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  1. Thanks Ron, It was a lot of tooling, but an enjoyable project. Randy
  2. Ron, Here's the finished saddle. Randy
  3. @SamalanI am not questioning your experience, but just wanted more details regarding 3M77. I am getting ready to glue some foam on a boat seat and just happened to have a couple cans on the shelf. The 3M77 is labeled for foam. Is it the type of foam that causes an issue? I can buy 3M90, but wanted more information on your experiences. Thanks, Randy
  4. They still aren't. I called yesterday. RT
  5. That looks really clean. Personally, I would have put the rivet burr on the other side, but it's visible either way. Randy
  6. I heard Sunny recently moved into a rest home. I don't know if they'll reopen with a new owner, but that certainly leaves a hole in tree makers. Randy
  7. Just found out they went out of business. Randy
  8. I just called Quality Mfg. (435-587-5070) and got a "number no longer in service" message. Are they still in business? Do they have a new number? Thanks, Randy
  9. Thanks all. The stirrups will be delivered later. Randy
  10. Thanks for all the compliments. Regan, I hope your staying warm up north. I need to make the trip to Sheridan, but it won't be this year. Ron, I'm getting there, just a little slow sometimes. Still a lot of room for improvement. Take care, Randy
  11. Thanks for all the compliments. I under estimated the time required for tooling by quite a bit. As with most good friendships, the luckiest is a matter of perspective. Randy
  12. Finished this just in time. It'll be under the Christmas tree on Saturday. Timberline tree and chestnut HO leather. This is the most tooling I've ever done in a saddle, but it was for a good friend. I have so much left to learn, but I'm thankful for everyone willing to share their knowledge. Merry Christmas to all. Randy
  13. Here's the straps I made. It's pretty straightforward. There's probably other methods. Randy
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