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  1. That's funny. I've had that experience, but thankfully I now have a more reliable farrier. Thanks Ron. I'll post pictures next month. Randy
  2. Thanks for all the comments and suggestions. Based on this discussion, I plan to use a burgundy latigo wrap with the rough side out. If he doesn't like it, switching to mule should be easy enough. I made a lot (seemed like it) of money hauling hay when I was younger. Now hay haulers in our area are on the endangered species list, thus chaps don't seem necessary. Take care, Randy
  3. I am working on a saddle with a wood post horn. I want to wrap it with mule skin, but all I can find is gray. Does it come in other colors? Is there a suitable substitute in burgundy? Thanks, Randy
  4. Thanks Ron, It was a lot of tooling, but an enjoyable project. Randy
  5. Ron, Here's the finished saddle. Randy
  6. @SamalanI am not questioning your experience, but just wanted more details regarding 3M77. I am getting ready to glue some foam on a boat seat and just happened to have a couple cans on the shelf. The 3M77 is labeled for foam. Is it the type of foam that causes an issue? I can buy 3M90, but wanted more information on your experiences. Thanks, Randy
  7. They still aren't. I called yesterday. RT
  8. That looks really clean. Personally, I would have put the rivet burr on the other side, but it's visible either way. Randy
  9. I heard Sunny recently moved into a rest home. I don't know if they'll reopen with a new owner, but that certainly leaves a hole in tree makers. Randy
  10. Just found out they went out of business. Randy
  11. I just called Quality Mfg. (435-587-5070) and got a "number no longer in service" message. Are they still in business? Do they have a new number? Thanks, Randy
  12. Thanks all. The stirrups will be delivered later. Randy
  13. Thanks for all the compliments. Regan, I hope your staying warm up north. I need to make the trip to Sheridan, but it won't be this year. Ron, I'm getting there, just a little slow sometimes. Still a lot of room for improvement. Take care, Randy
  14. Thanks for all the compliments. I under estimated the time required for tooling by quite a bit. As with most good friendships, the luckiest is a matter of perspective. Randy
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