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  1. Fine work there...I'm sure he'll love it!
  2. Cool masks...I'm just finishing up one of my own, but not nearly as nice as these. I don't have the chops for painting. Thanks for sharing!
  3. Thanks all for looking... JHLeatherwood, as a means of motivating myself to finish a new bag, I tossed the old one...thank you for the kind words.
  4. Back around Fall of 2003, I took on my first leatherworking project, a fork bag for my cruiser. I thought it would be less expensive, and making a bag for myself seemed like something I would enjoy. That bag ended up costing me thousands, but I do enjoy trying to make leather stuff...That original bag should have been retired a while ago, but I just got around to it, finished up a new fork bag today. There's plenty I did wrong, and my skills haven't come as far as I'd like over the years, but I learned a lot on this one. I think I'll try again soon, but I have some gifts to finish first.
  5. Ditto on what the other folks have already said...I could learn a lot from you...Nice work, me likee...
  6. Beautiful, thank you for sharing.
  7. fredk, thanks for the reply, good idea on the rubber washers...that's all the encouragement I need...Thanks again!
  8. Just wondering what folks think about mounting a small, lightweight motorcycle bag using bolts through grommets...I have an idea for a custom bag for my bike, and due to the odd planes of the mounting surface, I was thinking this might work. Just a small bag for paperwork, phone, wallet...any thoughts on how well grommets might work for mounting directly to existing frame points?
  9. Very nice work! You must have a great deal of patience.
  10. Well...again, thanks all...I'm going to give it another go with this pancake, and I'll be considering all the tips you've given me...one more day to get this one right (if possible...) for Christmas delivery... Dwight...totally agree with you on the excess leather at the barrel end... alpha2...hadn't thought of that...I'll keep it in mind...
  11. Thanks all for looking and for the tips...I really appreciate it. Alpha2 - it was completely dry when I stitched it up...over two days...I was confused by the puckering, never had that happen before...
  12. Well...just thought I'd share. This is the first pancake I've made...designed the pattern myself That's about all I'm happy with... I was thinking I should trim the end up nice and close to the end of the barrel, any thoughts on that? The stitches are terrible and 'puckery', stitch lines are a bit 'wobbly'...okay, a lot. I guess I'm happy with the tattoo work, turned out better than I thought, and the forming isn't terrible. There's no way I can deliver this, so someone's Christmas gift is probably going to be a little late... Anyways, as I said just wanted to share...as always, pointers are always welcome!
  13. Thanks for looking, I appreciate it. Stitching is all by hand...mark, poke, stitch. In my case stitchwork is all painstakingly slow, but I'm tryin...
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