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  1. I would for sure check oil level, possibly change it and any filters on the machine if its in the budget.
  2. @Privateer Hi Josh! Thank you for the advice, I did end up going home with this machine and am working on learning the in and outs of it. Your machine is lovely, though it appears to be a union lock stich type, instead of the Campbell Randall type like the one I picked up, I hope you have good luck with yours! I cannot believe how pretty it is! Witcraft's would be an awesome guy to talk to if you need assistance, I think has had two or three of them, I hear they can be temperamental at times.
  3. Sorry, I cannot be any help, but Im sure someone will be able too! I just wanted to comment what a beautiful machine this is! The painting looks amazing!
  4. @Dwight Really like the set up you've got goin on there, The grid seems like it would be super convenient.
  5. I now have the manual PDF. See attached file. CampbellManual-2017-web.pdf
  6. i had my pictures wrong, here is the set screw that is missing on what i’m assuming is a thread arm
  7. Hi everyone! Happy new years! I made the trip to Winchester, KY (home of beer cheese and my favorite drink, Ale-8-1) to pick up this Randall! The people I bought it from said that it was her dad who passed away, and he had this, another Randall, and a Champion. I wish I could have taken pictures of his machines, it was the first time I had ever seen a Champion machine. $1900 and and and extra hour of driving its in its new home, at the expense of a few sore backs this evening. I have gotten it all cleaned the best I could and is drenched in clear sewing machine oil as of now. It is turning over mostly smooth, but it is tough to turn when the needle comes up and advances the material, I'm thinking its normal but would like that reassurance. I ran it minimally before buying and everything seems to be in working conditions, but I do not have experience with this type of machine. With this I have a few questions. Does anyone have a PDF of the manual? A read only file would be perfect until I can call Campbell-Randall Tuesday Is polyester OK to run in this machine? I have read a lot of conflicting advice on this. Machine came with some brown weaver nylon, I do not have linen thread but will eventually order some. In the second picture, is the screw to the right missing a wing nut? It also does not have a shim under it like the one on the right. I think I am also missing a set screw in the 4th and 5th picture, is this cruital? I think I am also missing a spring in the stitch length adjustment, hence the two clamps. What is the best type of oil for this machine? I used clear sewing machine oil just because its what I had, but I saw a video of a fellow using 30 weight. What's best? And finally (I will for sure have more down the road) how the heck do I wind bobbins for this?!?!?
  8. Thank you Wiz! I suppose it doesn't hurt anything to go see if it turns over smooth. Do you happen to have any recommended resources about learning to operate these machines? Ive read about every thread I could find here. Thank you again!
  9. Hi all, I hope everyone is getting into the holiday spirit and I wish everyone a safe and happy Christmas. Anyhow, There is a Randall lockstitch machine a few hours from me for sale, I am not concerned about the drive since I pass through there anyways on occasion. But I do have some questions about these machines, as I have never had the opportunity to run them. The machine plate says J.D Randall Co, out of Cincinnati, Oh and has the number of 311, what does this number mean? Is it just a moedle #? and what is the best way to tell the age of the machine? Correct me if I am wrong, but it is my understanding that Randall made clones of the ULS and the Campbell machines, so they have two different types with the ULS clone being more finicky. Is this correct? I am messaging the seller and he is saying that it was his fathers who passed away recently, and he cannot run it for a video, but I would not have any idea either. What would be some other things to look for/ read up on before going to go see this machine? Thank you in advanced, will post pictures when I get to my laptop
  10. Perhaps I will just look into ordering some large sized needles and playing around with it. It may be more economical in the long run. Thank you all for the input. A chisel awl is something that may be hard for me to come across but I am curious to see the results. Thank you, maggielj Thank you for the input! I will be trying this tool out and trying some large sized needles also. Thank you! maggielj
  11. I recently saw this while browsing, but it is a buckstitch needle for use in a cobra class 3 and 4. Has anyone used these? wondering if they’re worth the hassle. I would assume they could be used in other 441 clones
  12. It looks really nice! The boat owners lucked out finding you.
  13. i came into a looottt of buckskins today. Feller i work with has seen a lot of my work and today said he had 20-30 buckskins in his truck for me. it must have been my lucky day. most of them are white but they’re are a few on top that are tan. I plan on making him and his wife some lined headstalls for their horses but other than that does anyone have any good buckskin projects? and has anyone tried to dye them? Im thinking RIT dye will do the trick but wanted some opinions. Thank you, maggielj
  14. @KYCat and @Chux I learned from youtube! I'm sorry I do not have any specific videos or books to recommend, but @Dwight has some very good suggestions! I get most of my supplies from beadededge.com or firemountaingems.com . Both have better prices than hobby lobby, but larger quantities. Hobby lobby will run them on sale a few times a month if your not looking for a whole hank. I use precosia cezch 11/0 seed beads, size 11 john james beading needles, and size D nymo that I wax as I use. I made my own loom as did Dwight, and there are some good designs for them floating around the internet- however you can pick one up on amazon for about $10. Thank you guys for the complements, and please shoot me a DM if you need! maggielj
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