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  1. It is not just the grommets either. Yeah, I’m finding that tandy cuts some sharp corners and they caught themselves gouging the people and lowered prices across the board!
  2. International Die in Clarksville Georgia is closed, got that straight from Sandy herself
  3. Eco Flo that I have is just a bit thicker than milk, is this normal
  4. This strap was made wide because it was made for his first electric guitar, which is quite heavy. The width was to distribute the the weight over a wider area. Whereas a thinner strap would of made it feel like it was heavier than it actually is. Now is a great time for the teen to get a different thinner strap. We all know that a young collar bone gets tender and uncomfortable with a couple of hours of practice.
  5. I got mine off Etsy, they aren’t square and they don’t nest well. I gave up on Etsy because the quality just isn’t there
  6. From what I’ve seen, most companies use less than 107, that’s ONE ZERO SEVEN, because they know that they can skip the industry standards and cut corners! use at least a 135, or heavier
  7. Buy hides or sides, most folks want your business, but the moment you get a bad side send that back. Tandy is not on my list
  8. Let’s update this just a bit, it’s been just under 8 years, i founder a thinner needle plate (thanks Aussie) and now my Cowboy 4500 will sew whatever I need it to!
  9. It’s January 2022, I have upgraded my 4500 in many ways, the last item was an inline presser foot set (not here yet). what other items are out there, somewhere there is a list of things to add without tripping over em on accident???
  10. Get a dog next time, cats don’t care about leather ownership
  11. I usually make them to thread a belt through, clips tend to slid up and off the belt. By there are many places to get clips. Tandy has em and any other leather supply place. Most clips don’t match the size of the item made but the size of the belt (1 1/2 inch is the norm)
  12. I have the Tandy one (it was a bit overpriced at time of purchase) and does what I need it to do, sharpening tips on the blade would be helpful, PM me
  13. I’m hard rock, about 3 years ago I found a group called “Pretty Reckless” the lead singer is Taylor Mumson, she played Cindy Lou who in the grinch stole Christmas with Jim Carrey. she is an a some singer
  14. The reason the boats are sitting in the harbor is because of politicians! Gavin Newsome is the son in law of Nancy Pelosi, she and her friends need to be sent to the gallows or firing squads
  15. They were trying to keep the price down, plus the turn around time was almost comparable to a Walmart purchase
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