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  1. I’ve never like ever ever read a thing political or about the pandemic on Facebook...I keep it totally closed except to actual real events of family and friends and pictures of schnauzers... But honestly I’m done with this section of the site, as promised it it doesn’t go to opt-in I won’t be back to leatherworker.net things get a bit better pandemic-wise. We are working with just 5/14 workers at the shop but still did 90% our normal volume for Q4 2020...so I gotta focus on productive and positive things.
  2. Look man plenty of scriptures are debatable, but this one was pretty cut and dry...when you have to bend over backwards to ignore it, it’s like a certain person who once said “it depends on what your definition of “is” is.” I’m out...I’m not telling you how to interpret the scripture: you posted the accepted and pretty obvious interpretation and have decided that it doesn’t apply to you, because it’s doesn’t fit your worldview. I got no more time to talk to someone not basing what they say in reality.
  3. Agreeing with you again...there certain lines that when crossed where the motive doesn’t matter, and consequences are deserved. Maybe extenuating matters can be looked at a bit but nobody gets away free once certain lines are crossed...I mean with all crimes and violence there’s usually a “reason.”
  4. Does it make them completely innocent for any actions they take? Are you saying you’d have done as they did? Like I said, you’re the first person to say you won’t be told what to do regarding the pandemic or other aspects of your life but at the same time you’re excusing people who somehow followed a few select individuals in a crowd of thousands and did something that cost lives. Are you identifying with these folks or not? Are you a follower of the crowd or a person who refuses to be influenced? You can’t have it both ways.
  5. No Im just saying that the people I’ve spoken to especially in this site express that “independent” attitude...I mean free thinking is a great thing. I just think that the most “free thinking” of those folks would be the ones to show up at a protest, no? So not the folks you’d think could be easily influenced...but I don’t know who was there...but the ones who committed crimes and violence are idiots ni matter where they fall politically. EDIT: yes Strom, was a piece of work...
  6. So my original point is that people so easily influenced are dumb, and if they did it without influence, they’re still dumb. So here’s the thing I’m having a really tough time reconciling: these folks who we’re supposed to have been “influenced by infiltrators” are generally of the “I’m not a sheep” “you can’t tell me what to do” “give the finger to the man” attitude, right? That’s the vibe I get from everyone on the Trump side, but at the same time people are claiming that they mindlessly followed people they didn’t know to commit serious crimes. Do you see the disconnect I’m seeing? I’m not saying people can’t influence things...but in most cases it’s not a “day of” thing where people arrive and can hypnotize a large group of people, and also manically disappear without a trace. It also doesn’t excuse the actions of people who cross lines that cause people to get hurt. I don’t care if somebody was tricked, if someone hurts someone I care about, they deserve the most severe repercussions.
  7. Why I’m having a hard time resisting commenting is how dumb your thought process is, I have hard time not debunking stupid statements... I said I’m not a Biden supporter I’m looking at the objectively stupid reasonings you keep posting...I really wish these folks one the left would post stuff an silky as you, I really do...you make it sooooooo easy. You literally post things that say the opposite of what you’re saying, from the explanation of that scripture you posted, to those studies. Fans here we are again: your video of “science” as to how people are easily influenced. Are you having trouble counting? In that video a room full of people stood up and influenced ONE person...she said “when I saw everyone stand” How does that situation in any way relate to what happened at the capital? Maybe I’m wrong but are you claiming that the crowd was 90% Antifa with only a tiny percentage of actual Trump supporters (like the woman in the video)? Even though in all the videos and interviews and arrests seem to indicate that not to be the case? Persons identified so far have a history that directly indicates which side they’re on. I’m not trolling anyone, I believe what Jesus said an actual Christians do as well: You said yourself even posted clear explanations from a well known Bible scholar of what the text meant and the and then basically said “I don’t care”...
  8. I showed you a clear scripture you refused to believe...you even posted a well accepted interpretation and refused to believe the explanation you yourself posted. You posted a link to studies you claimed to believe but then refused to accept what they actually said... Talking to you is like trying to discuss math with someone who says 2+2 is 4 and the after twenty mi utes of discussion says “I’ve always said 2+2=5 If you can’t even be relied upon to believe what you’ve said you believe after 30 seconds it’s like talking to a crazy person. Sorry Chuck not worth engaging with you, you said your side never censors... there are no sides completely innocent...ever, anyone who claims such has nothing of value I need to waste my time reading.
  9. As has always been and always will be...system is rigged and the main change is which side's rich friends benefit.
  10. @Frodo If you hate something (use of taxpayer funds for things that have nothing to do with the presidency), then hate it...those golf trips by Trump to Mara Lago are the same as other golf vacations by Biden or Obama or any other president. If you hate this misuse of money then hate it, even when your guys does it, but don't use it to falsely justify your hate against the other side for reasons you're either unwilling or unable to articulate. That's what people call hypocrisy. There are some adages about sports that also apply to life that tend to get ignored by so many these days: "It's not whether you win or lose, it how you play the game" "May the best man win" "Winning isn't everything" This entire subsection of the forum shows that there are many who don't believe this to be true: Not terribly long ago someone hurled "Pedo" at the head of their opposing side's party, when in response someone mentioned the proven "sexual misdeeds" of the other side, the person responded that they didn't care as long as they ran the country the way they liked (paraphrasing here)...either you hate perversion or you don't, it shows a deep moral bankruptcy when a person in the span of two posts exposes their hypocrisy with such obliviousness. Every president in history (especially recent history) has done things that I find morally reprehensible, from questionable pardons, to policy to the waging of completely unnecessary war, promises broken, and drone strikes, but observing this section of the sub it's become blatantly obvious how much people will accept from their own side by a factor of 10x what they claim to detest from the other.
  11. Like I said I agree, just that those benefits are pretty established and that there are ways ALL presidents get waaaay more gain out of the office than they should, especially recently. You also went out of your way to defend the most recent president when someone mentioned his use of the benefit you mentioned, sure maybe golf is a legit way to blow off steam but flying DC-FLthere on Airforce 1 is exactly what you complained about. Did you know ex-presidents get 1M per year for travel?
  12. It's an ok start but I tend to start with "activity" and it's still half my feed when people get going...needs to be an opt-in separate section like "adults only" just like people don't want to see nudity and adult content, this falls under the same. Unfortunately lots of the people there are acting like anything but adults.
  13. You should do a bit of research about the actual cause...and it's purpose. A lot of the stuff you're mentioning has been historically been given to all presidents for the better part of a century, security, transportation etc... The main idea keep outside influence from the president...for example they can't accept gifts from other heads of state or get permission to do so. Ben Franklin was given a small portrait surrounded by diamonds and that was one of the first mentions of the clause. Obama for example had to get permission to accept the Nobel. Interestingly enough presidents have always had to pay for their own food and other personal expenses...I think a lot of the "costs" mentioned for both the current and last president may have more to do with staff and security. I don't think the taxpayers are paying the "greens fees" but the payroll of staff and the flights to Mara Lago are probably the costs being referred to. Not saying it's right or wrong, but criticizing the new guy for doing what 20 guys before him have done is kinda disingenuine. I don't think we need to pay for politicians vacations...agree 100% there. Maybe actually look up how most presidents in history have followed this clause and it's purpose...it usually involved divesting of business interests (even stocks) in an effort to separate their business from their office. Goes back a long time on both sides of the political divide. For example if you owned businesses through which other countries could spend lots of money, you'd want to hand them off to others and basically "not look" so that you couldn't be bribed that way.
  14. Yeah I don't think anyone has the right to consider and "opt-in" section censorship. Most of the people in those threads are using inflammatory language about the other side even in the first few words of every post. We also can't expect the mods to moderate here because not long ago one of them revealed strongly that they agree with the people making the most hateful and inflammatory remarks. It's annoying and frankly I think lots of us will opt out of visiting/participating in www.leatherworker.net if this change isn't made. Actually I'll say it now: @Wizcrafts One week from now if the political post don't get their own invisible section...I'm out till the pandemic is over.
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