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  1. He is and that is just one more good reason to buy from a reputable dealer. He also helps keep the forum here going
  2. This video I did is a bit painful to watch but if you have not seen it already it will help you with getting it set up right - https://youtu.be/SjYI5DIzKBs With the top edge of your lining fabric I would suggest that you either cut the fabric to line up at the top with an allowance (3/8"?) for the leather outer to fold down over or fold the lining out the other way and attach it just a smigeon lower to the outer leather folded top line Like here shown below - You will find it easier to get a nice even top line fold if you use a heavy fabric stiffener as shown here attached before folding the top line Magnets attached in the middle with tabs is often used The base would be better with a stiffener in it like 3mm Texon board between the lining and outer.
  3. They are a pain to set up with all of the changes that have to be done for sometimes 1 job. Probably not to bad if you do it often enough I suppose. I don't get any call for making up holsters and since I have set up the narrow needle plate set I have not had to take them out for anything in the last couple of years now. Do you need the holster plate to do holsters or does the narrow needle plate allow you to do with them?
  4. Good thing is generally most sewing machine oil does not leave any marks on leather after it dries out absorbs or whatever. To skip a good oiling practice is not a good idea especially if you think that 6 years between is alright . I do agree but I will add that to the best of my knowledge here in Australia the machines are checked and adjusted if need be before they go out to the customers. The shim for aiding in getting the back stitch length correct is more of a recent addition on these machines and I believe it is provided so as to make it easier for the customer to do it them selves if things move out of place over time. It is a fairly difficult procedure to explain and show all the steps involved to the average person and they can end up creating more of a problem if they do it wrongly. I do believe it would be a good idea to add into the dealers manuals and or video library an explanation on how to use the shim if ever needed so I think I will try and put something together for the dealers to use if they want. The dealers look after me pretty good over here so it will help me pay back some. (They sent me a new drop down guide and stainless steel flat table top attachment today for the CB4500 to test and try)
  5. Had one come in to be retimed last week was getting that way. They had not oiled the hook for 6 years among a whole lot of other parts. Good thing that the parts are able to be replaced still. Yes they had a manual ...just did not think unless something was wrong they would needed to look at it.
  6. You worry to much. The bushing is there for the shaft to run in not for the hook in any way. Even if you ground it on an angle and did a butchers job it would not matter as long as you get the clearance your looking for. It should not be touching the bush anyway.
  7. Why not just sand a little off the back of the hook now you have it off?
  8. Very good point there @Wizcrafts No accounting for experience and thank God and you we have this forum to help and gain assistance with these issues these days. Might have to have a look for some good instructions on loosening the spring pressure on the check spring yet. Lets hope not for now. Good to hear. Now tell me ...can you see any reason to change back to the standard set? I have not yet myself. I get messages nearly every day asking me how much the narrow foot needle plate set costs and I will take this opportunity to say that due to different costs of postage around the world it differs but as most sell into the USA the cost all up is $110 US anywhere there. If you are after a set you can pm me on here and please leave me your full postal details and an email to send the invoice to and I will get back to you normally with in 24 hours or sooner.
  9. Posted yesterday Zachary. The smallest leather point needle be it 794x4 Dia or Lr or S will only go down in size to 23. Anything less will be a fabric round point needle. If the leather is soft/spongy then it can be easy with a fabric needle for the thread to miss the hook due to the elastic nature of that leather. Try using the size 23 needle with the #92 thread instead as the holes don't show much on soft stuff generally. The tension will need to back out a few turn on top. With these very long needles a fine needle is super easy to deflect away from the hook with anything but the most practised hands doing the job. The hook spacing from the needle is generally set up for the larger needles and if you want to stick with the smaller threads then you may want to get a fine shim spacer that moves the hook closer to the needle. Ask the seller there first and if no luck get back to us. I am fairly sure Jess has some in stock. Question......are you using an open toe centre foot?
  10. Thank you @Constabulary that helps a lot. Yes I did remove the 2 screws that hold the bar 97730 in place among others. I think I am going to have to find a replacement arm 97729. The 3 pins on it allow the whole set up to move enough for the feet to collide. Probably going to be at that unobtainable place I think. Thanks again . Sorry for hijacking your thread @shadowryder. . I should have started a 132 K6 post of my own.
  11. @Constabulary here is a couple of pictures of the areas where I think something may be missing. Would it possible to take a picture for me to see on yours?
  12. Thanks @Constabulary. The machine is here now and the most recent owner seems to have no idea what oil is and what it does. BAD wear on a lot of the wear pins. Late now so I will load a few pictures tomorrow. I think that may be a part missing as well. Oh and yeah the centre foot after a good struggle getting it off turns out to be some piping foot. Lots of wear marks on it from rubbing the other foot.
  13. Hi @Wizcrafts Are all the 132 K6 machines walking foot models? I am just doing some homework on it as I have one coming in for repair today. Looks like in a move they may have bent the outer presser bar in enough to touch the inner foot which in turn leads to the odd miss stitch. Only dealing with pics and vids as yet. The metal shavings on the top of the presser foot note.The 10 on the side is what is throwing me at the moment. Broken thread guide before needle as well by the look in above pic.-
  14. Lighter spring pressure (the hook thing on the side) will let the leather push the feed stone down more easily so in fact it should skive out more. That could mean that you may then need to raise the presser foot up so as to not take out too much when you run the leather through. You could do all that but you should be able to see by eye fairly easily as in the picture of mine compared to yours above. If it gets too close to the bell with the feed running you should hear it quite easily. If you let it do that too much it will ruin the edge of your bell and the leather will always want to dive in and cut holes in your job. That said I often will let it touch very very lightly for a couple of seconds if I am cleaning up a heavy burr after a heavy sharpening. Crocodile has bones in it sometimes around the flank areas and that can take a good chip out of the bell edge which then takes a fair bit to sharpen back to level again. I am not sure if your edge is sharp or not but as I said do a video of the leather running through and I may be able to advise from there. A bell is NOT sharp if the leather wants to pull back away from you when it is being fed through. With soft leather if you push it up against a blunt bell or a bad presser foot or too tight a spring presser it will concertina up and that makes it chop out hollows and holes.
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