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  1. So, I went a bit out of my normal range of stuff, and made a wall hanging. I went even further out of my normal range, and used a verse from the Bible. It's a gift for one of my former teachers, who will become the principal of a new Catholic school in the area, after my alma mater closes this June. The verse is Matthew 11:29 "Take my yoke upon you and learn from me; for I am gentle and lowly in heart, ad you will find rest for your souls."
  2. Thanks for the compliments, everyone =o) I hope so, too....I checked with a few EMTs I know, and asked them what they'd do if they saw something like that on a patient, they said, they'd check to see if there was anything on the back, like a normal Med Alert bracelet. I showed them the back, and they went right to the pocket, so...if it's ever needed, it seems like it will work.
  3. Well, a few months ago, my dad had mentioned something about me making a wrist cuff for him, after figuring out what he wanted (he's not the kind of guy who would come out and ask for anything), turns out that he wanted a cuff with the med-alert symbol, and a pocket in the back to keep his medical info. Well, here it is, he thinks it's the greatest thing ever, and never takes it off. (Well....that might defeat the purpose of it, I guess....)
  4. They were all hand-tooled (I've added a pic of them before I dyed/painted them...well, 4 of them, at least) I started out with the emerald green eco-flo, then added some different green acrylics on top of it (thinned out, mostly painted on lightly, then blotted with a rag). I used a bright green around the back of the tree to ensure no water would get into the cut lines and also for the color/appearance factor. The tree is done in black acrylic paint I then sealed the top with an acrylic spray finish. I took pictures before I added a bit of cork and green felt around the sides and bottom to help with any moisture overflow.
  5. So.....I had made myself a coaster.... and my husband took it to work to show off..... next thing you know, I've got an order for 6 of them in green.... so...here they are
  6. A girl at work asked me to make this choker for her....
  7. Welcome! ...and I'm doubly excited, because I grew up in Lawrence, and now live in Lynn! and now I'm blanking, and can't remember what I was gonna type, so.....HI!
  8. I'm a big Red Sox fan, so I decided to make a new wristband....why not? hehe I've already had a bunch of people try to take off with it, so now it doesn't leave my wrist unless I'm at home...
  9. Heyas! Well.....My name is Kaiden, I'm 26, currently in Lynn, MA, born and raised in MA......full-bloded Mass****.... I've been married to my awesome husband for just under 3 years. I started working with leather about a year and a half ago, when I saw something on the internet, and thought "hey...that looks kinda cool!".... I am currently a Loss Prevention Officer at a national department store, and enjoy running after and taking down the idiots who try to rip us off.....(it's also great on those days you're just mad at everything...good outlet for frustrations) I'm mostly kinda boring, and spend WAY too much time on the computer....
  10. So....I decided as a v-day gift, I'd make a wall-hanging for my husband....who is obsessed with GNR.... I know I could have done a few things differently/better, and, flowers are NOT my strong suit, and admittedly, I was mostly going for the general idea of them as opposed to realistic....buuuuuuut....I still think it came out fairly well, especially for my first "complicated" piece.... so..here it is
  11. I use some fonts I have on my computer for the lettering, and alter them as I need to (add a bit here, take a bit from there, etc) I print, trace, carve and bevel....then dye/paint. I'm keeing it fairly simple.........for now, at least. Yeah, I was debating between a clip and a belt loop attachment, but.....the one I used on that case was the same type some of my buddies on the PD had used for years without problem. (it came from a badge holder), but I'll definitely be keeping my eye out for any loosening. Thanks for the advice!
  12. After playing around with some stuff, what I actually used was spirit based for the red, and the black over it was water based
  13. continuing on......... ok, so I wasn't in a great mood that day..........eh (yes, the red showing through WAS on purpose)
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