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  1. Thanks. I'm not sure I want to make a career of this, but it's a nice diversion from making tack. Thanks Hags. I've studied a lot of your posts. Don't be surprised to see me post something that looks like yours. Randy
  2. Thanks for the comments and suggestions. If it gets to be too much time before the next one, I may forget. I appreciate learning from everyone here. Randy
  3. I think I made some improvements, but still have a lot to learn. The stitch lines are definitely closer. Wonky belt slots adjusted. Thanks for sharing knowledge. 8 oz HO leather with 2 coats of neatsfoot oil and a coat of resolene. Randy
  4. Thanks for the comments and suggestions. Back to the shop for me. Are the stitch lines close enough on the top? I can tell what you mean along the bottom. I think I need to get it formed better before I sew it. Maybe that will help. I am also not sure what you mean by the site channel. Thanks again, Randy
  5. Here's my first formed holster. I need to finish the edges and oil it, but I am anxious for a critique. Give it to me straight and full strength. Thanks, Randy
  6. I never cared much for the headlamps, so I went this route. Just an adjustable LED lamp. I can shine it right where I'm tooling. I may revisit a headlamp sometime, but for now, this works great. Randy
  7. Make sure it's sealed on the edge of the valve. I punched the hole in my bag a little small so it would be tight on the fitting. Good look. Randy
  8. Dwight, Thanks for sharing your knowledge. I finished my bag today with 12 gauge (12 mil) plastic from JoAnns. I have the same pump from Harbor Freight that you linked above, though I bought it before I saw the link. I made the bag fitting with parts from Lowe's. After this photo was taken, I drilled a hole through the bushing on the inside to keep the bag from blocking the vacuum. Thanks again for sharing. Randy
  9. rktaylor


    Great job. I really like the handle on top. Randy
  10. That's funny. I've had that experience, but thankfully I now have a more reliable farrier. Thanks Ron. I'll post pictures next month. Randy
  11. Thanks for all the comments and suggestions. Based on this discussion, I plan to use a burgundy latigo wrap with the rough side out. If he doesn't like it, switching to mule should be easy enough. I made a lot (seemed like it) of money hauling hay when I was younger. Now hay haulers in our area are on the endangered species list, thus chaps don't seem necessary. Take care, Randy
  12. I am working on a saddle with a wood post horn. I want to wrap it with mule skin, but all I can find is gray. Does it come in other colors? Is there a suitable substitute in burgundy? Thanks, Randy
  13. Thanks Ron, It was a lot of tooling, but an enjoyable project. Randy
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