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  1. Almost all of the quick rivets are cheaply made Chinese garbage. Mostly made for aesthetics and are not made to be working fasteners, they never held for me for any length of time. I have decided to leave the quick rivets for hair boughs (they have no real weight, they’re for hair control). I have found tube rivets to do a wonderful job at holding hanging displays, or just use line 24 snaps instead
  2. I have a butchers knife that I got back in 1987 when some kind of salesman from Kirby vacuum came to the house, just for the demo I got a free knife. Still have it and it’s the best knife I have. I will look for a used anything made in USA, I try to stay away from China crap!!!! Nice job on the sheath, I don’t have the room in the drawer but know I see I have to re-prioritize
  3. Ok, those weights look really cool, all covered with leather n Stuff. I went over to Crackle Barrel and purchased an ashtray that looks like a cast iron frying pan. I melt the lead tire weights into disc. I guess I could melt em down and put a leather coat on them. They look pretty cool
  4. Way back in the day the rivet stems were thinner and the leather was better. The rivets are there to stop the knife from pushing through that leather and causing the user harm. Some of the better knives are razor sharp. The knife gusset was v shaped so it would keep the threads safel
  5. Not gonna buy one, not gonna buy one, not gonna buy one……….
  6. This is the shhtuff I hate reading about! If a skrawny, flat chested, ugly as hell hooker went by perceived value the poor girl would starve to death. In the same profession is a Barbara Eden lookalike call girl. She also uses the perceived value method. But not for her - she sets the price by going off the telltale signs of her clients wealth and looks which determine her bottom price (pun intended). China and Walmart have contributed to the “perceived cost” by pumping out cheap manmade materials that do not hold up past a certain time frame. Folks that shop at “Wally World” do not spend time in the better retail shops. Rarely do these folks step outside their own habits of comfort. I charge a minimum base price for what I make. It’s usually materials plus labor. I have been doing Leather for 52 years and that “it’s cheap cause it’s handmade” is ignorance trying to get something for nothing. Put a price on it that is worth your efforts. The fence jumping illegals will cut their own throats to get a sale. Keep a firm backbone when it comes to pricing your handmade items. The cut throats will force themselves into a new job and you will still be here with awesome merchandise that is well made and durable for hard work. That MEAN WAGE is antiquated by todays standards. (Sorry Chuck123) that MEAN WAGE is what is equivalent to average of low end hobby compensation to high end quality craftsmanship. Only a cheapskate would resort to using skewed numbers to have you pry a penny from their fingers. There is a difference between hobbyist and professional! Set this in stone - material cost + labor = cost. True a flea market won’t bring top dollar but the people at the flea market are looking for USED items with life left in them, new is new and quality is sought after no matter if it’s at a flea market or a department store of a garage sale. I have a both at a flea market. I sell biker leather and custom leather. Folks know the difference when they want a special design that can’t be purchased anywhere else. I have seen 3 other leather shops close at the same flea market that I’m at. They closed because of their cut throat practices which are fuled by selfishness and greed. Another vendor started selling belts and tried to undersell me, it took them 3 months to fold up shop and leave. They forgot to do the correct math. Materials + labor + lot rent + travel cost + and employee hourly wage there is a song that states “it cost so much because it takes me effin hours!” And if you sell at an unsatisfactory price you only hurt yourself! Cost of materials plus an hourly fair wage for yourself.
  7. I like this style of work. I’ll be making two rigs very soon here, I’ll be knocking on your mailbox should I need a word or two of fine tuning
  8. That is pretty stylish, almost like I’m wanting to make one for myself
  9. I’d have that and a pretty waitress serving us food too, but at a warm beach
  10. For those that want to try this method be smart and use a baby food jar to store the mixture and clearly mark it 50/50 and what is cut with
  11. I use the KISS method, life is short and I’m old! I have a cowboy 4500 to sew everything that needs sewing. Saving up was hard, but to me people see a leather item and will always think it was done on a machine. In rare cases do I do it the slow and agonizing way
  12. Sorry my ignorance is showing, please explain the pennies and what the are being used for
  13. What caliber is that, and is that for a big guy??? Ice job on the rig,
  14. Be good to know where this is located, 3 phase is definitely ancient, I thought 3 phase was phased out. Aside from the motor, the rest appears to be ok, where do you come up with $1500? Is it a walking foot and is the top pressed wood? Sooooo many questions I don’t think I know em all
  15. I have all three volumes, hard copies and the internet version. I think my Ty Cobb baseball card might be somewhere in the hard copies
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