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  1. I do leathercraft as a hobby, and of course Instagram is a good place to show off your work when you do this as a business. Instagram is also a good place to connect with other crafters. Now to the problem, if someone asked me a question about a material or source for something, I was always willing to share. If I asked someone I never talked to before I I understood that I might not get an answer, some people don't share, or don't have the time to share, and I respect that. (I'm not talking about in depth construction questions, it was more that I asked about a material that was used and such) I did talk to a lot of crafters and we shared solutions, materials, sources and such, but I also quite often got messages from crafters that asked me for a source, or what material I used, and I shared it, and tried to help as much as possible, like what glue I had tried for that material, or where to source something in a smaller quantity, and other tips regarding what I shared. On multiple occasions a little later I asked that person about some new material they have found, and to my surprise they answer with a complete LIE. (Example: If I would use "Velodon" for a watch strap here, and someone ask me what material is that? and I answer "Ohh it's salpa, bonded leather") like obvious lie to avoid sharing.
  2. Wow, super nice. When do you start making leather skiving knives? I do like my Kyoshin elle skiving knives, but a damascus blade and african blackwood handle. It would follow the theme on my toolboard where more and more tools get black
  3. I try to find a good balance between soft/pliable and durable. Now I don't sell any leather goods (only a hobby) but some reinforcement solutions I've tried have resulted in straps that are very stiff (even with softer leather) until it has shaped itself around my wrist, I think something like that would annoy a lot of customers when they order a slim strap in a soft leather. But I think it also comes down to the type of leather used. If I would get the task to make a strap for a watch that would take a lot of beating over the years like yours, and I could choose leathers. I would probably choose bridle or cordovan, and build up the interior with a full grain cow leather if a padded strap. I do spend a lot of time thinking about different construction methods. In one way it can make sense to use a nylon fabric as reinforcement to avoid stretching at the lugs and between bucke pin holes. But those materials degrade over time, like I took out an old backback I had in my storage room, all straps where made from some synthetic material, and it was a high quality made bag, but I could tear some straps with no effort. And when we buy a reinforcement material today, with the requirements for the materials to be environmental friendly, how long will they hold up? especially when it's thin material? Let's have a look at some of the best crafters out there (my opinion, but a lot of people will agree) I saw a strap made by Niwa, and the construction is fully made out of leather. I can't say what the best choices are, but these constructions fully made out of leather appeal more to me. But I use Velodon for my flat straps, and I still experiment with different construction methods. https://www.instagram.com/p/B6O8GR0ALNc/ https://www.instagram.com/p/B6UOrkBA_GW/
  4. Thank you, I really like watch straps, I like to work on attention to small details, and I think they are a good way to improve the attention to details. Even the smallest details are important, I mean on a large bag a "bad" backstitch will not be that visible, but it becomes really visible on a watch strap. Also mistakes when making small straps are cheap, a failure with a handbag will be a lot of wasted leather. Thank you.
  5. Yes, navy blue and orange thread would look awesome. I did a bundstrap for this watch in these colors.
  6. Thank you, I'm sorry to hear about your injury. With a fob you mean something like this? (Found on Google)
  7. Wow, that tooling is so clean and consistent. Really nice work.
  8. This is probably not suitable for your purpose where you completely lack a cutting edge, but maybe could be a good solution to sharpen hole punches? https://crimsonhides.com/products/hole-punch-sharpener
  9. That's something I constantly experiment with. For flat straps I use Velodon (Freudenberg SH-1220 or Jaeger 1961) This is what I used for these three straps. 1. Pink + orange strap: Top layer 0.5mm goat + 0.5mm cow leather. From straps I made in goat leather before and tried for a while, it seems to work really good, and doesn't make the strap stiff. 2. Black strap: Freudenberg SH-5090 (0.1mm) along the lining and around the folds (but under padding) An example on how I line the top layer with cow leather. (It's not this strap, but a similar strap I made before.
  10. Thank you, 1. I make my templates so they match the stitching distance/spi. Here is a printscreen from a wallet where I stitch with 3mm/9spi. 2. Sometimes I use a round hole at the point. Other times I start the first hole just as corners on my wallet in the example above. For really thin thread it do look better with a round hole, or it will be a quite large gap at the point. Here are some photos from the making of my latest strap (the finished strap is in my last post)
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