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  1. Thanks again fredk. Mystery solved! I am grateful for your reply. Scott
  2. Thanks fredk! Do you think the sole on the pair of mocs in the photo that I have linked to are made this way? I ask as I think the pair pictured are made with bison leather that is chrome tanned. Scott
  3. Hi. Looking online at photos of professionally made moccasins the soles on quite a few pairs resemble leather that has been moulded. Here is a link to an example: https://img0.etsystatic.com/065/0/5624269/il_fullxfull.786041240_he1e.jpg Does anyone know how this is achieved? Thanks. Scott
  4. Thanks chrisash. I will have a look at the EVO-STIK website. juck: I thought you might have forgotten the link! Thanks. Scott
  5. Thanks jcuk for your input. To clarify, are you referring to Woodweld when you say it is used in the shoe industry or an Abbey England product? Scott
  6. Thanks for the reply Grumpymann. Have you used Woodweld on footwear that has become sodden during use? Scott
  7. Hello. I bought a tin of Bison Kit contact adhesive which I have used when making moccasins. Unfortunately, when they get wet the adhesive fails and parts separate. Having just looked on the manufacturer's website, this limitation is noted. Can anyone recommend an alternative contact adhesive that does not have this limitation? Thanks. Scott
  8. Why are awls for making holes diamond shaped in section and not round? Ta. Scott
  9. Thanks Aven for the information about ground rubber and Barge cement soling. And the link to the video. Sheilajeanne: I didn't know red deer were related to North American elk. Thank you. Scott
  10. Aven: Seems water buffalo is indeed a good substitute for bison. Very helpful for me to know that before I buy more leather. Can bison/buffalo leather be moulded? Thank you. Scott
  11. Aven: Bullhide. I'll have a look online. Thanks. How durable was the ground rubber and Barge cement soling? Frodo: Thanks for your reply. Moccasins made of rabbit pelt must be nice in the winter! Scott
  12. Thanks Chuck. The information about the Native American moccasins is useful. I'm grateful. Looks like I'm going back to the drawing board! Scott
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