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  1. Thanks. I edited my post to remove the vegetable oil. I forgot about it turning rancid. I use EVOO when I use oil or Pure Neatsfoot Oil if I want the leather to get darker.
  2. Nice work...I see you are using a rubber/plastic shield on your stitcher, great idea to prevent marks!
  3. Olive oil. I use Extra Virgin Olive Oil according to Chuck Burrows and Will Ghormley and a few others. ArkieNewbie: Springfield Leather sells Hermann Oak precuts: https://www.springfieldleather.com/Hermann-Oak-Grade-1-Pre-Cuts?quantity=1&pre-cut=3
  4. Doc Reaper and Tugadude… would you recommend Hardwood stump or soft wood like Doug Fir?
  5. Yeah it is. Puckered a little but I did not change tension from my leather settings. Did not pull material into machine.
  6. I bought the same plate/feed dog and was able to sew 2 layers of t-shirt material with #277 thread. It was a test and that was the smallest thread I have.
  7. Thanks all. May go with the 4x4’s. Lowe’s has untreated Douglas Fir 4x4x8 posts
  8. Scoutmom103…this I know, my hammer is nylon and hard rubber.
  9. Thanks guys. I think I will build a wood post on the floor and use granite and top with a couple layers of thick leather. I have a 2 lb hammer that I will try. If that doesn’t work, I’ll go to Lowe’s for a 8 lb steel sledge…what could it hurt? LOL
  10. I just bought an Osborne 1-3/4” oblong punch. This punch was sharpened before being sent to me. What weight mallet should I be using to cut thru 2 layers 6-7 oz leather? What would be best base? I’ve read people use a tree stump or 6x6 or larger posts on floor. Also, people use a plastic cutting board on marble. I have a 10x10x2” thick end grain Teak wood cutting board, would that work on top of a post? Looking for input before I wear out my arm or destroy this fairly expensive tool. Thanks.
  11. Thanks guys. Dwight: I too have the Cowboy 4500. But I do not have the Boss or Outlaw so stitching on sight would not be possible unless I finished by hand stitching. Got to see if that can be a possibility. Lobo: Like your idea of short samples.
  12. That's what I thought. So are you fellas selling only single layer belts? If so what thickness works best for these shows? English Bridle or Veg Tan? drum pre-dyed or dye them yourself? Dwight...Do you have a Boss or Cowboy Outlaw to stitch belt in 30 minutes?
  13. I wanted to make some belts for a show. I wanted to offer single and double stitched belts. Is there any way to stitch a belt blank and then cut and punch holes for someone without making a bunch of premade lengths like in stores? I've been running it thru my mind but not real sure if it can be done. Any help/ideas would be appreciated
  14. Not out if wood, but cardboard. Stitch lines too close so tore them out. I used a piece of leather that was 1-2 oz thicker than another mockup from the same hide. Customer’s son is coming into area next weekend. May get to try it in a new mockup that fits.
  15. Rocky, no I have not done any finishing of edges or tapping the threads. I just started using/testing a Cobra center toe presser foot that is open in the front (much easier to see where the needle is) and it has a groover foot on the bottom to press the thread into the leather.
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