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  1. Like I said I agree, just that those benefits are pretty established and that there are ways ALL presidents get waaaay more gain out of the office than they should, especially recently. You also went out of your way to defend the most recent president when someone mentioned his use of the benefit you mentioned, sure maybe golf is a legit way to blow off steam but flying DC-FLthere on Airforce 1 is exactly what you complained about. Did you know ex-presidents get 1M per year for travel?
  2. It's an ok start but I tend to start with "activity" and it's still half my feed when people get going...needs to be an opt-in separate section like "adults only" just like people don't want to see nudity and adult content, this falls under the same. Unfortunately lots of the people there are acting like anything but adults.
  3. You should do a bit of research about the actual cause...and it's purpose. A lot of the stuff you're mentioning has been historically been given to all presidents for the better part of a century, security, transportation etc... The main idea keep outside influence from the president...for example they can't accept gifts from other heads of state or get permission to do so. Ben Franklin was given a small portrait surrounded by diamonds and that was one of the first mentions of the clause. Obama for example had to get permission to accept the Nobel. Interestingly enough presidents have always had to pay for their own food and other personal expenses...I think a lot of the "costs" mentioned for both the current and last president may have more to do with staff and security. I don't think the taxpayers are paying the "greens fees" but the payroll of staff and the flights to Mara Lago are probably the costs being referred to. Not saying it's right or wrong, but criticizing the new guy for doing what 20 guys before him have done is kinda disingenuine. I don't think we need to pay for politicians vacations...agree 100% there. Maybe actually look up how most presidents in history have followed this clause and it's purpose...it usually involved divesting of business interests (even stocks) in an effort to separate their business from their office. Goes back a long time on both sides of the political divide. For example if you owned businesses through which other countries could spend lots of money, you'd want to hand them off to others and basically "not look" so that you couldn't be bribed that way.
  4. Yeah I don't think anyone has the right to consider and "opt-in" section censorship. Most of the people in those threads are using inflammatory language about the other side even in the first few words of every post. We also can't expect the mods to moderate here because not long ago one of them revealed strongly that they agree with the people making the most hateful and inflammatory remarks. It's annoying and frankly I think lots of us will opt out of visiting/participating in www.leatherworker.net if this change isn't made. Actually I'll say it now: @Wizcrafts One week from now if the political post don't get their own invisible section...I'm out till the pandemic is over.
  5. Why don't you just make the political section like the adults only section so it doesn't show up except for those who want to see it? Maybe make a poll and let the users of the forum decide? It's stupid that the pandemic talk had to be considered political but it honestly highlights how much of a problem it is.
  6. I find myself agreeing @JLSleather you on this one...yeah there's no expectation of privacy in public. You'd never be able to take vacation photos if that were the case...think about how many people are in the background anytime you go to a place worth seeing. Same goes for any landmarks that aren't publicly owned. Not sure where @fredk...I've only once been told to stop filming and that was in Colombia at a mall, but I'm guessing that's because of their history with terrorists and guerrilla. Not remotely true.
  7. It heats up and also cools down incredibly fast with the press of a button. I've used the "thread zap" but it wasn't nearly as instant.
  8. I don't support either...never had never will...I'm just saying that the assertions made regarding the people involved with the violence were somehow manipulated by their enemies doesn't speak to their independence or intelligence. Anyone who breaks into a government building and commits acts of violence and expects no consequences is an idiot. I'm happy to help you understand the black ribbon: I'd guess constabulary's ribbon is a sign of mourning over some unnecessary death, possibly for the 5 killed at the capital maybe the thousands dying from the pandemic. The first time I remember seeing the ribbon in a big way was in the aftermath of the Virginia tech shootings back in 2007 but I'm sure it was used long before that. I know, @Tim Schroeder it's subtle, but in many cultures black is uses as sign of solidary over death and as a sign of mourning. In fact, here in the United States, many people will wear black to funerals. You can see this a lot in movies and TV shows as well.
  9. If you think about it stupidity is rampant...reading this thread. The nutballs who invade in the capital were stupid, no matter which side you believe: Stupid and did it on their own (as all evidence points to) Stupid because a crowd of 30k were easily influenced by a few who infiltrated their ranks... Even if you believe the conspiracy, you still have to realize you are saying that some complete strangers could somehow instantly mind-control/manipulate people in to committing serious crimes. So even the people here posting wild theories about "infiltrators from the left" are still admitting that a huge percentage of "their side's" most vocal supporters are brainless followers of whoever shows up and tells them what to do. So much for thinking for yourself. Looking at you @chuck123wapati and @Frodo
  10. He just used an no adapter with more or less the right voltage. I liked it better than the thread zap because it heats up instantly but it’s more fragile.
  11. Medical cautery device: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Aaron-Bovie-Medical-Single-Use-Cautery-Pen-High-Temp-Fine-Tip-Disposable-/203114845923?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49292 You can get non disposable versions with replaceable tips and batteries.
  12. A medical Bovi is great...I rigged to use an adapter with the help of a friend who knows electronics.
  13. Sadly I think you are mistaken. He's posted about Antifa being behind the Capital incident doubt about the pandemic and other stuff which squares with the same as the nonsense this forward.
  14. So like seriously, has anyone ever seen one of these forwards, either fear or conspiracy based that turned out ot be true? I mean I remember the "gang initiation" one from back in high school about not flashing your lights at cars...I just heard a story about a graffiti artist in Ecuador who back in the day painted pigs on walls and the news picked it up as a "mark" for victims of the Latin Kings. These stories turned out to be false. I'm actually shocked to see someone ( @Frodo ) getting one of these and taking it seriously. To me at this point any email or post with this kind of "feel" is automatically false.
  15. Without reading more nonsense links... Easy to see why this is stupid: The word “declassified” means that the government no longer considers something secret and releases them, wikiLEAKS, is a site that LEAKS information that in theory is still secret. Declassified documents would be “released” through a legit FOI request not leaked to Wikileaks. When a forwarded message starts out with an incorrect premise all the subsequent information is suspect. Stated in my early answer someone here is gullible.
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