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  1. Thanks tsunkasapa. I shall try not sanding next time and see what happens. Tugadude: Thanks for the reply.
  2. From what I learned in this topic I decided to buy two Japanese stitching awls by Kyoshin Elle. Thanks to everyone for your contributions. Scott
  3. Before bonding a rubber outsole to a leather insole I sand the leather on the flesh side to, apparently, improve the bond. Has anyone observed whether the sanding stage is actually necessary? Thanks. Scott
  4. Thanks PastorBob. tsunkasapa: At 3/32" wide at the prong the hole will be small. My 2 1/4" saddler's awl makes a larger hole. Am I mistaken?
  5. Hi. I am considering buying a C. S. Osborne one-prong thonging chisel for making stitching holes. The chisel is available in a width of 3/32". Or 2.4mm if you prefer. Has anyone tried this? Thanks. Scott
  6. As no interest has been shown I am withdrawing the sale of the leather. Scott
  7. I am considering buying a Japanese paring knife. Are they ready to use as sold, or does the cutting edge need sharpening and the back flattening? Thanks. Scott
  8. fredk: Thanks. I wish I'd noticed that before mailing Le Prevo! mike02130: Thanks Mike. Those might work.
  9. If I spend £135 or less on goods and shipping from Goods Japan then I won't have to pay tax and duty when the goods are delivered to my home in the UK. But I will have to pay VAT at 20%. Is this correct? Thanks. Scott
  10. fredk: The no. 200 eyelets are nicked?
  11. Having had a look on eBay, if the photos are accurate, it's possible to obtain 4mm internal diameter eyelets without nicks. I've also mailed Le Prevo to ask if they sell them. Scott
  12. Can you buy grommets with only a 4mm hole? I thought grommets are larger. I will have a look online. Thanks Grumpymann.
  13. Hi. Are 4mm eyelets available without nicks? I make simple leather boots and use 4mm eyelets with nicks from Abbey England. Unfortunately, the nicked edges scuff the tongue of the boots. Thanks. Scott
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