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  1. Matt S

    This MUST be a Joke!! ...Nope!

    Well I'm glad that Norn Iron has been sorted out -- if that's what the politicos and PSNI are spending their time dreaming up and enforcing surely all the other problems must be squared away...
  2. Matt S

    This MUST be a Joke!! ...Nope!

    Supposedly it's because the singles get nicked regularly whereas it's a little more difficult to tuck a block under yer Adidas jacket. It's not rocket science how to stop this "problem" -- put the singles in a locked cabinet where a member of staff has to take it out when you ask for it. They already have some pretty effective measures at stopping you nicking a packet of smoked salmon or a bagload of mobile phones (otherwise they'd go out of business PDQ). I suspect that there's been some confidential discussions of cost-benefit analysis. Too much time/effort/aggro for their staff to actually effect simple and reasonable shrinkage controls. Plus if they don't have any £3 single crappy knives to sell you'll be forced to buy the £25 set of crappy knives if you want/need one. Increased ATV, that'll keep the bean counters happy.
  3. Matt S

    Learning the Head epiphany!

    But its electric, mines manual is 1.2 " So pass the leather through 10 times! Rattling traps? Think I'm going to steal that one.
  4. Matt S

    Learning the Head epiphany!

    Harry, you've just forced me to count how many sewing machines I have. It's stayed in the single digits for now if I stick just to industrials. Might be time to thin the herd. I've at least been strict with myself and resisted the temptation of a "real" clicker press. It may or may not have something to do with the fact I've got over 1000Kg of iron in the shed already. My splitter's not that big, it's only a 12"er. I'm also Matt and I have... a few tools. How many? Always one too few.
  5. Matt S

    What is this thread on hand presses?

    I have one press with a 1/4-24 top thread and one with a M8 top thread. It is a pain to have to keep track of incompatible top tools. Luckily the bottom tools are interchangeable. One day I'll get around to buying a kick-press and sell off my hand presses and all my incompatible dies.
  6. I'm glad you like your machine -- if it weren't the small matter of a few thousand miles between us I'd happily swap you a second Chinese patcher for your Singer Mine works fine, it's just a limited design. If your Singer isn't backstitching into the same holes it probably needs a tweak. Hey that's great Doug. I'm really pleased you've got it working as you want. What adjustments did you make to your machine?
  7. I do, as do many others on this forum, and I agree wholeheartedly with Singermania's assessment of these machines. They have their uses, especially if your circumstances don't allow you any other industrial sewing machine suitable for sewing lightweight leather. But almost any other industrial sewing machine will be better for manufacturing leathergoods. Unless being used to sew in really awkward spaces (where there is little choice) I'd rather stick to hand sewing than use one for sewing anything visible on quality goods.
  8. Matt S

    I need clicker help

    Hey TT, this may be a case of the blind leading the blind but in my definitely non-expert opinion I agree that that microswitch and the thing that actuates it is something to look at next. Perhaps the microswitch is jammed "in" and tells the solenoid that the head has reached the bottom of travel all the time? There doesn't look like there's much of that white nubbin sticking out.
  9. Matt S

    Fortuna Band Splitter

    Ah sweet, I bet that'd be handy for long pieces. Best of luck with the machine
  10. Matt S

    Singer 153 B8B. Vs Juli Ls 341

    Looks like you've found a good couple of machines for your requirements but not a good dealer from where to buy your machine. They wouldn't get a penny of my money. How can they guarantee that machine in your workshop if they won't even guarantee it sitting in their showroom? It looks like the Singer B8B is a re-badged Seiko CW-8, from the time in the 1980s I think when Singer had stopped producing industrials and was simply re-badging Seikos. (The CW-8 is essentially a good quality clone of the 153.) I have a Seiko LCW-8 from a similar time period which is the CW-8 with a huge U-type bobbin. Fantastic machine, great quality. Parts and accessories are readily available.
  11. Matt S

    This MUST be a Joke!! ...Nope!

    Howstik 441 from Abbey should keep you pretty happy then Harry It works great on waxy leathers and is more economical than Evostik.
  12. Matt S

    Fortuna Band Splitter

    Hey @Colonial, good looking vintage machine there. I recently bought a very similar Fortuna. I think mine is a UA model as it has a driven upper feed roll which can be swapped for a fixed feed bar (for very fine work), whereazs the LA model was fixed bar only. Yours looks in better condition than mine, which had some rain damage. Out of interest, what's that little tray thing on your front table? Mine doesn't have that, just a bit of oak inlet into the formica/plywood table.
  13. Matt S

    Getting a bell knife skiver to work.

    Hi Keith. You're certainly not the first to have an issue with a bell-knife skiver -- they're notoriously finicky machines. For any particular job there's usually quite a narrow window between all the various variables and it takes a bit of playing to get an instinctive feel for where it is. However, once you have it dialled in right it should be able to do that job very easily. Bear in mind that most of my experience with such machines is working on heavily waxed chrome-tanned cow leather around 2mm thick. However I have skived a fair bit of upholstery leather also, and played around with 3+mm bridle. I have my belts setup so the knife turns as fast as possible in relation to the feed wheel. This gives it a cleaner cut and minimises ripples, at least with the leathers I use. I don't know if a smaller foot would help but find, especially with "grabbier" leather", that a roller foot helps things work much easier than a "fixed" one. My feed wheel spring is usually set on... 2 of 5? About middle of the range. The old boy I bought mine off said that that works for most leathers and so far he's been right. Have you tried adjusting the feed wheel height, angle and spring pressure? Knife position? There's many different types of feed wheel available but I think the one you have will work well with that leather. Another tip the old boy taught me was to not rely on the feed wheel alone -- especially with more delicate and/or softer leathers that it should just provide a little forward inclination to the leather, and that the operator should provide the majority of the impetus. This reduces its tendency to bunch up, which can cause the knife to cut through the leather.
  14. I've run machines on 1:6 ratio before. Running at lowest speed is certainly better (especially on lower-quality servos) but the max speed is very limited. Most servos top out at 4500RPM, which at 1:6 works out to 750SPM. This is close to the top speed of certain heavier machines (Juki 441 for instance) and fair enough in those circumstances. The massive increase in power at low RPMs would probably be worth it alone, especially with big needles. However for an upholstery-weight machine that's losing a lot of speed -- a lot of machines can cope with more than 1,000SPM and many more than 2,000. Not everyone can or wants to make use of this capability but for those of us that do it's a real time saver. Imagine sewing a sofa, a boat cover or a couple dozen 6ft dog leads at 750SPM!
  15. Matt S

    I need clicker help

    Tell me if I'm talking out turn here @turbotexas but are you keeping the "trigger" down or just tapping it? Can't quite tell in your videos. My limited understanding of these old presses is that the head rises as soon as the bottom stop is hit or the trigger is released. If you are keeping the trigger down, maybe see what the solenoid it triggers is doing. If it's only actuating the valve momentarily (no matter how long you press the trigger for) that would give similar results, in my decided non-expert opinion.