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  1. We stopped shipping overseas a couple month ago after several packages took 2-3 months to arrive... I've still got one from June 24th to Canada not delivered yet. Domestic isn't as bad but there are delays.
  2. Just got this link to an auction for Tasman possibly closing permanently...I think they're the main source for Acadia Leather. I've not ordered much from them but they do seem to have been a pretty good "bang for your buck" tannery. Anyone know if it's the entire "group" or just a section? https://www.myronbowling.com/auctions/tasman-leather-group-llc-1206c50.html?LayoutID=23
  3. District leather is in ATL and does maker meetups from time to time.
  4. I filled out the form. I'd need more details to be sure if I can take it on but I've done lots of similar projects.
  5. The other thing they don't get is that leather cost doesn't drop very dramatically once you get above a certain level. The difference between ordering 2000 feet vs 5000 or even 10,000 is usually a low single digit percentage. All the items I make that get a quantity discount are under $5 wholesale.
  6. Yeah my question for them was “you want me to work harder for less money?”...we do volume discounts only on small items that we can knock out quickly: drawstring pouches, mystery braid bracelets,etc.
  7. Just an old school thought: Maybe some sort of wax seal? Perhaps tie with a small cord and then cover with wax.
  8. Shoot me and email let me know what you have in mind!
  9. Depending on what you looking for, 25-100 is total in the numbers we do for private label. It depends bit on the items (not everything is within our wheelhouse) but shoot me an Email with more details and we can go from there. Happy to sign an NDA as well if you'd like: nstarleather@shtc.net My site is www.nstarleather.com if you wan to see some of what we do. thanks!
  10. Yeah it’s not ideal but I started doing it by request for one of my biggest wholesale customers a few years ago, never had any negative feedback from the customers.
  11. I've really liked the way these have sat when carrying but since it's by far the less common option, I wondered if I was missing something.
  12. What surface you're cutting on has a lot to do with it, do you have a clicker block? If not invest in one. The other issue is that those dies have a lot of cutting area, most of my clicker dies are much less even for the big two-headed Schwabe, you're just cutting a lot at once which can cause trouble.
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