating, but I'm starting to get the hang of it. Keep at it, I'm sure you're skills and your work will be great if you do!
  6. I get impatient, share stuff before it's done...so, here I go again... I was watching Kingdom Glory Leather stuff on the Tube, whence I discovered a couple of his "Leveling up my old wallet..." videos. That got me to thinking, maybe it's time for me to do the same. The artwork is very much inspired by KGL artwork, but I really like the style so I'm thinking I'll play around with it some more. It's not perfect, but I reworked the parts a bit to allow for better stitching. Now if I can just improve my edge work and my finishing, I'll feel pretty decent about this one. The design of the parts is my own, no more kits or purchased patterns for me on the wallet front. Anyhew, just thought I'd share...fire away! Mike P.S. I bought the set of TLKKUE edgers off'n the Amazon...90 bucks for five edgers, two sharpening blocks, and a case...so far, I love the edgers! One of them needed a little work out of the box, but the others all made great cuts immediately. Once I got the #3 honed up, it worked like a charm as well. The handles aren't works of art, but they are comfortable and seem sturdy; angles and ergonomics are good; all things considered, they're MUCH better than the handful of edgers I've used for the last 20 years...one day I'll learn to trust my gut when it says 'move on.' Anyways here's the link in case anyone wants to poke around: Amazon.com: TLKKUE Leather Trimming Tools, 5 PCS of Leather Edge Beveler Skiving Kit with Sandalwood Handle, 2 Sharpener Guide for Leather Cutter Head, Different Sizes Trimming Leather Edges for DIY Leather Craft.
  7. Nice tip Dwight...Maybe I'll give this one a try as well...I've some corks lying around...
  8. Thanks for the replies guys. What I'm getting is thicken up the shafts a bit somehow...I'm going to look into some of your ideas. Also, Voltaren...CVS is just down the street. @ bladegrinder - I've used Fiebings leather sheen as a resist for years, never had a problem before. I don't let antique sit for more than a couple of minutes, two to three, five at the outside, usually also not a problem. I changed leather recently (unfortunately still can't afford Hermann Oak or Wickett and Craig just yet) so I'm thinking that may be responsible.
  9. I haven't been around here in a while...just wanted to share my latest work, a holster I'm making for a friend. The resist totally failed, but I think I like the finish so far. Not sure if I'll send it out this way but I'll wait until it's stitched up and edged properly and all before I decide. As an aside, I haven't been doing much leather lately...I've been having problems with my hands for a couple of years now. Last year it got so I couldn't really hold small tools for more very long, much less gripping them while I whack em. Docs don't know what's wrong yet, sooooooo....anybody have any tips for controlling hand pain so's I can stick with this a while longer? Thanks all...happy pounding!
  10. Thanks all...Jim, I'm just as poorly informed as anyone else. That's the phrase I picked up while poking around looking for tips on watchband making...I think I heard it from Aaron at Makers in his video on making a watch band...
  11. A couple of pics of the finished band...
  12. Bert...I know, I just wanted a flower on there somewhere, and that was the best place to fit it...I know it's there LOL...
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