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  1. RockyAussie

    All leather closure methods for items like boxes and cases?

    Thank you @Tugadude TBH it is people like you that make the sharing so rewarding and easy to do. Nice idea that works well. I can remember doing a similar thing for a hold down on hats.
  2. RockyAussie

    Recreate a handbag

    I think it may help if we knew what country you are in and if possible a picture of the existing bag could motivate a better amount of responses.
  3. RockyAussie

    All leather closure methods for items like boxes and cases?

    Here is another simpler one I just remembered which is more of a friction fit style. As the lid does not get used for lifting the weight the strap only needs to hold itself in place and lock the phone from coming out.
  4. RockyAussie

    All leather closure methods for items like boxes and cases?

    This one I designed awhile back on a prototype but takes up some making time compared to many other fittings. This pic shows where I made up a metal insert for the tab holder This shows it before attaching to the bag front piece Here it is shown attached
  5. RockyAussie

    Drum thickness sander for thinning leather.

    It would be interesting to find out more on the drum sander idea. They are rare as rocking horse poo here in Australia and I doubt there would be any for that lower price unless they are fit for parts only. In my experience keeping the leather under some sort of control whilst undergoing the sanding has been very challenging compared to timber. Another factor is trying to keep the job down to a one man operator, meaning not wanting to have a feed out person as well. Another machine I made many years back I still use today uses a rubber V belt to transport the belts as I sand the edges and the belt needs to be rough sandpapered on the run every hour or so of use. If this is not done the belts will shoot through and not get sanded properly on the edges. This one I can use by myself as I am able to reach over and take the belt as I feed another one in. Note at the back there is a rubber roller that sits between the sanding drums and keeps pressure down in order to restrain the belt down onto the V belt. It has a spring that is adjusted down to suit the pressure of the work. This is very little sanding pressure compared to trying to do a whole larger piece of leather. This flasher one below I have been working on does 3 different sanding jobs at the same time but has the disadvantage of being to long for a single operator. It worked well on dress belts edge sanding but the motors were insufficient in the lower rev range for my hornback belt sanding. Further motor testing is now being done. This model I designed so that by turning a wheel on the side I could get the table tops to adjust to the wider and thinner belts with just a simple turn. It will probably be all redesigned to be shorter again to suit a single operator. I will try and load a video or 2 over the next week showing how they operate.
  6. RockyAussie

    Drum thickness sander for thinning leather.

    Yes that is how I have the above set up. You still have to have a way to stop it flying through as well though. Another one I have done that suits less wide pieces may be of interest.....
  7. RockyAussie

    Tapering a welt

    Looks pretty good. How did the edges turn out. Are they tapered or flat? You are still adding a hold in strap yet? Just thinking that I would blunt the tip a little more to avoid in curling from getting knocked about.
  8. RockyAussie

    Drum thickness sander for thinning leather.

    Forgive me if I am wrong as it has been many many years since I have used a drum sander on timber. I think that the timber is fed through with rollers at the start and finish of the drum sanding operation. The leather would just bunch up and be shredded as it feeds in I think. On the other hand I remember seeing some sort of a belt sanding operation at the Packers tannery for sanding the back of kangaroo skins that worked something along these lines. I have made up something for sanding the back of the crocodile skins that come in way to thick at times but that only does about 4" across at a time and the skin has to be moved around between the sandpaper and the adjustable pressing guide. It is basically a car wheel with a 5' belt wrapped around it and by inflating the tyre I keep the belt in place. That is built into a bench top attached to a 2 or 3 hp electric motor and a swing down arm that sets the thickness and is held down firmly with large magnets when operating. The magnets stop the bounce chattering you get with springs but with crocodile you get a large amount of variance with the scales and a flatter leather would be a lot easier. Here is a couple of pics that might help the explanation.
  9. RockyAussie

    Skiving foot roller adaptation

    I stumbled on this while having a look around on the Campbell Randall web site the other day. If you go back and have a look into the parts section, in this case the FAV parts section there is a large amount of various feet for these skivers. I have a Fav and a Fortuna skiver and have been able to interchange the feet on them so I suspect that this should fit the Cobra as well. There is also an off centre pin that can rotate that holds the feet and that may be handy to have as well. I would give it a try as I think it would work and if so the amount of other variable parts such as the feed rollers and feet could be very handy knowledge to others including sellers on here. There is a member on LW that may be able to assist as well ..... @CampbellRandall
  10. RockyAussie

    Keith Pommer Auction

    WOW .......I'm in the wrong country AGAIN .That is one big source for sewing machines for a start.
  11. RockyAussie

    Manual for old USMC Model 82 Band Splitter?

    Is it made by Comoga? The reason I ask is shown in this link
  12. RockyAussie

    Tapering a welt

    Sounds right and looking pretty good so far.
  13. RockyAussie

    Hello from Nairobi,Kenya

    Welcome to the forum @Kippler75. I hope that you find the help that can be gained here rewarding. I look forward to seeing some of the leather work you and the others at Kariokor can produce. Regards Brian
  14. RockyAussie

    burning thread near cement glue

    If the contact cement is still fresh from being applied then yes a flame will light it all up. I have over the years had this happen a couple of times. Once the glue has dried off, normally overnight it is alright.
  15. RockyAussie

    Bad Bottom Stitching with Juki

    I am not familiar with chrome excel so I need to ask if it has a hard top surface? Softer leathers tend to be easier to work with when it comes to machine stitching. The smaller needle @kgg may help a little as you should be able to reduce the foot pressure some and get less distortion from the dog feet and hole. A smaller needle will pull out easier. I would also try a softer thread than the nylon as they should allow it to sit down and suck in a little better.