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  1. Must be vegtan…poured boiling water on it and it took a little while but it started curling. Took another piece and burned it. Rubbed ashes on white paper they were brown no green.
  2. I received a couple pieces of tannery dyed 8/9 oz leather. How can I tell what type type if leather it is? Veg tan, chrome tan, etc? Got it from someone else and he doesn’t know what it is or where he got it. it seems like veg tan but has a waxy feel. Barge contact cement peeled off. Water runs off but it feels damp and penetrated 1/4 on cut edge. I was able to hammer fold it like for a case.
  3. Thanks. I edited my post to remove the vegetable oil. I forgot about it turning rancid. I use EVOO when I use oil or Pure Neatsfoot Oil if I want the leather to get darker.
  4. Nice work...I see you are using a rubber/plastic shield on your stitcher, great idea to prevent marks!
  5. Olive oil. I use Extra Virgin Olive Oil according to Chuck Burrows and Will Ghormley and a few others. ArkieNewbie: Springfield Leather sells Hermann Oak precuts: https://www.springfieldleather.com/Hermann-Oak-Grade-1-Pre-Cuts?quantity=1&pre-cut=3
  6. Doc Reaper and Tugadude… would you recommend Hardwood stump or soft wood like Doug Fir?
  7. Yeah it is. Puckered a little but I did not change tension from my leather settings. Did not pull material into machine.
  8. I bought the same plate/feed dog and was able to sew 2 layers of t-shirt material with #277 thread. It was a test and that was the smallest thread I have.
  9. Thanks all. May go with the 4x4’s. Lowe’s has untreated Douglas Fir 4x4x8 posts
  10. Scoutmom103…this I know, my hammer is nylon and hard rubber.
  11. Thanks guys. I think I will build a wood post on the floor and use granite and top with a couple layers of thick leather. I have a 2 lb hammer that I will try. If that doesn’t work, I’ll go to Lowe’s for a 8 lb steel sledge…what could it hurt? LOL
  12. I just bought an Osborne 1-3/4” oblong punch. This punch was sharpened before being sent to me. What weight mallet should I be using to cut thru 2 layers 6-7 oz leather? What would be best base? I’ve read people use a tree stump or 6x6 or larger posts on floor. Also, people use a plastic cutting board on marble. I have a 10x10x2” thick end grain Teak wood cutting board, would that work on top of a post? Looking for input before I wear out my arm or destroy this fairly expensive tool. Thanks.
  13. Thanks guys. Dwight: I too have the Cowboy 4500. But I do not have the Boss or Outlaw so stitching on sight would not be possible unless I finished by hand stitching. Got to see if that can be a possibility. Lobo: Like your idea of short samples.
  14. That's what I thought. So are you fellas selling only single layer belts? If so what thickness works best for these shows? English Bridle or Veg Tan? drum pre-dyed or dye them yourself? Dwight...Do you have a Boss or Cowboy Outlaw to stitch belt in 30 minutes?
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