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  1. I heard Sunny recently moved into a rest home. I don't know if they'll reopen with a new owner, but that certainly leaves a hole in tree makers. Randy
  2. Just found out they went out of business. Randy
  3. I just called Quality Mfg. (435-587-5070) and got a "number no longer in service" message. Are they still in business? Do they have a new number? Thanks, Randy
  4. Thanks all. The stirrups will be delivered later. Randy
  5. Thanks for all the compliments. Regan, I hope your staying warm up north. I need to make the trip to Sheridan, but it won't be this year. Ron, I'm getting there, just a little slow sometimes. Still a lot of room for improvement. Take care, Randy
  6. Thanks for all the compliments. I under estimated the time required for tooling by quite a bit. As with most good friendships, the luckiest is a matter of perspective. Randy
  7. Finished this just in time. It'll be under the Christmas tree on Saturday. Timberline tree and chestnut HO leather. This is the most tooling I've ever done in a saddle, but it was for a good friend. I have so much left to learn, but I'm thankful for everyone willing to share their knowledge. Merry Christmas to all. Randy
  8. Here's the straps I made. It's pretty straightforward. There's probably other methods. Randy
  9. Thanks Ron, The BW is a Barry King and the border is a Hackbarth Gomph. I need to quit pampering myself with items and get to work on this saddle. Randy
  10. Thanks for all the compliments. Response to some specific questions are below. Sorry Dwight, I know the description is short. It is really a combination of methods Bruce Johnson describes here. https://leatherworker.net/forum/forum/17-stamping/. I have some photos, but need to write some steps to go with them. I haven't made that effort, because I am not sure if it would add anything to the previous posts. Maybe I'll get to that someday. As was pointed out, it just takes some patience and attention to detail. Plus, I have basket stamps a lot of projects. It is not lined. Its just 13/15 HO saddle skirting. I dyed the bar grounded areas with Cordovan brown and then used Sheridan tan antique on the entire piece. A couple coats of neatsfoot oil and some time in the sun. Dyeing and finishing is not a strength I possess. All is well here @Rbarleatherworks. I hope you are staying safe up north. Thanks to all for the discussion. Randy
  11. The short answer is 2. The centerline down the bend is a straight line. I used that to set my angle (I wanted the stamp to be even along that line). I drew a reference line across the area to be tooled at the predetermined angle. Then I work both directions from that line. I try to stay focused on keeping the stamp relative to the centerline. Let me know if that helps. Otherwise, I can probably take some pictures to illustrate the process. It's nothing earth shattering and is used by a lot of people. Randy
  12. Sometimes I just cover the project with a plastic bag with weights and leave it on my tooling rock. Other times I just wrap the entire project in a plastic bag like tsunkasapa. Randy
  13. Thanks. I think I have about 3-4 hours in tooling. I finished the oak leaves and deer one evening, covered it up and did the basket weave the next day. I took a couple break during the basket weave, but it took about an hour and a half of tooling. It's oak leaves and white tail down here. It might be a little fancy for my Jeep. Randy
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