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  1. Thanks guys. Dwight: I too have the Cowboy 4500. But I do not have the Boss or Outlaw so stitching on sight would not be possible unless I finished by hand stitching. Got to see if that can be a possibility. Lobo: Like your idea of short samples.
  2. That's what I thought. So are you fellas selling only single layer belts? If so what thickness works best for these shows? English Bridle or Veg Tan? drum pre-dyed or dye them yourself? Dwight...Do you have a Boss or Cowboy Outlaw to stitch belt in 30 minutes?
  3. I wanted to make some belts for a show. I wanted to offer single and double stitched belts. Is there any way to stitch a belt blank and then cut and punch holes for someone without making a bunch of premade lengths like in stores? I've been running it thru my mind but not real sure if it can be done. Any help/ideas would be appreciated
  4. Not out if wood, but cardboard. Stitch lines too close so tore them out. I used a piece of leather that was 1-2 oz thicker than another mockup from the same hide. Customer’s son is coming into area next weekend. May get to try it in a new mockup that fits.
  5. Rocky, no I have not done any finishing of edges or tapping the threads. I just started using/testing a Cobra center toe presser foot that is open in the front (much easier to see where the needle is) and it has a groover foot on the bottom to press the thread into the leather.
  6. Jeff…Thanks…will keep thickness in mind. here is back of holster recommendation for sweat panel size/location? Belt slot is too small. I cut it quick and didn’t measure it. I am going to increase to 1-3/4” and make the panel 3/8” longer to give more room for longer slot and double stitch around it. I had trouble with machine as I was stitching and had to pull threads. I fixed the problem and restitched, so a bit messy.
  7. COS… Dia needle…It is my first attempt at pattern…it is a OWB holster…it is a test …belt slot not cut. Also thinking of making reinforcement band wider to cover more of gun … maybe 1”? Chris…I agree, that’s why I asked…needle is marked #25 and thread is #277 Gordond…it is Dia needle. Have not ordered L needles yet. Thanks
  8. So I tried sewing a holster. Hermann Oak veg tan 8/9 oz. #277 top and bottom #25 needle, Cowboy CB 4500. how do the holes look? Too big or just right? If you want to critique go ahead but let me know how the needle holes look. This was designing and sewing practice so edges and such have not been finished. Thanks.
  9. And the holster is a surprise to the gun owner from his dad. Picture of pistol is from the internet (Google images). But I will check PPK avenger style, a WWII type holster is listed for HSc and PPK. may have to get with his dad to make the mock-up.
  10. Glad to hear!!! Now on to practice, practice, practice…etc.
  11. Yeah, the dye went from mottled light to med brown to almost black. I cut the back off and made a new belt loop and sewed it on the back.
  12. I was asked to build an OWB right hand holster for a Mauser HSc. It is for his son who lives in St. Louis, I’m near Pittsburgh, PA. He wants an avenger style, not WWII flap holster. Does anyone have a pattern I could use or any instructions on building it from a picture? I have all the dimensions.
  13. I just finished this for a friend at a gun club. Started out as a single gun rig, but the holster, a mexican loop type, had a bad dye job. I told him and showed him a picture of it. I had another “El Dorado” style I made for myself. He said he really liked that style and asked “ Could you change it to that style?” OK!… then he added “can you make the other holster into a crossdtaw? I’ll buy that one too, it looks nice”!!
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