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  1. nstarleather

    Bulk order of 1100 luggage tags

    Yeah that was kinda the point I was making after looking at the site. Even $170 for a backpack makes a $35 luggage tag seem impossible (even if discounted 75%) IMO there are really 3 different possibilities and sadly for OP none look like a nice big money order: Completely legitimate request from someone (probably not really even the company they claim to be) hoping to place big order which, one way or another, will not get paid for. Legit request from the company but one of maybe dozens trying to get an idea of the cost for a project like this. Legit request but with hopes to get a price drastically lower than OP's retail price. I've had that happen, people expected to get a $4 retail item down to $.25-$.50 Of course, there's the really far off chance that for whatever reason they want a much higher end item for a specific promotion but I'd suspect that to be highly unlikely.
  2. nstarleather

    Bulk order of 1100 luggage tags

    Yeah if the site is the one that comes up on google, OP's tags are way outside the pricing I'd expect a site with prices like theirs to be willing to pay for a promotion.
  3. nstarleather

    Bulk order of 1100 luggage tags

    I'd be happy to look at it, yes natural veg would increase my price a little. Also I don't burnish, so that'd be a finish step for OP to do. I'm still pretty confident that we could take it on if they're interested. Assuming the request is a serious order vs a company trying to compare prices.
  4. nstarleather

    Killer Way to store cutting dies

    Those are amazing!!!!!!!
  5. nstarleather

    Bulk order of 1100 luggage tags

    Good for you if they're willing to pay even half of your price. My luggage tags are like $3.50 in quantity...
  6. My previous goto was pizza boxes but I recently picked up a few of these flat file cabinets locally form craigslist and I couldn't be more happy with the use for organization.
  7. nstarleather

    Bulk order of 1100 luggage tags

    If this is your only order, you might be best to out source the cutting (and possibly sewing) to someone who has a clicker to cut down on that cost and test the waters. If you'd been doing lots of quantity orders then I'd be cool to invest in machinery but otherwise it's a risky proposition, I do wholesale orders in those quantities but even then I insist the customer cover costs on anything "new" that I'm unsure if I'll ever use again. If you're working in a bedroom then you don't have space for a "real" clicker and those hand clickers will take forever. I'd also insist that your customer cover the hardware and probably the leather before getting started since you're looking at a considerable investment. Also, as others have said: Be Careful. Most people who've tried to defraud me with an illegitimate order have wanted to order a large quantity of a single item without seeing a sample first. Have these folks bought from your before? Are they asking for a sample to see quality? Did you give them a realistic timeline and were they ok with it?
  8. nstarleather

    Wickett & Craig . . . does it normally take this long?

    If they don't have it on the shelf it can be a while between runs. I order 2000 feet at a time from Horween and the wait is usually 2-3 months.
  9. nstarleather

    New from SC

    Welcome from another South Carolinian! We're here near Charlotte on the NC/SC border.
  10. nstarleather

    Product for hire

    Are you looking for natural veg that you'd dye or just any thing with the color or thickness of the pictures. This is something we could do, you'd have to pay for cutting dies. I'll need the dimensions of the patterns and the material and I can get you a quote. Email me to discuss details: nstarleather@shtc.net
  11. nstarleather

    Clicker pressing. laser cutting, production work

    Those are nice and yes 3/4" even wood filled dies will work for a few hundred of something depending on the shape, but if I'm doing quantities of anything over 1000, I'll encourage the customer to spring for better dies.
  12. nstarleather

    I need clicker help

    That part is usually just a switch on the side (right side on my machines).
  13. nstarleather

    Clicker pressing. laser cutting, production work

    I have to agree with Rocky here that a clicker die is your best bet by far...though depending on the shape $200 might not completely cover the cost for a heavy duty cutting die (I wouldn't recommend anything less than a forged die for cutting 10-12oz bridle long term). Are you providing the leather for the project? It's possible I could do the clicking work and maybe embossing if you're talking a decorative embossing die (the same on every piece). Edge finishing and sewing on that type of leather isn't really something we do here though....
  14. nstarleather

    Which leather to use for "rustic look"?

    Yeah technically crazy horse is supposed to be a buffed (sanded) leather with oils and waxes to give it pull up qualities as opposed to a full grain-ish (smooth) pullup like Chromexcel.