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  1. Danne was one of the first one I contacted on Instagram and he was extremely helpful with advices. Fortunately, I have not any problem with social media (It helps when you don't many follower or friends on Facebook). My guideline for myself is simple. Life is too short for me to waist my time on free negative comments. I use instagram mainly for Inspiration and keep up with the latest from some of the crafters I admire. Ngoc Dung Phung
  2. Very nice work, a couple of questions. 1) On your card holder, How do you make sure that your punch holes straddle the edge of the two pockets and arrived perfectly at the corner. Do you start from a set pattern? do you have to reduce sometimes the pitch from 3.0 to 2.7 to reach the corners or so you don't punch on the edge pocket? or do you use trim allowance and cut after the card holder edges after stitching? 2) On your watch strap, where the two stitching line meet (pointy end corner of the watchstrap) Is it a round hole punch? if not is it from the start of the top stitching line punch or is that the first punch from the bottom stitching line? Thanks as always. I would love to see and learn your watchstrap process from start to finish.
  3. Nice to rediscover your posts. You were a reference for me when I started leathercrafting (looking at your Instagram posts) a few months ago. I was back to work so I finished another Passport holder a few weeks ago. Thanks for all the advices you shared.
  4. I want to throw in another option Meisi Xiange thread. It looks pretty good and waxed. It is very close to Vinymo. My personal likes and observation: Colors on Vinymo more vibrant and shiny (if you wax it before stitching, it will dull the color a litte bit). The MEISI Xiange is closer to Vinymo than Ritza, not as shiny as Vinymo and less waxy than Ritza. The Xiange looks as good to me as the Vinymo. One thing I like is the cute bobbin they come in if you order small quantity that bobbin design is really nice and fits well in my tackle box. This has nothing to do with the end result. The Vinymo green spool contains the same 100 m thread as the grey Meisi spool even if it is almost twice the size (Far Left is RML 40m Ritza and in the middle is DLS 60m spool). It is almost like Toyota and Honda, you will not go wrong with any of the three choices. There are differences but you just need to try them out and decide what pleases you most personally.
  5. I am not sure but I thought Sinabroks was South Korean (they may have move to Japan?). I don't have that much experience but I am cheap so did a few research before buying my Irons/Chisels. Lonsdale used to have free shipping within Canada for 150$CAN and above they may have changed with the inflation. They seem to have the cheapest price on Tokonole 120ml.
  6. Hi, Mike, may I ask which Saphir Medaille d'or cream you use, the Nappa or the Renovateur. I found that when I used on my small Pueblo test piece it darkens and smooth out the slightly texture of Pueblo (On Buttero, English Bridle or any shiny leather it doesn't do that) which kind of defeat my main appreciation of this leather. Thanks for your help
  7. Now that is a real Canadian. . I really like that material the only downside is the small surface.
  8. Wow you went with pretty nice stuff. Wow! those are nice irons. From what I read the 1-prong iron is not as useful as the rest. 2-prong is useful in curves. I would go for a 10-prong instead of 8-prong to help in long stitch line. Have you look at Kevin Lee irons. I heard it is very good also and not too expensive. Lonsdale leather in Vancouver used to carry Sinabroks they have free shipping. The diameter of the tooth is 2.2 mm vs KS Blade at 1.8 mm. Rocky Mountain has their own brand at 2 and 9 tooth combination for 99$ US dollar which I think is a great deal. They don't make 4.0mm, 3.85 is their lowest SPI. I have them and I am pretty happy with them. Their listed diameter is 1.7mm. There are so many out there now. Sinabroks, KS Blade, Doldokki, Crimson Hides, Junlin, Kevin Lee, Beagle, Wuta.
  9. Is it like leather, 60% belly (cheap). Do restaurant advertise 100% shoulder. Kind of dry.
  10. Another story to support. I made and gave a nice Pueblo leather passport cover to an Indian friend. While savouring her goat curry, I almost fell off my chair profusely apologizing for my insensitivity and my stupidity. I forgot that cow are sacred for many Hindus, so I need to take it back and make a better one. I was thinking of a shell cordovan outer shell and a French goat inners pocket. However, my thoughts went beyond and I was looking for an alternative to satisfy the growing and evolving demand. Nothing wrong with respecting client's wishes. I love Bacon and Ham but I would not serve them to my Jewish and Muslim friend.
  11. Here is the strength chart and color of Vinymo MBT . https://nagai--yoriito-com.translate.goog/eng/pages/33/?_x_tr_sl=ja&_x_tr_tl=en&_x_tr_hl=en&_x_tr_pto=sc
  12. Ellen at leatherworking school has a relatively informative document comparing the different threads option Mainly Ritza Tiger, Vinymo, Meisi, and Fil au Chinois (Toulemonde). It is all a matter of taste. My personal opinion (take it with a grain of salt) is since you are doing Holster and knife sheath and pouches, I would stick with the flat Tiger thread it is more robust looking more earthy, rustic looking color and comes pre-waxed. Vinymo is round not waxed but the colours are more vivid I like doing small wallet and passport cover and find that Ritza looks really chunky compare to Vinymo even the #5 vs Tiger .6 and #8 is even thinner. I have not try Meisi yet but hopefully soon. As far as supplier goes DLS sell Vinymo (order a roll they are cheaper than Ritza and order the color guide they have so many colors). Leatherwork School carry Meisi. I would really want to know about WUTA thread but nobody seems to use it.
  13. Now that I think about it WUTA thread seems almost like Rocky Mountain Twist.
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