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  1. I wasn't alive in '74...my apologies.
  2. Top left is Amber Harness with no pockets, the rest have one open pocket and zipper on the opposite side. Front left is a very CXL-like leather from B Tannery in the DR. On top of that is Horween Cherry Cavalier avd front right is Canoe Caviler. In back are a Deep brown and Bourbon “Glove affair” from Siedel. Bottom and in the other pictures is Horween Rookery in Black, a great feeling Veg-Tan
  3. Ahhh...the same era as "rich corinthian leather"
  4. Those are the most funny...like saying "genuine fake wood" why would you even bother?
  5. Yeah books are one of the categories where "genuine" is very unlikely to be a positive. Furniture is another
  6. Nah! He’s referring to a bit of misinformation that got posted and was wisely removed Springfield know their stuff.
  7. You should have taken a picture for Instagram... I'd love to have something to show the people who say "full grain " is the same as "full thickness" smh...
  8. I’ll just add extra pictures as comments on my own post and they get merged anyway.
  9. Unfortunately I don't know too many suppliers that would ship to you...I do sell leather (that's excess to me) but I'm primarily a manufacturer t. I know D'annonay makes nice calf leather (I get scrap from Alden of New England). Your straps look very nice...since you're talking smaller quantities hopefully someone can point to you a few European suppliers that can work with you to find something that will work.
  10. Hey quick question: where are you located? What's easily available to you especially in smaller quantities will vary incredibly based on location.
  11. Adding that if any one is scared off by "pink" it's actually a pretty neutral "nude" color.
  12. Yeah I hate how much tighter shipping overseas has gotten. You would be looking at more for freight than for the leather.
  13. Hi Folks I picked up a couple lots of leather recently and got a bunch of "Double leathers" in the Adria Dollaro Tannage from Mastrotto. These are interesting because they've been finished in such a way that the suede side is a contrasting color to the front. They're used in some "fashion bags" for a unique effect. They also make the need for lining or finishing the suede side of the leather unnecessary. Here's more info on the leather and the full tech specs one the "regular" (not double) version of the leather. https://www.gruppomastrottousa.com/collections/adria-express/ https://www.mastrotto.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/02/Adria-_scheda-tecnica_2022.pdf Most of the color Combos include one side as "Blush Pink" Hit me with any questions. I have decent quantity of many of these. It seems like the blush is usually the flesh side on these. Blush pink with grey Blush with Cognac Black with Blush Olive with Blush White with Blush Burgundy and Blush White with beige
  14. Doesn't look good bro. Google search sends it back here to another listing. So unless they bought it in June and are reselling or are the same person, it seems very suspicious.
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