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  1. Sure! It’s the last one, it had a small swatch cut from one end so I’ll round down the footage. Shoot me a message or email me at nstarleather@shtc.net and we’ll work out the details.
  2. I've got another Red Horween leather (that I don't like quite as much) has a light back and less oil/pull-up that I'd let you have for $3 a foot. Or I have a little bit of scrap but I'm not sure if it's enough.
  3. I have one side left of oxblood Horween football print...I'm doing $4 a foot. It's not dirt cheap but it's $80ish plus shipping (not $200). I might also have some horween football print I could sell for even less (it's just not as pretty IMO).
  4. Looks like they’ve got plenty of options. Yes 1st class is probably a reasonable cost but it can depend where in Canada for services like UPS.
  5. Probably because shipping will add considerably from USA…
  6. Have some lots of Calf Suede CF Stead Repello and other tannages for sale. $3 per foot. Negotiable on 10 or more sides:
  7. Hi Folks got a nice lot of Horween Shell. Mostly smaller shells 1.2-1.6 in size. Asking $75 per foot.
  8. This is a batch of a few hundred feet 4-5oz Horween Visage/Látigo. Labeled grey/tan but appears more olive on the surface than grey. Can offer a better price for the entire lot (roughly 400 feet). Thanks for looking! Grey Visage 1.webp
  9. nstarleather

    DIY Laser Guide

    My experiment with adding a laser guide to an older machine.
  10. nstarleather

    Braided Belt Blanks

    Some braided blanks I have to sell.
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