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  1. Great idea to join it together! Really LIke this
  2. Love the work how hard is the hair on hide to work with? My wife says it makes her teeth go funny just looking at it and there is no way I would be allowed to have it in the house lol...a new way to torment the misses added bonus for wanting to work with this stuff lol
  3. that is some insane tooling!!
  4. three to four oz leather works great for tophats not to hard to work with and with it being veg tanned its stiff enough to hold up and easy to lace as well as dye what ever colour you want!
  5. Now that is a damn good idea will have to see if i would still need to line the leather jacket bug that is a really interesting idea!!!
  6. I am honestly thinking about leaving the arms uncovered with sheep skin...and that is a good idea to try and figure out how to figure out the surface that I will need thanks for that..and its for me will be brown bison still have a lot to learn but was wondering how much sheep skin to buy that's the biggest issue
  7. As this was a test with shit leather I was not too worried about it and just used the rivets I had on hand which to be honest were a little small for what I needed but it was a fun project
  8. Ok have a really stupid idea in my head that I want to do, a full bison jacket lined with sheepskin like the old bomber jackets. My question is how many sheep skins should I order as I really do want to use the sheep skin as a liner though winters here in Australia are not THAT cold would still like to be toasty warm in the winter, and sheep skin is easy to find here!!
  9. Thanks but thank god when I tried it on that no one was in front of me when I sat down rivets can only hold the fat back for so long, one came shooting off screaming freedom and if someone would have been infront of me they would have had a hole clean though them!!! There are two methods well three, you can go on etsy and find corset patterns and use those, you can use the duct tape method (my perfered method) and you can learn to draft corsets (I still suck at that lol) you can go to http://foundationsrevealed.com/ they have a shit ton of articles on corsets, how to draft them everything. Though aimed mostly at women as there are not a lot of calls for male corsets and they are actually constructed different conserning shape
  10. nope ran out of lace lol and said to hell with it and moved onward did do two new laced belts though have to see if I can find pictures of them
  11. Now I can get garment leather pretty easy around my place from tandy and another leather supplier (both are pretty good price wise) but I was thinking would bison make a good leather to use for a jacket? Or would would make a good outer covering for a leather jacket?
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