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  1. They have been a good source for me but I’ve found their customer service to have issues. I got a box of edge kote with lids unscrewed on half the bottles so they arrived as a mess. I sent photos and they were absolutely unhelpful and unapologetic.
  2. CF Steed is calling this one stingray with backer. It’s basically a black suede with a neat pebble print. $1.50 per foot: I actually have more. Email or message me for the full list with leathers from SB Foot, Caravaggio, masorotto, Seidel and more.
  3. Another repello suede with a backer called red dirt $2.50 per foot: CFStead Odessa suede camel color with finished back $2.50 per foot: This one’s really funky it’s a repello suede. Black with silver sparkles and a metallic silver backing $3 per square foot: Just like the above black, but brown, with a bronze sparkle and backer $3:
  4. Cf Stead cognac cray cow $4 per foot Cf Stead Alaska blue metallic rambler $4 per square foot: CF Stead repello (waterproof) suede Nomad (light grey) 3oz $2.50 per foot: CF Stead repello (waterproof) suede Sea with finished back 3oz $2.50 per foot:
  5. I have just one hide of this pistol rambler also from CF stead. $2 per square foot it’s about 15 feet Cf Stead Grifin crazy cow $4 per square foot
  6. Astra crazy cow from CF Stead in the UK Calf hides. I have a few hides with discoloration at $2 per square foot without discoloration $4 per square: Not discolored:
  7. Now on to CF Stead. Gator print nubuck from CF Stead in the UK small calf hides 3 to 4 ounce soft temper. $4 per square foot: Snuff crazy cow from CF steed in the UK four dollars per square foot :
  8. Horween outrigger feels like kind of a nubuck $4 per foot: colors oatmeal and mushroom:
  9. One hide left of the same Deerborn in sapphire $4: This is the kind of distressed, feeling leather from Horween called roadmaster. It’s around 6 ounces thick $4 per foot: I have this, just one hide of Horween football print leather $3 per foot: Horween aniline latigo in Heather Gray, natural and tan$5 per foot:
  10. Horween double fronts, 3 ounces thick, espresso, color. Hides are rough now reduced to $2 per square foot: A very nice feeling thick, but soft leather from Horween called Dearborn $4 per foot:
  11. Horween tumbled Essex, Havana brown soft temper veg, tan 4 to 5 ounces, thick $4 per square foot : Horween black chromexcel 4 to 5 ounces thick $6 per square foot:
  12. Horween tumbled Essex, dark navy soft temper veg, tan 4 to 5 ounces, thick $4 per square foot : Horween tumbled Essex, “dark coffee” soft temper veg- tan 4 to 5 ounces, thick $4 per square foot :
  13. As Y'all might know I'm mainly production but I do sell off excess leather from time to time. I've put it all in one big document at the moment (but the PDF is too big to post here) email me and I'll send it. I'm going to attempt to post each image separately in this post. Feel free to hit me with any questions. All CF stead leathers are calf and around 4 oz some hides are under 10 ft.² and some as much as 17. SB Foot and Horween (except DHF) leathers are all roughly 4-5oz 20 square-foot average, but they can vary from 16 to 24/25 feet I don’t cut hides and only sell full hides. Pricing based on full side/hide These are some leathers that I have in quantity most at at least 100 square-foot. Horween Ocean tumbled Essex, veg tan soft temper 4 to 5 ounce thick $4 per square foot : Horween Rockford periwinkle, medium temper, smooth finish veg tan 4-5 ounce $4 per foot:
  14. I’m actually sold out on the Vissage Yes square feet, it’s stamped on the back when buying hides. Hides are 17-20+ feet usually
  15. Our pup had about a month of not eating well and visits to the vet didn't reveal anything...we tried the chicken broth thing and she still got sick. We then, just because we were desperate went to lean pork and pork broth and she began eating that...but she has kidney issues so we had a major struggle finding a kidney diet without the "standard proteins" (beef, lamb, chicken)...finally found one that's made from alligator and she'd doing ok but still sometimes needs come convincing to eat. Prior to that first episode she would eat anything without thinking twice. It's crazy what we do for our furry kids.
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