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  1. seabee

    Hand press

    Hi, all I hope everyone is coping with the STAY AT HOME! Today I modifier my HF arbor press for Buckleguy rivets, snaps. I like his hardware, but I didn't buy his press. I use my HF press for a lot of things. My shop is small, and no place for single use equipment. I would put pictures, but aways have bad luck using my flip-phone. I tested it out and I am happy with it, made a few things using there snap setter. Howard
  2. wig1908, Sorry, I don't own a camera, and a land line. Howard
  3. Hi, all Last night I cut out billet patterns out of red oak on a scroll saw , 2 each. Than I double sided taped leather between them. The leather was very slightly larger than the pattern. Installed a pattern bit in my rotor table, Turned the speedup high, and trimmed the leather. Came out nice with flat edges, now I will use my good leather to see how it comes out. Howard
  4. Hi again, I made 3 long leashes last night, and took the dogs out this morning to see how they would react. They seemed to like the extra freedom and I liked not having to keep up with them. The test will be on the hunt. Howard
  5. Hi everyone, I just ran across this thread, and would add $.02. I do leather as a hobby, but I help anyone that I can. A friend of has horses (hay Burners). He asked me if could repair a one horse buggy harness for him for a show a the local rodeo. Thats a lot of leather, and we marked all areas to be repaired. Cutting this short, I now get calls for tack repairs from local and out of town people. They can't find leatherworkers to do repairs. They don't want new leather. You can tell, I know nothing about horses, I just fix the problem. Their happy and I'am glad to help. Howard PS, Tack repair is very different
  6. Halitech, Thanks for the responds. I am going to try making one tonight. Thanks, Howard
  7. Hi, How do you cut a 15' leather strap for that leash? I have 2 hunting dog that I would like to put on a longer leash. I have only have cut belt blanks. Howard
  8. I don't use a MM, because when I make it, its mine, when he/she/or it pays for the item, it doesn't belong to me any more. Howard
  9. I'am wondering if there are any leatherworker in the Ridgecrest, ca. area? Howard
  10. Hi, Those wallets are very nice. What thread size, and spi. are you using? Your stitching is, great. Thanks for sharing. Seabee
  11. Before I would buy anything, I would would drill a hole the size of the snap post in a 1/8" thick wood and sand it down on a belt in sander. Than use your press. Seabee I
  12. Swivel Knifes and Barry King Seabee
  13. I have a few sk, even a BK knife. All from yard sales, less than $20 total. Each has a different blade. No need to pay big $ for knifes, Buy good blades. Seabee
  14. Chrisash, I could tow a trailer, because my shop is a 20' TT converted for leatherwork, but I would have to leave the car at home. Sheillajeanne, You have given me some great ideas, cutting belt blanks, holster, etc. I didn't think about. Thank you for responding, Howard
  15. Hi all, I'am going to do some RV traveling again, but this time I want to do some leather projects like holster, belts, etc. You can only do so much sightseeing and fishing. I have been trying put together a small toolbox So, what hand tools would.you want to carry, All my tooling stamps are in a their own toolbox, also, I built a portable stitching pony. Any suggests would help. Thanks, Howard
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