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  1. Danne

    Brown wallet

    Yes, I have tried all these methods. And the way Philip does it looks good, but you still see how the thread tends to lay on top of the other thread, and it becomes even more visible with thinner leather. Even some (a lot) of the best crafters out there seems to struggle with this also. But here is an example of what I would say a perfect backstitch.
  2. Danne

    Brown wallet

    Thank you for your kind words. I try to improve something on every project. This time it was the creasing. I have been using Regad FN2 for pocket edges, and Regad F2 for the rest of the edges (gives a more crisp line which I think looks good on stitched edges) but I wasn't really happy with the Regad F2 iron it's a little too sharp for goat leather, it either cuts/burn the finish, or the crease is barely visible, so I have changed to Dupin G1 instead, and I'm happy with the result. A couple of things on the list to improve is more consistent backstitching (It's so hard, I have searched the internet everywhere, and I have seen tutorials with decent result, but not perfect result, well kept secret?) I also plan to work on the corners, I will probably use a round awl at the corners. I also would like to slim it down just a tad (not that the wallet is bulky, but removing a couple of mm on the exterior, and also line the card pockets, but this require a splitting solution, and I will not stress with this. You have probably seen how I've had a hard time sourcing a new FAV skiving machine with the specs I want. I do like the black ones from Nippy, would match the colors of my desk/working area. We see I might pull the trigger.
  3. Danne

    Brown wallet

    Thank you Yin.
  4. Danne

    Brown wallet

    Thank you for your kind comment.
  5. Danne

    Brown wallet

    The wallet from my progress post finished. Video clip: https://i.imgur.com/keYbhE1.mp4
  6. Yes, Tärnsjö is also a Swedish tannery. Real high quality vegetable tanned leather. Used to be supplier to Hermès and Louis Vuitton. Don't quote me on this, but I think Hermès and LVMH tried to push down the prices too much, and I get that in a way because supplying big fashion houses is good for your brand (The tannery in this case) But also today both Hermès and LVMH own a lot of the tanneries that produce their leather. Why do I like this leather? I really like the semi-aniline finish. It gets a patina, but not as extreme as a pure aniline leather.
  7. Thank you. Exterior is Tärnsjö semi-aniline veg tan. Interior is Alran Sully. Thank you.
  8. Took some photos during the making of a wallet. So thought I share it here. Feel free to ask questions, or give critique. Parts cut and ready to be skived. Card pockets edge painted and creased (Regad FN2) Pocket sections assembled and lined and ready to be trimmed. Trimmed Pocket sections and finished lined exterior ready to be assembled. Top of exterior stitched. Stitching card sections in place. Exterior edges creased (Dupin G1) and ready to be edge painted. First layer of edge coat applied and drying. Waiting for the edge paint to dry and then heat, sand and repeat five/six times before melting wax to edges and polish. And some cleaning and it's finished.
  9. The problem is what is the right size? Today maybe you need 0.8mm or 1mm or 1.5mm for a watch strap. Next time you need the same leather in three different weights for a wallet/card holder. Also buying directly from tanneries is not an option without a splitter (With very few exceptions where you can get the hide split, but then it's the whole hide in one weight) But for hobby use a bell knife will go a long way. Nitz as example split his leather for small leathergoods with a skiving machine.
  10. Even if the machine do work decent, what happens in a couple of years when maybe that machine doesn't exist anymore, and you need spare parts? If you can afford it, I think the Camoga Compact for 12-13000usd is a better choice. Also depending on what you make you can learn to split leather with good results for smaller leather goods with a skiving machine.
  11. I don't agree. My punches from Ksblade doesn't need any sharpening, they are super sharp. And hole punches I've seen being recommended like SPC and Kevinlee is probably really sharp when delivered also. I remember when I started this craft and bought the "mini kit" with hole punches from Tandy though, they didn't just need sharpening they didn't have a cutting edge at all.
  12. The edge paint applicator: https://ksbladepunch.com/product/edge-paint-applicator The only reason I bought it in the first place was because it was nice. and I have been using a cheap round awl from Aliexpress (That one that is included in most cheap leather kits) But I was surprised how good this applicator was, and the reason is because it has a turned finished so it holds edge paint really well. Of course there is no need to buy this one, a rod that have a turned finish would work just as good, but this one is nice also What applicator do you use?
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