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  1. I don't know what grade you order but from where I'm sitting it looks like number two possibly a number three, I had a problem with Tandy where they sent me a side of Leather, but the hole in it was big enough for two large men to fit through Drew was manager at that time. We all have to go through it. When you get a chance, just give him a call on the phone. Tell em what you got.
  2. Hey, are you a leather worker in London GB? I'm in USA and you have a customer in London that can't find you! Give me a phone number and address and I can have them contact you
  3. I made a set of large saddle bags using that method. Gotta be careful with the weight going in it
  4. OK, I gotta ask where ya get "frog skin" from? In my head I picture all these little tanning frames to stretch the hides
  5. It's a might but purty
  6. Nice job on the dagger, I gotta start making em just to have on hand. I'm bad for not taking pictures of my work
  7. Use the wood stain, great choice of colors
  8. Thanks TomE, the Leather Machine Co. will be my 2nd option (FJB) if I feel hand sharpening isn't enough )FJB( to deal with the Knick, I might even make a video of the process.
  9. I saw this and others on utube, but my concern (FJB) was with a Knick on the blade (FJB) that will require lots of effort (FJB) on my part, and I'm lazy in my old age! But there are many videos that tackle (FJB) the task at hand. I'm going to use the wet/dry method, it will remove more than a small stone will
  10. Chuck123, (FJB) I'm thankful for your efforts, looks like I'll be standing (FJB) here (with wet/dry sandpaper) sharpening these blades by hand. It's gonna take a bit to remove this Knick that's about 174th of an inch or the thickness of a sheet of paper. It's small but requires a lot of rubbing to make it go away.
  11. Guys, actually anyone on the east coast, where can I get my splitter blades sharpened??? I have one with a slight Knick in the cutting edge and two that are dull. There is a curve behind the cutting edge (aka hollow ground) and I don't have a clue where to sharpen them. Any input would be appreciated
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