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  1. Let me know the address of who ends up with it so I can steal it, er I mean barrow it
  2. Doc Reaper

    Sleigh bells

    Now I gotta make some cause the wife saw these
  3. Ok, I'm interested, where do ya buy replicas
  4. I actually use a die grinder and a dremel and in my traveled I found a 1/8th sanding attachment that fits either tool. I also purchased the oblong punches pre Biden (FJB) and now all the machines I want are the expensive ones. if that holster was black ya would barely notice your errors and mostly the untrained eye may not catch the imperfections
  5. Cool job, is that yours or a customers?
  6. I understand what you are trying to do, I made a friction sheath and "cured" it by the method you speak of. There's an oven you can make using a type of heat lamp, I believe it's a radiant lamp, and the build is fairly easy and doesn't cost that much to make. The interior temperature is around 120 to 170 and you might be able to search for it on here by looking for "heat box" or "drying box"
  7. Common sense just slapped the nonsense from my thoughts. I went over to Hobby Lobby (cause I'm an adult) I purchased six 10 ounce bottles to use on the airbrush. Why waste a large air compressor
  8. I could thin this slightly and actually use an air brush I already have
  9. Has any one tried this method? Found this picture on Facebook, the owner might be on here, I'm going to find a finer spraying nozzle and give it a go!
  10. ok, I see Canada also has the smarts California does. A business purchases let's say 2 or 3 of the 5 gallon buckets. A few cases of 32 ounce glass bottles (or maybe smaller) and it is still legal to supply customers. Plus the glass bottles are reusable! Fight back against corruption and communism - do not be afraid to dirty up your politicians and use a deep hole to hide em!!! Next you will be moving into your moms basement.
  11. There are different types of hardware that are installed on the guitar and on the guitar strap to make them quick connect. Go into any music shop and tell them you want the hardware for quick connection for guitar straps. They come with instructions that tell you the drill size you will need. Most guitarist will have more than just one or two guitars. Having a quick connect system will be wanted so multiple straps will fit multiple guitars.
  12. AZ, I'm digging the quiver! Chuck & AZ - how bout a couple mor pics from top and back?????
  13. Howdy Stitch, a lot of these guys have more knowledge than I ever hope to have. Look at this site as a living encyclopedia for everything leather! If they don't know it they will point you to someone that does
  14. Just so all of you are clear, using one in self defense is acceptable if the attacker dies, leave him and play the "catch me - screw me" game Im all for self preservation
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