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  1. Most holsters do not have a toe plug! Most holsters are open toed, so water ma drain and not cause damage to the barrel interior
  2. Doc Reaper

    How I now straighten leather for strap cutting

    All you need is a long metal yardstick from a hardware store
  3. I gots fithsies
  4. Doc Reaper

    Tandy Pricing Structure Change

    I almost stopped going completely, they actually started gouging customers that were there for decades, and ran off those that were just starting out. Saddle skirting was sold at apex $75 for a side and then shot up to &138 a side for elite sales. They really should be more giving to those that purchase every 2 weeks and have a business in the industry, they do know who I am and what I do. They have even asked if I would volunteer to give a class or two. Im sorry if this part seems shallow but paying out money to supply my business with their products then educating new students that will be buying items to make using products that they sell seems like they are only helping themselves. All the while I’m paying top dollar - in person- because I can’t trust the store to send me a quality item that should of been picked as though they were going to use it. Am I upset with Tandy, hell yes! I gave them ideas over the phone and face to face, even though I am a customer that actually works leather and sees the flaws they don’t because upper management is worried if they are going to get a bonus for meeting the weekly sales numbers! I told them (on the phone) that their practices in greed had to be curbed. Their press costed like over $200, Harbor Fright has a one ton press for around $50 their price gouging had to be forced to a lower scale, or close the doors. Price restructuring may be a bit too late, we will all know within six months if their doors will stay open.
  5. I had a friend build a horizontal for me, it was $75 and works, he then built a second one (pictured here). This is still unfinished, it lacks the handles, stain, and protective leather which will be finished in 2 days
  6. That boot was not done on a double stitch machine, in third world countries they make em go around twice
  7. What is that picture of???

    1. Greenwood


      Hi Doc

      Sorry I have no idea what that is.  When enlarged the unit  is stamped CS Osborne, it is crank operated and has two rollers.  I am not the person who added the pic.  I am now interested in finding what it is.  Have a good day, Leo

  8. Ya still feelin new??

  9. Doc Reaper

    New from West Virginia

    Not too shabby, nice work
  10. Doc Reaper

    Alphabet Stamps for Guitar Strap

    Define “Big Letters”, it helps to know what you are looking for
  11. Hey Dude, could ya give me a call 980-621-5851 just ask for Doc 

  12. Doc Reaper

    Zipper supplier needed

    I have called “zipperstop” stop, told them what I needed, guess I got a lazy salesman! If you guys can have your salesman call me at 980-621-5851. It will be a great help if I can get the lengths I need. Finding 26, 24, 22, 10 and 8 inch zippers in at least a #8 or #10 METAL not aluminum or plastic would be awesome! One place told me that I would have to order 200,each size, minimal. I believe that was the YKK company
  13. I’ve been watching most of you folks and your projects, y’all are rockin that leather work!

  14. Doc Reaper

    Leatherworking stump

    How bad is it cracked now, show pictures please! My Hickory stump is a cracked pretty bad, my Red Oak (bark on) is still solid with hair line cracks. Maybe the type of wood makes a difference on the amount of cracking???
  15. Doc Reaper

    New to the forum

    Where are ya located?