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  1. Fraulein - thank you for the feedback...I haven't tossed it yet, as I'm considering the very thing you suggested. I figure I may as well try to line it and see how it works out. Fingers crossed!
  2. So here are the pics of the sunflower wallet in it's final form (unfinished, sad story to follow.) Sadly, this is as far as I will go with this design, as it has some fatal flaws. No sense in throwing more time and materials at it... First off, the horizontal lazy pockets are super awkward and create a huge amount of bulk in the wallet. They also cause the cards to stack up in a way that I can only image will actually damage the cards. No bueno. Second, the outer stitch line for the pocket nearest the wrap around closure would project straight thru the tooling area. Lining the wallet would solve this problem, as the wallet at that end could be stitched to the lining; but, lining increases the bulk of the wallet. I'm trying to avoid bulking up wallets with extra unnecessary material. I could also reduce the tooling area, but I really like the idea of being able to cover the entire shell with contiguous tooling. Not a deal breaker though, so if I can work out the pockets problem I'll revisit this issue. I also learned that however carefully I cut, it never seems to be quite precise enough. I'll have to learn to leave some ease at the edges and trim everything down later, but this approach introduces some other challenges that I'll have to work out...namely, how to place stitch lines, hardware and tooling windows accurately if I don't actually know where the edges of the project are? Regardless, I learned a lot from this experience, and I still enjoyed cutting up some leather and trying to turn it into something beautiful. Thank you to everyone for taking a look. If anyone has some ideas as to how I might work out these problems, I'm all ears! Thanks much - Mike
  3. This here is a mid wallet I'm working on...assembly design is mine. I'm sure the 'Eagle Eyes" among you will recognize Jim Linnell's sunflower pattern. I got it years ago, but this is the first time I've tried it. Those same sharp eyes will see a couple of tooling mistakes, but I'm trying to ignore them for now, as this is my first attempt at this pattern; I'm sure I'll have to tweak some things a bit and do it all over again. I'll post an update when it's done.
  4. Here's all my leather for the weekend...been procrastinating about making some pattern/tooling weights for years...
  5. Just wondering, maybe someone can explain to me how it is that my best work to date comes on the most trivial project? I doubt if anyone but me will ever see my tooling bags...I was trying to pull the stitches a little lighter, not so much tension. Wondering if that is part of the magic, don't pull em so tight?
  6. Burkhardt - at least it's a good reason for eating crow - LOL...
  7. Doubleh - yeah the closure is a bit fiddly...going to take a look at that during the second round of pattern design. But, as you pointed out, it stays closed...more even than I would like at times.
  8. I think I'll work on the edges some more, but otherwise it's finished. I have some measurement issues to work out as you can see from the top photo. I'll be starting the final design/build later today...
  9. Next up... getting ready to stitch up (maybe lace...depends on how lazy I'm feeling when the glue dries) a range pouch for sub compact autos. Still working out some design concepts, but this one's working out nice so I think I'll keep it
  10. Burkhardt - I've never used steep bevelers before...I''ve wanted them for a long time, and I did tons of research before making a decision. Last year I was visiting my son in TX and drove down to Moulton to visit Don's shop. Great guy, he showed me around, talked to me some about his work, etc. One of the things I asked him about was the BK bevelers, and he said much the same...he has the 30 degree bevelers and has never looked back. I just gave them a workout on a Western Rose craftaid pattern...I'm in love with them already. They're easy to run and the linework on a crowded floral pattern is a million times better. I suppose one day I might take a look at the xtra steep ones, but for now I'm pretty stoked.
  11. Hey All! I'm stoked...after 20 years of this leatherworking thing, I finally sprung for some shiny new Barry King checkered bevelers! I can't wait to put them to use on some floral carvings. I ordered them Tuesday; wasn't expecting them for a week or so, but Fedex Claus just dropped em off! Just wanted to share... Mike
  12. Wow! That's nice! Leaves look like they're going to fall off.
  13. Just finished this one up...thought I'd share it with y'all...
  14. Hi all... My next holster in work...not done yet, but I couldn't wait to show off my stitchwork. I usually end up with so-so stitches at best, and stitching has been the bane of my existence for many years now, but I'm finally starting to catch on...and yes, the antiquing went weird somehow, but it's a different effect so I'm keeping it...Enjoy! -Mike
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