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  1. wow! no replies on this, should I be embarrassed?
  2. dude, thats pretty sweet. I gotta step up my game!
  3. have you tried an air brush?????
  4. A customer ruined his tool bag the first time he cranked the $36,000 (used price). It was basically a leather sheet with two ashtrays as end caps. I gave him a one and only creation! The end caps have names and are two distinct characters - Louie and Ralph (names determine the side of the bike they are on)
  5. This was commissioned for a young teen by his Dad, and it was happily accepted after he saw the test piece and thought the test strap was his sons
  6. I have to agree with everything you just covered. Plus one more thing - never dye the liner if they wear light color clothing. Darker dyes and stains will eventually rub off!
  7. dude, You did fine! I just picked up a Cobra patch stitcher for a butt load compared to what you will have in your machine.if you have any questions feel free to contact me.
  8. Okay y'all, Ive seen this come from my own work bench. This belt (that is shown) was laying flat when it was glued together then sewn. Or it was sewn on a flat table. Either way it was flat when it was constructed. the quality of leather doesn't matter when building a belt that only has one outside and one inside. When starting the dual leather belt either place it on its side in the shape of the letter O, start in the center and work towards one end, then return to the middle and finish adhering the other half. I have the Cowboy 4500 and i lay the inside over the arm and start in the middle and work to the end and then return to the middle and attach the other half, I also use wax paper to keep the contact cement separated until I'm ready to place the sides together. While I'm sewing the glued sides together the "belt" stays curved or arched. Much like the way the inside of a wallet is smaller, the inside of a duel sided leather belt is slightly smaller. It doesn't matter how good the leather is, ti just needs to be placed correctly with the right amount of thread tension. Try doing it using the arch method, Glue it together using a hose hanger or the side of a waste paper basket. If you don't do this { or some form of it) you will have a dimpled belt interior!
  9. I have another one, had a guy make em for me he sells them fairly cheap
  10. Thanks constabulary, I saw that afterwards, I can wait, thanks loads
  11. How do I get the KG-967, or do I need a secret password,
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