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  1. AWESOME belt file- thank you oodles for sharing!

  2. Yep, that outside radius will bite em every time.
  3. They have leather schools??? NOW they tell me.
  4. That indeed is a "crying" shame. A host of profane syllables come to mind. I reckon it's why my tools are still in the box at the back of the closet. I'm hoping to find a young up and comer to give them to some day. Jim
  5. Look in the Historic Reenactment section. There is a posting for making pouches you will find helpfull. Jim.
  6. Well Sir, first off, get a cloth tape and a helper. Position the bag on the hip at or about where you want it to set when carried. Get your helper to measure from one end of the bag, over the shoulder, and down to the opposite end of the bag. This gives you the overall length. I recommend adding a buckle to the mix to make it adjustable. Jim
  7. If you intend to leave the bag in its present state, and why not; then it won't hurt it. Lexol is great for giving the old leather some badly needed oils thereby restoring it a bit. Jim
  8. You have a good thing going with the Lexol. I used it on an 1848 pistol cartridge box and it did wonders. Jim
  9. Oh yeah. The Chicago Screws are plenty strong even for the big dog leash. I would use them instead of speed rivets any day. Jim
  10. FOR SALE - one Swivel Knife. Used Once. . . . . . repeatedly.
  11. Ah, this is the perfect time to tell this story. Late in the last century, I decided to pursue my boyhood love for leather work full time. So, with a hundred dollar bill in my pocket I set off to the local Tandy store. (Actual location shall remain un-named.) I had an idea of what I wanted to do and what I'll need to do it. So I ask the lady there about the various stuff and she points it out to me. (This is where is gets good!) I tell her that I need a good knife for cutting leather, so she hands me this funny looking thing with a curvey metal top over a swivel and a very odd looking cutting edge. I says "This cuts leather?" To which she replied, "It's what the professionals use." Mmmmm -kaaay. Not what I used when I was a kid, but oh well. So, I took it home and laid out a piece of leather to begin cutting a long one inch wide strap with my "professional" leather cutting knife. Well, after about eight passes and no success, I put it to the stone for a better edge. After thirteen more passes and a very bad cut, I threw the SWIVEL knife in a box, went to the hardware store, and bought me an UN-professional knife to cut my leather. You can't make that kind of stuff up! Jim
  12. The curved bottom will be flat once the sides are laced together. Jim
  13. Ah, the suede. Be patient with me. I'm out playing in the oil field right now. I will get back you soon. Jim
  14. Sucking in our gut is a curse all men are born with. Until you get over 50. Then it's just too much trouble. You're welcome, sir. Jim
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