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  1. This is my second posting here! One company offered goat skins at a good price, so I purchased 5, the bank declined the purchase because of insufficient funds. When I make a purchase for $150 with a new shop I discovered, I don’t Leave any more than that! I get pissed off when they turn that $150 charge in to a $375 charge without my consent. I even stated to them that price difference warrants a phone call. they replied that the $150 was for the small goat skins, all they got in were the extra large skins. I refuse to do business with that company, some of ya know who that was!
  2. I’m in North Carolina and I’m thinking that if anyone can positively identify the species I must be great with a razor (what I used to make the wolves)! But that tall pine must be a Texas spruce lol. thanks guys, I have more but I gotta find em
  3. I did this for a girl who wanted me to make a gift for her boyfriend (now husband) for Christmas. I’ll just show the finished art without dyes. Each item was done individually and at separate times, when the picture was take it was still drying. Yes this is on 9/10 ounce leather!
  4. Hello Eddiexero, I experience a (white) cloud affect when I dye vegetable tan leather with Fiebings’s black dye. No matter how many times I’ve cleaned it the “cloud” always appears. I apply the dye when the leather is dry. When the leather dye dries I buff it off and add a second coat and it goes away! I too use an air brush and I have experienced those markings, which appear to have been splashed (or possibly a spit take) and a half assed attempt was made to wipe it off. If it came from fingers you would of most likely seen finger prints. i sometimes use a dye-prep that helps clean and prepare the leather for dye. It evaporates rather fast and the dye must be applied while the leather is wet. To apply the dye prep you 1) rinse a sponge till the water is clear. 2) wring the sponge almost dry. 3) Saturate the sponge well with the dye prep 4) evenly wet the entire surface. 5) apply the dye with the surface still damp from the dye prep one can also make a dye-prep (YouTube) the more I look at that pattern, the splash could of been a bounced sprite or clear soft drink, a cough or maybe even a sneeze, and it is all possible because you have no idea where that leather has been or the abuse it received in just day to day handling. Isopropyl alcohol leaves a faint residue where sugar will leave marks like what is displayed on your piece, been there - done that (Golden Retrievers help with all kinds of messes) if a soft drink dries on leather it must be flushed with water to get it all off, just wiping it with a paper towel won’t do, thus it will look like what you have
  5. I like using oval punches, the buckle tounge lays down better, and I have found that round holes (if just big enough for tounge to fit) allow tounge to stand straight, on a dog collar that could be a problem
  6. Thanks TomE, I wanted a border but dad said it was fine as it was. The font was a bit of a problem, each letter had to be spaced by eye
  7. This was made for a 14 year old boy, his first guitar strap for a rather heavy guitar. I made the strap about 3 1/4 inches wide. He is a rather large kid and I wanted the weight spread out a bit. Him still growing and the weight of his guitar may of made his collar bone a bit sore and I didn’t want it getting a curve from a thinner strap
  8. This was a piece commissioned to me because I said “I’ll do that for ya!” I started with block letters and made square letters cool
  9. I’m guessing I need to step up my game here. 
    a customer wanted me to repair his motorcycle tool bag, the original maker wanted him to pay an unbelievable amount to repair a damaged piece. So I built him one that nobody else has

    their names are Louie (left) and Ralph (right) and they are the end caps of the tool bag that was made for his bike



  10. Sorry TomE, I just found this, it’s just sitting in the CB4500 ditty drawer (I seriously have to make a larger unit to store items in like drawers) why do you ask???
  11. Show us the other side, I wanna see all of it! That goes for all of us, we all want to see the backside and the insides if possible
  12. I’m here in North Carolina, if more folks knew about it, it would be sold. I’ll post it too
  13. Doc Reaper


    That rocks dude, it looks great
  14. If you live in central North Carolina I’d help ya get a tree trunk! It sucks up impact, looks cool, and you can hang shhtuff off of it. I Al so use a 8x8 scrap piece of leather that I have used for years, sometimes I use belt scrap. If you are using cutting board material, marble, or other man made base it’s gonna dull your edge if you go to a wood supply depot or other place - get 5-4X4 post or 4-6X6 post and and cut them in half (all the same length) at a comfortable height for you, normally a bit above the belly button, then make a square shape with what ever size wood you pick out. Use 9 - 4x4 post 3 wide and 3 deep all 4 feet long (standing on end) Ise a ratchet strap to squeeze then together, barrow a router to make em level (route it smooth every 6 to 8 years) add 2 scrap chunks of thick leather (I use just one) Now you have a leather working anvil - feel free to contact me with questions
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