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  1. No it will not accept oil thru the resoline! It is a sealer
  2. Weldwood brand rocks, I have other stuff that has almost zero holding strength (and it’s popular on here) that I purchased off amazon Barge is the name, I have two quart size cans that will turn to stone before I use them
  3. I had a really positive experience with the Tandy in (I think it was Cleavland) I was sent two splitter blades, one of em had a small nick in the center of the blade, these blades are not cheap! I was sent a replacement, so now I have a total 4 blades. Although one has a small Imperfection, I’m sure it can be resharpened, where should I send em? I’m in NC, international knife and saw is a bad choice!
  4. Not bad, but you will get another and another and another
  5. I have need for only one and it is a 3/16th, it is used for belts to make the tounge lie down better. I’m sure a round hole, the same size, would do just as well but the oval looks better I also have bag punches purchased at different times that measure 3/4 of an inch up to 2 1/4 inches please be just a bit clearer on its use, I started out using 1 inch oblong and moved up to a 1 1/4 inch oblong to make the tounge slot on belts and straps
  6. Screw em, it’s another way of control. If it was that bad it would be taken off the market, just get it and use it! It’s not going to kill an entire country
  7. Ok, I can say I planted these on leather (implanted???) but thanks goes to everyone
  8. I have two bottles of Dark Brown FIEBINGS dye and the dye was left to dry for three weeks, it feels kind of fuzzy like it hasn’t fully dried or cured. Is this happening to anyone else????
  9. No leather or leather made goods just services in the tool skills or manufacturers of equipment, DON’T BE SHY OR STINGY!
  10. I tried Latigo leather shoelaces but they didn’t hold up
  11. I have purchased tools here over the years, Cowboy Bob was the first one I found. Then I found the Leather Tool Maker, then Rocky Aussie and his thin needle plate. There is also Patrick1 that I’m still trying to get off the pot so I can purchase from him. I have been on here for about 12 years and it took a long time to find guys that make Shhtuff! Now here is where y’all come in! I’m looking to make a list outside of supplies. I’m looking for guys like Rocky Aussie or the Leather Tool Maker that have the skill, know how, and the machines to make those thin needle plates or the burnishers that we all could use. If you know a tool maker or builder list em here, I don’t care where on earth you are placed, there are people looking for y’all! Start leaving names and contact info and what they do. I’m in the USA but a list will help make your product global, I tend to stay away from China, it’s a personal reason! Am I gonna get censored???
  12. I had a problem of thread breaking on 3 different machines (not the same make) and I was missing stitches. I checked to make sure it was threaded properly, the tension was slightly adjusted to make sure that wasn’t a problem. So I got to thinking about what would fray the thread? i checked for burrs and sharp edges everywhere around the needle and plate areas, all was good. I eliminated everything but the needle! So I changed the needle , still using the same size - still the same problem, UGHH! So I watched the operation of the needle closely, and the thread was not even, like it was cut by scissors, but even enough to be happening at one spot - the eye of the needle (where the thread goes thru). Not all at once but the thread was bunching on the feed side of the needle and the fibers of the thread kept popping one at a time! So I got a needle with a larger hole and my problem vanished! needle size charts were made when materials for thread and needle were different. I ALWAYS go to the next size up in needles, it helps cut down on frustration! I even made that comment to Cowboy Bob when I made an order about 3 weeks ago. So if you are fraying right at the needle, increase to the next needle size up
  13. There are many, Tandy is the lowest price - but cheap material! There are others out there but feel free to ask about the company on here, chances are we have all tried at least one or two (stay away from cheap ebay delrin) businesses
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