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  1. Ron, I already have two of those. I need to work on the selling part. Double L is the rebirth of Quality Mfg. It was a really nice tree and they were easy to work with. I made one tap with less than ideal leather just to practice. The lower string runs underneath the stirrup and above the stirrup tread. These are on 4" stirrups, so there isn't much room. Thanks for commenting. Randy
  2. Sorry. I missed this question. The snarky answer is too many and too long. It took 3 sides for the saddle, tapaderos, and a scabbard. I probably have about 80 hours in the entire project but I'm not very efficient and some of that time was learning to make tapaderos. Randy Thanks. I appreciate the compliment. Randy
  3. That looks great. I have used that same craftaid but it didn't look that good. Your detail on the head is impressive. Randy
  4. Ron, Nice looking saddle. What stamp did you use? I couldn't find a vintage Hamley rose when I wanted one, so bought the JW flower stamp. Randy
  5. Thickness depends on material. I use kangaroo from Y-Knot. It's pretty thin. If I'm using latigo, I cut the lace from the back portion of the side. I'll split it down to about 3 oz. It has to be high quality to be that thin and maintain strength. Randy
  6. I use kangaroo or latigo. I prefer kangaroo. I have used the lacing pattern from Harry Adam's book. I have not used a double diamond, but I'm sure you could. Randy
  7. The saddle before this was for me. Maybe I'll buy a gun and make a holster for it. Or make a purse for my wife. Randy
  8. Thanks for the compliments. I don't need another saddle, but I would sure like to keep this one. Randy
  9. I just finished this saddle. Double L tree, Will James. Chestnut HO leather. The tapaderos (my first set) are from Bob Klenda's pattern in Leather Crafter's Journal. Randy
  10. @bruce johnson, what grit do you have in the file? It looks like it's 1/4" diameter. Thanks, Randy
  11. Thanks Bruce. I appreciate the advice. Randy
  12. Does anyone have instructions for sharpening rosette cutters? I have two punches from Weaver that are woefully dull. Thanks, Randy
  13. I have this stamp and been there, done that. I echo Bruce's comments on antiquing. I'll share a photo if I can find one. Randy
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